Thursday, September 11, 2014

But Scotland, You Do Have A Choice

September 18th will be a day that will more than likely go down in the history of the United Kingdom as more traumatic then the loss of India and the American colonies put together. This date will seal the point that the UK is a bankrupt third rate European state unable to even control its own small island.

This is the date that the majority of Scots, and amongst them many Englishmen, will vote for independence from Downing Street 10 and the Queen. I place the Queen second because if the government was an actual Christian monarchy instead of a sleaze ridden oligarchy, this may not be happening.

The Great Joke of the past 3 years is turning for village idiot of Europe, David Cameron (yes he's even managed to beat out Hollande for that slot) into the blackest point of his less than stellar career. But why should a nation so ridden with incompetence not fall apart. It is ever at its weakest that governments and nations collapse, not during their strong days. So if there ever was any doubt that England is defunct, that it is broken, this is the bell weather of all bell weathers. And the markets are finally responding, with but a week to go: billions of pounds are gone instantly. After the start of all this, near its very end, David Cameron, one of the least popular humans alive for Scots, is going to visit those Scots and lecture them on why they can not and should not leave the union.

But while the British elite are in a panic, going from screaming mad to hubby dubby nice with flowers, the EU, that is the Germans, are sitting back and rubbing their clawed hands. Why?

Because if one follows the logic of the age of anti-Christian Europe, the Scots have one of only two choices: stay with the English and fall with the English when the pound turns to junk (well its already there for all intents and purposes) or leave and join the EU, the Eurozone and the pump and dump German/Wall Street scheme that destroyed, impoverished and handed over all assets in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and next door neighbor Ireland.

The Germans really do not care so much for the Scots as for all that wealth in oil that will instantly become EU shared property. Furthermore, if the British and the Scots start shooting each other and blowing each other up, well that is a good addition, as it will weaken if not destroy the British, the last major hold out to the German Continental System, first espoused by Napoleon.

But Scots due have a third choice, one that makes the most sense and guarantees their security from either out right British invasion (and by backing the mass murderer Poroshenko in Kiev have set a precedent on what to do in Scotland) or German plundering: Join the Eurasian Union.

Yes, radical, but only if one is mired in the Western model. The Eurasian Union offers quite a bit for the Scots. One, it offers security. By allowing Russian troops to rent former British bases, the British will be clamped down and forced to stand down. They would not dare invade. Same goes for the EU. Thus a forced measure of guaranteeing Security for Scotland. It would also mean tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

Second, it guarantees that the Scots are free to do internally as they please. The Union is very conservative on states rights, that is the right of member countries to do as they please in their own borders: no social engineering or American dictates on what is acceptable and not in government.

Third, it guarantees to the Scots a very large and growing market for their goods, particularly their agricultural goods. Mutton is in high demand in Russia and with Australia under sanctions, the Scots are in a position to solidify their claim on the market, as well with their beef. Equally so for the now quite popular Scottish whiskies and beers.

Electronics and Textiles produced in Scotland would also be welcome in the giant market of the Eurasian Union. As the Union is set to expand with Armenia in October and a host of other nations lining up to either join outright or associate themselves with it: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, India, Vietnam, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, Syria and others all want either association or free trade pacts.

And who can forget the quite generously spending Russian tourists. With membership in the Eurasian Union, Scotland would no longer have visa restrictions with Russia and the tourist dollars would simply pour in. As well, Scotland will find itself immune from the upcoming ban on European over flights of Russia, thus it will be able to keep lucrative routes to Asia.

So yes, Mr. and Mrs Scot, you do have a choice, a proper two step choice: 1. vote Yes on the 18th and 2. demand your MPs join the Eurasian Union.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Memory Eternal: Beslan 10 Years On

In Memory Eternal: Beslan

Every 1st September is a special holiday for us Russians, its the day children go to school and is celebrated with a "leneyka". This is a ceremony, mostly put on by the students themselves, with poetry reading, dance, singing, folk acts and so on, culminating in an 11th grader (our schools are 11 years long) carrying a 1st grader on his shoulders while the 1st grader rings the ceremonial first bell.

But ever since 2004, this day also brings with it another memory, the memory of Beslan. The small town in our province of North Ossessia, in which a school full of teachers, students and parents was taken hostage and then massacred. The loan police officer was quickly shot down as over 30 militants, half Arabs, half Chechens, all Sunni Jihadist Fanatics, charged in. They took over 1.000 hostages. 

These were the men of the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the now dead and damned Shamil Basayev, former minister of the military in the short lived Chechen "republic". He was a darling of the West and the Saudi/Qatar Jihad machine.

They quickly separated the men, took them upstairs and started shooting them. Then the rapes and torture started of the children and women. Equally during those 3 days of Hell, were the hostages denied water and food. All this in heat of over 32C. 

The gym was lined with explosives. When I saw on the coverage that several of the Jihadists were showing their faces, I told my wife, this is a suicide mission. She was in denial. Three days later an explosion rang out, one of the bombs in a basketball hoop had fallen down and detonated. A chaotic rush of spetnaz, regular military and every father with a rifle surged into the school to save as many lives as possible. The Islamic Sunni Jihadists started to massacre the civilians, mostly children. They gave no quarter. Three hundred thirty four hostages, half of them children, lost their lives (156). At least ten special forces also died, as well as 31 Jihadists.

Many men died that day, protecting the children with their bodies. One of this writer's best friend's spetnaz buddies sacrificed himself by covering children with his body. Even in the depth of this tragedy, the true Russian Christian warrior soul was on display.

It should be noted that the Western media used every term possible, but never the term terrorist, when describing these animals. The BBC was particular in 1. Calling them Separatists and 2. Never mentioning that the majority of these animals were Arabs not Chechens.

Chechen separatists had stormed the school on the Wednesday morning and were holding more than 1,000 children and adults hostage.

Or this entry from Wikipedia:

The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre)[2][3][4] started the first of September 2004, lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5] ending with the death of 334 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic separatist militants

After so many years, the questions remain: who ordered Beslan? It was a paid for job. The terrorists had satellite phones and computers and were uploading snuff and rape films. The Arabs were in communications with other Arab speakers. The Saudis and Qataris are the usual suspects, as they are the financiers of Jihad world wide, and the US/UK/NATO are their guardians. Ex-President of Georgia and now American professor Saakashvili has also come under suspicion, as he regularly assisted Islamic Jihadists operating to the north of him and Georgia was and still is a den of CIA and Islamic operatives. 

In a world where spravidlivost ruled, those responsible, those who financed and those who provided military or political cover for the sponsors, would all be brought here and buried next to the graves of these children.

Many monuments have been built to the victims and survivors of Beslan, but the gymnasium remains and will always remain the main shrine to innocence lost. To the barbaric murder of hope, happiness and life, for even those that survived are scared and for those whose children died in that hot Hell on earth, a portion of their lives will always be soaked into the concrete of that building, like the blood that was spilt there.

The tree of Grief:

The crying boy:

The gymnasium

The new exterior of the crumbling gymnasium to protect this monument of loss.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ukraine A Sitrep: We Have Turned The Corner

Ukraine A Sitrep: We Have Turned The Corner

First lets begin with the idiotic "truths" of The Chocolate King. His news flashes of Russian convoys entering Ukraine and being destroyed, one per week now one every couple of days are as much fantasy as telling someone they can eat Poroshenko's low quality candies and not get fat.

Stupid fantasies of yet another American puppet facing yet another catastrophic defeat and kneeing that Uncle Scum will not keep the light on for him and the plane will not be waiting.

Why would Russia send in company sizes columns one every couple of days all driving straight into Ukrainian ambushes? Outside the Western press an it's gullible audience behind the Western Gay Curtain, no one believes this.

If Russia was to invade, it would be with two armoured columns pushing through to the north to south and along the Azov Sea to make one giant kettle in which all of Ukraine's army would be surrounded and crushed. This would be accompanied by one air army, total air dominance, air strikes in Kiev and Lvov and airborne landing up and down the Dneper capturing bridges and cutting off the escape.

Now on to the reality: it's much more interesting.

1. Lughansk: the city is in ruins with almost every building damaged. Civilian casualties continue to mount. However, at least the spectrum of starvation has receded with the Russian aid. A second convoy is being organized.

The Ukrainian got into the outskirts of the city but were beaten back. The Nazi army has spent it's combat potential and is having to reorganize and wait for new green meat to arrive from the west. It's letting the artillery continue to murder civilians.

2. Donetsk western front has stabilized, similar situation as that of Lughansk.

3. Donetsk South eastern front is massive encirclement of 7,000 UkraNazis who were attempting to break the Donetsk ties to the Russian border. The encirclement continues to be reduced: the Ukinazis are being destroyed or are surrendering in droves. Their ammo and food is almost spent.

4. Donetsk South and South Western Fronts--now folks this is where things get interesting.

Due to the encirclement of the Nazis the south front collapsed. Novorussian military was able to push through to the Azov Sea, full liberate the border with Russia and secure the southern flank.

That southern flank is now moving towards Mariople. The private brigades and nationalguard SS brigades tasked with stabilizing the front and pushing back have instead broken and are running into Mariople.

Yesterday, the city was clogged with fleeing UkraNazis, even as the partisan units in the area activated further and launched attacks on the fleeing murderers.

Meanwhile, the UkraNazi southern and had to pull back from Mariople and head back to Dnepropetrovsk. Of course there are partisans there also but that will only be an annoyance at this point.

Novorussian units are expected to reach the outskirts of Marionople by tomorrow or the day after. I predict the city will fall in short order. The citizens quite well remember how the US paid for thugs were murdering them only 2 months ago as they drove into the city.

While the war is not over by any far shot the tide has turned. The Novorussians once they take Marionople will be able to roll up north and encircle another 10-15.000 UkraNazis.

Such heavy losses may result in the collapse of the Ukrop army. Is it any wander that the Germans suddenly start talking peace and respecting Russian honour?

Merkel was nothing if not a political opportunist and strumpet, starting with her days as a propaganda officer for the communists.

She knows better than her delusion masters in DC that if or when the rebels win they may just join everything they capture to Russia.

And the Chocolate fruit in Kiev? Well in Minsk his "peace" plan is as before: the enemy can capitulate at any time and leave Novorysia ...except that its his Nazis who are leaving, either by running or by dying and no Russia is not a participant and can not answer for the Novorussians, at least until those lands vote to join Russia or not. Of course, the Chocolate Fruit Cake refused to have any representatives of those he is actually warring with present at the talks.

But before that happens we will have that European if not world war. America will try to establish a no fly zone and start directly shooting at Novorussians the moment it is obvious that Dnepropetrovsk at best and Kharkov at worst is about to fall.

At this point we Russians will really enter the war. The outcome is already predetermined and the pedophile rainbow West will loose: the Third Rome is undefeatable.

The question is: how many slave armies is the demographically collapsing Anti-Christian Europe willing to surrender before its moral breaks.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Of Malaysian Aeroplanes and Russian Humanitarian Aid, Washington's Evil and Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Of Malaysian Aeroplanes and Russian Humanitarian Aid, Washington's Evil and Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

The silence of the Western press is deafening. About what? Certainly not about their self righteousness and Russia's "evil".  It is about the victims of the Ukrainian genocide.

Having squeezed all the juices out of the Malaysian aeroliner that their own vassals pre-meditatively murdered, the Yanky establishment has shut up about the subject, becoming as tight lipped as an embarrassed virgin in a public house of sin.

Screaming and throwing one accusation after another, before the investigation could even start, Washington made splendid statements of having evidence to accuse us Russians of mass murder.

In the face of Russian hard evidence,  Washington's and Kiev's lies shrank and finally fell silent by early August. Long before the reports are to be made public, at the end of August, Washington quietly forgot to show its proof that we and not its vassals did it.

It's slave media equally fell silent on cue. The Last rag from the Old Gray Whore, the NY Times to mention Malaysia's tragedy was dated to 9 August and then an audible silence.

The damage has of course been done.

The strumpets of the occult DC brothel, warming the thrones of vassal Europe, followed their gray masters into the abyss of sanctions.

Russia's very limited response has already triggered economic slow downs throughout Europe. The US mission is almost accomplished. The next round of western sanctions will spark a ban on all autos assembled outside of Russia. Germany and France will die instantly. Economic hell for the near sighted dead of Europe.

If America could not get Europe to die under Russian tank tracks, and only because we Russians refuses the bait not because the lemmings of Europe were not ready, then why not have the poor excuse for the white man of Europe just die off in economic hell and depression?

And what of that evil Russian invasion of the Nazi Ukraine with...gasp...trucks of food and aid for those suffering genocide?

Well we all know from the late 1930's how quietly Europe sits by while one genocide or another happens. Nothing has changed. So why should we be the least surprised that official Europe is more than happy to back up those who were blocking the aid and condemn those who pushed that aid through anyways? Because, Russia's invasion of white humanitarian trucks, checked by both sides on entry and egress, was a victory of monumental proportions.


By timing it to coincide with Merkel's arrival in Kiev Putin made sure that nothing would happen to the convoy. He also made Merkel appear as futile as the old madam is: yesterday's news. All she could do was blither while the world took in the reality that Washington and its European lieutenants wish to hide: there is a very real genocide going on in eastern Ukraine and the western whores are calling the saviors of these people as evil  so as to try and continue to directly sponsor the mass murderers.

Even after the trucks arrived, unloaded and quickly left and were once more inspected to show they carried nothing back, Kiev declared that arms and equipment was shipped out....but wait, shouldn't it have been shipped in? Oh, it gets so ever confusing with the non-stop Kieven lies and those of Foggy Bottom. But more seriously, the UkiNazis instantly started to try and zero in on the distribution points to destroy that aid and murder the desperate civilians trying to reach it.

The sad state of affairs is that even after this, most Americans still entertain delusions of their moral superiority and (self) righteousness as they continue to march like the hordes of the damned behind the avatars of evil that are their leaders.

Oh and you Europeans are not far behind either.

God will not be mocked.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

And War Then It Shall Be

And War Then It Shall Be

Every 80-100 years the Europeans have a tradition: to punish Russia and in so doing to wipe out a generation or two of their own people. And so it is time again for the great century die off of Europe.
Europeans are short sighted and ignorant of history, even as they accuse, and properly Americans of being the same.

We Russians are a tolerant bunch. Sure we may not tolerate homosexualism which is the life style of choice now in the West, but we tolerate, as good Orthodox Christians, many a slight and insult. We are slow to rouse to anger and slow to raise our fists. But our blood does boil and our anger does rise.

It is said, Ivan will tolerate much but when Ivan rises to his feet, blood will flow in rivers. You Westerners are at it again and are to ignorant to understand one thing: we Russians are very very good at destroying our enemies, at slaughter that you can not imagine, unless of course you bother to speak to your grand and great grand fathers.

And society, our Russian society is awakening and the anger is rising. Putin, unlike what many will tell you, is not a dictator and as such must to a much greater rate respect Russian public opinion. For now, public opinion has been heavily against direct involvement in Ukraine and war with Europe, but that is rapidly changing.

With every additional atrocity by the US/EU nazis in Kiev and every additional hypocritical speech from weasels and leeches living in the capitals of Europe, it is becoming quite clear that either we go into another world war or the anti-Christians of the West will eat us alive. In war we have an excellent chance of winning, of destroying NATO in peace we face slow perversion, destruction and death.

You Europeans may think our army is smaller than your combined and the active army is. What you are ignorant of, however, is the extent of the militarization of regular Russian society. Not counting 3 million Cossacks who will back the regular army and the 10 million reservists, there are the military patriotic clubs. Thousands of clubs of 10-100 members, where children from age 6 are taught how to fire assault rifles, the basics of infantry combat.

Even the strikeball teams are backed by the Ministry of Defense with used heavy equipment to make their "games" much more realistic and a training occasion. Strike ball and paint ball are extremely popular. Equally popular now are fitness centers which are popping up like mushrooms after a rain and various martial arts and slavic traditional combat clubs.

Equally is the concept of the Sword of Kornilov gaining hold: we Orthodox can not have personal enemies and hatred but we are sworn to raise the sword against the enemies of God until they either quit the field or are destroyed. Society is understanding this lost concept more and more and you can hear it in the words of people.

Men, with regular day careers are preparing and understanding that we will soon be at war with our European enemies. These are not underage boys dreaming dreams of battlefield glory, but men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, many who understand they will probably not survive but who are preparing to do their duty for God and the Motherland as did our forefathers for 2,000 years.

Equally more and more understand that we are NOT Europeans, nor are we Asians. We are Russians, a race on to itself and we want nothing to do with the Satanic masses of Europe.

We are slavs and we shall never surrender or back down.We are ready for war, any time you and your  masters are ready to start it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life (warning VERY graphic photos)

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life

The loss of the Malaysian aeroliner was of course a tragedy. Almost 300 human beings, of various nationalities lost their lives, in an act of terror now covered up by Washington's PR machine. Washington's vassals in Kiev are entirely to valuable an asset, doing the Devil's work at a great clip.

And here we come to the trust of this. What is the value of human life? While the West will wax lovingly about the value of every life, the reality is, by the West's own actions, this is nothing but a lie. The West considers itself above other humans, even as its leaders are more than happy to sacrifice the good and occasionally the lives of their own.

Danmark considers itself extremely hit, a country of 15 million lost 200, many families were affected. That is quite true and as I said a true tragedy. But what of the Novorussian Republic? At present a nation of 5-6 million with almost 10,000 dead and up to half a million displaced to Russia? What of them? Shall we do the statistics on how many families have lost at least one loved one? How many have crippled and injured family members?

The West, particularly the vampires of America's establishment, gave their Hell Spawn a carta blank to exterminate as they would will it. In the two days following the aeroliner disaster, over 200 people were murdered by artillery and direct fire in Lughansk alone. Since then the toll has mounted at an ever increasing clip.

Unable to take the two main cities or close the border, loosing thousands of soldiers in battle and thousands more to desertion and surrender, the UkiNazi regime, with the full blessing of NATO (and even NATO equipment and American trainers) has unleashed Hell on all built up locations, while continuing to massacre the population in the areas they now control.

This has gone to such a degree that partisan movements have sprung up in formerly subdued Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk and Zaparozhni Oblasts, ambushing convoys, blowing up stock piles and in one instance, if reports are to be believed, capturing an American special forces instructor.

We walk into another great blood letting, even as the blind of Europe make happy speeches about never stumbling into a repeat of 1914, exactly 100 years later, they are now not stumbling but fighting each other to jump like lemmings into the new 1914, in 2014.

Look at your children Europe, your little 1 child families will soon be no child families as your little boys will go off to kill and more often die against us, and why? To support the Devil's seed that did this to the peaceful residents of Lughanks and Donetsk oblasts (provinces) who only wanted federalization, a right to at least partially determine their own lives.

This is the war that your owners and masters tell you nothing about and the war you and your children are already paying for with your jobs and futures and will soon with your blood and lives. And do not give me the: well no one listens to me, as you sit before your computer and spend your days at work or on the sofa. You want your children to live, to have a future? Get off of your arses and make yourself heard.

1 September 2014, make this the date that no one forgets. This is the anniversary of the Massacre at Beslan, where US backed Islamic Sunni extremists with Saudi and Qatari funding murdered almost 400 people, 2/3rds of them children, after torturing them for several days. No more victims of US/UK Great Games, no more victims of their revolutions and civil wars! Make your voice be heard or it will be drawned in the roar of cannons and rifles, forever.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

For the past 6 months the talk has been nothing but Sanctions and Isolation of Russia, from the "Civilized" World, that is the degenerate anti-Christian West. True, Russia has not responded in kind, up to this last round of sanctions. But even without a direct government response, Russians, as people, were already responding.

The business leaders of the broke and broken West have expressed their concerns and out right fears that this would lead to the EU's final economic demise and further, that it was easy for Americans to strut about with little real trade with Russia while Europe as always would suffer the most. But, the strumpets and shills of the EU tyranny are well paid for or black mailed by the US government and have once again thrown their serfs into the jaws of the American pit viper.

As I wrote before, the real target of all this, in the economic sense, is Europe, that is, Europe's destruction and indebtedness a permanent white ghetto continent stuck on stupid and reliant on their Yank overlords.

Now, without even cutting down on gas or oil, Europe is already struggling. For example:

1. Orders for machinery and vehicles from Germany are already down 17% (much of the machinery is for the resurgent Russian industry and will be made up with either Japanese or Korean models and since these are CNCs that are expected to last 30 years they will not replaced soon). Besides billions of euros in revenue, 250.000 German workers are in the process or going to loose their jobs. That's a quarter million households who will also need welfare from the German state to stay afloat.

2. Russian tourism is 10% of the total European euros spent each year. Now that does not sound all that bad, but on closer inspection, in the hardest hit, southern European vassal states: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Russian spend euros are up to 40% of total tourism revenue, Spain and Greece being in that category.  Finland, due to proximity, is also in this category. Russians in Spain spend an average of 125 euros per day, 30 euros more than the next runner up Germany.

Russians also tend to purchase a lot of high end goods from Europe, goods that have struggled in European regimes where unemployment or underemployment claims every third European.

The bad news? Russian tourism to Europe is down 30% this year. Patriotic vacations, to Crimea and Sochi are the hype and beaches and hotels are booked solid with record numbers. As well countries like India, Brazil and S.Korea, as well as Thailand, Egypt and Singapore are capitalizing on their excellent relations with Russia.

In money sense: out of the 7 billion Euros Russians spent in 2013, that is a loss to Europe of over 2.3 BILLION Euros and that to the most vulnerable European vassal economies. So far the sanctions are taking a bite alright.

3. London money streets are seeing a decline of 17% of the Russian monies that companies and individuals from Russia invested there. Russian money is 20% of the London investments, down a fifth. That's a huge sum of cash that will not be poured into the struggling UK economy and companies. Oh well, Cameron knows whats best for the British serf and living well is not part of it.

The smiling Yanks are not spared either. NYC has lost upwards of $300 million in real estate deals as the Russian wealthy have moved their plans of buying apartments in NYC on hold or to different non-American economies. At 10% sales tax and 8% real estate tax, NYC, already a fully bankrupt entity, just lost a large wad of cash and income streams from these apartments. Obama knows best.

All this, of course, was before this final round of sanctions and this round was a doozy. Yes, the Russian economy will suffer some, mainly in funding, though Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, UAE and Kuwaiti banks are more than happy to make up the hole in European and American investments.

But how has this hit the West?

First comes the full embargo of food products from Moldovo, Ukraine and Georgia for signing up to the EU free trade zone (really its a one way deal but all three are to stupid and filled with hate to realize that yet). Moldova's farmers almost fully export to Russia, grapes, fruits, wines, other produce. All that was instantly cut off and those farmers have taken to the streets screaming in protest.

In order to keep Moldova from sliding into revolution and the loss of the vassal, EU ministers have doubled the quota on Moldova's agro imports. Problem is, with the Russian market now closed to all European food imports, who is going to buy up Moldova's when you can't sell off your own?

A group of farmers from northern Moldova on Monday threatened to stage mass protests, if the authorities do not provide solutions to their problems in seven days.
According to the farmers, the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU at the end of June created a number of problems to them given that Russia closed its market for Moldovan agricultural products.
The farmers said the fruit and vegetables are decaying on the trees and in containers as they cannot export them. 

And that brings us to the next big hit. All countries with sanctions on Russia will now face a full block on exports of food products to Russia. How much will this cost Europe? 

Well the Poles are already projecting a $700 million loss, or 0.6% GDP growth wiped out. They who screamed the loudest for sanctions, like ignorant children, are now shocked by the results of getting exactly what they wanted, a good old trade war. Sit in your rotting apples and potatoes and stew. Of course, Poland, being a leech and American paid for whore, is now on its way to Brussels to make the rest of Europe pay for its losses. Now that is rich, is it not?

Ukraine, already a civil war battered non-economy will loose another $1.3 billion this year alone. Guess who is going to pay for that loss? Yes, you EU.

The rest, with the bulk in Europe, will be a loss of $45 billion for the EU and the US. I am sure your farmers are fat and happy and do not need that money and besides, Brussels will either force the vassals to raise taxes or the Germans will print more Euros and what's a little inflation between vassals?

As for us, not only is this another great spurt to our resurgent agro business (thank you very much and we are sure most of your companies will quickly set up production inside of Russia and if not ours will copy your products) but Brazil and Argentina are also jumping for joy as they are already sending substitute products. 

Wow, $45 billion, much of which will never come that is sanctions showing us something.

По оценке издания, ответные меры Москвы могут затронуть не менее 10% импорта продовольствия и агросырья, общий годовой объем которого составляет 43 миллиарда долларов.
Беспокоются по поводу российских санкций и в Польше. Напомним, что Россия с первого августа прекратила импорт почти всех фруктов и овощей из этой страны.
Глава Минсельхоза Польши в интервью местным СМИ признался, что "в сложившейся ситуации сложно будет найти альтернативу России".
Finland alone will loose 25% of its agro-business which is all aimed at Russia. So tens of thousands of Fins, who work in the manufacturing of packaged food products will now go hungry as their pay checks evaporate. In Euros its 400 million the Fins will lose. The Germans had best start printing and printing hard. Valio, Finland's top agro company may possibly be looking at bankruptcy.

As for the Batlics, whose joke economies are completely in ruins, their only markets being Russia and their only production being agro, this is the literal end of the world.

Of course with millions of farmers in these countries on their way to bankruptcy, that is millions of more immigrants to flood the British, French and German labour markets. Ouch.

Western Europe of course will not be spared either. Flanders is a prime example, where 60% of the fruits grown and just now being harvested, normally head to Russia. I, dear readers, am expecting a very eventful August/September in Brussels and western Europe as bankrupt farmers watch their crops rot. Ditto for the Flemish pig farmers. Well Flanders wants independence, so you know whom you need to lynch for your upcoming hunger...they sit in Brussels.

“Our country exports 60% of its pears to Russia. The export of apples is this year relatively low; Russia mainly buys large apples from us. We can’t do without the Russian consumer. There are stocks for two months sitting in refrigeration.”

As for technology, that is mainly off shore tech for oil field drilling, the only area (deep water) that we are far behind, Switzerland (through Weatherford) and Norway are more than happy to continue trading, as well as Taiwan and Singapore and Brazil. So more losses to the US first and foremost and their lap dog English. Hmmm, feel superior yet?

And then there is the threat to the EU and US aeroliners. That is, Russia is now reviewing the option to close Russian airspace to transient EU/US airliners heading to Asia, while keeping it open and cheap for the Asians. What does this mean? It means an extra 4.000km for the European aeroliners and up to 20-30% more on their ticket prices. Sure, this will cost Russia between $300-400 million in fairs, but it will cost the Europeans even more, as not only will the prices for fuel and flight time increase, but transit over countries like Turkey will get more expensive, as competition decreases on transition routes and routes become more congested.

This will have a knock on effect in damaging European tourism and business, as flights all around will increase in price and as many Asians fly on European aeroliners. The effects? Finnair stock lost 2.2%, Air France 11%, Lufthansa 2.9%, US Delta 2.8% and US Air 3.4%. Real money, real effects.

And these are just the opening salvos from Russia, without even taking into effect such things as a ban on Russian foods to Europe, on Russian steel and titanium and aluminum parts productions, on fertilizers, chemicals and cements that feed Europe or on energy goods.

The US dollar is also sinking. Thirteen years ago it represented 72% of the reserve currencies held world wide, now it is 61% and dropping as many countries seek to de-leverage as quickly as possible to avoid any more American black mail of their economies.

Europe's suffering has just begun. The US will suffer also but most in the US will never figure out why. Europeans should know better but are proving themselves just as corrupt and foolish.

So Europe, US, you want to hate us? Fine, hate us, despise us, sanction us, but be man enough to swallow your own medicine and sit in your bankruptcy with a stiff upper lip.