Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yugoslavia All Over Again

Its the season for Deja Vu, or it should be the feeling of anyone who has any idea of how Minsk 2 is dieing.

Back in 1992, when the Bosnian Civil War was just starting off, the Germans made a herculean effort to stop the fighting before it escalated out of control. To that point, they were able to get all three sides: the Serbs, Bosniacs and Croats to agree on a federated republic of Bosnia. All three sides signed the ceasefire and peace was in the air, or at least that was what it seemed like.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Empire of Chaos, which had not yet been unmasked as Mordor on the Potemic, was hard at work to make sure blood flowed and it and its closest were guaranteed big profits. To that end, the Voice of Mordor of those times, Holbrook, went to Izabegovich and guaranteed him that if he broke the ceasefire and federation agreement that he just signed, that Izabegovich, with American backing, would rule over the first real Islamic state in Europe.

Of course we all know about the four years of blood and murder that followed, just like the Satanic forces in DC wanted. All the German efforts at peace were to naught.

Let us now fast forward some 22 years and we find ourselves in the same spot: Minsk 2. We will ignore the whoring ways of Merkel and bunch in punishing Russia twice for supporting their efforts and pushing through Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 to the Novorossians, by laying additional sanctions on Russia before the ink was dry. Regardless, the effort was made and as Duchess Nuland, the Whore of Mordor, put it: "Merkel is doing her stupid Russian thing". Merkel, not having the spine to really go against her dark masters, reacting half hearted to those direct insults.

And so, Mordor has made sure everything was done to ruin Minsk 2 and make sure war would go on and escalate. The Ukranazis did not pull back equipment like promised, though the Novorossians have. They did not stop shelling, though they did cut it down quite a bit for a while, but that has been escalated. They refused to recognize the two republics or even the leaders with whom they signed the agreement, insuring that war would follow. And they took the time to mass what reserves and what green meat they could round up from their fleeing male population.

The Yanks have already stated that they will send heavy weapons to the Ukranazis, even as their own orks are running up and down the provinces of the vassal EU slave races. How much is this to "ensure" those about to be thrown into the Russian fire that the Yanks are behind them and how much to cow local resistance to would be suicide, is yet to be seen. That the Orks of Mordor would shoot at the slave races of the EU is beyond a doubt, should any of those slaves, say the Greeks, Czeks, Slovaks or Hungarians, decide to rule their own lands in their own interests and not those of Mordor.

So the Russian response has been, from the Duma, to threaten a retaliation by giving the Novorossians modern Russian arms, recognition of Novorossia and giving Putin authority to use the Russian army in Ukraine against the puppet Ukranazis.

Where will this take us? Only time and the Germans will tell. Why the Germans? Because without the Germans participating in the Suicide of Europe, the French and Italians and Spanish will not go it alone. The Romanians and Bulgarians are sure to revolt and only the lapdog Brits, the cancerous Poles and the three yap dogs of the Baltics will be left to support Mordor's war effort....and if those five states suffer massive casualties and fall into complete ruin, Europe would hardly notice.

So, Germans, once more, you are the key to your own survival....or will your children, fatherless, like to pay another 30 years for another American sponsored rebuilding of Berlin and your other cities?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mordor on the Potamic and Its EU Slave Armies

The porridge of spoiled children and geriatrics that make up it ruling clique have pushed out the message once more to its dark lords in Europe and their slave races, the war on the free peoples of the East will go on. Tolkien was wrong that the free West would fight the slave East as it is the Dark Lord of the Potemic and his Western minions that like the Orcs of those novels, will march out of their cultural darkness and degeneration to spread evil across the world.

The absurd, debased, dehumanized masses that are the "free" Western slaves have long stopped thinking and their leaders have never cared for those thoughts anyways. Nothing that Mad Marge Merkel, Hukster Hollande, Cameron the Quack or the rest of the mental midgets of Europe do benefits their slaves, but they care little for this.

This is war, boys and girls. The bullets of Russia and NATO are not yet flying directly, but the clients are already fighting and no, this is no longer avoidable.

The problem is simple, you can not deal rationally and in good will with those who have never been friends with rationality and are consumed with Satanic evil and greed. To the EU dark lords, Russia putting out its hand and allowing first Minsk 1 and then Minsk 2 are signs not of good will or a desire for peace, but a sign of weakness and weakness, to these hyenas is a dinner bell. This is why after each of these agreements were signed the EU, under the whip of its owners, the superior American race, quickly passed additional sanctions.

Of course, this has not had the desired effect, Russia continues to stand and while hurt, hardly a mortal or even a chronic hurt...more like bruises that will heel. At the same time, the EU peasants, especially its farmers are suffering, but they do not matter. Soon enough they will no longer suffer, they will be dead on the battle field of Europe.

The point that all these peasants close their eyes to will soon be the exploding artillery shells and bursting grenades ripping their lives from this earth: it is the fact that the Dark Lord, to try and destroy the last bastions of Freedom will equally sacrifice his slaves on the alter of Satan. And yes, they are those slaves, along with a few million unemployed and unemployable Americans.

We are now in the final stages. Spring is coming, the winter is almost over, and when the snow melts off, war will be the rage of the day.

What will happen in Europe will be interesting. That the Germans will march in legions to follow their grandfathers into eternity can not be denied away. Germans, of all of Europe, are the best slaves. Their genetics forbid them from disobedience. Sure there are the exceptions like those who are now protesting, but they are the 1-2%, the rest will follow their orders from Mad Merkel without much of a second thought. They will breath in hard, pack themselves and their sons to go off to eternity. This is obvious from the fact that even as the war was obviously lost, as the Red Army encircled Berlin, the Germans kept fighting, as long as Hitler was alive, they fought, fought like blind automations.

Greeks will revolt from the outset and to try to keep the super slave state togather, at least some of those Germans will go to fight and surpress the Greeks. Boy that sounds familiar. Serbs will fight hard themselves and so will the Macedonians, against the EU and its US masters. This will in turn pull in more and more of those legions.

Sooner or later, and I am betting on sooner, Bulgaria will run into a revolution. Stripped of a fear of Stalinist communism, the Bulgarians, unified by Orthodoxy and the history of where Russian blood freed them from Ottoman oppression, will not fight. They may not be out and out on our side, though volunteers by the dozens are already fighting for Novorossia, but they will not march off to die for their American overlords, no matter what the whores that sit in Bucharest demand.

Romania is more questionable, though as soldiers they have long not been a first order army. Romanians will fight, die, and when that magic number of dead is hit, the remaining forces will revolt. The same can be said for the Italians, the Spanish, the Portugees, the Danes. What of the British? We will have to see, as their spoiled and lazy youth will suddenly find themselves on the draft rousters and their millions of Islamics will find an opportunity to create their dreamed of Caliphate in the UK.

Poland will fight, to the end. It and the Baltics have set themselves on the course of win or die. They know that if or rather, when, the war turns against them, the war that they helped create, their nations will cease to exist. They will also take the first hits of any Russian reaction, but then again, they ruined their economies and their people's lives to join the EU. They created conditions where their people now work in western Europe as little more than economic slaves, so surrendering the lives of millions more is such a little task.

Any way this war goes, Europe is done. Its childless states have but one more generation they can surrender to Anglo-Saxon machinations and after that Europe will finally become Arabic-Turkic. But slaves do not get to choose their futures and thus Europe's fate is sealed. Such is the fate of all those who worship and follow the Anti-Christ and his Dark European Overlords.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Russia Wrong All The Way To War

American politicians in particular and European politicians in general are some of the most ignorant fools when the issue comes to anything outside their own borders. When it comes to Russia, it is an engima wrapped in a mystery...but only because, dear readers, no one has every bothered to try to understand Russians and the Russian world view.

One important historical fact about Russia is that Russia is a unique civilizational empire built upon defense not offense. What this means is that historically, Russia does not start the wars, or series of wars (though it may strike first in a confrontation that is punctuated by a series of wars). In Russian history, Russian leaders, since Russia's baptism to Orthodoxy, have tried hard to avoid war with our neighbors, though just about every time this has failed. In parallel, as much as we do not like war, and in Orthodoxy killing in combat is still a sin as we do not have the heresy of Just War, we are very very good at killing and destroying. A paradox, but it is the reality. 

This was so profound that in the summer of 1914, the Tsar Nicholas II, when war was eminent, even haulted mobilization to try and defuse the situation one more time and talk the Austrians and Germans out of what would become the great tragedy of early 20th century. 

The problems with modern, and in truth historical, Western politicos is that these guys are absolute fools with no understanding of the Russian psyche and are sure to be the cause of WW3, be it intentional or accidental. They are projecting their psyche onto Russians. 

What this means is that they are projecting a typical negative reinforcement mentality. Europe and the US are societies built on constant aggression towards neighbors. Aggression like that is staved by building up a credible large counter force of allies and blocks, which causes fear of defeat and deescalation...your typical European balance of forces approach.

Russia is a defensive empire, that is, most wars or series of wars were not started by Russians but by enemies attacking or massing on Russia's borders. After 800 years of almost non-stop aggression by Europeans, Russia does not tolerate any enemy massing on her borders in what appears as a preparation for invasion or the creation of large scales basing areas as would be a US neo-con dominated Ukraine.This is also coupled with the Russian approach of not abandoning Russians (ethnic or cultural) and allies, as opposed to Anglo society where back stabbing allies when the opportunity to earn exists, is a prized skill.

As such, this is a spiral approach. Any escalation by the foreigners will lead to a direct escalation by Russia and not deescalation. Balance of power does not work when Russia feels her survival threatened. Enough of an enemy escalation in the hope of forcing Russia to back off will generate an exact opposite effect in generating a first strike and total war, as Russia feels her life and existence is threatened by the enemy.

Nothing like putting Russian society in a threatened siege mentality to force the individual chaotic Russian nature to crystallize into one direction: total destruction of the threat and the states that generate it.

Russia's army may be only 1 million but the ready reserve is over 20 million with a follow capability of total mobilization of over 40 more million, and maybe more if one starts counting female combatants and one should. 

Last time the factories were run by children, old people and women. Now with massive automation, even more of society is freed up to fight. Since Russian civilization is not just land but a cultural idea/philosophy it generates an absolute fanatical loyalty. This is a loyalty to a culture that allows the temporary surrender of land for time in the understanding that this will then be used, combined with non-stop partisan warfare, to grind down the invader and  decimate him deep in the Russian interior, before marching on his cities and burning them to the ground in revenge.

Europe needs to find some German or Romanian veterans and ask them how much fun they had. Mamal Kurgan, the highest hill in Volgorad (Stalingrad) a 1,5 km sq area had 35.000 identifiable bodies on it, half of them German, after 4 months of fighting. That is more than both sides lost on the beaches of Normandy. In WW2 the Germans were on average having 1 soldier killed every 30 seconds. Figure 3-4 times as many wounded.

The present serving armies of NATO would be used up in 3-4 months. That would amount to almost a million and a half dead and wounded.

NATO would collapse. Greeks would refuse to fight. Serbs would be a war in the middle of all this. Cypriots would refuse to fight. Turkey would likely also refuse to die in a war they could only loose from. Bulgaria would probably have a revolution. Romania and Italy and Spain and Portugal would not long suffer heavy casualties before their unpopular governments were overthrown. France more than likely also. US couldn't fully concentrate their army as they would have to release their grip on all other sectors which in turn would be blowing up.

As for a second front, that is, if America was to invade the Russian far east, well, outside of grabbing Sakhalin and Vladivastok and Khabarovsk, all of which will cost hundreds of thousands of corpses, a US invasion force would be faced with a march of 3000km, or about 1,800 miles to the nearest major oil fields and forced to cover a land area larger then the continental United States, in wilderness terrain, with Russian partisans and the very cold Siberian winter (8 months long) filling the corpse lists on a daily basis. In other words, outside of a temporary land grab, nothing to fear.

Also if things got bad China would step in knowing they are next on the hit list, and thus Siberia would be fairly safe from US forces.

The reality, Americans, Germans, and foolish Poles, is, Russians will fight and 152 million people will fight to the end, not because Putin sits in power, or because we fear the enemy, but because love of Russia, the very idea of Russia, will drive fanatical, well trained and armed with advanced weaponry resistance. Russians will fight regardless of who sits the throne, because we are not fighting for the leader but for Christ and for Russia, the land He gave us as the Third Rome. What exactly will you be fighting for?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who is Next On the West’s Hit List

Who is Next On the West’s Hit List

Nemtsov, an opportunist, a crook and a sell out traitor, a muppet on the strings of the West for most of his political career has finally taken on his last role: martyr. Shot on Red Square by a drive by, in plain sight of the Kremlin, his death has provided a new foundation for the Western press to scream on que: Putin did it. This will also be the call of the 1 March, today’s, demonstrations by the shills and strumpets of the West and their gullible livestock.

But who is standing to gain. As an opposition politico, Nemtsov was a spent force. He did his best traintoring and robbing under Yeltsin, as that clique that rose up and helped Western special interests rape and rob Russia to ruin. As Russia stood back up, Nemtsov became a regular at the US and British embassies…following orders. However, his main backers, the Liberals of the 90s are mostly gone now, either immigrated, converted, forgotten or dead.

So from a political angle he was as much a threat to Putin as Al Sharpton was to Obama. Of course that goes to describe the vast majority of Liberal strumpets of the West. As Obama’s words and actions have become overt in their intentions to subvert and destroy Russia, Putin’s approval is approaching 90%, leaving very little room for those who are obvious lackeys of the Anglo-Messiah (anti-Christ???).

So who is to prosper from the sacrificial lamb shot dead two days before the demonstration he was organizing? Definitely not President Putin, since the demonstrations were proving to be a dud just like the past 2. Only those of the Western whores still breathing could and will benefit from this.

The question now becomes: who ordered this? Was it one of their own? Maybe a Navalini stunt or rather cold blooded logic? Sacrificing the weakest link to spur on the masses? Or did the order originate from one of the Western totalitarian regimes and their army of enforcers and hired thugs? If it did, that means the West has crossed the last Rubicone in civility and has declared open season on foreign politicians and thus also their own. I would hope at least some thought went into the consequences that may follow.

Either way, be it a murderer in their midst or death by order from one of their benefactors, the Liberals must be holding their breath knowing that anyone of these sell outs could be next. Knowing that many are spent and serve better as blood stained corpses for the cause must make for some fine thoughts as they go about their days.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Count Down To WW3, The Failed Ceasefire

Count Down To WW3, The Failed Ceasefire

Today the much tauted ceasefire goes into effect and this will be the last ceasefire until the surrender of Europe in its burnt and destroyed cities, to the Russian army, three to four years from now. By that time tens of millions of Europeans and American soldiers will be dead, another generation of Europe wiped out by Europe's and America's arrogance, just like we have done every hundred years for the past 400 years: Charles the Great, Fredrick the Great, Napoleon, Hitler....every hundred or so years, almost like clock work.

The ceasefire is doomed before it even began and I will now outline why.

To begin with, Poroshenko, in negotiating this ceasefire, refused to discuss the Debaltseve Cauldron or even admit to its existence. This goes once again to prove that 1. the lives of 6-10.000 Ukrainian soldiers mean nothing to this man and his government and that 2. admitting to the cauldron's existence would force the admission that the anti-terrorist operation is really a civil war.

This in effect is the first and largest mine that will surely scuttle this peace farce. Starting today, what is the status of these men? Are the Novorossians just going to let them walk out with their equipment? Will they even try to walk out or just stay where they are? Do the Novorossians now have to let in food and supplies to their enemy? All of these questions are the very ones likely to destroy this ceasefire.

As if this was not enough, Yarish and his Right Sector goons have declared that they do no recognise any such peace process and will continue fighting. To make things more difficult, a half dozen territorial battalions have broken from the control of the Ukrainian army and directly pledged their loyalty to Yarish and his personal army. And Yarish is not the only prince with his own army, Ukraine's other major power centre, Kolomolsky has dozens of his own personal battalions, chuck full of US, EU and Jihadist mercenaries. Add to this several small princlings with only one or two battalions each and Ukraine is seen for what it is: an African failed state in the middle of a feudal power struggle, all of this supported, created and encouraged by the most corrupt regime that has walked the earth in 50 years: the one sitting in DC and its stooges in Brussels.

The Novorossians who are in no mood to allow Kiev to regroup for a 3rd time and launch a 4th offencive, have stated that while they will give this new ceasefire a try this is the last one and they will not return to the tables again until the Ukinazis are destroyed.

So of course all of this is made to make sure that the process will blow up. This way, DC's stooges: Merkel and Hollande can go back to their people and blame everything on Russia. Already, as repeating the process of September, the US and EU are working up new sanctions. As a reminder, they cynical bastards rewarded Putin's cooperation in implementing a ceasefire in September by placing additional sanctions on Russia in Oct.

The point that these sanctions coupled with the rouble devaluation have had a catastrophic effect on the average European citizen, is nothing that the strumpets of DC are worried about. They have long ago sold their citizens out to the Masionic order in DC.

As such, the US, with the failed sanctions, will be able to send heavy lethal aid, as opposed to the unarmed armoured vehicles that the UK now admits to send (see they aren't lethal, we took the machineguns off....). This will of course force Putin's hand, as he will be backed into a corner both externally and politically at home and Russia will be forced to at a minimum send heavy equipment for real into Novorossia or more than likely, subdue Kiev and Lvov before the US can finish its move.

Then WW3 is on. European, take a long hard look at your sons, many will be dead by this time next year and your and your laziness are first and foremost to blame.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ukraine, the March to WW3

A short round up of the news the West denies its citizens.

Novorossia on the March

The Novorossian army has continued its assault on the Ukrainian forces for the fourth week running. After weathering non-stop artillery barrages on Donetsk and Lughansk as well as on smaller towns and villages, many of which have been leveled, in the so called "Cease Fire", the leadership of Novorossia decided to follow the will of its field commanders and attack, driving the enemy out of the artillery range of the main cities.

This has been accomplished, to date, with mixed results. The airport in Donetsk was cleared in the first week. When the order finally came, the remaining Ukrainian forces were flushed out of the extensive bunkers and destroyed. Since then, the Ukrainian army has continued to attack the airport and has met defeat each time. The quality of the troops that are being thrown at the airport is past subpar...these are absolutely green men, most of whom have zero experience, The attacks are uncoodinated, badly planned and the men often do not know what they are walking into. This attests to total lack of strength in the regular army on that side of the front.

The Novorossian push has more or less stopped on most fronts, as all resources have been concentrated in two points: to a smaller amount in Mariople and there is fighting in the city and to the bigger point the slug match that went on for two weeks in the north to close off the Debaltsevo Pocket. Up to 8 thousand experienced Uk soldiers are now firmly cut off. The National Guard (aka SS) that were supposed to be holding the neck have proven once more that they are better at throwing molotovs at unarmed cops or robbing businessess then fighting pitched battles against determined Russians (Novorussians). The NG broke and ran. As the ring closed, through heavy fighting, which is now absorbing almost all of the Novorossian armored forces, the Ukis evacuated most of their remaining experienced officers and left the men to die or surrender.

To the credit of the Ukrainian troops in the pocket, to show that they are still Russians whether or not they remember that, very few have surrendered to date, less than a hundred. However, over a thousand have been killed and probably 2-3 times that amount wounded. As ammunition and food runs out, more will give up the fight.

Once this pocket is closed, the general offensive will renew. The key is to take Kharkov and its giant tank plant. To that end, Novorossian partisans, in occupied Kharkov, continue to frustrate the UkiNazis with sabatage attacks.

The Fourth Mobilization:

Has been a general failure with less then 10% of the males showing up. Kiev is so desperate now that mobility in the totelarian state has been stopped. Most men can not move from one oblast (province) to another unless they show that they have a form from the army induction offices. This is European "freedom"? Also, the borders are being closed as almost half a million more Ukrainian citizens (note not ethnics but citizens) have fled into Russia to avoid the draft. Many others have gone into Hungary and Romania. Poland has refused to allow military age males (17-60) from entering Poland, to force its proxy to fight. However, Ukrainians have flooded into many Polish cities and now make a substantial percentage of the population....knowing how extreme the Polish nazis are...and how much they hate the untermensch Ukrainians whom they used to rule over, this should be fun to watch.

Poroshenko aka Porky has announced that women will also be mobilized to serve. Of course, his kids and those of the upper kleptocracy are no where near the actual fronts. But we all knew that. Since most have a second or third or fourth citizenship, many have long ago left Ukraine. Porky's mission is to let the slavs do all the dieing for his Western masters.

Novorossian Mobilization

Donetsk, and I'm sure Lughansk will follow suit, has announced a general mobilization to start in 2 days. About damn time. We will see how this goes. Presently the combined Novorossian army is about 29.000 strong with about 3-4.000 Russian volunteers and probably as many again from all over the world, in total. The mobilization is projected to secure another 100.000 men. We will see. If it gains even half as many that will spell a major offensive in mid spring, when the mud dries. Gaining Mariople and then Kharkov will have the knock on effect of gaining major population centers and thus additional manpower. Each such victory will make the next that much easier.

Also, come spring and summer, the numbers of Russian volunteers taking their vacations in the west will increase, thus also more offensive capabilities.

The European Wet Themselves.

The strumpets that call themselves European leaders have finally woken up that they are now on the edge of a major European die off. The warmongers that call themselves America's leaders (or is it owners?) have made a major push for arming the Ukrainian army. Of course they have been doing that for over half a year but this time they mean to do it with tanks and heavy artillery. Led by the terrorist enabler and chief maniac of America, McStain, the Empire of Chaos is ready to expand this to a general European war and has moved NATO to set up bases in all countries along Ukraine's and Russia's border.

Note these are muster points for the upcoming NATO offensives.

The European leaders have woken up to find that they are about to have to go to all out war with Russia. In an emergency summit, Merkel and Holllande came to beg President Putin to surrender. Riiight. Instead of pressing their blackmailers and defending the interestes of their people, these two clowns are making empty gestures. The only possible way to peace is a federated Ukraine and broad autonomy for the east. That is still off the Europena war in inevitable.

It will be fun to watch how these so called leaders have to explain to their unemployed that the solution to their deteriated economies is to send them to die on the same lands their granfathers died on.

Well we know the Germans do not have the real will to resists and so blindly most will march off to join their ancesters on the great burial grounds of Germany: Russia. The French on the other hand may well rebel agains the least popular president of the 5 that's an accomplishment.

The US, of course, is still blind and deaf. Most Americans could not be bothered and the prospect of their kids dieing in droves, of thousands dead every day, is so far from the public consciousness as to be irrelavent...why should it not be, some American footballers deflated their balls to make cheating easier and that, folks, is much more important.

Europe Cracks

The Greeks may finally be the first death kneel of the new Roman empire. After electing a strong anti-EU government, the Greeks are openly courting Russia and Russian economic cooperation. Talk of the Greeks leaving the Eurozone and maybe the EU and NATO are everywhere. Especially on the sanctions. The Greeks have torpedoed additional sanctions and are looking at stopping their own part of it and openning full trade with Russia, which will revive their dead economy. To that end, they will become, along with the Turks, the two main transit routes for Russian gas in the south.

Other peoples in other nations of the EU gulag are taking notes. France has parlimentary elections coming up and the Front National, the anti-US, anti-EU/NATO party is at the lead.

Bulgaria, to the chagrin of its people, has started mobilization preps for the war to come. Every time the US overlords arrive, the present group of ruling street whores, destroys Bulgaria's future a little more. They have already ripped up the nuclear power plant deal, which will now blacken out half of Bulgaria and cause them to have to import electricity, as the old plant must be shut down. They lost South Stream and are now just starting to relize the amount of jobs and transit fees they will never see. Now they have starting mass screening of their males for combat service. The Orthodox Bulgarians, many of whom are serving in the Novorossian army against the EU puppets and mercenaries, are less then thrilled.

War Beckons

If the US pushes through heavy armaments for Ukraine, let me be clear, that will be the start of the general European war (and for some European nations, their final die off). Russia will have zero options but to interviene and take Kiev and Lvov before deliveries fully ramp up. For the modern Russian army, Kiev will fall in less then two weeks. Kiev is riddled with anti-government protests, mostly on a daily bases now and many violent. Kiev will not stand.

This is exactly what Obama, the Neocons, the Banksters and their NATO proxies want to escalate to a general war.

So folks, dear readers in Rurope, the next two to three weeks will determine whether your children will live to old age of die under our guns. Time is up, kaput, the war is here. I will not even bother wasting my words towards the Yanks, have more luck bouncing rocks off of a mountain.

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Banality of Europe's Irrelevance

The Banality of Europe's Irrelevance.

And yet our soul is open to Western culture; we see it, study it, know it and, if there is something to it, make it ours; we speak its languages and value the work of its best artists; we have the gift of sympathy and transformation. 
Europeans don’t have this gift. They understand only that which is similar to them, but then distort everything to conform with their own way. For them, the Russian is foreign, disturbing, alien, strange, not attractive. They look down at us proudly from above and consider our culture either worthless or some sort of great and enigmatic ‘misunderstanding’.
***********************And so, Western Europe doesn’t know Russia. But the unknown is always fearful. And Russia, because of the size of its population, its territory, and its natural resources, is enormous. An enormous unknown is always considered an existential threat, especially after Russia showed Europe the glory of its soldiers and the genius of its commanders in the 18th and 19th centuries
But fear is degrading, and so people conceal it with contempt and hatred. Ignorance, fed by fear, contempt and hate, fantasizes, rants, and fabricates. It is true that we saw German and Austrian prisoners of war return to Europe from Russian camps dreaming of Russia and the Russian people. But the majority of Europeans and especially their democratic ministers feed on ignorance, are afraid of Russia and continually dream of weakening it.  
****************************Europe’s fundamental attitude to Russia is that it is an enigmatic, semi-barbaric ‘void’; it needs to be ‘evangelized’ or converted to Catholicism, ‘colonized’ (literally) and civilized; if necessary, it can and should be used for trade and for Western Europeanobjectives and intrigues; nevertheless, it is always necessary to weaken it. How? 
By dragging it at an inconvenient moment into destructive wars; by not allowing it access to the seas; if possible, by dismembering it into small states; if possible, by reducing its population (for instance, by supporting Bolshevik terror, which was the policy of Germany from 1917 to 1938); if possible, by sowing revolution and civil war (as in China); and then by installing international agents in Russia, by stubbornly imposing Western European forms of republicanism, democracy, and federalism which the Russian people cannot stand, by political and diplomatically isolating it, but insistently exposing its ‘imperialism’, its imaginary ‘reactionary nature’, its ‘lack of culture’ and its ‘aggression’.  
'Against Russia' Ivan Ilyin - 1948 (Russian Political Philosopher)

The present crisis, the door step of the new Cold War or worse, has shown us Russians in the first and the rest of the world in the second, the truth behind the masks of Europe and the EU in particular. The European superstate and its ruling elites, with their army of gray, unelected bureaucrats and technocrats have been unmasked and it is not some flowing beauty that was discovered.

Several things have become apparent. First and foremost, Europe, with few exceptions, has no will of its own. It is a harem of whores, standing on street corners, collecting their geld for their American pimps and owners. Europe has no will of its own, no political might and no self identity. It is based on godless greed and desire to stay in power to reap the wealth that its peasants produce. That is the modern EU, a state first and foremost ruled by the madam of the European House of Sodom: Merkel, who herself answers to her owners in DC.

Secondly we learned that European wealth is also a precarious creature. Even before our eyes, the Euro is devaluating at an incredible pace against the dollar and the Swiss Frank is all but dead. By following the dictates of her owners, Europe has laid down upon Russia a host of sanctions, which were followed by the double sanctions from Russia: the direct sanction on food and the indirect sanctions of a depreciated ruble driving out European goods.

Europe, regardless of the rabid flow of blood from the many self induced wounds, continues to cut itself as a masochistic slave, on command of her sadistic masters in DC. Nothing will stop this, at least not as long as the whores of DC stay in power and with few exceptions, the dumbed down slave races, that make up the majority of the European populations, will never rise up in revolt. They have been brainwashed, neutered, dehumanized and deChristianized. They have been fed on easy credit and over indulgence on one hand and fear on the other. In otherwords, they are broken and if pushed out, like a house cat, would quickly run back and ask to be locked back up in the communal gulag called the EU.

Secondly, we have seen that regardless of its actual status, Europe's leaders are deep in their own self importance and self love. They have gotten used to the ever presence of the country bumpkin, Russia, at Europe's ceramonies. That awkward giant who just wants to belong but is never good enough and can always be counted on for some good laughs and cheap resources.

What Europe missed in the years from 2008-2013 was that Russia had already psychologically started to wake up and renew its own self worth. The Georgian War had started that slow fuse blowing. The water fall of lies and negativity over the Olympics had fed petro on that flame. Ukraine had exploded that charge wide open.

Europe, of course, did not understand this and still does not understand this. They are confused or have convinced themselves of the temporary nature of the Russian turn away from Europe. High on their own self opinions and egged on by the spoilers in DC, the Europeans continue to come with high demands, not noticing that not only are the gates closed but no one is on the walls to listen to them.

The two gas deals with China, the work on a gas deal with S.Korea, the work towards a gas pipeline to India, the economic development deals with China and India, all worth hundreds of billions, the joint currency swaps, the military and open support for Iran, The close trade and military relations with Brazil and Argentina, were not creations of the last minute. In all cases they were in the works for several years and have now had the importance for their fulfillment.

Equally the development of Russia's own payment platforms and the joint Russian-Chinese Swift system and ratings agencies have demonstrated that Russia can do everything that Europe offered, itself, without the European condescending scowls.

Europe's response has been to further pressure Russia without realizing that Russia is no longer interested in playing the game with Europe, in being European or even looking at Europeans as equals, but more to something akin to a big cage full of hamsters. In other words, Russia has packed up her toys and left the European sandbox, building her Eurasian one in its stead and inviting a whole new gang of kids over.

This was further affirmed by the cancellation of South Stream and its rerouting to Turkey. The Turks have wasted no time in putting their foot down on Europe's collective throats as this is going to be pay back for the Roman slights of the past 30 years. The generous Russian discounts for gas will now be gone, the Turks have said as much. There will be price increases. So no matter even if Europe still gets some share of the Russian gas after 2019, it will be more expensive with the Turks playing landlord to the European energy.

The Europeans, who over played their hand, by ignoring the written and signed contracts and tried to force the Third Energy Packet on Russia after they had agreed on South Stream, could not understanding that the game was up. They declared this a strategy of Moscow and that they would arrive at the palace of the barbarians and teach them how things are done by the civilized Europeons. And Peons they proved themselves.No one answered the door chime.

To all this, the Madam of the EU whore house has decided to "appease" us poor Russian bumpkins. In her view, if we are kind enough to betray our country's self interests and surrender the Russians in Ukraine to terror, murdered and denationalization, then Merkel will shower us with the gifts of free-trade with German. So we surrender our future and the Germans will flood us with German products on which we can not even collect import duties? Wow, how could we barbarians ever turn away from such a deal?

Equally is gone Russia's participation in PACE. PACE, another body of worthless European bobble heads, who even have an out and out Nazi from Ukraine's Right Sector, as a parliamentarian, over played their hand. Europe has shown that it is not a worthy or trustful partner, that it lies and weasels on its deals. It has continued to escalate the war in Ukraine and blame Russia for not upholding its duties of the Minks agreements. But what duties are those from Russia which is not a direct party to this war?

Europe pushing and cheerleading Poroshenko's nazis to greater heights of murder against Russians in opposition and oppression of Russians in occupation is upholding their duties? Europe allowing a river of its nazis to flow freely into Ukraine, ignoring the hiring of jihadists by Kolomovsky, of genocide, is playing its part? We always expected that from American masons, but had higher hopes for the Europeans...the foolish Russian soul.

The masks are off. Russia has left PACE, it has cut off South Stream, it has cut off Europe from the food market, the full force of which will be felt this spring as hundreds of thousands of European farmers go bankrupt.

But we have also learned to play Europe's games. You decide you can enter our politics and support openly whom you want, well so shall we. Greece is a prime example of what is to come.

We will do our utmost to help the EU kill itself but as many cuts as it takes.