Monday, February 8, 2016

A Passing Thought on Feminism

The ugly beast of Feminism reared its demonic head in the West just prior to WW1 and grew in strength through out the Luciferian 20th century.

The stated aim of this movement was equality for women, but as one can tell from the West's attitude towards women and their own in many ways attitude towards themselves, quite the opposite has occurred.

Let us look at the words used to describe women. It stated with madame or miss at the turn of the last century. Then progressed to dame and doll. Later to chick, by the 70s and 80s. And since then to bitch and whoo (whore).

Women themselves have gone from looking like delicate flowers or matriorical figures, to which most men instinctively reacted with respect, to something akin of street walkers or bull dyke lesbians. This has hardly helped their station and the fact that they themselves have embraced these roles full in the West only underlines this fact.

However two things have come in full from Feminism: the destruction of the family as a unit and homosexuality.

Take a minute and think about it.

"Небо Славян"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Western Hypocrisy Keeps on Rolling

Western Hypocrisy Keeps on Rolling

Well, dear reader, we had two more examples of Western Hypocrisy to witness: today we had the ruling of a British court that two Russians and maybe the whole Russian government was responsible for the murder of a fired (for corruption) minor KGB/FSB agent and nothing would be journalist Litvonenko.

Never mind that the man was nothing, definitely nothing to get riled up about, or that he was doing a story on how Russian nuclear materials were undefended and according to his father, was smuggling Poloniam out of Russia and spread its trails for two days all over London, before his meeting with his supposed killers. Of course the fact that the main witness to this, Lord West was murdered two years before this decision was reached.

No we will pay attention to the British evidence. Well except that we can not. You see, after 10 years the British courts reviewed the evidence and made their decisions on, get this: secret evidence that can not be shown to anyone, including the accused. Also never mind that the main accused Andrey Lugovoi, passed a British lie detector test or that for some reason the restaurant video camera footage from their meeting is missing. Ahh, true Western values on display: kangaroo government courts.

Then there was the commission from the Netherlands that found Russia guilty of shooting down the Malaysian flight. Another politically driven conclusion with nothing to do with the facts.

Lets review: Russia provided radar readings, those were flat out ignored. No one else had any. Russia provided ballistics experts, those were ignored, no one else had any experts on Buks. Russia offered a full audit of all its missiles by serial number, that was also ignored. As was the fact that not a single air traffic controller from Ukraine was ever interviewed, they all disappeared as have all the tapes. Or that one of the accused, yes of course Ukraine, got to sit on the board and have veto rights on the final report.

So we get to see the true face of the West: lies, cheats and hypocrites. But we already knew that, didnt we?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Is the Sunni-Shia World War In The Offset?

Is the Sunni-Shia World War In The Offset?

Leave to that vipers nest of inbred tyrants and exporters of mass murder, the descendants of Saud, to start a regional war.

Not content to sponsor psychopathic Islamic Sunni extremists all over the world, not content to push the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS down the throats of humanity, they have decided to up the anti. Overthrowing Assad is going badly, threatening Russia to increase terrorism I'm Russia did not work, indicating that you and your mean midget mini me Qatar might invade Syria also didn't work, the oil wars aren't working out? Hillsmen in Yemen are kicking your Sunni arse? Well don't take all that as a sign, it's the new year, after all, time to boost the game.

Solution? Execute one of the leading Shia holymen, who dared criticize the "enlightened" "democracy loving" Saudi tyrants. Name el-Namr, along with 47 other vicious terrorists (read critics of Saudi rule) were executed on the new year. Funny that the all freedom loving West was silent....not that they are a bunch of deranged hypocrites or something.

And so the wave of Shia anger has exploded. The Saudi embassy in Teheran was torched, the one in Baghdad had two RPGs fired into it. Protests exploded even as far as Kashmir. In Baharan, the authorities, also Sunni tyrants over a Shia majority, opened fire into the crowds killing protestors....this is why the U.S. and EU loves these guys so much....they are rich and happy to murder people....and they are rich....did I mention rich?

The Saudies, Baharan, Sudan (arab northern), and Qatar have now broken off diplomatic ties with Iran. Its count down to the Persian Gulf being closed down and oil rebounding.

Worrisome for the U.S. and it's Saudi owners, is that the Shia in Saudi are also up in arms....and they sit on most of the Saudi oil. I am sure the Saudis will show restraint and only execute a few hundred "terrorists".

So as we can see 2016 has wasted no time in turning out to be an exciting year.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

NATO's Blank Cheque

NATO's Blank Cheque 

It has been noted throughout history that major states writing blank cheques of support to their allies and vassals is usually not a good idea. The smaller yap dog suddenly feels like a wolfhound with a Rottweiler standing behind him.

This leads to major political and military adventurism and overreach. This leads to the often unwanted occurrence of war for the cheque writer.

A most famous case of this was the blank cheque that Willham II wrote to the failing Austrian empire in 1914. Austria needed something to rally its disintegrating empire around and stubborn little Serbia had always been a nuisance for it and inspiration for Serbian rebels in the Austrian south east border regions.

With the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, Austria saw its chance. Serbia was more than ready to make humiliating amends but allow itself to be annexed was not one of them. It also had Russian and Romanian backing. 

Austria itself would never have made the move to start what was to become WW1 if it did not have that cheque from Germany. It did and it pushed and it starts a little war and then history took over.

We are watching the same with Turkey. Erdagon is that yap dog. The Turks may be big boys in big boy pants when they are murdering Cypriot Greeks or Kurds or when they are backing Islamic Sunni jihad in Syria and Iraq or when they intruded over 2,440 times into Greek airspace, just in 2014 alone....but...  But having lost 13 of 14 wars against Russia and the win in the Crimean War was expensive an marginal and only accomplished because the French, Scilicians and British did most of the dieing, Erdagon can not be but feeling anything like a small boy in those big boy pants when facing the reborn might of the Russian army.

 To that end, while NATO gave a lukewarm hurra behind their Jihadi blood brother, they did form up rank and write that cheque. And it will be a big cheque that NATO blood will pay. 

Even as NATO Europe pays the Turk Danesgeld to keep the big mean unarmed refugees at bay (how pathetic that the military of those countries can not close their own borders effectively), they are setting themselves to pay in blood for Turkey's adventures.

Russia has responded economically to the murder of her soldiers by the traitorous Turks. This is already shaving 3-4% off of their economy. Erdagon knows this will look bad so he's placing everything on that final roulette spin: war.

Turkey has invaded under a very thin pretext, an oil rich region of northern Iraq. Turkey has massed troops on Syria's borders. Turkey has continued to grossly violate Greek airspace daily. 

Turkish ships have harassed Russian ships in neutral waters of te Aegean, Russian ships passing through the Bosporus straights and even now in Russian territorial waters.

All of this, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar play at making grand military Sunni "anti-terrorism" alliances to invade Shiete Syria, Shiete southern Iraq, Iran and Lebenon. 

That these gulf Arabs are incompetant  at war is beyond saying but they will help Turkey in its fight as NATO is forced to mobilize and atheist Europeans go off to die on our fields and forests for Sunni islamic Turkey.

This, dear reader, is what is called irony.