Friday, January 22, 2010

NGOs, Agents of US Empire

It is bad enough that US taxpayers sponsor, through the front Freedom House, Russian and Ukrainian Nazis (National Bolshaviks and Una Unsa) but through the even more insideous National Endowment for Democracy, we must face even greater disurption of our society and faith.

The names themselves are Orwellian works of art, when one considers that by Freedom it is meant the sponsorship of tyranical Fascist Marxist and by Democracy, the desruption of civil society and revolution. That both are directly sponsored by american money and both are in effect puppets of the power mad elites that run that nation, the question must be raised: why are they even allowed in our country? Why do they operate and have not been run out like that other American power drunk bastard: Soros?

In this short essay, I will cover the programs of the Endowment, which is actively promoting the tentacles of it's masters into every corner of the globe.

In Russia, the EfD runs the following programs:

Agency for Social Information (ASI) $67,000
To build regional NGO coalitions, and to strengthen ties between regional and issue-based associations, coalitions, and networks of civil society organizations across Russia. ASI will continue to gather information about active networks of Russian NGOs and disseminate it through its website ( In addition, the organization will organize an NGO networking conference in Moscow and award five subgrants to support local NGO coalitions.

In other words, organizing like minded foreign groups as well as traitors and dupes to form revolutions and civil disorder upon Washington's command.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity $455,000
To promote freedom of association through sectoral and regional organizing, strengthen the rule of law by providing legal advocacy and Russian union representation for migrant workers, and challenge discrimination and xenophobia in the workplace and community. The program will focus on the auto, retail, and services sectors in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Samara and Rostov Oblast, and Moscow. The migrant workers activities will be conducted through the Urals Trade Union Center in Yekaterinburg.

Translation, provide organization and legal defense of illegal migrant labour which should not be in Russia, which waters down Russian society with central asian islamicism and which steals jobs from Russians. To their defense and to help disrupt Russian society, the US comes to the rescue. Does this mean the US is working to create a displaced serf class of locals, dominated by illegals, just like it has created for itself? No thank you.

Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center $60,000
To resist historical revisionism by organizing a series of regional contests for Russian history teachers, which will provide them with an opportunity to create original lesson plans on topics such as Stalinism, political repression, the gulag system, human rights and the dissident movement. Winning lessons plans will be entered into a national contest, with the best entries compiled for use by other teachers.

This is rich, considering the US was one of only a handful of nations who voted against the Russian UN bill to recognize and stop the rewriting of WW2 history. In other words, the US vote was an attempt to protect the apologists and reformers of the Fascist Marxism that is again spreading, and with a lot of US dollars, throughout much of Europe, even as it is implemented in the US. But rewriting and destroying our history and teaching the Anglo version in our schools is just fine...shall we teach what role Wall Street played in making all of this a reality? I bet that surely would not win a grant.

Astrakhan Regional Social Organization "Committee of Soldiers' Mothers" $25,000*

To launch a resource center for NGOs in Astrakhan oblast in Southern Russia, in order to raise the level of professionalism of the oblast’s civil society organizations, and to train young activists and leaders. Astrakhan Soldiers Mothers will also hold a number of roundtables, seminars and a conference to encourage dialogue between civil society and local government.

While this organization started out with good intentions to end dedovchina, a disgusting practice in the army, due to the still low professionalism of the weak sergeants corps, it has been cooped to hamper Russia's fight against Islamic Jihad, that the West so lovingly encourages and sponsors.

Baltic International Development Agency (BIDA) $26,700

To continue a program to strengthen nongovernmental organizations in Kaliningrad region. BIDA will continue to provide technical assistance through its NGO Information and Consulting Center, which was established in 2002 with NED support, and organize training workshops for a total of 140 NGO activists.

Kaliningrad is a strategic position that makes surrounding Russia quite a bit more difficult, especially outflanking on the Baltic Sea. I am sure these are meant to be used to paralyze the oblast as needed.

Caucasus Institute Foundation $49,000
To conduct a journalism training program targeting young journalists from Russia’s North Caucasus. The program will include courses in investigative journalism, media standards and ethics, media law, English language, and regional economics. The role of democracy and civil society in journalism will be emphasized across the curriculum. The students will hold internships, contribute to a weekly online publication, and produce their own newspaper.

After all, the Western/Saudi sponsored jihad needs a voice.

Center for Public Information $13,500
To improve the Center’s outreach to the international and domestic media, Russian and foreign NGOs, government agencies and average citizens, and to develop into a more useful and effective information resource for the NGO community. The Center will design and launch its website, which will include NGO press releases, an archive of the Chronicle of the Moscow Helsinki Group and practical advice for NGOs

Another command and control site.

Center for Social and Labor Rights $40,000
To maintain, expand and promote its interactive Internet portal,, which fosters knowledge of labor rights and issues, and provides workers with the necessary skills to defend these rights. Launched last year, this website serves as an independent and objective source of information to help workers make informed decisions and improve their working conditions.

Russian labour has a very active role and is already well organized, just ask Ford, when they were cheap on pay. Another way to subvert a layer of society?

Centre de la Protection Internationale $50,000*
To provide advanced training on international judicial procedures to human rights lawyers from Russia and other CIS countries. The Centre serves as the Strasbourg office of the Moscow-based International Protection Center, an Endowment grantee with extensive experience assisting citizens whose rights have been violated by appealing to the European Court of Human Rights.

So let me get this straight, an EU organization that is sponsored by the US and has no legal binding jurisdiction in Russia, used by the US/EU to subvert Russian law. Hmmm, did I miss anything?

Charitable Foundation "Support of Civil Society Initiatives 'Fulcrum Foundation'" $55,000*
To develop a sense of citizenship and personal responsibility among Russian youth and support the development of civil society at the local level. Fulcrum Foundation will award approximately seven small grants of about $5,000 in support of projects conducted by youth organizations working in Russia’s regions. The Fulcrum Foundation will monitor and support the activities of the organizations that receive grants.

Can't forget about the to brainwash them young, before they get to patriotic or conservative and since Soros' Open Society is closed, it is now up to the American taxpayer to try and make our youth into their model of nihilistic pseudo savagery.

Chechen Committee for National Salvation $75,000*
To offer legal aid and support to refugees of the conflict in Chechnya. Committee staff will attempt to intervene in cases of conflicts between local residents and refugees, and will help refugees resist pressure from local authorities to return home. The Committee will also gather information about and attempt to offer assistance in instances of arrests and disappearances.

Ahh, yet again the US taxpayer defends the US/Saudi puppet jihad. Got to make sure it never settles down.

Committee against Torture (in Chechnya) $85,000*

To reduce the incidence of torture in Chechnya. The Committee will monitor and publicize cases of torture at the hands of law enforcement officials, and will offer legal aid to the victims. It will assist victims in filing criminal charges in the Russian legal system and, if necessary, in applying to have their case heard by the European Court of Human Rights.

Ah, yet more defense of Islamic jihadists from the folks who brought the world enhanced interrogation techniques and black ops torture prisons throughout the eastern Europe and Mid East and God only knows where else. Hypocrites and Islamic Jihad enablers, nothing else.

Dagestan Regional Social Organization "Informational - Analytical Center 'Rakurs'"

To publish its biweekly newspaper, Dagestanskii Rakurs (Dagestan Perspective), the only independent human rights publication in Dagestan. Dagestanskii Rakurs covers such topics as human rights violations, NGOs and their activities, conditions in the regional prison system, interethnic and interconfessional relations, problems faced by refugees and forced migrants, ecological issues, and efforts to promote cooperation between government and the third sector.

Yet more funds to destabilize our Caucuses. About time we started this for all the American Indian reservations, Latino groups, black power groups, confederacy groups and everyone else sick and tired of tyrannical DC. Why not? It's only fair.

Foundation "Independent Press Center" $67,000

To organize discussions and press conferences on important issues in Russian social and political life. The Center will monitor press coverage of corruption, illegal actions by officials, human rights violations, and critical reports on various issues in Russia. The Center will coordinate closely with Memorial, the Moscow Helsinki Group, Human Rights Watch and numerous other civil society organizations. The Center will also assist regional journalists who have run afoul of local officials.

The Americans need to practice what they preach, as their own government and corporate press seems to miss the numerous human rights abuses both inside the US: cops beating innocent people as constantly captured by cell phones, to hellfire missiles wiping out whole villages of civilians in Pakistan and Yemen to maybe get one guy.

Information Agency 'MAXIMUM'$41,399
To cover breaking events in Chechnya, Ingushetia and areas inhabited by ethnic Ingush in North Ossetia. The Maximum Information Agency will assemble a team of correspondents to gather information from eyewitnesses, government officials, and documentary sources, write stories for editing by the program director, and send these stories out via an e-mail list.

Yet another pro-Islamic group to keep the Caucuses many does this now make for our Islamic Jihad DC enablers?

Information Agency '' $85,000*
To operate its Caucasus Switchboard website (, which provides objective news and analysis of events in the Caucasus, as well as information on the activities of civil society groups. This year, plans to continue to improve the quality of the independent website’s journalism, and expand outreach to an international audience with more frequent updates of the site’s English-language version.

And yet another. Layers upon layers of Jihadist apologists.

International Protection Center $60,000*
To offer free legal representation and consultations to the victims of human rights violations in Russia. For those individuals who have exhausted all available remedies under the Russian court system, the Center will help them to pursue their cases through the European Court of Human Rights or the United Nations’ Committee on Human Rights.

Yet again, an EU org with US cash that is not legally binding in Russia. Why not allow American citizens to use it against the US gov too...or do those peasants not rate this "protection"?

Karachaevo-Cherkessk Center for Social Development ‘Civic Strategy’ $25,000*

To strengthen civil society in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia in the North Caucasus by providing technical support and consultation to local NGOs, as well as building a network of NGOs. Civic Strategy will gather information about local organizations, assess their needs, and establish an NGO resource center.

Another command and control for the Caucus jihad.

International Republican Institute (IRI) $600,000*
To expand its National Youth Leadership Academy (NYLA), a growing network of youth-focused NGOs, party organizations and activists, to include new regions and target new audiences of young leaders who are already inclined toward activism, but lack the knowledge, skills and peer-network support to do so. IRI will also increase networking opportunities for both new and existing NYLA chapters to help create a cohesive interregional – and eventually, national – network of young leaders.

Can't have US marxist/corporate colour revolutions without a brainwashed youth, now can we?

Kabardin-Balkar Republic Public Human Rights Center $40,000

To continue its wide-ranging program of human rights activism in the predominantly Muslim republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the North Caucasus. The Center will render free legal aid; monitor the activity of the courts and encourage judicial, legal and other reforms that promote human rights and democracy; research Stalin-era crimes in Kabardino-Balkaria; and hold a series of roundtables and conferences to deepen local understanding of these issues.

More agitators and community organizers for Jihad.

Kolskaya Association of Women Lawyers $25,000 *
To defend victims of torture and degrading treatment, and educate activists and officials to prevent and defend against such conduct. The Association will establish a crisis center for victims of torture and degrading treatment, submit legal appeals on their behalf, train human rights activists to represent torture victims, and conduct seminars on human rights for government representatives in Murmansk oblast.

Who defends American victims of torture or even the degrading treatment that all Americans suffer from their Transportation Authority or their Police? No one, but they'll send their debt money over seas for agitation.

Mashr $54,000 *
To counter the lack of official accountability and lack of respect for human rights in Ingushetia, in the North Caucasus. Mashr will publicize incidents of kidnapping and forced disappearance, provide legal assistance to victims and their family members, encourage officials to investigate such events thoroughly, and use international judicial mechanisms to resolve such cases when necessary.

Defending Islamic jihad takes many organizations. Pony up Americans, this is for a "good" cause.

Mothers of Chechnya $52,000
To offer legal aid and advice to the families of citizens that were kidnapped or disappeared during and after the two wars in Chechnya. The Association will help relatives continue searching for their missing relatives and will help them press criminal charges or file civil suits in court. It will also continue to maintain and expand its database on cases of disappearance in Chechnya.

How about Mothers of the Victims of Chechens, to help all the families who suffered from the US/Saudi Jihad? This from a nation whose press could not even say terrorist about the slime that murdered over 200 children in Beslan.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) $1,000,000*
To address weak party development and citizen disengagement from politics in Russia through an 18-month project surrounding municipal elections. NDI’s program will include research on voters’ policy interests; meetings among parties, CSOs and elected officials to discuss community issues; training and guided practice for parties, candidates, and CSOs on election organizing and citizen outreach; and consultations and guided practice on constituent relations with newly elected councilors. Youth groups would be specifically targeted for participation in these activities.

Got to make sure there is a viable opposition party to the One Party Two Branch rulers...oops, that's DC and there can never be allowed a real opposition there to the ponzy schemes.

Pskov Council of Soldiers' Mothers $20,000 *

To enable Russian soldiers, draftees and young people of draft age, as well as their families, to protect their legal and human rights. Pskov Soldiers’ Mothers will conduct human rights training seminars and provide legal consultations for approximately 1,000 individuals and families in Northwest Russia’s Pskov oblast.
Regional Human Rights Organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg"

To conduct its Human Rights School, as well as other workshops, for thousands of draft-age youth and conscripts. It will also continue to maintain a database on draftees and servicemen in order to track cases of human rights abuse at military bases across Russia. Finally, Soldier’s Mothers will create an interactive web portal to provide legal information and advice to draftees, servicemen and their families.
Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia

To defend the legal rights of Russian servicemen. Soldiers’ Mothers will provide legal aid and education to the victims of hazing and cruel treatment in military units. It will also monitor and publish recommendations on the jurisdictional conflicts between the Military and Civilian Prosecutors that arise during hazing investigations. These conflicts stem from ambiguities in the recently amended Russian Criminal Procedure Code.

Another group subverted from a noble cause to destroying moral in the Russian army. Shame on you from taking money from those who want to enslave you.

Regional Public Organization "St. Petersburg League of Women Voters"

To hold a series of seminars and round tables on Russian politics for young civic activists from six regions: Arkhangelsk, Vyborg, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Tver and St. Petersburg. The League will also hold legal consultations for young people at its headquarters in St. Petersburg, and will continue to publish its newspaper, The League of Women Voters.

Yet more prepping for a colour revolution and emplacement of Marxists like US sponsored puppets the Nazi National Bolsheviks.

Russian-Chechen Friendship Society $25,000

To carry out research into the possibility of a war crimes tribunal on Chechnya, in accordance with a resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe calling for the establishment of such a tribunal. This grant will serve as interim funding while the Society establishes procedures for working with its official headquarters in Finland.

Yeah, how about a war crimes tribuneral in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia (not the one already set up to try the Serbian victims but the US aggressors), Pakistan and Yemen? Oh, does not work that way you say?

Russian Union of Journalists $50,000

To monitor and research instances of violence or pressure against journalists. The Center’s staff will conduct investigations into murders, kidnappings, and other extreme forms of violence against journalists in order to determine if they are connected to these journalists’ professional activities. Regular monitoring and research will be carried out by the Center’s network of correspondents.

Thankfully the US does not have these problems since almost all journalists are bought out hacks working for one or the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system.

Swedish Helsinki Committee $65,000
To increase international awareness of war crimes in Chechnya during the second Chechen war, and of the ongoing unrest and associated abuses in the North Caucasus. The Swedish Helsinki Committee, together with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Moscow Helsinki Group, the Federation International des Droits de l’Homme, the Demos Center and the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society will hold public hearings on Chechnya in Berlin.

Another European Jihadist apologists (even as the centers of Swedish cities have been ethnically cleansed of Swedes by Jihadists) running on US monies.

Youth Human Rights Movement $75,000 *

To strengthen a network of youth NGOs and promote the development of young human rights activists. In addition to networking and training, the project will include a mini-grants and small grants program, to provide organizational and project support to smaller, regional groups that have little access to financial resources; lack management and public relations skills; and are inexperienced in running public campaigns.

Yes, Youth "rights" to grow up to be mental deliquents and social perverts just like in the West...oh what joy.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity $350,036
To address fundamental worker and human rights violations experienced by Tajik and Kyrgyz migrant workers in Russia and to improve the capacity of Kyrgyz and Kazakh trade unions. The Solidarity Center will reach out to Tajik unions and support reform-minded union leaders and NGOs. It will also assist Kyrgyz and Kazakh unions to become more democratic civil society organizations and improve internal union democracy and communication.

Another one defending illegal islamics in Russia.

Foundation for Education for Democracy $110,000*
To continue and expand its civic education and training program at the grassroots level in Russia. The Warsaw-based Foundation will oversee at least 28 train-the-trainer and basic training workshops for more than 600 activist teachers and NGO leaders from the Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad and Samara regions.

And where would all this be without our wonderful Polish neighbors, who so lovingly brought us civilization for 400 years with the sword and the torch?

Lion Society $90,168 *
To foster crossborder democracy-building program with Russia. The Lviv-based Society will organize two meetings of Ukrainian and Russian NGOs to plan joint programs, make 60 short-term travel grants to promote international partnerships, award 10 small grants for joint programs, publish a brochure on crossborder programs, and expand its website on international programs.

Yes, we all know what that means: vassal hood and poverty under the Empire. Thank you but no.

And this is just the abridged version, with almost as many not mentioned and Christ knows only how many paid off and not mentioned.

But the US runs these also even in its vassal and puppet nations (as the US concept of ally is either vassal or puppet). I guess this is better to 1. keep control and 2. promote jihad.

Tajikistan (home of a colour revolution)
Amparo Young Lawyers’ Association
Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law
Center for the Support of Civil Society "Kalam"
Human Rights Centre
Independent Private Newspaper "Tong"
$30,290 *
National Association of Independent Mass Media in Tajikistan
NGO Fourth Power
NGO Women Voters
Public Association “Paritet” (Parity)
Public Association Youth of the 21st Century

Ukraine (home of a colour revolution)
Just the bigger ones:
All-Ukrainian Youth Civic Organization “Young Rukh”
American Center for International Labor Solidarity
Association “Spilnyi Prostir”
Center for Research on Social Perspectives in the Donbas
$50,000 *
Center of Information and Documentation for Crimean Tatars
$60,000 * (Another pro-Jihadist org)
Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF)
$50,000 *
Europe XXI Foundation
Freedom House - Ukraine
Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
$78,708 *
Luhansk Regional Women's Legal Defense Public Organization "Chaika"
$45,000 *
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
Public Organization “Telekritika”
School for Policy Analysis of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Sumy Regional Committee of Youth Organizations
$33,000 *
Ukrainian Catholic University
Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Research
$50,000 *
Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR)
$70,000 *
Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHU)
$43,000 *
Youth Alternative
Rebirth of Crimea Foundation (RCF)
To promote civic activism in rural Crimea. The RCF, in cooperation with the Poland-based Foundation for a Democratic East, will establish multiethnic parent teacher associations, conduct 60 training workshops, and assist school newspapers and student governments in 20 rural high schools in Ukraine’s Crimea. Ten organizations will be awarded computer equipment to further their work.

Translation, to subvert the Russian and Orthodox nature of Crimea to the western pseudo Polish/Western Ukrainian Catholic puppet state.

And to keep those pesky Orthodox in Eastern Europe from slipping back into Russia's orbit, there is a host of organizations set up to control them too:

East European Democratic Center (EEDC)
To help assist local non-state newspapers in eastern, southern, and western Ukraine. The Warsaw-based EEDC will organize a train-the-trainers seminar and provide partial support for training programs on basic newspaper journalism and management. Eight to thirteen small grants totaling $41,000 will be made to improve the content and increase the print runs of the best of these newspapers.

East European Democratic Center (EEDC)
To foster the development of the independent local press in Central Asia. The Warsaw-based EEDC will assist newspapers in Kyrgyzstan’s Talas region and Tajikistan’s Khujand region, and will also expand its training program to Kyrgyzstan’s Issykkul region. The focus will be on helping participants to understand the democracy-building role of the local press and how they can build secure, viable, independent newspapers. Workshops for journalists, editors and publishers will be conducted in both countries.

European Institute for Democracy (EID)
To foster an informed debate on establishing a new institution in Poland to oversee crossborder democracy-building activities. The Warsaw-based EID will collect and translate key materials on models of democracy promotion agencies; convene a two-day seminar that will bring together 15 foreign experts from government and private democracy-building organizations with 40 representatives of the Polish government; and publish the conference materials and a position paper on the discussion.

Experts without Borders
To train former and current prodemocratic local government deputies in Belarus. Prior to the fall 2008 parliamentary elections, an Estonian local government expert will conduct 12 training workshops in 12 locations in Belarus. The workshops will cover basic local government theory and practice, important local government documents like the European Charter of Local Self-Government, and Estonia’s local government reforms from 1988 to 2007.

International Republican Institute
To train parliamentarians and parliamentary staffers from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in the development of parliamentary procedures and institutions. As all three countries work for Euro-Atlantic integration, IRI and its local partner, the Vilnius-based Baltic-Eurasia Inter-Parliamentary Training Institute, will continue to function as a key intermediary between the EU, Lithuania, and these emerging democracies on the borders of Europe.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To conduct training seminars for political and civic activists from the Eurasia region in Poland in cooperation with the European Institute for Democracy (EID). The study missions would enable party and civic activists to meet with their counterparts in Poland and learn techniques on organization building, advocacy and election organizing skills, and coalition building. The program would also strengthen EID’s organizational capacity and long-term development.

People in Need Foundation
To increase the skills of political leaders in Moldova and promote the development of civil society in the breakaway region of Transnistria. The project will include a six-day visit to the Czech Republic for eight to ten prodemocratic Moldovan mayors for study, training, and networking; awarding a series of small grants to Transnistrian NGOs; and a seven-day trip to the Czech Republic for ten Transnistrian activists.

People in Peril Association (PIPA)
To strengthen the skills of journalists in Moldova. The PIPA will adapt eight case studies of investigative journalism stories that played a key role in opposing authoritarianism and promoting reform in Slovakia. The case studies will be used in a series of trainings on investigative journalism to be conducted by Slovak journalists in Chisinau, to be followed by a study visit to Bratislava and meetings with relevant Slovak media.

Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation
To carry out a desktop publishing training and equipment support program for representatives of prodemocracy NGOs and independent newspapers in Eurasia. The Warsaw-based Foundation will train at least 28 activists and equip at least 14 organizations from Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the Caucasus.

Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation
To conduct a crossborder media training program for independent journalists from Eurasia. The Warsaw-based Foundation will invite practitioners for media-related internships in Poland, where they will receive practical training and meet with relevant groups, activists, and government officials. This year’s program will place special emphasis on investigative journalism and the legal protection of journalists.

Prague Watchdog
To promote human rights, humanitarian assistance and freedom of information in Russia’s North Caucasus. Prague Watchdog will continue operating its website (, a leading source of information on the political, military, economic and humanitarian situation in Chechnya, Ingushetia and other North Caucasus republics.

Again, I must ask, why are these NGOs, plainly sponsored by a hostile power, being allowed to operate?


vonbach said...

NGO's have long been a weapon of Zionists. Its one of the ways they get around governments. They simply make a new level of bureaucracy that isn't beholden to anyone. Why are these NGO's allowed to operate? Simple no one has stood up to them yet. Except Russia.

jack said...

Good article Matt.

I am glad you wrote an article on the links I provided for the comment I posted.

Notice how there are no such NGO to monitor human rights abuses against ethnic Russian or the massacres and ethnic cleaning of 200,000 Russians from Chechnya or monitoring terrorist groups and financing operating in the region of over 50 nation insurgency and financing toping over $1 billion. Or there involvment in drug and sex trafficking.

And how can NED be at all unbiased when it is linked to the CIA who finances, trains and helped create international Chechen terrorist networks to provide “evidence” of Russian war crimes in Chechnya.

In fact the Chechen exiled government foreign minister is a NED scholarship position with full benefits who represented Maskhadovs regime who aloud Basayeav, Khattab and his goon to attack Dagestan just like KLA did to provoke a Russian response and get NATO to intervene. Then in July 2004 a series of raids in Ingushetia Mashkadovs forces which he claimed responsibility involved in a machete massacre of 30 Ingush villagers.

These are the same NGO’s that operated against the Serbs and help provide “evidence” which turned out bogus for the Milosevic trail.

Hearing of the Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe "The Milosevic Regime Versus Serbian Democracy and Balkan Stability"

Here’s NED’s version of what happened in Uzbekistan in Andijan in 2005.

And what really happened.

“When armed rebels seized government buildings, sprung prisoners from gaol and took hostages on the night of 12th-13th May in the Uzbek city of Andijan (located in the Ferghana Valley, where the unrest had also started in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan) the police and army surrounded the rebels and a long standoff ensued. Negotiations were undertaken with the rebels, who kept increasing their demands. When government forces started to move on the rebels, the resulting fighting killed some 160 people including over 30 members of the police and army. Yet the Western media immediately misrepresented this violent confrontation, claiming that government forces had opened fire on unarmed protesters – “the people”.

This constantly repeated myth of popular rebellion against a dictatorial government is popular on both the Left and the Right of the political spectrum. Previously, the myth of revolution was obviously the preserve of the Left. But when the violent putsch occurred in Kygyrzstan, The Times enthused about how the scenes in Bishkek reminded him of Eisenstein films about the Bolshevik revolution, The Daily Telegraph extolled the ‘power to the people’, and the Financial Times used a well-known Maoist metaphor when it praised Kyrgyzstan’s “long march to freedom.”

One of the key elements behind this myth is obviously that “the people” are behind the events, and that they are spontaneous. In fact, of course, they are often very highly organised operations, often deliberately staged for the media, and usually funded and controlled by transnational networks of so-called non-governmental organisations which are in turn instruments of Western power.”

If I provided links with facts proving that western terror attacks (especially 9/11) the African Embassy bombings and the Nord Ost and Beslan attacks in Russia there front Islamic NGO’s they work through, people and there connections to western intelligence agencies are part of the same Bosnia-Chechen network would you do an article on that?

Marbus said...

I have several suggestions on how the “Committee Against Torture in Chechnya” can best accomplish their stated purpose. They can pay train fare to send all Chechen Islamic Jihadist sympathizers to northeast Siberia, preferably north of the Artic Circle. That should bring peace to the Russian people as a whole, but the polar bear population may suffer as a result. Perhaps upon successfully converting all the bears to Islam, they will have a perfect Islamic society and be happy.
Regarding the court of European Human rights; it is an absolute farce and was recently given the proverbial finger by Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy when they chided him for beginning to return the African illegals (Jihadist sympathizers) back to Africa.

The “Mothers of Chechnya” are a real special bunch. Why not bring them face to face with the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts and other neighbors and friends of all the innocent Russians, Americans, Europeans, and other ethnics who were victims of the Jihad murder religion of Chechnya. These related and equally grieving victims should have the opportunity to meet the “grieving” mothers of Chechnya eye ball to eye ball so they can compare notes and exchange salutations. One can’t help questioning why the “mothers of Chechnya” don’t also look into meeting with the innocent victims of their Chechen brethren in China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places that their “peace loving” relatives have been found engaged in jihad. There must be some sort of blood lust or “born to kill” instinct in these people that completely detracts from the false image of innocence portrayed by the humanists. They should also be brought to see the devastation and tragedy at the Moscow Theater and the School at Beslan. That should shut them up.

The “Russian Chechen Friendship Society”, ha ha ha. A typical misnomer that can only be generated by the mind of a brain damaged leftist. How do you call something friendship if the intention is to punish on side of the friendship. If you notice that the fault implication is directed totally at the Russian culture. The Jihadist murder culture, the real culprit in the formula, is positioned as the innocent and thereby will treated as an innocent no matter what the evidence. If there are war crimes then the entire culture of the Islamic religion and its enablers and adherents should be implicated. The “martyrs” of Islam are celebrated as heroes and are often assisted in their treachery by their friends and families. It is a great honor and sacrifice to die and enter into the heaven where one is laughably welcomed by 72 virgins upon their arrival. The jihadist families who aid and assist these murderers are complicit in these crimes against normal and mentally balanced humans (non Islamists). One’s complicity in a crime amounts to a conspiracy to enable the crime to become successfully completed. Thereby the family members of the Chechen murder jihadists should be held equally accountable for the crimes committed by the martyrs, and trials be held to determine what their punishment should be. My suggestion is that they suffer the same fate that their beloved martyr family member bestowed upon the innocent victims.

Marbus said...

All these curious concoctions of “human rights NGO’s” are creative works of art. They are to advance a multicultural straight jacket and Van Gogh insanity ideology thought up by people with a malfunctioning grasp of reality. Many of these NGO’s are inventive methods of getting a paycheck and finding some purpose in their otherwise useless lives.

When you study their actions you’ll see that they operate like this. They always operate from an established culture displaying an empathy for a different underdog culture that is being suppressed by the established culture they live in. No matter how vicious, evil, or malevolent the underdog culture is toward the established culture, the enabler human rights activists always fault the established culture. They feel safe and comfortable and their life is not at risk. They never fault the Islamic jihad culture because they are aware of the danger of provoking the murderer’s to murder them. That is why human rights activists always need to side with the underdog Islamic jihadist murderers. They fear for their lives.

The only way to shut up these parasites is for them to suffer fear from both cultures. Such as in the case of Estemirova and her cowardly associates. They want the paycheck but not the risk nor to pay with their lives. They want to be live cowards and not dead heroes. They championed the Chechen murderers while criticizing Russia until several of them met with unfortunate accidents. Now there is balance in their dialogue. They don’t criticize the Russians nor the Chechens. They just collect their paychecks, which is what they wanted all along. Now they have an excuse to do nothing and get paid for it.

jack said...

How about it Stan a detailed article on western intelligence link to Chechen and foreign jihadists terrorist organisations operating in Russia, Crimea, China and Central Asia.


Mrs Estemirova works for the Memorial "human rights" organisation who Anna Politkovskaya used as a primary source of information on reporting on Chechnya as well as other organisations funded and created by NED.

Stanislav said...


The short version of Stanislav is Stas.

As for the link, it is on my list. However, in Russia there are many such articles, even an excellent program documentary that lay all of this out call: Plan Kavkaz.

Stanislav said...


I do not know about zionists, but it has definitly been the weapon of the US/UK who are nothing but Saudi Sunni/Wahhabi Jihadist whores. Note how many support Islamics.

jack said...


It can't be known the full extent if there were everyone would be packing guns and starting militias.

You should some series research on the issue Stas.

Here is a 2004 declassified 1998 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) of foreign terrorists networks in Russia and the Crimea and central Asia from Afghanistan and Pakistan through Turkey and Azerbaijan from a 2000 Freedom of Information act request from Judicial Watch.

“A good deal of information concerning OBLs and al Qaedas efforts in Chechnya, the Caucuses, Crimea, and the Central Asian Republics is covered in the IIR. The confirmed existence of a [secure, reliable, terrorist-sponsored] direct route to Chechnya from Pakistan and Afghanistan through Turkey and Azerbaijan is a stunning information point within this IIR especially in light of the date of the information, 1998.”

Is there any defence journal in Russia that document the full scale of the terror network in Russia and Eurasia?

When I post comments with links like this on RT blogs they either a) don’t get published or b) never gets commented on.

It seems Russia does not want to talk about this issue of western terrorism in Russia in English language at least.


Actually it is Trotskyism more than Zionism even the pro-Zionist Neocon Jews were “former” Trotskyite Communists Podhoretz, Irving and William Kristol, Wolfowits, Perle, etc.

Then we look at the Jews responsible for the Genocide with the British and the Germans of the Serbs in Europe Kouchner, Milliband, and the commentators in the media like the Marx brothers Peter and Christopher Hitchens all former Trotskyite Marxists.

I guess that’s why they hate Serbia, Russia and Orthodox Christianity so much.

vonbach said...

The entire anglo sphere is run by the zionists. Russia
and its allies are pretty much the only people outside of their control. The Sunni muslims are just handy brown people to flood Europe with. The problem is the jews cant control or buy them.