Thursday, February 18, 2016

Turkey's Mad Sultan Whistling Past the Grave Yard

Those of my readers who have been with me long enough, know that I have spilled more than a few words on the subject of the prophesies foretelling the death of that thousand year monster, we know and love as Turkey.

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Unlike the bird of that name, which is a tasty and healthy meat, this Turkey is venomous and evil entity created by a barbaric rootless peoples who stole other nation's lands and women and children and eventually culture and history.

As the final sign foretelling the end of Turkey has already passed almost 6 years ago: the reemergence of the icon of Christ the Savior on the walls of Hague Sophia, it was only a matter of time that the rest of the prophesy comes true.

Turkey will be destroyed and destroyed by its own evil. A third of the people will be converted to Christ, these are the Turkisized Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians. A third will be exiled. This does not mean that they will be driven out, rather they will rip their lands out of Turkey and create their long over due state: Kurdistan. The remaining third will be destroyed. It just so happens that actual Turks make up less then 40% of the population of Turkey. So there you have it.

Turkey has gathered its army and its smaller evil allies theirs. But this will not be enough. Nor when the six powers, Turkey included, will face off against the Third Rome. For the power of the Third Rome is the power of God and as the Judgement of God we will bring down a power upon the Satanic minions that they will not stand against.

Prophesy predicts that Greece will be almost destroyed by the Turk before the Power of the North, the Third Rome comes fully into the field and lays low the Enemy. This can be viewed as follows: the war will break out in Syria with a Turk invasion from the north and a Saudi from the south. Russian forces there will fight, along with Iran and Syria in defense against this Sunni jihad. The recent explosions in Turkey are already being blamed on Syrian Kurds as a false flag to start this war going.

By hook and crook, Erdogan will get all of NATO involved in the war with Russia. However, Greeks, Bulgars and Romanians will rebel against their governments and over throw them. Czechs and Hungarians will refuse to fight, on the level of their governments.

However, the eastern whores of the Baltics and Poland and Finland will act, along with the Kieven Nazis as the shock troops of NATO to attack western Russia. Thus Russia will first have to deal a death blow to these fools and drive through Ukraine, reclaiming Rus lands and into Poland to break the Satanic Enemy who has been attacking our lands since 1012 AD.

During this time, Syria will be laid low and Greece cut in half and Bulgaria will suffer as well.

However, the five NATO powers: USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy will suffer heavy casualties and due to popular uprisings will break off their war, back off. This will free the Third Rome to bring down the Judgement of God upon the minions of Satan and they will be driven down to their knees and then to their face, ground into the soil.

Constantinople will be freed and we will recreate the Byzentine Empire to be our ally in Christ and defend our southern flanks. We Russians will correct a 600 year wrong.


Unknown said...

Go for it , you have my vote .

Anonymous said...

Mat, do you know anything about a Vladimir Suchan, blog site at ?

He pushes the line that Putin and those around him are actually working with the West, are traitors, and so forth. I suspect him of being a western agent of a agitprop and disinformation attack on Russia, but I'm not sure. Internet searches don't show much about him.

lev said...

Any links to these prophecies? Im also curious about prophesies in the Bible that relate to Russia. Do you have any links or info on that? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This won't end well.

Anonymous said...

Don't know any Turks and know little of their culture....but do you think their average "Joe" cares a whit about these power games? So maybe all these "grand designs" by poobahs on both sides stand little chance of ever coming to pass?

Keep in mind, that any "ruler" these days is just one "wronged person" away from becoming "retired". In such a world, it is folly to create enemies.

I sense that some Turks are madder than hell right now. There is no need for prophesies to see where that's going.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

The prophesy states that events will happen after the old ancient highway which runs from the Adriatic to Konstantinoupolis gets completed. The highway has been completed. It is the Egnatia Highway. It passes through Thessaloniki. The highway follows the ancient route. NATO forces will use it to regroup and move towards Kostantinoupolis. Konstantinoupolis will be rebuilt after the war only the Temple of God Agia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) will stand. The city will become more international under the administration of the Ellines(Greeks). A holy man a saint of Orrhofoxy will appear as representative of Jesus Christ. Everyone will trust him. The same highway will be used later by the Nefelim after the gates to the Tartara open to move with millions against Olympos mountain. This will haporn after the masdive CME from the Sun that will destroy all techonology based on electricity. Humanity will experience many things. The time is now.

Anonymous said...

We just saw the 100 year commemoration documentary of the Armenian massacre which was horrible beyond description. The Lord may wait until their iniquity is full, but the Turks shall be recompensed in full - along with the UK and the US for the abominations they have done - keeping their populations ignorant of what was done.

Thank you, Stan, for this blog it is refreshing truth. Sadly, the MSM is 80-90% lies.

Anonymous said...

Prophecy not really needed....Amount of goober there is quite adequate.


“Who would have imagined that backwards ideologies, cronyism and rising religious extremism in Turkey would lead to a crumbling and vulnerable technical infrastructure?” reads a statement on the site hosting the leaked data. “Do something about [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan! He is destroying your country beyond recognition.”

Imagine you're a working stiff in Turkey....and your damn fool government does something like this to you.