Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank You Fox News For Recognizing Our Claims

Here is a trick question for my dear readers: just how stupid is the "journalism" in America? And to be even more specific, just how butt ignorant is the entertainment network of Fox News?

A Fox News breaking story

Pro-Kremlin viral video portrays Ukraine invading Russia

purports to show a Russian propaganda video that

The unusually slick video, which has more than 500,000 YouTube views, appears to show exactly the opposite of what the world has witnessed in recent weeks. Instead of Russia invading Crimea and even sending troops into other regions of eastern Ukraine, the video portrays Ukraine invading Russia's western provinces.
Why thank you, Miss Genius Corbin for recognizing our claim to the Donbass, not that you have any idea in that air tunnel that passes for your head, of what I am speaking of.

The fact that 1. FOX entertainment "news" could not find a single Russian speaker to translate the video or 2. that they were to stupid and Geographically challenged to figure out that Donetsk, Kharkov, Lughansk that the video portrays as invaded by Ukrainian fascists (not that that could ever happen...never...) as the above mentioned Russian western provinces.

It makes you wander if this uranalist may be related to this other paradigm of geographically knowledge.

Since Fox News is the official brain organ of the Republican Party of America, we expect them to order their Ukrainian attack dogs off of our Russian provinces of the Donbass. And is there any wander why most Americans and so many Britians are brain washed and zombified into abject stupidity? Stupid enough to support their pencil necked geek into pushing them into a war with Russia. 

One only needs to read the comments that follow the article to figure out how hopeless lost and unsavable these people are. Of course any war with Russia, especially on Russian lands will make the losses the US suffered in WW2 seem rather small. You find Iraq's losses hard? Expect that on a daily basis, not a few dozen but a few thousand dead, every single day.

And you Europeans do not get off that easily either, since you are being first and foremost marched off as America's first wave of cannon fodder to die again by the hundreds of thousands so that American oligarchs like the Fords, the Bushes can make hundreds of billions of off your misery. Your leaders are sadistic quislings surrendering your lives and futures. And what does it say about the lot of you who sit around in your pathetic apathy and let it happen? You who are to lazy to stop the murder of your own children under Russian machineguns and tanks, by stopping your idiot leaders from once again selling your lives to their DC over lords?

Oh and if anyone wants to watch this 2 minute video, here it is:


JDAM said...

I don't think the Russian people are in a fairly good position, either.

Reckon I'll end up meeting you on the front line, Mr. Mishin. Maybe we can share a joke or two before the tactical nukes arrive.

Anonymous said...

I am an old anti-communist Cold War warrior who after 1989 saw the West come out of the closet and show its true nature in the Balkans. Seeing that broke my pro-Western bias.

The lies and lunacy of the West horrifies and saddens me, and nothing will stop the West from the path it is on until it meets a strong force that can check it.

With Putin Russia has the man needed by its people to stand against the machinations of the West. It will be difficult. There will be immense suffering ahead. Russia must deepen its alliance with China (SCO) and the BRICS. It must stop taking dollars for oil and gas. It must not allow Syria to fall to the Western backed jihadis.

Never again will I return to the thinking and the attitudes that dominated my mind before 1990.

God help us all to face the horrors directly ahead.

Anonymous said...

They will be your western provinces soon enough.
Lets pray this does not lead to all out slaughter of innocent hard working ordinary peoples.

Jean said...

Dear Mr Mishin.

you have not seen anything yet from these dirt spewers, they are uncontrollable and utmost dangerous and when Rodina will survive it need more selfreliable goods wich are now bought from oversees or europe, and that will also reduce unemployment in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Braindead mushroom true believers in Amerikwa the Kwanstain only watch fox in hopes that talented news anchor Sally Suckemsilly will give a nice upskirt shot. It also gives the serfs the illusion they have a choice who their oligarch pimps will be.
Amerika is over and this is Russia's time.

Unknown said...

3Don't kid yourself, comrade. It won't end well for Russians, either. We're all going to get screwed.