Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Modern West, A Culture of Death

From the early 1800s, the West, in an affront to God, has moved ever more rapidly into a culture of death and destruction, away from the teachings of Christ. At its present state, the most significant thing that the West is bringing to humanity is a culture of totalitarianism and death, one on such an nuanced level as would only be celebrated by the most brutal of Pagans and Lucifirians and would even be an affront to the most blood thirsty of the Mohammadens.

The foundation of this was laid by the Augustinian theories of Just War. This created an atmosphere that condoned murder, even if under strict circumstances. Do I say that the Eastern Church has not gone to war? Of course not, or rather the Church has never gone to war but the people have. However, these were never Jihads or their lesser versions: Crusades. Indeed the wars that the Orthodox peoples have fought have always been viewed as a sin, as the shedding of human blood is a grave sin, regardless, but in a fallen world is often necessary to prevent an even greater evil. To that end, an Orthodox soldier who has shed blood is unclean and thus must cleanse himself through prayer and fasting, seeking the forgiveness of God for what was done. Conversely, this may also explain why our wars are so vicious. As the Orthodox soldiers know they are committing a sin, they are repulsed by what they do and seek to end it as fast and as permanently as possible, which in itself becomes a much more bloody affair. Do not confuse this with the actions of the Red Army, in WW2, which was under the control of the Western Marxist import and its subsequent ideology of death.

Contrast this to the West, and Augustine's misplaced concepts of Just War. Often, in the Crusades, the crusaders, as with their Mohammedan enemies, were taught that to die in the process or to even take place would be the forgiveness of sins. This built a foundation that was later used in crusades against fellow Christians, such as the Basque and the Hungarians and later in France. It also set the stage for the Inquisition and Church sanctioned mass murdered, even if those numbers have been inflated over the years. Similarly, when Protestant movements broke out, they, under the influence of the Renaissance, took these extremes even further, as was witnessed by the atrocities of the Ana-Baptists in northern France and western German, Cromwell's Round Heads in England and the Calvinists under the despotic and murderous reign of John Calvin in Switzerland.

Again compare this the Orthodox Church, which not only has never waged a holy war, but has never had an inquisition. For the most part, heretics are never burned or otherwise murdered but are exiled and prayed for. This is a far cry from the Albigensian Crusades where the catch phrase was: "Kill them all, God will know His own", and this in reference to the murder of fellow Christian women and children.

So, it is only natural that when Humanism appeared, with its bent on atheist science, as opposed to science as the handmaiden of religion, explaining the Maker's great creation, the foundation of death was greatly built upon.

The range of who should die was widened. Starting in the 1800s and reaching full strength in the first half of the 1900s was the eugenics movements, out to breed the perfect human being...perfect being under the eye of the particular beholder, of course. Abortion, the sin of sins, the murder of God's most precious gift, became a standard into getting the unwanted races residing in the West, to self terminate their future. America's Planned Parenthood led the way and spread quickly through out Western Europe. A greater evil is hard to imagine, this being even something the most psychotic Jihadist does not stoop to against his own children. Honour killings are a some what different issue, though just as evil.

Many of these Luciferian groups have gone so far as to even create abortion ships which travel to just beyond the waters of conservative, Christ fearing nations that ban abortions, such as Poland or Ireland, and ferry women in to have the Gift of Life butchered from them. All to prove the power of man over life and thus spit in the eye of God.

Remember, that during the various colonizations by the Western Europeans, whole peoples were exterminated, after being branded as savages. Often even when they adopted their cultures to the Wests, such as the Creek or the Iraqua, they still, in the end, faced extermination as little more than savages, sitting on valuable land. Again, compare that to the Russian crown's conquest of Siberia, which was taken in 3 battles, one over a misunderstanding and a second with the Chinese. All of the original peoples who inhabited Siberia and Alaska were still and are still present, at least in Siberia.

Homosexuality, too, was brought in as an affront to God, destroying the traditional family, mutating the moral standings of children and breeding a hedonistic, self destructive life style. Both the Catholic Church and its Protestant offshoots, as well as the societies they serve, have become not only tainted but fully perverted by this and by the weakened Western Christians' desire for inclusiveness.

Even the evils of the Marxists, in Russia, were a Western import. Compared to what those Marxists, such as Lenin and Stalin suffered from the Orthodox Christian Tsar, when they were sent to Siberia, it is an almost comical comparison. Both were exiled to live in a Siberian village, unable to leave but able take guests and write letters.

Following all of this was the next logical step: termination of the physically deformed, the invalids, the mentally ill. The first victims of Hitler, after all, were fellow Germans and not even the anti-Nazi aristocrats; they came second. The practice died off after WW2, only to return in force in the 1990s and fully in the new Devil's Western century. The so called Western democracies, the champions of so called human rights, though never of God's laws, are now screaming at the top of their lungs the "right" to a quality life, whose allegory is: if you are deformed, handicapped or old and infirm, your quality of life is low and thus you are better off dead. This vile, paganistic, Luciferian approach, again, even worse than anything that the Mohamedans thought up for their own people, is an affront to God of incredible degrees.

Further more, the drive to have the elderly person commit suicide, or as the agents of Lucifer prefer to call it: to self terminate with dignity, is to have the subject damn their soul for all eternity. Suicide is self murder and that is one murder that can not be sought forgiveness for. In Russian, our word for suicide is: Самоубийство or quite literally: self-murder. We do not have the right to terminate the gift of life that God gave us. Just because we live in pain does not mean that we do not live to fulfill some aspect of God's plan. The pain is a test of our faith in God, something to work through and to continue to seek to serve God. As such, suicide, self-murder, is an escape of our responsibilities before God. What ever good could still be done, is now terminated.

Many of these concepts are alien to our cultures, many others were imported with the Marxist revolution and we are still suffering their ill effects. On abortion, Russia, which still allows it, has curtailed it to the first 12 weeks and there is much pressure to end this murder fully. Euthanasia is illegal in Russia. Eugenics is also something that never took root and with the Orthodox Church the leading moral authority of the land, once more, it never will.

Now let us pray that the Orthodox Church will be powerful enough to restore Christianity to Europe and N. America, in the wake of the catastrophic failures of both Catholicism and Protestantism.


Looney said...

Having spent a lot of time reading Augustine directly, I can say that Augustine didn't have any "Just War" theory. He mentioned "Just War" briefly in the City of God as a philosophical trial balloon, but the concept was an earlier Roman one which seems to have been formalized a bit by Cicero. Basically the Roman notion of a "Just War" was one where it was appropriate to spend Roman blood, rather than manipulating various barbarian tribes to fight among themselves to exhaustion so that they would not be able to resist Roman power.

Regarding the modern notion of "Just War", I haven't been able to trace this fully. It seems that some intellectual joker in the 19th or 20th century fabricated his own notion of "Just War", and when anyone disagreed retorted with "How can you, as a Christian, disapprove of Augustine's Just War theory?". Since few people have the patience to read City of God, and Augustine's other works, this bit of fraud was accepted.

Gregor said...

Excellent article Stas

However, even our Holy Orthodox Church is at risk. Look up a 'priest' 'Fr' Hans Jacobse who says that killing can be righteous and that Christ said 'be true to your enemies' not 'love your enemies'. This is a lie. 'Agapi' is love yet the freemasons are trying to rot our church from within with their mendacity and love of earthly power. At least Joseph Vissarionovitch was open that his satanic evil was opposed to Orthodoxy; compared to 'Fr' Hans he is a Saint.

Gildas said...

Please do not dismiss the Traditional wing of the Roman Catholic Church as having failed the West in the fight against the culture of death, but if victory in said struggle and with respect to the return of Christianity and its values to the West can only be accomplished by the Orthodox Church, then God bless it in its mission, because unless and until natural law resumes its rightful place in society, there is little hope for a future that will provide true human dignity.

subscriptionblocker said...

I get it. The "west" is the evil empire. If it vanishes tomorrow or never was - all your problems go away. Ditto with "unbelievers".

Who else do we eliminate for utopia on earth?

Eric said...

I want to bring a book to your attention, THE CHRISTIAN JIHAD by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner.

Piotr P. said...

Your post should have been named “Russia: the Culture of Death”. After all, it is Russia, not the West, where the average male life expectancy is 58 years, where anyone non-white is under a constant threat of attack on the streets, where women are so desperate that they are willing to practically sell themselves to the highest bidder in the West (so-called Russian mail order bride phenomenon), etc. You’re blinded by your patriotism (which is the last resort of scoundrels, according to Mark Twain) to the point of obliviousness, Stas.

Stanislav said...


A Piotr, welcome back, i miss blowing you out of the water. First lie to finish off: male life expectancy, according to your own CIA World Fact Book is now 59, up from a low of 54 and has continue and is projected to continue to improve to the world average. A lot of this has to do with the 1990s when lots of males lost their job and with it their health. The US shall be finding out about that soon...along with its obesity epedemic....but your marxist health bill will take care of that...make it fine soviet style medicine...oh, wait, ou never got to really enjoy it, you left as a problem, you will soon learn its "joys".

Russian women leaving in droves? Actually, the total Russian immigration rate to the US is 10,000 immigration visas authorized per year and last two years, they were not all claimed. There are more US ally Orange Ukrainian leaving the hell that the US Vassal Yushenko created there.

Over all, Russia has more immigrants comeing in than leaving. Look it up, I dare you.

As for minorities, hell, there is an African on the Duma and Africans in Russia are less than .5% of the population. The hate crimes are evil, absolutely and IF the US congress through Freedom House would stop sponsoring Other Russia and their main member Limonov's National Bolshevik Workers' Party aka NAZIs, the 200 or so attacks and 18 murders in Moscow (a city of some 12 million) would not happen nearly as much.

Your tax dollars go to pay for it.

Take responsibility for it.

jack said...

@Piotr P.

Trafficked around the world by your Jewish Russian mafia.

Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America by Jewish journalist and author Robert Freidman.

“And Jonathan Winer told Friedman (when Winer was still the State Department's crime expert), 'There is not a major Russian organized crime figure whom we are tracking who does not also carry an Israeli passport.'"

"Because the Russian mob is mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area."
Robert Friedman,
[Houston Chronicle, 5-14-2000, p. 15

The engineered financial crisis of post Soviet Russian economy was done by Soros and your Harvard friends to collapse the economy, flood the country with mass immigration, decline the ethnic Russian population birthrate and annex key energy sectors of the country through proxy wars.
The former Yugoslavia was a model and testing ground for Russia.

So your dream of a Balkanised Russia divided into three through Islamic proxy wars and economic espionage like they did with Communism may have some time before that happens.

Piotr P. said...

Stas, really, you can fluff it up for the unsuspecting Westerners, but not for us – the former Russians, who had the good luck of escaping out of the prison you call your Motherland. 58 or 59 – who cares? The fact is that it is EMBARASSINGLY low. The value of human life in Russia is next to nothing – what about relatives of plane crashes victims in Russia getting USD 5K per death? What about the FSB (formerly known as KGB) paying people to spy on each other, rewarding little children with stories about Pavlik Morozoff – a brainwashing tale of a little boy giving up his father to the KGB as an anticommunist, what about your Great Leader’s shirtless pictures touted by the Central Press Agency? You ought to be ashamed for your country, Stas. The only way out of your current misery is to ask us – the young, western educated, Christian, REAL patriots of Russia to come back and to take control. So, I am wating – c’mon, start begging us to come back to save you.

Piotr P. said...

Stas said: the total Russian immigration rate to the US is 10,000 immigration visas authorized per year and last two years, they were not all claimed. ANother lie of yours. There were the total of 69 thousand Russian citizens moving to the US permanently in 2007, and 74K in 2008 (a rising trend, eh?). ONLY to the US. As far as the WEST in general, the number was 374K in 2007 and 402K in 2008... Eat this, you hurray-patriot.

hamilton x said...

What Piotr P deliberately omits about my country,the USA, where he now supposedly lives is that every year hundreds of thousands of whites are assaulted,robbed,murdered and raped by non-whites especially in our largely non-white cities.From Boston to Baltimore to Akron to Los Angeles whites live under constant threat of attack. This politically incorrect truth is simply confirmed every year by the FBI. I cannot imagine Piotr wishes Moscow was as safe as Detroit or Baltimore or Chicago. And Mr. Mishin....immigration will not necessarily strengthen Russia.It has crushed our California.

Stanislav said...


Oh Piotr, poor fellow, did you decide to "escape" when some other child take your candy in the yard? Since you "made" the decision to leave as a small child that knew very little but the lies and hatreds you've been fed all your life. The hatred that obviously obsesses you. Yet you claim you keep going back to visit. Wow, you really should seek help.

Yes, it is embarresingly low, I will agree, and thanks to the collapse of the medical system it is such. However, what you would rather die of hatred then admit, is it is growing back up and in the matter of the past 7 years...considering the 90s were as bad or worse than the US Great Depression, well, its rather are about to witness the same in the US, and no your godling Obama will not save you.

As for the value of life, you rather lie. You live in the murder capital of the first world with crumbling cities. Your newborne mortality rate, according to your own CIA World Fact Book stands at 47 this year. Last it was 42, year before was 35...notice a trend?

As for spying, first, if you knew anything, you would know that the FSB is not the successor of the KGB, but of one of its directorates. KGB was over external, internal intelligence, internal affairs, anti-terrorism, immigration, border other words, your DHS...congratulations on recreating the Soviet soviet patriots like you stay in America rather than return to Russia, we had enough of your kind. Ever wonder why Gorbachov, Stalin's daughter, Krushchov's son and 3 x-KGB generals are all US citizens? Guess they felt closer to the old Soviet Union there.

Oh and how is that new snitch on your email sender and your doctor and your neighbor program that your Kenyan announced two days ago? Seems it is all the craze now...oh and you after all, helped put your little Stalin in power.

By the way, sorry to say for you, but you Mormons are not Christians, you absolutely refuse to accept the Trinity, one of the two absolute truths of Christianity. You believe God came from a world of Gods, married Mary and beget Christ and Lucifer. Yes, I've talked at length with your missionaries...but for some reason after I told them about Christ and the Orthodox Church they refuse to come back...hmmm. FEAR of the Truth?

----The only way out of your current misery is to ask us – the young, western educated, Christian, REAL patriots of Russia to come back and to take control. So, I am wating – c’mon, start begging us to come back to save you.----

Ah, now we see the truth, a hyper self love built on an enlarged feeling of self worth...well, why don't you, MR Oh so special, fix America first and maybe, if the world debter with the collapsing non-manufacturing economy and multiple imperial wars and citizen spying can straighten out, we will take you seriously instead of laughing.

hamilton x said...

Piotr P appears to be way off again.As of 2006,the USA had not even recorded 25000 immigrants from Russia that year.I am going to challenge him to show us all where he got his seemingly preposterous numbers for 2007 and 2008.I doubt the 2008 numbers are even available. We also do not know the ethnic origins of the immigrants;traditionally a disproportionate number are actually non-Russian. Finally,upwards of half the immigrants actually return to their country of origin whatever their original intention.Finally,millions of actual Americans have emigrated to Canada,Mexico,Costa Rica,Australia,the Caribbean,etc.

Яша said...

You should read Window on Eurasia, pretty informative site.

Moscow will Destroy Russia by Copying Soviet Nationality Policy, Middle Volga Peoples Say

hamilton x said...

Mr. Mishin,I don't blame you for laughing but we true American patriots are not in the same silly mood as our unwelcome guest,Piotr P. It amazes me that any serious person would doubt Russia would resurge--history teaches nothing but the indestructibility of the Russian people.The revival of the ROC is frankly not just welcome but miraculous. I caution foreigners,however,not to take anything Piotr P says about my country seriously.He is a "make believe" wannabe American and please do not judge real Americans by his ongoing hatred of you.The poor wretch is without a culture or country.

Stanislav said...


Actual immigration rates:

Refugees accepted from Russia to US, 2008: 42

Immigrant populations in each country (top 5):

US 38.4 million

Russia 12.1 million

Germany 10.1 million

Ukraine 6.8 million

France 6.5 million

% of population that are immigrants abroad (2005 data)

Russia is 8.4%

But, before you get your shorts wet:

Great Britian 9%

France 10.6%

Germany 12.3%


Israel 38.4%

Oh, on Russian male population age, the latest 2008 statistics are actually 61.5, that's a 13.6% increase in life expectancy in under 7 years....oh, but I forget, according to you, everything was much better under the alcoholic Yeltsin.

You know, considering you say you are a professor but here you are just throwing out random garbage numbers that are easily
disproven...either you are truly full of shit or that says much about the standard of modern American university education.

Since you like trends so much, here is a chart for you: birth rates trending up since 2000, death rates trending down from the peak in 2005. Take away Hispanic births in America, and it's not much different, except due to obesity and increased crime, it is trending up, I am sure.

Stanislav said...


No problem...if you could just remove the elites in charge (both of your parties) we could have peace and alliance....but they, both Bush and Obama, want a vassal.

Piotr P. said...

@ Hamilton
Dude, I see a lot of people like you in my classes in college – angry, undereducated, spoiled by easy life, videogames, and no discipline, overweight, and directionless. You take it out on people like me – foreign, obviously successful, superior in every way, and, in fact, more patriotic and dedicated to our country (which I served in the National Guard (with one tour to Iraq) – what about you?). Somehow, when I call Stas’s KGB-sponsored bluff and point out that his country is a joke while my country (the US of A) it the pillar of hope and inspiration for the world, it upsets you…Is it because you’re such a loser, perhaps? Then get yourself out of the gator and WORK to become better, dude, don’t blame it on your country or on us, the foreigners, who has come here and made something of ourselves.

Piotr P. said...


More of the same, I see, Stas: lies, half-truths, cajoled facts… Why have you started this blog – to spread KGB propaganda to the unprivileged, angry, right-wing Westerners? Oh, wait, you’ve admitted yourself that is EXACTLY why…

subscriptionblocker said...

Yada, yada ....isn't the news bad enough for you guys? Let's do something constructive:

Hope they don't blow it like Obama did.....Surely there are mischievous people within both our governments? Do it and it's over... before the asshats realize what has happened?

Did anyone here ever see that stupid/funny 60's film "The Russians are coming"? We're now so much smarter than those folks?

alibi said...

It’s really nice to see that our friend Piotr starts learning things. Things like what a dispute is suppose to look like. Way to go professor. He still can’t keep his emotions in his pants though, and yet to learn how to dig up a reliable data but hey - he’s trying and that’s a progress. Good for his students too I guess. By visiting this blog he may even spare some money on his medical treatment.

And yet one more thing bothers me.
This thing: “So, I am wating – c’mon, start begging us to come back to save you”

That cry really bothers me indeed. Maybe it’s too early to think about easing down on Piotr’s treatment after all.

Sean O'Brian said...

You’re blinded by your patriotism (which is the last resort of scoundrels, according to Mark Twain)

It was Samuel Johnson who said that. He was specifically referring to members of the Patriot Party which was a grouping within the Whig Party in the 18th century.

Sean O'Brian said...

It amazes me that any serious person would doubt Russia would resurge--history teaches nothing but the indestructibility of the Russian people.

Agreed. Just as the Brest-Litovsk Treaty was a temporary setback, so it has proved with the Yelstin era. A lot of US conservatives consider Russian decline inevitable because of the predictions in Mark Steyn's book but I don't believe it.

Stanislav said...


You are projecting again and like a bad recording, skipping all those little things, like backing up anything you, I guess the american standard for professors is pathetically a joke, if all you have to do is throw out "facts" that are unprovable and unsupportable. I however, enjoy your lies...why? Because they challenge me to shoot them down (well not much for challenge) and in the process of making you look like the Leftist, Russophobe (are you ever a sickened little puppy) you are, I some times learn something new or follow a new lead.

So in the end, I guess a thank you to you for being the pseudo-marxist you are...oh, will you be snitching to your Obama on the people on this blog? After all, that is the newest initiative in the Freedom land.

subscriptionblocker said...

Hahahaha....when we find snitches, we'll give em wedgies.

And what's Obama gonna do? If he sez anything, he knows he'll be the butt of jokes everywhere. Not taken seriously....

This is the footer I attach to every email leaving the country:

Keywords: NSA peeper faggots need to get a real job. Your mother should have swallowed.

No knocks on my door yet.

Yeah, we have some real nutcases over here. But if they ever *really* got out of hand, we'd probably kill and eat them.

But you're correct in your observation we're rather complacent when the greedy, thieving, bastards steal from us. Guess that's a cultural blind spot.

Few here have any memory of events 20 years back, let alone I have trouble imagining these grand western conspiracies you keep mentioning. What I do see is an 80 year cycle of "failing to learn". Hence our predicament with this new great depression.

So much for your Amerikan boogy man. Don't see how we'll ever live up to those expectations.

Are you merely projecting your own seriousness and inability to recognize simple folly here? If so, why don't you find "enemies" more worthy?

My wager - You go to your kid and sternly ask him: "Why did you stick the cat in the dryer?" Ans: "I dunno."

That's the sort of answer you'd get from most "western conspirators" if you could actually go back in history. It's probably the same way in your country.....History is the ultimate improvisation.

We've raised a generation of brats over here, and I guess the Chinese are working on their crop too. Given the timeline, I would expect many young Russians are like some of our depression generation...serious, hardworking, and suspicious.

*Their* kids will be brats.

Piotr P. said...

I am not a Marxist, Stas. It is a common strategy of the pseudo patriots of Russia to sling mud upon their opponents instead of answering their arguments (simply because you cannot confront the truth – that your god Putin and his lap dog ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) have brought the Motherland to ruins). The only way out is to dispose of both, and to start anew with the true religion – the Mormonism, and the true Leader - the New Russian Czar Sergey (Ivanoff) the First.

hamilton x said...

Piotr P,I doubt you see "a lot of people " like me since I am probably twenty or more years older than you,obviously better educated than you and from stock that has been in America well over two hundred years. I have no idea what "games" you refer to but I do not doubt I am wealthier than you. I am what's called an "employer". Your reference to my "easy life" is bizarre from an academic on the public trough thanks to wealthy taxpayers like me. Anything else stupid you want to say?

hamilton x said...

And one last point, Piotr P,unwelcome guest,you keep talking about "KGB",I guess you mean FSB, training and sponsorship. You've challenged my credentials. If you want to talk about CIA,DIA,NSA,ONI or quasi-governmental agencies like the NED,yes, I am a little bit familiar with some of that,with an expired security clearance I'm sure but I believe a little bit qualified to talk about MY country's foreign policy. My profession still allows me to get a little bit entangled with our substantially privatized war in Iraq. If you served a term in Iraq,and if you think that was a successful or ever will be a successful venture,and a "pillar of hope " you may actually be insane.

Stanislav said...


Yes, ruins...debt free, a private property market, trials by jury, strong economy (even now, malls are full, restuarants are full), protectionist economics will allow Russians to work for Russian companies not Chinese/Indians doing American/British work.

Get a clue. The likes of you, who vote for your Kenyan, would see Russia at the hands of the Yeltsin bastards, again.

Stanislav said...


You know, I knew a fellow, who's wife worked as a professor at Chapel Hill university...he said he laughed at her "work" ethic and called it welfare. She had 2 lectures for 1.5 hours each and had office hours once a week for about 5 hours...her assistants graded papers and after the first couple years, she had all her lectures worked out on slides so she had little to add.

Basically, she worked 10 hours or so per week and complained about how hard it was. She was paid around 65 or 70K for her 40hour work month.

Leos Tomicek said...

I will pray for Piotr's soul in the Russian Orthodox Church. This man needs help.

subscriptionblocker said...

Renaissance Mom said...

In regards to professors in American educational institutions: I took a sociology class a few years ago. The professor was an admitted Marxist and lectured profusely about Marx and how his system was so wonderful. As I wanted an "A" in the class, I studied all of his information so I could regurgitate it for his tests. On the first exam (multiple choice, no essay questions, by the way), I missed a number of questions. Being surprised by the number, I asked if I could check my score sheet with the exam questions. I found that I had all of the questions correct and that the professor was wrong. He corrected my score, but never regraded the other students. Of course, I made sure that I checked every other exam after that. He finally started using my exam as the score key instead of grading the exams himself. He is still at this school. Tenured, of course. Not all professors are this bad, but enough are to make me realize that a college degree does not mean you are educated. Some of the stupidest people I know are college educated!

Gunnar said...

The discussion has been a bit removed from the original theme.
The amount of work carried out by American Intellectuals and such, but the theme Stanislav brought up, is very serious indeed.
Here in Scandinavia I have observed a few things.
The culture of death has been a reality in my country since the seventies, when pro-choice became the law of the land. To the tune of 15 000 unborn sacrificed to Moloc, Baal or some other dark deity, a year. This has cost us at least 500000 citizens until now.
Our one time proud Kingdom is now a tail wagging client state to the Empire, and our rulers use the lack of manpower as an excuse to import Moslems in increasing numbers. The fact that we have to import great numbers of workers from Eastern Europe to do the real jobs in many cases, does not concern the rulers. Also busy destroying the Christian religion in the country.
Now the next step has been announced. A political party wants to legalize Euthanasia. Only for the terminal ill in great pain, they say.
Most likely they will expand the use, and apply it later as a mean for the upcoming class of Moslem overlords, to get rid of an aging, original population.
The situation is grim, and to some extent resembling the desperate centuries following the Moslem spread through North Africa into Spain, while the other hand of the pincher tried to overrun Constantinople.
In those years men defended the West. Men like Pelayo and Charles Martel. Later the knights of the Reconquista and the Crusades paid back some of the atrocities.
During these desperate centuries, the legend of Prester John was told and retold.
The legend about a mighty, Christian kingdom somewhere in the east.
The western Kingdoms hoped fervently that this mighty ruler should march his armies westward and save Christendom.
We know today that Prester John’s kingdom didn’t exist then, and God allowed the West to survive with His help.
Since Jan Sobieski finally defeated the Turks in 1683, the west started to get clever. God was no longer important, as man wanted to get in God’s place.
Heaven warned, but the rulers would not listen. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Told Louis 14 to repent and return to God in 1689. He didn’t heed the warning. 100 years later the King of France, Louis 16, lost his head.
In Fatima in 1917 the Holy Mother told the little shepherds that she could hardly stay her son’s hand because he was gravely offended by the sins practiced in the West. We shall see what will happen in 2017.
The future is dark, and most of us will not ask God for help. We are just like Sybaris. Rich, fat and soft. Soon the Moslem Croton will come and teach us our lesson. Then, hopefully, we will repent for a while and “Prester John” from the Third Rome will come to our rescue.

Ducky's here said...

Norway, the state that brought us Ibsen and .... hey thanks for playing Gunnar.

Conservative Swede said...


I have commented on this and other articles of yours here (3 comments so far, scroll down).

I have discussed the failure of Western Christianity at length in my blog since I started it two years ago. Check my recent posts or my list of Important Posts in the sidebar.

And all the time I have pointed out how Orthodox Christianity is the only remaining vital part of Christianity, e.g. here:

The scenario is realistic in the sense that Protestants and Catholics, representing the weak branches of Christianity, are the realistic ones to be conquered by Islam, while Orthodox Christianity is the sane and healthy part, and they also have the Russians who have no qualms in acting responsibly and defend their nation and their people.

Last autumn I also discussed the image of Russia at length with people holding the typical "American fundamentalist" misconceptions over at Gates of Vienna. I will continue to bring up this issue.

My concern, however, is for Germanic people. So I have a different take on this than you -- since I'm speaking of something different. I explain it here (5 consecutive comments). It's my criticism of Western Christianity and what I see as the great historical tragedy of the Germanic people.

Baron Bodissey has a different take on this, more in line with yours:

"Christian ethics, originally intended to be a code followed by the individual believer, was extended to the workings of the State. But a fundamental error is embedded in the concept: Christian ethical principles don’t scale up."

Best Regards,

Conservative Swede said...

Here is an example of how I inspired Fjordman. E.g. he quotes me saying:

I use the concept of European civilization as an umbrella concept for what is generally referred to as the Roman/Greek civilization and the Western civilization. And in spite of how things are today, under the surface we have the many layers of history with us. When I look around I see Roman cultural DNA in so many places. Another reason for using the concept of European civilization is to explicitly include the Orthodox countries.

Nelson said...

I am spanish students of Russian culture and I love Dostoievski' masterpieces like Karamazov brother. I am reading this book now and I do not stop thinking that this article has been influenced by Dostoievski' philosophy, overall by The great Inquisitor. The russian author is considered like one of the best authors of all time, and too like profhet of his land, Russia.

He wrotte Babel' towers constructed by Human' desires of utopian worlds (comunism, capitalism, anarchism...) will collapse (Word Wars) and finally people will come back to believe in Christ and will submit to Church.