Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kyrgyzstan, Another Washington Revolution

It seems like just yesteryear when DC's power brokers where rubbing their bloody hands with glee, as salavia drained down the sides of their satanic faces at the thoughts of a new colour revolution in Kyrgyzstan, one that turned bloody and violent, forcing out president Askar Akayev who was just not to close to Washington, not a puppet enough. He had dared demand more cash from America for the use of the base that they were leasing. He had even considered allowing Russia to have a new base, too.

Of course, to Washington, the bankrupt would be masters of the universe, who understand only their own desires of the moment and hold zero loyalty to anyone but their own greed, this was no good at all. Then President Putin had made a massive mistake, helping Washington set up bases in Central Asia, to fight the Taliban. Washington only gave a half rat's arse about the Taliban, Afghanistan to Washington was to be a fast victory that allowed the placement of new gas and oil pipelines from Central Asia. To make sure, just like that little demonic bastard Bryzenski planned, that they would keep themselves firmly entrenched in Central Asia, like a tick, they went about making their bases permanent, thus over throwing their own nominal allies to place even better puppets in power.

This course failed out right in Uzbekistan, where ruler Islom Karimov gunned down in the hundreds the Washington hired Islamics who had arrived to stage a Green Revolution. He spared no time swallowing his pride and running to Russia, who he had previously shown only the finger too, as he thought his Anglo masters would be generous to him. Stupid of the man, who even now again is ever so courting them. Stupid is any leader, absolutely a fool, who thinks his Anglo allies/masters will be there for him had best read the biographies of the Shah of Iran, or Noriega or Saddam Hussein or Victor Yushenko or the dozens of other fools who took power.

So with the Tulip Revolution, Askar Akayev was ousted and his replacement was president Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Outside of the violence and the hundreds killed, which for Washington and London, as well as Satan's little pawns in Brussels, that is no big deal, all seemed great. Well it did until they discovered that their puppet Bakiyev was much closer to Russia than even Akayev. He closed the US base, openning it only after receiving massive payments. Further, an insult to Washington, he allowed Russia to have a base, just down the road from Washington. He further showed outrage when his citizens were killed by US convoys, the same ones who get away with it in Afghanistan or Iraq. Obviously he was anything but a good puppet.

However, by this time, it was obvious that the people, at least at the moment were standing behind Bakiyev. Further, Bush's reputation was already in taters in 2005. Thus Bakiyev had almost five years, but Washington has struck again.

How do I know? Because the new power in Bishket is Rosa Otunbayeva, a former allie of Bakiyev, whom he dismissed from her post as foreign minister. Further, this author has known Rosa on a personal basis, almost 10 years before and I can tell you, she is a conceited, self centered individual, bent only on her own power and advancement: a slanted eyed female Saakashvili. As a matter of fact, she served the UN mission in Georgia when Saakashvili came to power in Georgia.

She was one of the key leaders in the Tulip revolution and is obviously Washington's replacement for the last puppet, Bakiyev, who was not. Her last role, before coming to power, was as a parliamentarian on the Socialist Democratic party.

What should we expect? Well Washington is doing everything to hide its bloody paws by pointing at Russia, but the real masters will show their hands shortly. Washington has laughably stated that United States deplored the violence and urged “respect for the rule of law”.

What is to be expected? First, Rosa will start to make trouble for the Russian base, while cutting the rent on the American base, regardless of how this will affect her nation's broken economics. Kyrgyzi soldiers will also go to die in Afghanistan, executing NATO's failed war, just like their Georgian counterparts. Then will come the usual "reform" which is the selling of all assets to foreign powers, the real purpose behind everything. Who knows, maybe robbing Kyrgyzstan of everything will buy the bankrupt Anglo regimes another year or so of life. Of course Kyrgyzstan is no cash cow that Russia was.

It should be obvious that the Empire will not go quietly and will continue with its drive for domination and the execution of Bryzenski's demonic plans as long as possible.


subscriptionblocker said...

I remain amazed at these claims. While it's true that Russia faces many East Europeans longing for "payback" for real or imagined wrongs, it's probably an exaggeration to claim they have much influence. Lot of noise, perhaps a wisp of smoke - but no real fire.

Russia *and* the US have reputations to live down. That takes time. Usually requires the players to pass on, with their decendants studiously avoiding grandpa's "excesses".

Even if this new player is a meglomaniac (as you suggest), it's really a stretch to somehow believe the US position is improved. She likely has her own agenda, quite distinct from the interests of Russia or the US. Accordly the most logical outcome to expect would be an enhanced shakedown or outright expulsion.

So instead of greeting these changes as another Washington coup - perhaps you should just be the fact that the world is a very imponderable place, with *lots* of ways where fate can intervene upon best laid plans.

Government probably does need that airbase. Afghanistan is a quagmire. Is it possible Russia never figured into any of this? Have you *honestly* ever asked yourself that question?'s_razor

Cobra said...

This was a classical GRU/FSB/KGB operation.
The guys in charge now recognized Russia's support.
If your article was right, why would Putin have recognized the new "regime" immediately?
We are not stupid, here...

Stanislav said...


Ha, outside of the fact that I personally knew this woman and know what and how she is, she was further one of the main US owned players in the Tulip Revolution and was quickly ousted when her predicessor turned towards Russia instead of the US. So go look for BS somewhere else.

Furthermore, it is you yanks who launch countless marxist style revolutions. Russia has not launched one and even the Soviets more or less gave up on them. The US launched them in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan (now twice), Vietnam (in the middle of the war no less) as well as possible going as far back as De Guelle in France, after he took his gold out of America. Not to mention a failed one against Italy and what looks like a build up to one in Israel and Afghanistan.

So don' tell me stories this is BS, this is absolutely standard practice for America and has been for the better part of 40 years.

Cobra said...

You better tell us about how a convenient Tupolev accident took care of those pesky poles on Saturday...

Stanislav said...


If you bother to do the reading, they tried 3 times to touch down and failed. The president of Poland refused to be flown to another airbase and demanded they land there.

Prior to them, a Russian military plane, with a pilot who knew the airbase, rerouted for safety.

He fired his previous pilot who refused to touch down in Georgia, on another lousy airfield and instead flew to Baku, Azerbajan.

A better question is, what idiots place the whole of their government, except for one man, on the same plane/boat/train/bus?

Juniper in the Desert said...

Do you think that when the obamanation met Medvedev, they exchanged Kyrkhyzstan for Poland?

Cobra said...

Waayyyyy too convenient.
I do not know what happened but I know enough enough about EMP and electronic jamming equipment, to suspect that something is rotten in Smolensk.

Cobra said...

Or is the USA at fault this time, too?

jack said...


The Technique of a Coup d'Etat

Actually Laughland writes this.

" the Tavistock Institute in the 1960s: that institute was created by the British Army as its psychological warfare arm after World War I and its illustrious alumni include Dr. David Owen, the former British Foreign Secretary and Dr. Radovan Karadžic, the former President of the Bosnian Serb Republic."

Radovan Karadzic was a member of the Tavistock Institute?

I can't find any info to confirm this.

Stanislav said...


You are waaay to paranoid. Must be the corn syrup in the food there.

3 failed landings in a narrow old military airfield, the fourth one clipped the tree. End of story.

The real story is that any government worth a damn would put everyone but one man worth anything on the same plane. Hmmm, maybe the vice president did it, he's top dog now of Poland and all competitors are burnt crispy.

Cobra said...

I think this settles the original question (not in my mind, at least):

“Even without Russia, this would have happened sooner or later, but . . . I think the Russian factor was decisive,” said Omurbek Tekebayev, a former opposition leader who is now the No. 2 figure in the government.

Cobra said...

I am too paranoid?
Well, I am from the neighborhood and I KNOW Russian/Soviet methods....
One of my grandfathers "enjoyed" the gulag...

jack said...

@Juniper in the Desert

I think our western governments are only concerned about creating new Muslims states with links to international terrorism and Bin Ladin preferably near strategic oil and gas reserves.

Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya and the North Caucasus Caliphate, Crimea, Central Asia and Xinjing autonomous Republic China which the US has officially recognised as East Turkmenistan.

subscriptionblocker said...

"A better question is, what idiots place the whole of their government, except for one man, on the same plane/boat/train/bus?"

Even my wife (who normally has no interest in such things) noted this with a sad shake of her head....

Occam's razor? "Soviet plot" or impatient Polish "grand poobahs".

Lean toward the "impatient" explanation myself. This was a sad disaster for both countries.

subscriptionblocker said...

"Furthermore, it is you yanks who launch countless marxist style revolutions. Russia has not launched one and even the Soviets more or less gave up on them. The US launched them in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan (now twice), Vietnam (in the middle of the war no less) as well as possible going as far back as De Guelle in France, after he took his gold out of America. Not to mention a failed one against Italy and what looks like a build up to one in Israel and Afghanistan."

Wow! The US is really good at this. Think it would buy us much on a resume? :) Are you ready to surrender yet?

As for myself, I'm a little underwhelmed sadly watching all the screwups, wasted lives and treasure consumed by recent middle east/asian adventures.

Kinda wonder what your mom would say about you.....and wondering if you've ever just broke down and guffawed over observed folly.

You can't be this serious all the time? Surely you sense the "woo-woo-woo" aspect of current economic conditions if you're reading world newspapers (and I suspect you're well read)?

Sometimes I feel that you're just jacking with us Mr. Mishkin. Just stirring things up to see what amusing comments might drop here :)

A Russian Bart Simpson.

Stanislav said...


Again, how many gulags did the Tsars run? Zip, that would be the British who ran those. Lenin and Stalin were exiled to Siberia, being forced to live in a village, where they took in visitors and sent letters...

Even the Soviet gulags ran their course by 1960, that was 50 years ago. The Soviets have been gone for 20 years.

You seem to base your reality of the area on a period of time 1920 to 1960...not only is that period long gone, it is 40 years out of a 2,000 year history, not even .5%.

jack said...


You don't think that the US/Soros/British Foreign Office is involved with these coloured revolutions?

You think these are just natural occurrences?

It is pretty well known that Soros and affiliates like NED, Freedom House, etc finances and orchestrates them through NGO’s and trained youth groups like Otpor (Serbia) and Kmara (Georgia).

The current president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili worked for a Soros law firm in New York and managed NGO Liberty Institute--a USAID subcontractor which since the Vietnam War USAID is a notorious CIA front.

Soros himself studied under Marxist Frankfurt School philosopher Karl Popper at Harvard School of Economics in London whose Open Society philosophy became the ideological inspiration of Soros Open Society Institute NGO.

tkellymd said...

Once again I agree with a few of your comments such as the foolishness of placing so many high ranking government officials on one plane. However, although I myself do not believe it, it certainly is possible that foul play was involved. Your stance would be more believable if you would be more objective and less determined to accuse the West, specifically the United States, of being nothing short of evil. When you do so you lose all credibility as you know it is not true.

subscriptionblocker said...

Might be of interest. Enjoy.

Cobra said...

I am pondering a question I know you would not answer (because you can not...).
Are you ignorant (doubtful) or working for a dezinformatsia dept. of one the soup russian agencies?

Stanislav said...


So, you avoid answering my questions and come back with basically an insult...kind like me asking you: Cobra are you a fool or an idiot?

Not very base everything on Sovietism and specifically Stalinism to brush stroke all Russians. Where are you from? Ok, it's not Poland, but its eastern European...shall we go country by country and discuss the darker parts of history of each and everyone, including invading and slaughtering of neighbors? Or are you to claim that yours alone was some mythical and unnamed race of angels?

Cobra said...

I did not mean to insult you. That's why I discounted the fact you may be uninformed.
And about working for the soup agencies, well, many people believed/believe that this is the best way to serve their country or cause.
One of the reasons this possibility crossed my mind is that you take an overly biased approach to every subject you touch.
Besides, I am old enough to have been in contact with many people, some in the intelligence business, and I read extensively about a lot of subjects.
If you remember, I congratulated you for the article linked by Drudge.

jack said...


Most of what we know about the USSR and especially Stalinism is 95% false/untrue based on Cold War propaganda. Most of which came from Robert Conquest who worked for Information Research Department of the British Foreign Office anti-Soviet propaganda unit and especially the Trotskyite coup following Stalin’s murder of Nikita Khrushchev who was involved in an anti-Soviet plot to overthrow the Stalin prior to WW2 which is now known as the so called “show trials”.

"According to a 1978 article in The Guardian of London, Robert Conquest got his big break shortly after World War II, when he joined the Information Research Department of the British Foreign Office. Staffed heavily by émigrés, the IRD's mission was a covert "propaganda counter-offensive" against the Soviet Union. It was heady, hands-on work for a young writer, a chance to slant media coverage of Russia by adding political "spin" to Eastern bloc press releases and funneling them to top reporters. The journalists knew little about the IRD, beyond the names of their mysterious contacts. The public knew nothing at all, even as their opinions were being sculpted.

After Conquest left the IRD in 1956, the agency suggested that he package some of his handiwork into a book. That first compilation was distributed in the US by Fred Praeger, who had previously published several books at the request of the CIA.

The shy and courtly Conquest has come a long way since then, from gray propagandist to éminence grise. He is now a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, as well as an associate of Harvard's Ukrainian Research Institute. But his heart and his pen never left the IRD. The Soviet Union would be Conquest's lifetime obsession. He churned out book after book on the horrors of communism: The Nation Killer, Where Marx Went Wrong, Kolyma: the Arctic Death Camps. His landmark work of 1968, The Great Terror, focused on Stalin's purges of the late 1930s. But by 1984, his work had turned surreal; What To Do When the Russians Come was the literary equivalent of that politico-teen-disaster flick, Red Dawn. Yet he remained a mainstream heavyweight, coasting on reputation, his excesses accepted as Free World zeal."

Since 1921 till 1954 (that is for the whole period of 33 years) in the Soviet Union – according to the archives of the NKVD, Ministry of the Interior, and of all other state prosecuting organs – there was found and documentarily confirmed the following total number of repressed persons. Namely:
Executed: – 642,980 persons
Imprisoned: – 2,369,220 persons
Exiled: – 765,180 persons

This during civil wars, a world war and invasion of the country, famines and crop failures, large scale outbreaks of disease, anti-communist forces inside and outside the country, sabotage, etc.

Stanislav said...


Hugh, tell that to my great grand father and his five brothers. He was a colonel in the Tsar's army, in the early 1930s, long after the end of fighting, they took him and his brothers and shot them of Stalin's non-existent purges.

Cobra said...

The enemy of your enemy may not necessarily be your friend....

jack said...


The are sponsoring international Islamic terrorism who have already destroyed Yugoslavia and the Serbs and want to destroy Russia with Jihadists with WMD's.

Thats pretty evil.


But was it an order from above or was it local commissars (probably non-Russian).

If so they are some of the unfortunate innocent people of the 642,980 persons

I never said there were not purges but it was due to the fact of a civil war between the Trotskyite internationalist’s and national Communists under Stalin. Those like Genrik Yagoda responsible for mass repression were arrested and shot.

jack said...


"The enemy of your enemy may not necessarily be your friend...."

And who might that be?

Cobra said...

I will let you figure that out...

Anonymous said...

Rosa Otunbayeva:

Why not call her what she really is,a dirty bolshevik,a psychopath,a neanderthal hokum-peddler,hare-brained ghoulish mongolian khazarkike.