Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Putin's First Move, Freeing Russia

It has become common fodder amongst the Oligarchical press of the West, specifically that of the Anglo-Sphere, to wax thoughtlessly about the corruption of Russia. Like screeching Scottish banshees they wail their dearth of stolen treasures. Of course, one must now wonder which treasures, when speaking of Russia, are these lepers of decent thought alluding to? Peal away the dead skin of their rotting hides and the lies of than President Putin and his clique stealing Russian treasures, falls off like so much diseased flesh.

It is interesting to note that the vampires who even now drain their helpless fellow citizens into abject poverty, the Nosferatu who own the liberals and conservatives of Anglo finance, were more than happy to loan massive amounts of funds (much of which was than rerouted back into their coffers after paying Yeltsin and his goons a fair share) to young, post Soviet Russia as well as to the Soviet Union itself, as it lay dieing in the late 1980s. Of course, those loaned funds, which went to benefit first and foremost the Central Asian, Caucus and Baltic republics of the SU, were first, foremost and only placed upon the shoulders of the Russian peoples.

The plan, of course was simple: a debt laden Russia, one unable to survive without direct infusion of funding, would have no freedom of action on its own but would be forced to always look at her creditors for permission before acting even in self defense. Thus the Soviet Union was dissolved as a territory. Thus did NATO expand, ripping away its promises. Thus did the West led by the Anglos butcher and maim and reign the Devil's terror upon helpless Serbian Orthodox Christians, whose one crime was to resist the Islamic onslaught that the Anglos so love to serve. Thus was the first Chechen war lost, as pressure built upon Moscow to always step back and negotiate, a process that had as much success as that forced down the throats of Israel, India, Nigeria and Armenia.

Thus, it is interesting that the Russian stabilization fund, a fund that in two parts firstly is invested in the US to the tune of almost $400 billion in various debt instruments and in Russia as a bad weather fund that still has well over $300 billion in it, did not exist for the entirety of the rule of the drunken horse's arse, Yeltsin.

In deed, the man the West loves to label a thief, Vladimir Putin, first and foremost paid off all of Russia's outstanding debts with oil monies that had seemingly not existed under Yeltsin the traitorous puppet. We shall not dive into the question of where that money went, under Yeltsin, anyone with a grade school intellect can figure that out.

Of course the Anglo media must lie, lie, lie, it would not dare tell its public that life without debits possible or desirable and how the world's 7th largest economy was able to shed it, to protect its industries and markets from Chinese dumping, to live within its means while growing industry at 7% annually, to work towards the good of its people, as well as its rich. Public ignorance and superstition is the saving grace of the Western and specifically Anglo oligarchs and their hand picked media mouth pieces.

Putin, in short order paid off $3.3 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he paid off $15 billion to the Paris Group, $4.3 billion to the World Bank, $1.4 billion to cover the deficit in the Russian Pensioner Fund and the $46 billion debt of the old and defunct Soviet Union. After that he grew the internal stabilization fund at an incredible rate. The fund, which by August 2006 had $82 billion in it, by January 2008 had $157.4 billion in it and continued to grow through the end of 2008. This fund has allowed Russia to continue without the mass liquidity bubble of the broken Anglos or the depressionary collapse of industry of the Japanese.

This has not only brought the Russian state a freedom of action it had previously not had, but it has allowed it, during this second Great Depression to act freely and avoid the death trashes of a bloated Anglo-Finance Cthulu. It has equally allowed Russian business to go on a buying spree of devalued Western assets, be it Opel, Porsch or Facebook.

Freedom from debt has its advantages.


Piotr P. said...

Yes, sure enough, Mr. Putin is indeed “freeing” Russia – of its human capital (the best and brightest are and have been for decades running to the West – in my university, fully half of the hard sciences departments – chemistry, biology, physics, math, computer science – are staffed with young Russian professors), of its natural resources, of its dignity. Putin is the worst thing that happened to myformer country since Lenin, imho. The Stab(ilization) Fund is depleted, the moral on the streets of Russian cities is lower than ever, and even GasProm (the largest Russian company by far) is predicting civil unrest and riots on the streets. Joe Biden has predicted Russian demise in 15 years. Is this what you, Stas, see as Putin’s achievements that are worthy of applauding?! It is truly sick.

Stanislav said...


yes, big bad Putin...how dare he create private property rights, how dare he create trial by jury, how dare he pay off the Russia and Soviet debt, how dare he raise the majority of the population above poverty, quadriple the pensions and pay them on time, allow small and medium business to grow, lower taxes and watch the average salary triple....how evil indeed...and to the left what is most evil of all...he allowed religious Christian classes as elective to take in schools...and banned abortions after 12 weeks....

Yup...definitly much worse than all the Marxists and the drunk Yeltsin who sat in Russian power for the past 80 years.

This is fun and all, but I have to go to work now.

hamilton x said...

Piotr, if your university is staffed by so many immigrants as I doubt but will concede arguendo then you must be aware of the dismal state of the American educational system that does not produce enough competent scientists,engineers,mechanics,etc.So Russia is in "decline" because its educational system is by your own terms outperforming ours? As to quoting Joe Biden on anything,you reveal a genuine unfamiliarity with his earned reputation for public stupidity.I cannot imagine a dumber interview than bragging to the WSJ that another country is allegedly in economic trouble while your own country's unemployment surges,our public deficit is now soaring,companies and banks fail at frightening rates,the dollar falls inexorably and the Obama Admin is clueless. Joe Biden?? Americans laugh at Joe Biden!!!

alibi said...

To Piotr.

Man you seem to be just happy to bitch about everything as long as it’s related to Russia. And you get even more exited when you have no arguments. We all know already that you were very unhappy back in Russia. And we’ve learned that you are very happy now in the States. Good on you. Enjoy your new life. Take your kids to the movies, get yourself a new watch or an American flag. Whatever gets you exited.
There is no point in keeping us updated on your dislike of your former country.
You say that the best and brightest are and have been for decades running to the West and we all know that. And we all know that Putin hasn’t been running Russia for decades. He most probably wish he had but he just hasn’t.

You said that Putin was freeing Russia from it’s natural resources but gave us no numbers. When Stas told us where some of the money went. Has any money been stolen? I’m sure it has. Tell me there is no theft on the government level in the States. But I’ve never heard of a Stab Fund left to their nation by the Commis or Yeltsin or Bush.

You say the Stab Fund gets depleted - well that’s what it’s for. When times are bad Stab Funds get depleted. But when the States keep borrowing overseas Russia keeps spending it’s own money from it’s own Stab Fund. So - what makes you so upset about it?

You say that the moral on the streets of Russian cities is lower than ever... And that Joe Biden has predicted Russian demise in 15 years... and that there is civil unrest lurking on the Russian streets...

Well I don’t even know what to say on that. I have to doubt that you went to a top private college in the States. Reading that I doubt that you ever went to college. That sounds more like you watch too much BBC. You need to ease down on BBC man. They don’t really mean what they say. They are just paid to say things. There’s no shame in saying dumb things when you get paid for that. It’s called business. Just pure business. And you seem to be doing that for free.

So - cheer up man. Get yourself a new psychotherapist forget about Russia and cheer up.

jack said...

@Piotr P

Lenin was a Western creation on Russia just like Communism itself and Yeltsin.
Yeltsin's staff especially after the second term had more senior Israelis in key positions in government than ethnic Russians.
Only when Russia ditched the Oligarchs and stopped being an IMF colony did the economy improve.

The Russian economy leaped year on year since Putin came to power from a terminal decline in 98 with the Soros instituted Asian market crash.

And your Harvard friends in the US including Obamas chief economic advisor Larry Summers as well as Soros Shatilin plan which was deliberately designed to destroy the post Soviet economy of Russia for there investors in London, US and Israel.

As for Biden is this the same man who said “Serbs are illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers and rapists” and “all Serbs should be placed in Nazi-style concentration camps” while praising KLA and Islamic terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo which is the base and creation of an international terrorism and crime network throughout Europe and voted for the US to fight in Iraq for Israel.

They’ve been saying this for years that Russia is on the brink of collapse (although they have tried everything to make this happen) though it has not happened yet.

subscriptionblocker said...

Hmmm...pardon my confusion, but these entries and comments fail to illuminate.

While I'm aware of Putin's account balancing accomplishments (and they are to be commended), have often wondered about the true cost.

If Russia is now debt free with a funded safety net (and have no reason to doubt this), are personal liberties greater or less than "the bad days"?

Then again, perhaps Russian citizens would prefer economic gains over liberties? Really can't defend any "rightness" - since this path was theirs to choose. But I'm suspecting that any government capable of paying off debts in such a short time is also capable of protecting liberties. A package deal :)

Guess I'd like to know "the truth"...if indeed it's knowable.

subscriptionblocker said...

Hehe. Have often wondered if we could hire Putin to straighten out our mess :)

Andrew Jackson was the only public offical who ever extinguished our national debt.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when did you stop calling us Anglo-Marxists? I much prefered that

alibi said...

subscriptionblocker said:
If Russia is now debt free with a funded safety net (and have no reason to doubt this), are personal liberties greater or less than "the bad days"?

I think of Russia back in 1991-1994. It was a free country. No really. It had all the instruments. All you could think about. It was freedom of everything. Absolute freedom. And Russia even had a highly educated population at that time. No - really. That was one important thing though that the Russians were lacking back in the 90s.
The Russians had grown to think that themselves and their country are worthless. Stupid too. But most importantly just worthless. They wanted to be like all the nice and beautiful people in the West. They wanted to own a pair of jeans… or better two pairs. A car of course. Some nice magazines too. They were really hungry for those shiny magazines. Well sure some meat and sausages wouldn’t hurt them, but they weren’t hungry physically. They were hungry for a new world that they knew was there. Just behind the border. The new world full of nice and beautiful people. Just like in the magazines.

So they were eager to trade their stupid and worthless country including themselves for the new world. And they did.
Lucky for them there were plenty of good people in the West who liked the idea.

It still gonna take a lot of time, education, travel and whatever else for the Russians to begin to learn that their nation isn’t worthless. It’s probably gonna take a hell of a time. The Russians are yet to become a nation. There is still a good chance that the whole thing will collapse again. And Russia still has plenty of friends in the West who would kill for that chance. Putin is trying to gather the nation together and consolidate them. He needs an idea and nationalism is the answer for him. Nationalism is an idea that never fails to consolidate a nation. Where it’s gonna go nobody knows. Neither does Putin.

As for the liberties… I guess if it wasn’t for the West and it’s fixed idea that good Russia is dead Russia it would be much easier for the Russians to go democratic. They will find their way eventually. Or they won't.

subscriptionblocker said...

alibi said...

That was one important thing though that the Russians were lacking back in the 90s.

Er, you do realize this was mostly self inflicted?

People who actually had interactions with Russians had more respect for them then they did for themselves.

As for "wanting Russia dead", well I respectfully submit that most people worldwide are too narcissistic to even have noticed Russia much. That's not a comment on Russia - but one on human nature.

And as for Russia's spectacular f***ups, would you really trade your situation for ours right now? Perhaps we should have heated arguments as to whose fools are the greater? or perhaps even trade :) Hahahahahaha.....

So here, I'll say it. Russia should be proud for handling the turmoil of the 1990s like it did. That took grit. And Russians scientific and educational accomplishments are well understood - except by Russians.

Don't have any quarrel with nationalism either. It's healthy. But might take issue with some of this "everyone is out to get me" stuff I often see posted on this blog.

Admittedly...it's within the possibilities, but I guess it's hard to swallow when you've been desensitized by stupid media talking heads all your life. You take such comments with the same grain of salt you use when the lizardpeople car salesmen invade your tube :) Flick the remote.

That said, I do steal ideas from here :) Have been beating the hell out of our Congressman to "read the bill". Wow, what a concept! They read the bill *twice* in the Duma.


Piotr P. said...

The west has NEVER wanted Russia dead or weak (much like it didn't want Germany or Japan weak after the War) - Russians just THINK it has, so it would be a convenient scapegoat for all their corruption, brutality, and disastrous oil-based economy which is now in ruins. Putin is a crook and a mafioso who will be judged by posterity as such, I have no doubt of that. Ask why up to 500K Russians immigrate to the West ANNUALLY!!

Stanislav said...


--Russians just THINK it has, so it would be a convenient scapegoat for all their corruption, brutality, and disastrous oil-based economy which is now in ruins. Putin is a crook and a mafioso who will be judged by posterity as such, I have no doubt of that.--

Outside of the fact you are as usual clueless about the Russian economy and are filled with raging hatred, boiling out of you like maggots off of old meat, you have obviously been listening too much to your junior godling Biden, the other half of the Marx Team you vote for...typical "intelligencia". I am sure generations of Americans will thank you for bringing them the same Marxist crap we finally got rid off...you did your part, and thank God you did it over there and not helped do it again here.

The Northern Virginia Conservative said...

You know, I've read so much of this blog the past hour or so, and I agree with you about much. But you desperately need to stop referring to people and nations as "diseases" and such. This is why people don't take Russia seriously. It borders on the insults the North Koreans throw at people, and they are a joke. I agree with you one hundred percent about the need for a styrong and independent Russia, and how the liberal elite in the West fears that concept. But you tar waaayyy too many people with that brush. And where do you get off thinking you have the right to take back Ukraine? Your people have been bullying the Balts and Slavs for far too long. It's over. Accept it. Worry more about the Chinese, who have an eye on those massive amounts of natural resources you have with no one out east to defend them. Once America smartens up and ditches the socialists, we need to form an enduring honest alliance between Russia and America. One thing though... you boy Putin needs to give Kraft his Super Bowl ring back. Totally low class to steal that from him.

Stanislav said...


By the way, we just think that the Chechens were trained and funded by NATO in Turkey, right? We just think that hundreds of dead Mujahedin had British and US passports...the Queen got a particular embarressment when some 30 passports of her dead citizens were returned to her...all with Georgian entry stamps....oh but we just "think" that.

And here is from one of your Leftist idols and who has had the ear of numerous presidents of America, including the Kenyan:

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Grand Chessboard

"It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America. The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book.” (p. xiv)

"For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia... Now a non-Eurasian power is preeminent in Eurasia - and America's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained.” (p.30)

"America's withdrawal from the world or because of the sudden emergence of a successful rival - would produce massive international instability. It would prompt global anarchy." (p. 30)

"Two basic steps are thus required: first, to identify the geostrategically dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power and to decipher the central external goals of their respective political elites and the likely consequences of their seeking to attain them;... second, to formulate specific U.S. policies to offset, co-opt, and/or control the above..." (p. 40)

"America is now the only global superpower, and Eurasia is the globe's central arena. Hence, what happens to the distribution of power on the Eurasian continent will be of decisive importance to America's global primacy and to America's historical legacy." (p.194)

Stanislav said...

@Northern Virginia

Bullying the Slavs? I have an insight for you: WE ARE THE SLAVS and Kiev is our Jerusalem, it is our ancient Capital that waves of Westerners have invaded and defiled. As for the Baltics, much of that area has been ours for the past 500 years and parts (such as what belonged to Novgorod) for 1,200 years..might as well tell Virginians to give it up and go back to England and stop bullying the Indians around. We've had that land in the Baltics twice as long ore longer as the earliest english colonies in Virginia.

There can never be an alliance with America, because America can accept no equals, only vassals or enemies and we shall never be a vassal. At best we can hope for a Cold Peace with the American elites who own everything and everyone's souls in the US.

hamilton x said...

Northern Virginia, I am and continue to be amazed at my fellow Americans and pseudo-Americans(like Piotr) that even have a second to worry about alleged Russian "expansionism" or pan-Slavism or whatever imaginary monster the neo-cons have made up to wage war on. Real conservatives know that the greatest real threat to America is American imperialism and our now nonstop wars around the world.Piotr,want to be a real patriotic American? Study Washington's Farewell Address--co-written by Alexander Hamilton. As to the Ukraine,the great majority of Ukrainians oppose NATO membership.They also oppose further American-financed "Orange Revolutions".Even Western financed polls show Putin is popular with a majority of Ukrainians.Yes,the Baltics are "anti-Russian".The Ukraine,however,is completely different.If the Ukraine or a substantial part of it re-unites with Russia,it will be a voluntary act.

subscriptionblocker said...

Stanislav said...

There can never be an alliance with America, because America can accept no equals, only vassals or enemies and we shall never be a vassal. At best we can hope for a Cold Peace with the American elites who own everything and everyone's souls in the US.

Huh? Maybe. But perhaps we're not as "good" as you might believe? No plan, no intention, just luck ? With genuine surprise at how easy it is to insult Russian sensibilities?

And if I had to pick between luck or deliberate competence - I'd pick luck every time :)

Am no longer a Simpson's regular viewer...but have often believed this episode sums up the Russia/US relationship remarkably well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer's_Enemy

The injustice of real life can often be maddening. Hard working, studious people don't always win.

alibi said...

The west has NEVER wanted Russia dead or weak (much like it didn't want Germany or Japan weak after the War)

What amazes me that even nowadays when there are tonnes of independent sources available one still gets his history education from Discovery channel topping it up with CNN, BBC, Fox, The Simpsons, and whatever else.

PS. Should withdraw the Simpsons though, at least they’re funny.

Piotr P. said...

It is extremely unfortunate that dull people such as yourself provide such a disservice to the Motherland, albeit I do realize you, as an established hurray-patriot, have Her best intentions in mind. You’re blindly repeating certain stamps without understanding their meaning and without a visionary approach. I believe Russian future is in people like myself – highly educated, experienced in the Western ways, and open-minded. I agree with some of your postulates, such as: the Monarchy has to return meaningfully, the Church has to be reestablished in the hearts and minds of the average Russians, the Nationalism and Patriotic pride have to be taught to our kids, etc. I actually envision a team of smart Russian-Americans installing a puppet Czar (I am thinking a strong pro-American military man, like Sergei Ivanoff) to arrest the weak-minded homos, liberals, intelligentsia-peaceniks, and judophobes, and forge an alliance with the US against the REAL threat – China. While you’re bitching at my new country (the US), the chinks are buying off your land, your politicians, and your resources. Over a million of them married Russian women in the Far East. Doesn’t THAT offend or worry you, Stas???

jack said...


I'm glad you referenced The Grand Chessboard but if you are referencing from the link I posted on a previous comment it would be wise to post the link which has a link to the pdf on the book as well as other good qoutes.


I suggest you read Paul Murphys book Wolves of Islam it is by far the most comprehensive book on the subject of Chechen terrorism.

On this subject on terrorism which is huge Russia has completely failed on getting any info out.
The best info I got was from a handfull of Americans.

@Piotr P.

Just like they didn't wan't to destroy the Serbs.

Stanislav said...


Well, Piotr, I am so sorry I do not match your standard of high intellect and since I am so dull, a person of your high intellect really shouldn't bother to come back...do not let the website hit you on the back of the head as you head out.

As for repeating dull and stupid stereotypes, you do an excellent job of it. Every Russophobic crap that has come out of the West is your mantra and when challenged to facts you jump subjects. Rather typical of the world wide Left.

Oh and if I really were you, I would definitely seek councilling for the level of pure hatred you have for you own blood and ancestry and the fact you put up a photo on your profile of a Cossack or maybe you in the costume, really shows how split and ripped your psyche is. Fact is, if you really didn't care about Russia, in what ever twisted format your mind takes, you would not write or acknowledge about it or your ancestry, but your hatred, spilling out for everyone to see, shows that you have a hurt feelings about it....like some boy who was denied in his childhood and has held a grudge ever since.

Go get some professional help, you need it.

alibi said...

Piotr. You really need to take a blood test. I’ve met quite a few Russian haters in the States and you fit in the picture perfectly. Most of them were either Poles or Ukrainians a few assorted Baltics nationals and some Jews of course. You sound very much like a dude I used to know back in NY. He was a Russian refugee too. Just like you. In fact he was a Jew from Odessa, but he called himself Russian anyway. When asked why not Ukrainian he would look at you with such a sorrow you would want to shoot yourself. The guy was getting a welfare check from the Government and felt insulted by the amount. So he hated the States for that. He hated Ukraine too for the insult.
But boy did he hate Russia. He was so talented in hating Russia you couldn’t even argue with him. If you wouldn’t agree that an average Jew in Odessa was starving back in the 70s he would just look at you for a while and say nothing. Just look at you… Man you should see his eyes.

hamilton x said...

Piotr P,self-hating former Russian and unwelcome pseudo-American,you and I know you completely made up that phony figure of a "million Russian women married to Chinese".If you're afraid of the Chinese,please note that the Russians are EXPELLING the Chinese while America welcomes the influx.Please consider the following FACTS,silly guy:China,Japan and Korea have birth rates as low or lower(Japan) than Russia.They will not have enough people to "re-occupy" the Russian East even if they were stupid enough to try!!!!!

subscriptionblocker said...

Just an observation... Not attempting to be ugly, but it appears that Russians too suffer from a "cultural war". Never would have believed that the case until reading this blog.

Guess it shouldn't surprise considering the melees we have here - but it did.

As a veteran of such fights - I don't recommend them. Once the slights build up (real or imaginary), the talking ceases.

alibi said...

subscriptionblocker: “Once the slights build up (real or imaginary), the talking ceases”

I might be wrong but if you refer that to our personal exchanges with Piotr then there is no talking there. You just can’t talk with Piotr. Not in relation with anything what’s being discussed here. There is no arguments, no discussion here. There is just pure hatred. It doesn’t really bother me. It‘s just annoying. We all know already how much he dislikes Russia, and everything what’s related to Russia. There’s no need to give us more data on that. Give us something interesting. Give as something hot. Something to chew on. Like… I don’t know - was he constantly hungry as a child back in Russia? Undernourished? How hungry?
That would be at least something. That would be educational entertaining and touching.

Or maybe he was abused… molested even as a kid. Huh? Wouldn’t that be fascinating? Was it his corrupted teacher, or a local party leader? Sure it was a party leader. Those f.cking commies. Just hate them. Touch a little kid in those places. It’s just sick.

You see we get nothing. We can’t generate compassion and understanding when we are not given any reasons for the hatred. Not a single damn reason. Was it the fact that he was forced to go to a public school together with other dumb communist's kids? That he was deprived of the common human right to attend an all boys private school? That would be understandable and easily converted into not just compassion but maybe even something bigger… Maybe even a friendship. Maybe… who knows… maybe even a new relationship.
But we get nothing.

So - what’s the point in constantly unwrapping your bleeding and rotting wound without explaining to the concerned crowd what’s exactly inflicted it.

I can’t say that I like everything what’s been said here by Stas. Some things I don’t like or don’t accept. And that’s ok. That’s what the internet gives us. A chance to learn what others think, a chance to ponder on other people views and ideas. The internet dissolves emotions since you’re not facing your opponent. You have plenty of time to ponder, think, get angry, get back to your senses get data needed and then come up with a reply. That’s what’s required from an average blogger. Spare your emotions. Give as info. If you’re not able to do that - go back to your pub.
But then again. I might be wrong and you weren't referring to my small talk with Piotr. Then - just ignore that comment.

subscriptionblocker said...

Ahhhhh...what is the truth?


Bob said...

Great article Stanislav. It is refreshing to be able to access viewpoints from sources other than the western (US) media. Thank God for the internet. This guy piotr p, who quotes Joe Biden, sounds like some kind of leftist halfwit. No one in the US, unless it's the media, quotes Joe Biden about anything unless it's part of a joke. Everyone on the planet knows that Biden is a world class drunken islamo-marxist"RETARD" ranking somewhere below Russia's Boris Yeltson.