Monday, July 14, 2008

Russia Must Defend Herself Assymetrically In Europe

NATO, the hegemony of the Western Trotskyte Marxist elites marches on, replacing Stalinist Communism with Trotskyte Fascism, another Marxist ideology, bent on enslavement of mankind and almost all of Eastern Europe, or rather it's elites, have happy replaced one master with another.

And while NATO is richer and militarily stronger then Russia, Russia has two major weapons to use to defend herself and push back the latest incarnation of slavery in the world. No, I am not talking about oil and gas.

I am talking about Religion and Culture, both of which are poison to the Trotskyte Marxists who are working hard to create a Godless, mono-cultured civilization, just like dear Leon wanted. Be it from billboard advertisement of gay sex to Macedonians or teaching Christless greed for money to Romanians or in directly and monetarily supporting Una-Unsa (Ukraine) and National Bolshevik Workers Party (Russia) both Nazi parties, the West is on the march, a final death that will either bring a Marxist "utopia" or destroy the western civilization that the Godless elites of those nations have created in the past 30 years.

The elites of eastern Europe have easily adapted to their new masters, giving up one Marxist ideology for another, but this one with a much better PR machine. How else does one understand how a country such as Czech, where 80% of the population was against recognizing Kosovo and where over 70% were against any US radar bases, could be so aptly ignored by it's rulers?

To these threats, Russia has to answer by winning the hearts of the people. This will of course be easier with the Orthodox nations than the Catholic ones, but between Religion AND Culture, these are a powerful one two punch.

To make this a success, Russia must engage the local civil society on all levels, from the churches to Russian media, to Russian sponsored and Russian volunteer driven aid and development projects. Russian charities must be seen out in strength supporting the impoverished of eastern Europe. Cultural exchanges and scholarships to Russian universities must be thick and continuous.

Though the past 80 years, due to the ideological wars of the Russian Revolution, WW2 and the Cold War, upset the natural order and balance of nations, these must pass and the deep cultural memory is still in tact. This is a memory of 1. the Slavic peoples as a whole (Panslavicism), 2. Strong Christian faith, particularly Orthodoxy, 3. the fight against Islam (the Balkans were the beneficiaries of Russian treasure and blood for centuries) especially against the hated Turks and 4. natural alliances (this was of course more so to Austria and Czech.

Russia must uphold conservative organizations in eastern Europe, ones fighting to preserve their faith and culture against the Christless Western assault on all things historical and sacred. Russia must be seen as the champion of the traditionalists and thus the very soul of these nations. Symbols like the Tsars of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and the King of Greece, all forced out by the communists and or western aid and despised now by the "democratic" West, are very powerful symbols of stability and tradition for these nations.

The peoples of these nations must come to see Russians as their closest brothers and sisters, so that the actions of their elites are seen for what they are: destructive of their subjects and hateful of God. Only than will the people revolt and bring about the natural, God given order of things.

This will not be a short struggle but it is one of vital need. The remaining Marxists, the Godless Trotskytes, must be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see what you're up to here. I'm supprised you Ruskies didn't move into Iceland when you had the offer. I'm pretty sure they weren't too keen on the souless nihilism that goes with an IMF deal.