Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lenin, Stalin and Company and Their Backers Must Stand Trial In Russia

It has been 17 years since the Godless Communists have been ousted from Russia and it is high time that the Party and its icons stand trial for the mass murder, the famines, deportations and for almost loosing WW2, not to mention for turning what should have been the richest nation in the world into a second rate economy.

To begin with, there should be a trial of the main founders and ring leaders. Let the Party set up it's defense, in a court trial, while the prosecution prepares its charges. In an open court, with cameras rolling, lets finally spill forth all the secrets, all the crimes of these murderers. Let the dead finally rise up and tell their stories of the depravation and mass murderer that they and their families suffered, first under Lenin and than under Stalin and his cronies Bera, Krushchov, Molotov and company. And of course do not leave out Iron Felix.

Let the people know the full truth. Let them judge first the murder of the Tsar and his family, the massacres of the Cossacks who resisted, the destruction of the Kulaks, the mass executions of the Officers, the founding of the Gulags. All this is only the Lenin era when Trotsky and Stalin were but henchmen and Polish Iron Felix was running rampent with his Red Terror of which he is the father and the Latvian Rifles were Lenin's own body guards.

Of course we must not forget to pull in the fathers of Wall Street, who for promises of free exploitation of Russia and her resources, were more than happy to bank roll the Communists. Let the truth come out and the blame fall fully.

We can than move on to Stalin, Trotsky and the rest of the pack of devils and equally their Western backers, be they Ford, Armnhammer or FDR himself.

The truth is demanding to come out and it's freedom will have several effects. One, it will finally destroy any credibility of the remaining Soviet icons and put the very Party on trial and thus lead to its final destruction.

Two, it will drive out any last vestiges of Sovietism from Russia and finally, severing those few remaining anchors, she will be able to return to the politics of pre-WW1,which made her a super power of the time. The Russian culture will finally be free of the last of the atheist net of communism.

Finally, it will show Wall Street for the soulless evil that it is, for the creditors of some of the worst in human suffering while enriching themselves on the spoils of blood and gold that they so love.

It is high time that this was done, it is high time that the innocents who were murdered have their day in court.

Let the chips fall where they may.


McMicah said...

Good idea. I hope the American corporate media will make the proceedings available to the US public.

Ditto Bill Clinton, George Bush and Company's trial in the US, or at the Hague.

Slavabez said...