Sunday, September 7, 2008

Afghanistan the Lost

To say that the regimes running the Axis of Hypocrisy (US/UK) are fools is to insult and undermine the credibility of fools. To say they are blind, ignorant and high on their own self worth, is closer to reality.

In one more brilliant move, the Axis has doomed some 60,000 NATO troops to go the way of the first British Expeditionary Force to short, to extermination. Afghanistan is a land locked country and there are only two routes to reach it, the direct southern route, through Pakistan and the air route through Russia and Central Asia. One is now closed and the second is in jeopardy.

Pakistan, when it agreed upon US supply, was under Masherof, a dictator but a US ally. Through ideological stupidity of the Trotskyte Neocons (remarkably similar to Soviet stupidity while under the Leninist-Trotskytes itself) the US has pushed for "democracy" in Pakistan. The results have been the eviction of the Masherof and the replacement with a pseudo coalition that has one thing in common between all parties: a hatred of the US. This new government has been waiting for any excuse to cut the route through the Khyber Pass.

The US, in the grand fashion of the past 17 years, provided one in short order. US forces, chasing Taliban fighters, crossed the border and attacked a village in Pakistan. Civilian casualties, though the number are disputed between 20 and 0 (zero being the US number), were inflicted. But even if there were no civilians killed, Pakistan has been invaded. True, this is not the first time, but in previous times Masherof, the US ally, ignored these raids. In truth these continued raids helped lead to his ouster. Not caring about the niceties of diplomacy, the Axis Regimes, marched on and attacked.

As of yesterday, Pakistan has cut off the border. That's right, no more supplies and heavy equipment through the south. If the US/UK are lucky, Pakistan will not (with China's aid) start to actively arm the Taliban past their light weapons.

Now comes the other route: Russia and Central Asia. When Russia opened up the area to US use for Afghanistan, the US immediately started to try and push regime change and permanently rip away Central Asia from Russia. These for the most part failed and the US lost a key airbase (Uzbekistan) and had to more than double the payments on a smaller one (Kyrgyzstan and that was a revolution that succeeded). After that the Regimes of Fools, backed off.

Recently they even concluded a deal for heavy Russian transports to move US/NATO equipment to and from Afghanistan. That dead along with that entire route, is now in danger of closure, all thanks to the mindlessness of Bush, Cheney and Brown (sounds like a bad law firm) and their support of the mass murderer Saakashvili, Eater of Ties, Killer of Babies.

Cheney's little trip around the region, last week, all but declared war on Russia and was greeted as just that. Not only will America now not have a ride for US astronauts to space but also for US equipment to Afghanistan.

If I were any of the non US/UK NATO members with troops in Afghanistan, I would be seriously contemplating a fast negotiations with Russia to extradite my forces out of their before the Axis of Hypocrisy (US/UK) screws things up any worse and thus condemns those soldiers to follow the path of the British Imperial Army in Afghanistan...a path to legend and extermination.


taken said...

What exactly does "eater of ties" mean? I get the ref to killing kids, and dracul, but eating neckties seems a bit odd to me.

Stanislav said...

He was caught on camera listening on his cellphone to a bad report from the front and in his nervous state stuck half his tie in his mouth and was chewing it. Look it up on youtube, it's hilarious.

Sonny said...

hello Stanislav, I would just like to say i love your stuff, it is so true, thank you very much i love reading it.I was born and live in Sydney Australia.My parents are Serbian.

Thank you
Stanislav Matic