Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Will Find Them and Wipe Them Out

...those were the words of President Medvedev today, in response to what will be done in retaliation for the murderous attack that killed 39 of our fellow citizens. He is correct in this, this was the fate, two weeks ago, of the band of four who planted the mine and blew up the St.Peterburg-Moscow express train. All four will not be getting a trial, they are all burning in their Allah Hell. I have little doubt that those who stand directly behind those murderous whores of Satan, who blew themselves up, will face the same.

However, that leads us to a deeper question: how long do we continue to play catch up? How long do we react and do nothing but react? The problem here is several fold: 1. you are dealing with Islam, a religion which preaches war and whose history is a history of endless Jihad: Jihad between believers and unbelievers and Jihad between factions of believers. It is truly a work of Satan meant to force man in to hatred, murder and ignorance, for all time. 2. you are dealing with an enemy who, why the puppets and first echelon are here on our lands, has his brains and wallet in the capitals of foreign nations: both Islamic and Western. Yes, the West has done much to facilitate this nightmare, even as it bit them too.

The question is, what shall be done? As Orthodox Christians, we are not put out to whole sale genocide, as are our enemies and our Catholic cousins and their protestant off shots. We have never accepted Just War, under whose banner anything and everything has been justified.

Several things must happen, in layers:

1. President Medvedev, through the UN must make it very very clear that if ever a nuclear weapon is set off in Russia by any Islamic group, regardless of backers, Mecca will cease to exist. It will be wiped out by a nuclear rain. In other words, serpents of Saud and your slithering cousins, keep your fanatics in check.

2. Society and the Church must escalate matters in spreading the Word and converting the Muslim population of Russia to Christ. This is a major priority issue. Already 2 million of the 14 million Muslims have converted, that is a very good start.

3. Without a word, those responsible directly, must be wiped out. Killed, exterminated, crushed, be they in a village in Chechnya, a hole in Azerbajan, a government sponsored Georgian camp or in foreign capitals such as Riyadh or others. They must know that the arm of the FSB and the GRU will reach them anywhere. This should also include any technical assistants, be they Western or not, and any financiers.

4. The houses of the family, three generations removed, of the perpetrators, must be destroyed. If they want to celebrate their martyr sons and daughters, let them do it with naked arses in the cold night. Burn their houses and their belongings and if they refuse to leave, them too.

5. Northern Chechnya must be returned to the Cossacks. Allow them to settle, armed to the teeth, in mass and do what needs to be done to protect themselves. In the days of the Tsars, the Islamic barbarians of the Caucus had good reason to fear the Cossacks. It is well past time for them to remember those fears.

6. Georgia and Azerbajan must both clearly understand, their continued direct and indirect support of these Islamics, be it through food or weapons or just a blind eye to camps, is tantamount to a Cassa Bella.

If this does not work, then things can get a lot uglier.


Ron said...

There are many in the USA who share your grief and would agree that significant measures must be taken to end the Islamic terror.

Looney said...

May God grant Russia some peace.

funnytrain said...

Mr. Mishin, I sometimes feel that you lay too much blame on the Muslims as a collective and not enough on duplicitous Western governments.

I also disagree with your assessment of Western countries as becoming Islamised--rather, it seems to me that they have instead degenerated another step towards the lowest vestibule of the hell that is post-modernist moral relativism. To call the "leadership" of the West as secretly Islamist is an insult to even dogs such as the butchers from radical Islam, as at least the latter have principles they fight for. On the contrary, the cynical Western leaders have only seen Islamists as a potential weapon that could be used to punish Russia and other Slavic states who wouldn't prostrate themselves to the omnipotent NATO empire. Characteristically short-sighted, Western governments failed to account for the concept of blowback, costing millions of lives in the end.

If we factor in the pervasive influence of the cynical, exiled Yeltsin-era oligarchs and the Russophobic and pliant Western media, we can see that the biggest threat to liberty and prosperity of the world's peoples is the nihilistic and unprincipled power elite of the West. And, of course, the useful idiots in the United States who subscribe to heretical postmillennialism and encourage the Israeli government's conflict with Arabs.

I greatly enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work! May the Lord grant the world peace and freedom from these murderers, thieves, and scoundrels, and may the Lord enlighten the pliant and ignorant masses.

Gavrick said...

Slava, may all your suggestions be realized. But, where at least is the evidence that President Medvedev has the яички to do it? If it happens, I will run, not walk to the nearest Russian Embassy with my wife, who will then apply for the repatriation program. But as a white Orthodox Christian male, I have been disappointed so many times.

Sebastien said...

Russia could start by bulldozing the supermosque built with federal money in Chechnya to buy off the local muslims,45.693333&ie=UTF8&ll=43.317411,45.69407&spn=0.002748,0.004801&z=18

I very much appreciate the opinions expressed by Stanislas on this blog, but there is one point I would dispute. Russian foreign policy has always been to never threaten and never promise. If they were to threaten to bomb Mecca and they subsequently didn't, then Russian foreign policy will be taken as seriously as US threats to Iran - completely worthless.

There is a creeping islamization going on in Russia which she needs to stop immediately before even considering aiming the SS-Satan rockets in the direction of Mecca

Prayer in the streets:

Chechens in Moscow regularly shoot in the air during weddings

and in St Petersburg slaughter animals in the street.

These are but a few examples sharia which are today tolerated in Russia and would be allowed by non-muslims.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Everything you say is right.

However, Russia is making the same mistakes as the West are, by kow-towing to islamoil. In Russia's case, its love affair with Iran. The more you befriend these muslims the more contemptuous they are, and quite rightly. Even Russia has become dhimmified.

So look at all the countries who are fighting the death cult, such as Israel, India and join THEM!

There are more Christians, Jews and Hindus than there are muslimes. they are the cult of "the lie" and would not be hard to beat at all if our leaders did not make it easy for them to enter our countries!

Juniper in the Desert said...

A message to Funnytrain: if you see Israel as the one at fault vis a vis muslims, then you yourself are a useful idiot.

By merely parroting the islamonazis you put yourself in bed with them.

Read history and find out the truth.
What is happening in Russia is the same that's happened to Jews since 622 AD.

Read the koran and don't become part of the "Big Lie!"

Eliminator said...

mecca will cease to exist, why wait, lets do it NOW ! brilliant blog.

John Sobieski said...

S, your comment about the islamization of Russia, the same deadly path Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc. have taken can be summed u in the logical concluson most don't want to reach. Stated succinctly by Lawrence Auster of View From the Right This should be considered in context of his solution of separation which you can search for at his website:


(Note, 3/30, 2:45 p.m.: comments have just been added to this entry.)

About the Muslim terrorist bombing of a Moscow subway, in which 37 people have been killed and hundreds injured: there is only one way that a non-Muslim society can be permanently safe from Muslim domestic terrorism and the constant threat of Muslim domestic terrorism, and that is to remove—by voluntary or coercive means—all sharia-believing Muslims from that society. In the absence of such measures, the threat and the reality of Muslim domestic terrorism in that society will continue, FOREVER.

UPDATE 3/30: When I drafted this post yesterday, I was thinking of our own situation. But of course the Russion situation is not analogous to ours; it is more like the opposite of ours. As reader Dale F. puts it, “We have allowed large numbers of sharia-believing Muslims to settle in the United States. The Chechens and the Ingush, the main sources of Russia’s ‘Islam problem,’ were indigenous people of the Northern Caucasus, forcibly incorporated first into the Russian empire and later into the Soviet, and would be only too happy to go their own separate ways.”.

So the larger principle, incorporating both the American and the Russian type of situation, would be: Avoid including Muslims in your society, whether through immigration or through empire. And if you’ve made the mistake of doing the latter, you must [ let } them go, or else the threat and the reality of Muslim domestic terrorism in your society will continue, FOREVER. MORE…. ....

funnytrain said...

Juniper in the Desert:
By no means am I blaming only Israel for the conflict. However, it appears that its power elite profit more from the strife than they would from producing actual solutions. (You can say that about many "democracies".) It is a real tragedy how "leaders" on both sides encourage polarisation and hate, though to expect more from politicians is impossible. I've heard plenty of the prevailing "unconditional support for Israel" attitudes here in the United States, as it has coloured so much of our foreign policy and understandably turned Muslims against both the United States and Israel even more.

It really ought to be simple, but people don't seem to recognise that Israel and the United States have very separate national interests. I would very much be careful regarding support for Israeli policies--one must ask oneself whether it would also be acceptable if Frenchmen, Russians, Germans, etc. were the targets of Israeli policy instead of just Arabs.

We should all be wary of governments. The one in Israel is not that different from its Euro-American counterparts, except perhaps more crafty. They are not above playing with religious, economic, and ethnic strife in order to ensure their place in government.

I understand Israeli hostility against a fanatical enemy who would love to exterminate them, but continually invoking images of the Holocaust is not an acceptable response. That being said, I pray that civilisation may overcome and destroy the Islamic extremists, even though Western Europe is slowly and excruciatingly sacrificing itself at the hands of a loud and hostile minority in the name of the modern-day idols of "multiculturalism" and "tolerance". As awful as the conflict between Israelis and Arabs has become, there is absolutely no excuse for perpetrating violence against innocents. Peace be to you, and may we both never see the demise of once-great Christendom.

sr said...


by Kai Murros

Russians must understand that they have to wage total ethnic war against the insurgent peoples of Caucasia. This problem and these attacks will not go away until these people have been completely eradicated from the face of the earth....

佳靜 said...

how do u do?

Charles said...

2. Society and the Church must escalate matters in spreading the Word and converting the Muslim population of Russia to Christ...в своей собственной родине!!! Только!!! Если они верны они не будут нарушать других людей!!! Постскриптум Джихад является правдивой концепции (многие христиане крещен с таким именем !!!), например, говорится в послании апостола Павла, что грязь 'иудео'- неверных украсть и извратить!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Stanislav said...


Problem is, we are not Westerners, we do not eradicate other peoples. Lenin and Stalin were of the Western mould and that is what they did.

We will either convert them or expel them, but not exterminate them. We are Orthodox Christians, we do not have holy wars.

Stanislav said...

@John Sobieski

Russia conquered the Chechens after 100 years of counter raids, punitive raids, against the Chechen slavers who were capturing Russian settlers, Armenians and Georgians and selling them to Turks and Persians.

Conquest was the only method to end the slave raids.

Cobra said...

"Conquest was the only method to end the slave raids."

Funny how the Russians have always a reason to invade their neighbors.

I am not condoning the muslim terror here, let's be clear, but, being from the "neighborhood", so to speak, I know a thing or two about Russian/Soviet imperialism...

John Sobieski said...

S, I am not surprised by the history of the Caucasus - slavery, raids. Islam's borders have always been bloody. When Queen Isabella of Spain declared in 1492 to the Muslims convert or leave, it is one of the few times the West took back control and rid the land of the Muslims effectively. They had the Mediterranean to help keep a reconquest from happening again. Even after 1492, Spain suffered from razias and piracy from the Muslims. How sad to see Spain today, as is all of Europe, opening their gates to a new invasion. History does repeat itself because man never learns from history.

Russia unfortunately does not have that. Even if it let the Caucasus go and began a program of speparation and disengagement, it would not be enough. Forced conversion may work but it would ensure civil war, not to mention holy hell from the 'ummah.' Western civilization is between a rock and a hard place.

Stanislav said...


First, let us seperate the Western created and copied Soviets from Historic Russia.

Secondly, on the issue of Russian imperialism, almost all Russian wars were started either by the other side attacking Russian lands or Russian allies.

Even under the Soviets, almost all wars were responses to other aggression, to include Afghanistan. Brezinski admitted that the Americans were arming and sending Mujahadin into the SU for 1 year prior to the invasion.

Stanislav said...

@John Sobieski

This is why it must be done in full outright fashion. First, the Church is to be given 5 years to prepare the ground. Tartarstan, for example, is 40% Russian ethnically and almost half the Tartars are Orthodox Christians themselves. Tartarstan itself is surrounded by Orthodox lands.

Start in the isolated areas in Siberia, swift movement. Surround the village, convert or pack your bags and on to a bus. At every stop, a chance to convert and at the port. If they still refuse. Give them some generous travel money (we are Orthodox Christians after all), put them on a ship and dump them in Turkey or Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Let their fellow Islamics take care of them.

Sure, in the southlands, in particular, there will be more violence, but that is nothing new. The worrying part is that of the major cities. For that reason, actions in places like Moscow must be organized and swift.

All conversions should be filmed and done twice, so there is no return for them by the Koran's own laws. A two time apostate is to be murdered by the Religion of Peace.

Russia can not survive with a 5th column like this.

As for the borders, the Cossaks should be given their role back in full force. Defend the borders of the Rodina.

Balqis said...

I think you're missing the point here, in the same way the kremlin and the fsb are doing in the caucasus
This is not an issue with Islam as you see it or with Islamic extremists as I see it
These are desperate people tired of atrocities perpetrated on their families, who go and kill because they have nothing to lose
There is also the influence of Arab Asian Muslims come from outside who changed the scenario but again it's a problem of alliances
Religion has nothing to do with it anymore
This is why the Russian government is losing it
Relying ONLY on a couple of local representatives was a huge mistake

Kiran said...

General Leonid Ivashov former head of Russian Armed Forces makes the following 4 key points:

[1] The analysis of the essence of the globalization process, the military and political doctrines of the UNITED STATES and OTHER COUNTRIES, shows that terrorism contributes to a world dominance and the SUBMISSIVENESS of states to a GLOBAL OLIGRACHY.

[2] This means that terrorism is not something independent of world politics but simply an instrument, a means to install a UNIPOLAR WORLD with a sole world HEADQUARTERS, a pretext to erase national borders and to establish the rule of a new WORLD ELITE.


[3] Today’s international terrorism is a phenomenon that combines the use of terror by state and non-state political structures as a means to attain their political objectives through PEOPLE'S INTIMIDATION, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SOCIAL DESTABILIZATION,... creation of appropriate conditions for the manipulation of the countries’ policies and the BEHAVIOUR OF PEOPLE.


[4] Terrorism is the weapon used in a new type of war. At the same time, international terrorism, in complicity with the media, becomes the manager of global processes.

It is precisely the symbiosis between media and terror, which allows modifying international politics and the exiting reality.

scheme of things. He wrote above stuff in 2006, its 2010 now and American mainstream media is criticizing Russian media for not immediately showing live visuals of the bomb attacks. Its obvious that the Russian state apparatus was working to minimize psychological trauma of Russians By not immediately switching to the live visuals and was trying to temper down fear and anger in Russia.

The criticism in turn points to who is behind the bombings AND THEIR INTENTIONS>>

General Leonid Ivashov proceeds to give recommendations to counter the "HEADQUARTERS";

A. To confirm before the UN General Assembly the principles of the UN Charter and international law as principles that all states are obliged to respect;

B. To create a geo-strategic organization (perhaps inspired in the Cooperation Organization of Shanghai comprised of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) WITH A SET OF VALUES DIFFERENT to that of the ATLANTISTS; to design a strategy of development of states, a system of international security, another financial and economic model (which would mean that the world would again rest on TWO PILLARS);

C. To associate (under the United Nations) the scientific elites in the design and promotion of the philosophical concepts of the Human Being of the 21st Century.

D. To organize the interaction of all religious denominations in the world, on behalf of the stability of humanity’s development, security and mutual support.

Russia has achieved spectacular success on the recommendations B above while D is something complicated and a long time work in progress. And the "HEADQUARTERS" has been wringing its hands in despair, anger and is desperate to somehow stop Russia. >

Because as Russia makes progress with B, conditions for starting on A and C above start to emerge.

THEY TRIED in NOV 2008...BUT thankfully INDIA did’nt take the BAIT.


Kiran said...

It is Russia's successes in implementing recommendation B above that is behind the terror attacks in Russia and Caucasus, the successes can be listed as below but are not limited to it;

-The start of construction in April 2010 of NORDSTREAM pipeline, which would drive Germany and Russia into a strategic-economic linkup, which in time would render NATO, America's NATO, irrelevant.

-The forward movement of SOUTHSTREAM pipeline to Europe, into which Italy and France have been strategically linked...this will further the irrelevance of NATO: America's NATO - its controllers - the ANGLO AMERICAN OLIGARCHY - THE “HEADQUARTERS”.

-Russia regaining major influence in Ukraine, following the destruction of American puppet Yuschenko.

-Saudi Arabia moving into a equidistant position between the "Headquarters" and Russia.

-The launch of ESPO pipeline which would geostrategically tie Russia with China and east asia: the high growth regions of the future, thereby reducing the "HEADQUARTERS'" influence in those regions.

-Russia neutralizing the "HEADQUARTERS" sponsored "green revolution" in Iran and also rendering the "HEADQUARTERS" impotent with ref to its plans for sanctions against IRAN.

-Operationalizing of Customs Union between Russia-Kazakstan-Belarus, which would surely and slowly expand [with a probability that Ukraine would join in too - Brezinski will himself become a suicide bomber if that happens!!!]

-Russia+China's hidden hand in Karzai starting to assert himself in Afghanistan by engaging with China and Iran.

I believe that the arrival in Afghanistan of Obama co-inciding with the terror in moscow and caucasus is more than a co-incidence.

All of the above successes are a threat to the "HEADQUARTERS" and its weapon "THE US DOLLAR"

So the "HEADQUARTERS" has struck back in the only way it can in Russia: via moscow and caucasus bombings.

The success of these attacks is not just in destruction they caused, but more importantly the impact it has had on russian society.

The currents let loose by the impact, within the societal grid are the actual damage. Anger, frustration, feelings of insult+helplessness and unavoidably: words of Ivashov: people’s intimidation, psychological and social destabilization, manipulation of the countries’ policies and the behavior of people.

I was in-fact impressed with Russia, that despite its steady undermining of the "HEADQUARTERS", it had managed to keep off a hit back. When the hit back came, it was directly aimed at PUTIN explicitly: Lubyanka being a target - FSB Headquarters.

Russians should hold their nerves and consider those martyred as warriors in Russia's geostrategic war against the "HEADQUARTERS".

Because when the "HEADQUARTERS" falls, no price would seem too much.

"Militant Islam"/ "Wahabbism"/ "Salafism" is a creation of the Anglo-American "HEADQUARTERS".

It was Putin who checked the "Wahabbi" forces in the causcasus and re-invigorated "Sufism" - the inward looking and harmonious strain of Sunni islam.

PUTIN knows what is going on and what needs to be done [he was i believe expecting what happened and also working to stop it...] but will Russia stand by him....?

Talking in terms of letting loose the cossacks on the muslims and converting them in to ortho christians is "walking into the trap" of the "HEADQUARTERS".

The RACE of RUS is too smart and matured to waste its energy on anger and walk into the trap.


Cobra said...

I must call your BS.
Since Peter "the Great", Russia always expanded at the expense of its neighbors.
I am not saying that Russia was not attacked by some neighbors, but overall, Russia was the AGGRESSOR.
Did you ask yourself seriously why the Eastern European countries are so apprehensive of Russia?
Because their long history and experience with Russia/URSS.
It will take centuries to heal those wounds, assuming the intention for that exists.

vonbach said...

You have my condolences.

Stanislav said...


Problem with this argument is it ignores history rather well. First, Chechens were conquered in the 1800s to stop their slave raiding, as punitive counter raids for 100 years did nothing.

Second, half of Chechnya was never Chechen, it was, the northern plain, the property of Russian Tarek Cossaks, who also build Grozny. When they refuse to live under Soviets, Stalin, who was Minister of Minorities and had his own army, march from north and Chechens come help him from south and they exterminated the Tarek Cossaks. Stalin then gives the Cossack lands to the Chechens.

Third, when Chechnya breaks away, they expelled the majority of the Grozny population, after robbing and raping thousands. Majority were Russians, Armenians, Georgians and Jews.

Out of original population of Chechnya-Ingushetia, of some 2.2 million, the Ingusheti refused to break away, thus forming 2 seperate states. That took out 1 million or so people. Than 400,000 non-Chechens run away and behind them run 250,000 Chechens also. So some 450,000 or so people left in Chechnya, with tens of thousands of Arabs, Turks, Westerners pouring in.

Then you ignore the fact that between 1996-1999 the Chechens had defacto independence, at which time kidnappings in Russia skyrocketed and most were taken to Chechnya and held there. That 2 slave markets operate daily in Chechnya.

Then you ignore that in 1999 Chechens TWICE invade Daghistan to form the North Caucus Caliphate. The first time, Moscow waits 2 weeks before responding, while local Daghistani militias fight the Chechen army (half of whom are out of Russia islamic jihadists, most trained by NATO).

When Russia reinvaded, in mid 1999, some 200,000 additional Chechen refugees head north, into Russia and to the Russian army for help. If we are so horrible, why they run to us and not to Georgia or Azerbajan?

Islam has brought 1,000 years of endless war to our lands. We are Orthodox Christians, we will not genocide people, which is why Russia has over 180 ethnic groups, but we will not tolerate this 5th column either.

Stanislav said...


Russia should once again proclaim herself as defender of the Orthodox Faith and pull in the Orthodox and quasi Orthodox nations into a Union around her.

jack said...

@Mat Rodina

Testimonies of Russians under the regime of Dudayev BEFORE the first war.

Actually there major base of operation is in London, Washington DC, Ankara, Baku and the Panski Gorge in Georgia.

More info on the history of Russia and the Caucasus please Matt?

Is it true that Grozny was actually a Russian fort like the Alamo in the US?

Russia should debunk all the bogus atrocity stories and the fictitious hyper-inflated death tool. Look at the sources who fund these “human rights” groups they are all NED, Soros and British Foreign Office the exact same people involved in spreading the bogus propaganda against the Serbs.

The "black widow" grieving female suicide bomber myth has been debunked which started with the Nord Ost siege where the female bombers were 16 to young to be married and the others were there relatives living in Moscow and other areas of Russia proper.
Paul Murphy covered this in a 2004 interview published on his site Russian Eurasian Terror Watch Analysis the only REAL expert on Chechen terrorism.

@John Sobieski

Russia left the regions twice since the fall of the USSR and twice they had to send in forces to restore order like Afghanistan get bogged down in guerrilla fighting.

Russia conquered the region because the Ottoman Empire with allied British backing was trying to conquer the region and capture the Caucasus region allied with various tribes. There was never an independent country called Chechnya and these regions and states were created by Russia.

Muslim pose little threat to the US or Europe because in every single terrorist incident the groups have been tied to Bosnian-Chechen groups and western intelligence.

Starting with the Turkish bombing the network responsible for that and the Moroccan and Madrid and UN compound in Iraq bombing and sending fighters to Iraq from Europe is Abu Haf network.

There is no Al Qaeda but an international Islamic mercenary force since the Afghan war supported by western intelligence and there vassals in the Mid East especially Saudi Arabia to fight there proxy wars.

Mainly British western intelligence footprint and Rothschild interest are all over the Chechens.

“It was at this moment that in the surroundings of the Chechen leadership appeared an English businessman of Polish descent Mansour Yahimchik, who had in due time been one of the leaders of the Polish «Solidarity» in Krakow. He suddenly showed unexpected interest in the Sufi version of Islam in Chechnya, was naturalized as a citizen of «Ichkeria», became the Chechen presidential adviser on foreign economic issues. At his suggestion the Chechen leaders got in contact with the British financial elite, he was arranging meetings of the Chechen leaders with the English Lords, with Margaret Thatcher, with heads of major companies.

With the direct participation of this Pole-Englishman in April 1997 was established a Caucasian investment fund, in Washington was registered the Caucasus-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Lord McAlpine - Representative of the Financial Group at Goldsmiths’ - promised to invest 3 billion dollars in the Chechen oil industry, but given that he gets the right of general tenancy of the entire Chechen oil industry. In fact, already at that time the matter concerned purchase of the Chechen oil industry, which later was tried to be performed by Khodorkovsky (Rothschild frontman in Russia).”

An interesting revelation by Justin Raimando at

Stanislav said...


Of course Russia grew at the expense of others, land is a zero sum game. Now, please list the wars that Russia initiated. War with Poland? Poland invaded and occupied, along with Lithuania, while we were being invaded by the Mongols.

Wars with Turks and their Vassal? They continued to attack and enslave our peoples.

Chechens, Khivans and Persians, the same.

Japan? They started the war.

WW1? In defense of our allie.

Balkan wars of independence? In defense of allies.

Against Napoleon? He invaded first, before that, we fight in defense of our allies.

The Swedes? They were invading us from the times of Saint Alexander Nevsky. Until our forces land by Stockholm, they continue to invade us. Then they surrender and we have been fine neighbors for the past 250 years.

Kiran said...


When you say "Russia should once again proclaim herself as defender of the Orthodox Faith and pull in the Orthodox and quasi Orthodox nations into a Union around her."

You are exactly talking in terms of General Leonid Ivashov's analysis:

Terrorism is intended for manipulation of the countries’ policies and the behavior of people.

In any case except for Azerbaijan and Georgia Russia has regained influence in CIS. So implicitly Russia is defending the Orthodox sphere of influence.

But the future will be bloodier. Not just for Russia, but for all the forces who do not go along with the Anglo-American gameplan for its survival: Russia, China, India, Turkey etc...

This is a battle between good and evil there is bound to be blood..

Juniper in the Desert said...

Christendom stretched from Byzantium to Portugal and from North Africa to the Rhine and Kiev.

Why does it not do so now? Because of islam.

On the first page of the koran it says all Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians must be killed, wherever they are found. Islam may not be a religion but it is a doctrine and no word of it may be changed as it comes direct from allah.

To dismiss islam is to make a grave and suicidal mistake. Muslims are not "upset" or fed up with life in their countries. They pray 5 times a day and everyone of those 5 times they repeat that they must kill all Christians and Jews and take their land. Please read a translation of the koran.

They must be nuked back to Saudi Arabia and kept there.

Serbiana said...

Save yourself while you can! For us in Serbia it is almost too late. Islamists bought or invaded big pieces of land, confirming the grab through paid CNN spinning campaign, and NATO bombing.
And Americans made their BIG military base on sacred Serbian soil, where the monstery from 13th century was standing. It is a big shame for us.
Now Albanians in Kosovo process the CIA and MI6 opium from Afganistan and distribute it to Europe, but cheaply to central Serbia, POISONING our youth. The pattern in Russia is almost the same, but you can defend yourself, your government is not corrupt and controlled. Hristos Voskrese!

Serbiana said...

PS Your reaction is emotional, and that is what their councelers wished. Take a step back, and strike later. Try also to find links to one island country in Europe.Which is your, and our, meanest enemy.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly a hard task to counter people willing to blow themselves up for their cause. This century will be tough on us all, but the thing I fear most in losing our liberties in the name of protecting our freedoms.

Cobra said...

Russia and the URSS pushed against ALL of their neighbors.
Poland is the best example on the Western side...
How many times did Russia attack, conquer and partition it?
Three times?
Look, I see no point and no gain in talking this matter further in the context of the terrorist attacks in Moscow.
I fully support the Russians in this matter, but you must also recognize that there is the imperialist underlining issue that will linger for a long time for Russia's neighbors.
Nobody wins/gains if sugarcoating is applied...

Stanislav said...


Poland? Really? That's your best example? The people who invaded us while we fought the Mongols and we asked them for help? The people who sat on our lands from the 1200s to the 1700s? The people who twice took Moscow and on the second time massacred the population and burned the city when the liberation armies arrived? Poland? Really? The nation who invaded, between 1917 and 1926: Independent Ukraine, Soviet Ukraine, Czeckoslavakia, Lithuania and the League of Nations German protectorates around around Danzig. Poland who massacred half a million Soviet POWs in the early 1920s. Poland? Really? The 2nd Fascist state of Europe, Italy in 1923 and Poland in 1926. Poland? Really? The nation who set up concentration camps for Orthodox Christians in Western Ukraine and Western Belarus from 1926 to 1939?

The nation that was Hitler's allie in 1937 to 1938, while Hitler represented their land claims on Czeckoslavakia in Munich 1938. Poland, really? The nation who was running the concentration camps in 1946?

Very poor choice.

jack said...


You forgot to mention that the M-R pact was a renegotiated sphere of influence after Germany invaded Poland not a planned partition and that Soviet Russia entered Poland after the government collapsed and fled to neighbouring neutral Romania and while exile in France with French and British backing declared war on the USSR.

It would be good Stas if you next article would be a history of Russians in the Caucasus.

Gavrick said...

It's time for the Poles and Russians to recognize that the Ruler of this World would gladly see them both and all traces of Eastern and Western Christianity wiped out. Islam is deadly, as is Materialism. They will both lead to death and destruction.

We can argue about the Filioque and previous Slav vs Slav altercations while the Dogs rip us to shreds and devour our carcasses.

Христос Воскресе!
Chrystus Zmartwychwstał!
Христос Воскрес!

Cobra said...

I am not a Polish guy..

Яша said...

ROFLMAO!!! Thank god Russia has been selling nukes to Iran. Hopefully a nuke will fall on Stanislav Mishin's head next time.

"government sponsored Georgian camp"

You know like the one in Chechnya run by a clown by the name KADIROV installed by Putin. Kadirov is all sharia law these days coercing women into using the full hijab, raped women are jailed and rapists are given pats on the back.

And talking about Putin's puppets I think you'll like this one since your a looney truther: Word on the streets is the 2012 election campaign has just started, just as the 1999 apartment blasts preceded Putin's first election as president and he was reelected in 2004, the year the last suicide bombing campaign in the capital peaked and ended. Too much of a coincidence.

"is tantamount to a Cassa Bella"


It's CASUS BELLI, capullo. "cassa bella" is broken Spanish for "beautiful house".

Balqis said...

bring a single evidence that past bombings were organised by putin, smartie
In case you didn't notice this one further damaged his image because it was done on purpose against him
Talk facts and not fairy tales before shooting too high

jack said...


Russia is not selling nukes to Iran but help build a nuclear reactor like the Shah tried to do in the 70’s.

Yes that’s right the Georgians with the US run the largest international Jihadists training camp in the world in the Panski Gorge were the North African and Madrid bombings were organised in 2003/04

It's Kadyrov and it is your beloved "moderate" leader Aslan Maskhadov is the one who made Sharia law official in Chechnya and after the raids in Dagestan which he let Basayeav and Khattab re-enter Chechnya with full protection of his regime was the real reason to the second Chechen war which they were obviously were planning expanding and setting up connections and networks to other western terrorist operations in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechen camps in Afghanistan.

And he is the best and only viable authority Russia has do deal with which is a reflection of Chechen clan based society never being an independent country or having any form of government.

And look at the source for the “inside job” theory Boris Berezovsky head of Russia’s National Security Council who before the first Chechen war had links to Chechen mafia and terrorist groups and financing Chechen terrorism and has his own agenda in annex the region to secure oil and gas deals.

It would be interesting to hear your views about 9/11?


Exactly this is the latest effort to destabilise and the whole Eurasian sphere as the ball is in Putin’s court signing all the major oil and gas pipeline deals to Europe.

But you have to look at it in the wider geo-political perspective and notice the larger increase of Jihadist activity across the Eurasian sphere in Central Asia and China since Obamas “surge” in Afghanistan.

Balqis said...


that's the price to pay to have a multipolar world

Bob said...


Islam has a 1400 year track record of mayhem and slaughter of non-muslims. It (islam) is not a religion. It is a demonic/satanic cult. Orthodox Christianity on the other hand is "charged by the Lord with responsibility for "sheparding" the Body of Christ on earth. A good shepherd protects his flock by destroying any predators that threaten. It is well known that the goal of islam is world domination through the mass murder of non-muslim populations...especially Orthodox Christian populations. Consequently, Orthodox Christian Clerical hierarchs should drop the mantra: We're Orthodox Christians and we cannot implement measures to defend our flocks" and crush the islamo-marxist threat wherever it exists.

Charles said...

"Catholic cousins and their protestant off shots."??? Протестанты с побегами католицизма, как и их 'святой люцифер' от побега небесах!!! Проклят изгоем гоев!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Anonymous said...

"This should also include any technical assistants, be they Western"
If possible, get them to 'fess up on video prior to disposing of them in any manner deemed appropriate by the typical Russian on the street. I am American, BTW and oppose my Nation's interference in your sphere of influence.

"And Americans made their BIG military base on sacred Serbian soil" And my Army ignored Albanian jackals murdering your brothers and sisters to boot...