Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tent City America

A series of videos that puts the American Super Depression into stark reality, a reality that is hidden from world view as the American government continues to sell lies about its economic Summer of Recovery, in an ever more desperate attempt to sell unsellable debt.

Homeless in the woods - a life of shame or the only escape?

For Sale: Welcome to United States of Tent Cities

Homeless Reality in America.. Where they gonna live? FEMA CAMPS? (140 camps in only 2 counties)

Homeless in Central Oregon CityEdJan09 (camps for homeless Veterans, upto 60 camps)

Homeless Tent City in Navada

Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City

USA becomes a HOMELESS camp

These are just some of the many many videos available demonstrating the every accelerating collapse of the hyper-economy.

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Pervych said...

Это новый углом к их проклятые кощунства называется открытый корпус, открытый гостиничные!!!