Friday, October 29, 2010

The Upcoming US Elections: What Do They Mean?

In a word: nothing.
Lets explore:

I have spoken with several American friends and acquaintances and all have bought into the new “Hope” and “Change”. No, this is not the Hope and Change of the Obama regime, but the Hope and Change of the Republicans, the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system of government. Simply put, it is now the American right that is mindlessly chanting Hope and Change, egged on by the oligarch owned mass media and cheering on one side or another of the One Party Two Branch state.

In truth, few stop to think through what will change and but they have lots of hope, hope that constantly gets redirected away from direct action and in hopes that discredited elections will work this time…always this time…thus the owners of America put off any real opposition and street protest or worse for another 2 years and another 2 years, while the prols mindlessly hope for change that never comes.

Let explore:
Am I saying that there are no conservatives who will be elected? Of course not. What I am saying is that it will not matters and for several key reasons:

First, the Republicans may win the majority of both houses of parliament, but it will be a narrow majority. The exiting Democrats are prepared to push through many laws before they get replaced. The sitting Republicans will do next to nothing to stop this, as most are on board of the same express train as the exiting Democrats and opposition is just political theater for the masses.

Now, the Republicans will not only not have a large enough majority to over ride a presidential veto, but to believe that the Republicans will act conservatively is a delusion. Conservatives will not only be a minority but as new members will have no seniority and even less say. Then there is the issue of corruption and sell outs. It is thus, equally foolish not to believe that at least some, if not the majority of, the new conservatives will sell out as soon as the big money is thrown at them: which will be about 10 minutes before they reach their offices.

Lastly, is of course the principles on which these so called conservatives are coming into power. These are not what the anglos call paleo conservatives who believe in balanced budgets, really small government and no foreign wars. No the majority are rightly classified as Neocons, would be “conservative” would be president Sarah Palin, falls right into that.

Sure they want to cut spending, but on the citizens who are already unemployed. They will be the hatchet men for the Democrat wing, while continuing to spend on foreign imperial wars of revolutionary Third Way Socialism (Corporate Marxism aka Capitalism).

They will continue to spend and spend and bomb and bomb, just on slightly different subjects, while making soft sounds to calm the narrow sighted masses with a fight against gay marriage, while actively supporting Islamic Jihad against Christians world wide. Further, they are almost all Free Trade zealots, thus they will not bring factories or jobs back, which is the only way to hold off the continued collapse in the US economy.

Thus, any investors, who still believe that the US will turn around, just after this election or the next or the next, are equally fooling themselves, in no better fashion than the masses duped into an election process controlled by their owners and made into grand political theater.


Anonymous said...

Excactly right. How anyone can take this farce serious anymore is a great mystery. It is a Satanic spell the people are under.One interesting thing is that it seems that the Clinton crew is going to make Obama fall even harder than he would have. Payback for cutting in front of Hillary, haha.

Cobra said...

Well, it depends...
Right now there is a war for the soul of the Tea parties.
The fraction that wins will have the upper hand over GOP, after one more election cycle.
The fraction that is the solution is more of Paul and Ron Paul type than the other flavour.
If you read wide as I do you see that the knowledgeable "progressives"-i.e., the real commies, are TERRIFIED by this fraction.
Not so much of the other.
So, the Ron Paul revolution must succeed...

Anonymous said...

The war for the tea party soul is over sad to say.The war party won with Palin , Beck etc are in charge.The original Ron Paul types are marginalized.Now its only function is to hate Obama.They will block his every move in congress so the Dems can blame the Republicans for the coming banking collapse and meltdown in Afghanistan.This fake two party system can never be reformed, all citizens should boycott these clowns until lobbiers/bribers are banned from the DC ciy limits.

Cheryl Pass said...

Pessimists everywhere. The election is two days away and too many are saying a tea party influenced win will mean nothing. So 4 things to remember...
#1. Obama will veto any Constitutional bill.
#2. Lame ducks will push through more marxist bills before they leave.
#3. Obama and his cronies are running around like maniacs trying to silence Tea Partiers and will stop at nothing.
#4. And the will of Constitutional Americans will not be put down.

This election is just the beginning. Bring on the truthful and faithful and America will come back stronger. We've had enough of European Socialism, U.N. garbage, Fascist corruption, and "green" idiocy.

Cobra said...

This election is only the end of the beginning...