Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lukashenko, No Morally but Power, Always For Sale: a Whore

Maybe its that he's been the butt of Russian jokes and television comedies one to many times, maybe its that he fears the emerging Russian-Belorussian Union will leave him jobless or maybe he's stupid enough to think that he can get by with fear mongering to Belorussian about the "evil" Russians, but the Belorussian botushka ... Lukashenko has set a straight course of conflict with Moscow and is now portraying Russia as his enemy number one.

Never mind that Russia, to its own detriment has paid for 20 years of Belorussian oil, gas and electricity, allowing the proto-Soviet state to avoid the shock economics everyone else has gone through. Never mind that Moscow protected the idiot savant from an American colour revolution or three, saving Belorussian from an economic slavery and collapse, such as in Ukraine or Georgia or even in Russia under the Yeltsin puppet.

Regardless of all this, regardless of the money that Russia has poured into Belorussia, Lukoshenko needs an enemy. Prior to Russia was the West, US and Britian in particular. Of course those two really were out to over throw the government and set ideological Third Way Socialist puppets in power, as they had done in so many other countries. Then came pour attempts to play Russia and the EU off on each other. Those too have failed.

Now we have a so called ally, who sits with a Western war criminal Saakashvilli and laments how Russia is the main threat to both. Then he starts coozing up to the Chinese, allowing the Sinos into the western Russian sphere. All of these are hardly the actions of an ally, especially one totally dependent on Russian energy and markets for his economic survival.

Recently he described his opposition as "enemy of the people" and even though this is old soviet rhetoric, it surely does apply to some, those soulless corrupt banshees who are puppets for the West. But the majority are far from that. Then, in front of a congress of trade unions, he declared a time to revive the Belorussian economy even while declaring Russia a hindrance to that renewal. Excuse me? Hmmm, allow us to close our markets and charge you real world prices for gas and oil and electricity and we shall see what a real hindrance is.

Whether batushko really feels the way he has been acting or is just trying to maneuver for the 19th December elections, is anyone's guess. However, the Kremlin is tired of him and tired of economically supporting an ingrate who is at best a schadenfreude

President Medvedev lashed out at Lukashenko, setting the stage for what could evolve into the down fall of the little tin pot king.

“President Lukashenko’s utterings not only go beyond all diplomatic sense, they are downright indecent. He is obviously concerned about a lot of things: bringing order to our economy; Russian journalists talking to Belarusian opposition; even what happens to some of our retired and sacked higher officials. The president of Belarus, it seems, should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of Belarusian citizens. Russia, like other countries, is concerned over these people’s fates,” Medvedev said.

Meanwhile, NTV leveled charges at Lukashenko of running death squads, intent on liquidation of all political opponents in Belaruss. A witness on the report claimed to have been a member of the death squad and of their involvement in the murders Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko in 1999. There have been dozens of such unsolved murders in the 16 years Lukashenko has sat in power.

President Medvedev has further signaled that not only should Lukashenko not expect Russian backing in his elections but that there are enough alternative candidates with pro-Russian policies that the Kremlin may be looking for a personality change, long over due, in Belaruss. In all essence, Lukashenko is the new Yushenko and should be shown the door. The key of course, is that no Western puppet comes gate crashing, in the mean while.


jack said...

Neo-Soviet state nothing Lukashenko avoided the same fate as Ukraine and Russia by kicking out the IMF/World Banks

And the opposition like in Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc is unpopular EU/US backed stooges with the main opposition being the fascist Union of Poles and Ukrainian Neo-Nazi UNA-UNSO which would be hardly Russian friendly.

You're boy Medvedev is doing everything possible to screw up Russia on behalf of the western Oligarchy starting with the Goldman Sachs BRIC trap, getting same shock therapy economic advisors to run Russia’s modernisation program, working hand and glove with the same economic advisors for Russia’s development, eliminating Russia’s regional allies especially Belarus and trying to eliminate Putin power structure in Russia with the firing of Luzkov as mayor of Moscow.

Medvedev is Gorbachev 2.0.




Anonymous said...

I hope its as simple as you say,but there is probably alot more going on behind the scenes.The Wall Street / Washington crew are becoming desperate and dangerous.The mortgage fiasco is about to get a whole lot bigger and they are casting their eyes around the world for fresh meat.Medvedev better know what hes doing.The devil you know...