Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And Now A Word From Our Elders

In Moscow, pensioners carried out a political action. This one however was not aimed at the government. It was not a demand for better pensions, medical care or living conditions.

Pensioners used their free ride passes to take over the capital's metro, allowing only invalids and veterans to sit. Many wore signs, with a very specific message to the daily riders, the professionals, the workers: "Don't like this? Have more children."

That is correct, even with our birth rates highest in Europe, which means we are just etching into barely positive territory, our elders in their years earned wisdom are telling us something: its not good enough. They want more grandchildren, because they quite well understand that that is the only way the country can and will survive.

Let us hope that their message and the government's proactive policies of the last decade continue to push us from the abyss we were once at, with Europe's lowest birth rates, to Europe's highest now and that we continue birthing beautiful Russian babies and raising them to be Orthodox Christians Russian patriots and not slaves to vice and the banksters.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear this. This generation has been to hell and back and they still do their duty. This is more important than building weapons etc. Every baby born is defiance to the illuminati perverts.

Pervych said...

Большинство повреждения, сделанного Системой Богатства, особенно за прошлое столетие к христианской Цивилизации вообще и Медицине в частности затрагивая все, молодые и старый, является непростительным!!! Ересь может только привести к Геноциду!!!