Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Child Slave Labour Proposed In America

Child Slave Labour Proposed In America

Just when you thought the US could not drop any further into the 1800s or Third World standard, here comes the bright minds of the American state of Maryland to prove you wrong.

This comes from the so called conservatives. Seems to be a conservative in America now means to believe in child labour.

What are these bills that is working its way through the state parliament? Why a nice bill that throws away those idiotic notions of equal pay for equal labour, bias against child exploitation and a push for education versus unskilled labour.

wo bills, LD 1346 and LD 516 seek to roll back protections for children, by first removing caps from how many hours a 16 year old can work. Now remember, in America, a 16 year old is in 10th grade of a 12 grade system. This is where the kids must concentrate the most to get into university or trade school. For those under 16, they will now be able to work 4 hours per day on school days, so a 20 hr work week for those 14 or 15 year olds. The 16 or 17 year olds will now be able to work to 11pm on school nights, so that they can get home, get 5 hours of sleep and get to school, where they can fail out and go do the unskilled job as their career....that is until some Mexican import takes it and they are stuck living in a trailer or the street.

But no, dear readers, it gets better. Yes it can.

Furthermore, people under 20 will only have to be paid $5.25 an hour, where as Maine's minimum wage is $7.50. Well on this one, we are now talking different pay for the same work done, based on the discrimination of age. For those under the legal age of 18, they are exploited children. For those 18-20, they are exploited voting adults who can go die in wars but can not drink or get a fair wage.

Republican Governor Paul LePage stated "I went to work at 11 years old. I became governor. It's not a big deal. Work doesn't hurt anybody."

I guess the governor was to busy working to have stayed awake in history class when they covered child exploitation in America during the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s. Or do they not teach those inconvenient facts in American schools?

Yes folks, this is the modern day Christless Libertarian alternative to the modern day Christless Marxist regime in power. Both groups are wacked out extremists unable to face reality for what it is or to imagine a normal world or societal view. Both are devoid of morality or Christian love and for that matter the honesty to even call what they are doing by its real names.

This is also what republicanism and democracy always leads to: insane extremes. Again, why a real (unlike the powerless British crown jewels) Constitutional Monarchy is the best and most stable choice.


Sherri said...

Real child slavery begins in American public schools. Extending childhood seems to be the goal here and if you read John Gatto's book The Underground History of American Education, you get the idea that extending childhood is a means for the government to control the life of the children in order to make them good slaves of the state later on. Before public schooling, literacy rates in America were high and teens and young twenty-somethings were the real movers and shakers, entrepreneurs.

I have homeschooled my children through high school. My sons have their own business and they have saved enough money while running their business and doing schoolwork to pay for college. My daughter is doing the same. She works part-time at a grocery store as a clerk, runs a pet care business and does her schoolwork. My kids left childhood behind around the age of twelve. I treat them as adults because they act like adults. I don't have trouble with them like other parents of teens do. I think this is partly due to the sense of responsibility they have developed in their businesses.

Stanislav said...


Actually, US illiteracy rates in 1870 were 20%, they hit .6% in 1979, under established education system. Every major nation has government education, just because the US system is broken does not mean this is a bad thing. Europe's system is much more stringent and children get a full education.

As a matter of fact, the technological boom always comes in a nation after full education is implimented. As for education of children and extending childhood, not sure what you mean, since in every society, which is not a third world hole, adulthood is at 18.

Pervych said...

"protections for children"??? Защиту называют Родителями, Причастие Супружества!!!
"unskilled или высококвалифицированный!!! job as their career....that is until some Mexican или черномазый песка!!! import takes it and they are stuck living in a trailer or the street."
"child exploitation in America during the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s"??? Система богатства ухудшает каждого, молодого и старый!!!
"republicanism and democracy and 'constitutional monarchy'!!! always leads to: insane extremes."Все полностью чужды России!!!
" US illiteracy rates in 1870 were 20%, they hit .6% in 1979, under established education system"??? Они конечно стали намного меньше образованными, и не обязательно даже грамотные, ie.большинство американцев функционально неграмотно!!!
" Every major nation has government education, just because the US system is broken does not mean this is a bad thing. Europe's system is much more stringent and children get a full education."??? Революционная Ересь и Геноцид имеют международное господство, и пожалуйста заметьте, что европейская и христианская Цивилизация умирает!!!
"As a matter of fact, the technological boom always comes in a nation after full education is implimented."??? Тогда англичанин, американец, и красное китайское отверстие ада должны, по необходимости, быть небесами на земле???!!!
P.S. Недавний ... прошлые пятьсот лет ... фиксация с грамотностью очень революционны и не имеют никакого опирания на образование, Первичная Цель которого состоит в том, чтобы Знать, что Бог тогда Любит и Служит Ему в Этой Жизни, тогда Счастливый Им Навсегда в следующем!!! Типичный польский раб от одну тысячу лет назад был неграмотным, все же хорошо образованным, будучи быстрым на латинских и других языках и т.д.

Sherri said...

@ Stanislav
I too once believed that illiteracy rates dropped with the implementation of government schooling. However, after reading John Gatto's The Underground History of American Education, I have come to believe what I was led to believe is a misrepresentation of the truth.

What I mean by extended childhood is this: Once, long ago around the time of the founding of America, education was preparatory for higher learning in universities. By the time young men were eighteen they had finished college and were ready for their life's work.

Today the age of eighteen only marks the end of high school and then there is another 5-6 years of schooling left to do at the university level.

I've read many news articles about the new trend in American society where twenty-somethings want to remain in childhood and even call themselves children. There is a pop song in which one of the lyrics reads: "as a child of 25". There is a growing trend of adult children living with their parents into their thirties. The common term is "failure to launch". Many scratch their head at this trend and ask "why?"

I think it has to do with how the education system is set up. Throughout the years there have been growing measures within the government to curb entrepreneurialism. Every child in the government schooling system has what is called an IEP. This ensures that children are shuttled like cattle through certain "chutes" so to speak. This is in order to maintain a status quo among the population, a sort of caste system if you will.

Progressive governments like the one which has been expanding in the US since the presidency of Lincoln, want the citizens to become more and more dependent on the government, like children who are dependent on their parents to tell them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc. This is what I mean by extended childhood, dependents of the state who are led to believe they cannot care for their own well being but need the government guiding them by the hand.

Anonymous said...

they want to bring the level of human rights in the level they were in the middle ages.this is their american dream for the us and the rest of the world.

astrologycat said...

There is nothing wrong with kids getting jobs and learning the value of money.I live in the states, but I also travelled to Europe. We still have family businesses and children work and learn about the work ethic. We don't want to end up like Greece.
I thought you were more intelligent then posting something you don't know anything about. America IS a mess. It is because of socialism and Obama.

astrologycat said...

You don't know what you are talking about condeming Libertarians and followers of the constitution. The US is turning more and more into a nanny state. Children can't even open a lemonade stand.The work ethic is going away and the entitlement state is coming.We don't want to be like Greece. You are way off on this one. Being a Christian I thought you would know better. This is what we are coming to. Chicago hell pit of Obama.

astrologycat said...

What are you talking about or do you know what you are talking about. Libertarians are the followers of the constitution. They are not godless at all. We are losing our work ethic. There is nothing wrong with children working and learning about what it means to earn a dollar. Some kids work in family businesses, that are still trying to exist in spite of Govt controls. The socialists want to control our kids and our lives. I always agree with you because of your Christian views, but you are wrong on this one. Read Liberty defined by Ron Paul. We don't want to end up like Greece. This is happening now in Chicago the city of Obamanation.