Friday, April 6, 2012

Only Blood Will Save Greece

Only Blood Will Save Greece

The EU installed and backed Judases just don’t care that Greece is dieing, they do not. Any delusions should have been shattered long ago. The people of Greece have protested, they have run rampant in the streets but they have never really rebelled.

Now a desperate man, a pensionaire has given them something to rally about. Mr Chritoulas, 77, went in front of the house of evil and thieves, the Greek parliament building, stood under a Cyprus tree and shot himself in the head. His note blames these blood sucking vampires and EU puppets for the slow, tortured murder of a great nation and urges the youth to actually rebel, to over throw the Judases and retake Greece.

"I cannot find any other form of struggle except a dignified end," he wrote. "I believe that young people with no future will one day take up and hang this country's traitors in arms in Syntagma Square just as the Italians hanged Mussolini in 1945."

The ruling politicians, sitting in their wealthy abodes, rich off of EU cash, sneered at this man. They laughed at his protests, just as they have brushed off any other hope for their people.

"We cannot however connect his suicide with the country's current financial plight. Besides we do not even know if he amassed debts or whether his children had a hand in it," said Panos Beglitis, a former Socialist defence minister.

A long time, 30 year, friend of Mr. Chirtoulas, Adonis Rizos , had this to say: "He did not give any sign he was going to do this. We were shocked and surprised. He chose to commit suicide as a political act. We give him credit for that. The politicians who created this terrible situation should shut up about him, they are not worthy to say his name,"

Recently, Russia has offered Greece much help, including loans, in the same way that Russia saved Greek Cyprus, with timely, no strings attached loans. Russia offered to pay for a naval base in Piraeus, Athens’s main port, as well as Gazprom being interested in the purchase of privatized DEPA, the state gas group. Both of these would bring billions in desperately needed Euros, and both have been shot down by the doppalgangers pretending to be Greeks.

Even so, Russians have started to return as tourists and real estate investors, as well as the tens of thousands of Orthodox pilgrims, amongst whom is president-elect Vladimir Putin. All of this is helping ease some of the strain of the austerity strangulation, as well as reviving that which the EU is desperate to prevent (as mention in my article: The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse ) , a political and cultural alliance between Russia, Greece and then other Orthodox nations.

However, if the youth of Greece do not actually overthrow these vampires, then their and their country’s future is sealed. Equally, the military and the Church should both be ashamed of themselves for not having saved Greece already.

I will end with the words of father Stavros Papachristos.

"The EU must take off the pressure. We cannot handle it anymore. Europe must understand that millions of Greeks are dying slowly," Father Stavros Papachristos, theologian and a Greek Orthodox Church priest, recently said.

The problem, Father, is that this is exactly the plan, even as the EU floods your lands with Islamic Arabs and Pakistanies. Destruction of Greece is the agenda.

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puckindog said...

Stan….isn’t this similar to the pattern in Serbia where the “western installed” vampire leadership in Belgrade has been trying to drag Serbia over the EU cliff in exchange for which they will enjoy BIG PAYDAYS same as the Greek traitors? I’m guessing the Greek and Serb elections that have placed these fools in office have been rigged by the US and its western lap dogs. I refer to these traitors as fools because their future holds for them a fate similar to that of musselini and causescu (sp?) when the patriots finally wake up… a fitting departure for blood sucking vampires the world over.

jack said...

What do you make of this Stas Shamil Basayev in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000.

Russian website take on the allegation.


Hi from Hellas.

Juniper in the Desert said...

what do you make of this insanity??
A Russian priest wants sharia law??

jonny draco said...

Whose blood?The people or the gangsters?

Amazing Rhodes said...

The war will soon start. Be prepared. I hope my kids and all baby angels make it through this.