Sunday, April 22, 2012

Berezovsky’s Honeyed Trap

Berezovsky’s Honeyed Trap

Recently, our most famous pillager and thief, and British royal subject, Boris Berezovsky, made a new announcement, one in which he now portrays himself as not only a Russian patriot and nationalist but even a monarchist, establishing his Resurrection Movement, a “Christian”-Democratic party. He even made some derogatory comments about the Americans, to score a few more points with his proposed audience.

That’s correct, Boris’ newest project entitles the return of the monarchy, with a proposal of the English Prince Harry to be brought to the Russian throne.

On the face value of it, it would seem that maybe Boris’ has turned over a new leaf? No, hardly. Boris’ additional proposals point that out. He wants the country turned into confederacy and anyone who can pass a Russian language and history test to be given citizenship. Hmm. Lets take a closer look at what this means.

In short, our friendly Boris is proposing that we commit national suicide. To begin with, a confederation means a loose central government with most of the power in the provinces, including the power to separate. True, at this point, Russians make up 85% of the population and any provinces breaking away would mostly be very small.

However, Boris has a second clause in this to make sure things get worse, much worse for us. With the only regulation to becoming a Russian citizen being a passing knowledge of the Russian language and of Russian history, most of Central Asia would pass those “standards”, as well as many of the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans on our eastern borders, not to mention Poles and others. They could easily then flood into a small area and vote themselves independence, thus taking the nation apart piece at a time.

And Boris? Well, I am sure he will be busy pillaging everything of value out, for his London and NYC paymasters. The very fact that he choose Orthodox Christian Pascha as the day to make his announcement, via LiveJournal, only further demonstrates how false of a Christian and nationalist he is. A true Christian would never do this on Pascha nor try to usurp the glory of Christ on to himself or his projects.

As for Harry, while I do admire him, in the hands of the “Tsar Maker”, the self-given title Boris so enjoyed under Yeltsin, Harry would merely be the scapegoat fall guy to take the blame for everything that would go “wrong” in Boris’ new kleptacracy.

Boris’ boast that Russia would be governed on the Christian values of Love and Freedom (not sure where he got the Freedom part, must be reading a different version of the Bible, as God sets down very strict and narrow rules and the Devil wants “freedom” to the human animal) but this should be read: the love of money and the freedom to pillage. Heck, the con-artist even proposes liberalizing the Orthodox Church and implementing British style law and government, so that we to can turn into a Christless, decaying, society, collapsing and over run by third world savages.

Thank you Boris but no thank you. You can keep your ideas and stay in London, it’s your home now and we are all glad to be rid of you.


Anonymous said...

Can this lowlife not just fade away? Retire in Israel with all the other plunderers.As for Harry , the last thing Russia or any other country needs is a new/old line of inbreds on a throne.Hell the Brit royals arent even English.

jonny draco said...


The vatican,the house of satan.The god of this world.

Juniper in the Desert said...

While your anti-semitic, Jew-hating readers are concentrating on the Zionists, please don't worry yourselves about mozlems:
"Moscow police said on Wednesday they will examine video footage in which a prominent Muslim figure pledges to "cover Russia in blood" if the authorities refuse to establish courts to implement Islamic law."

Anonymous said...

@juniper Berezhovsky is not a Muslim? Haha. Nobody said anything about Jews or Zionists specifically , just included with Brit royals , heretic Rome and other opponents of Moscow. The post was about him so why should we say anything about some loudmouth saying hes going to 'cover Russia in blood'. Russia wiped the floor with far greater idiots than him through history.

Russias and every nations deadliest enemy is and always will be the smooth talkig interloper and their exile collaborators