Sunday, May 18, 2014

Europe's Frankenstein Will Make Them Glow

Europe's Frankenstein Will Make Them Glow

To say that Europe's leaders are idiots is to insult every village idiot between Moscow and London. However, in their slothfulness and ignorance, the peasants, serfs and slave races of the EU have allowed their masters to release a real beast that threatens to murder off Europe itself.

The America Satanists in DC are rubbing the paws in anticipation of the mass poisoning and die off that is about to turn eastern and central Europe into a glowing wreck.

What am I talking about? Why the end of central European life as we know it. Mass destruction of European farming, which will mean total dependence on US imports. Destruction for many decades of German beer and polish crops, Hungary will know Hunger. Tourism will die as well and so will many cities and towns.

What could bring such destruction?

Why nuclear fallout covering much of central Europe. This was barely avoided Thursday when a band of 40 Right Sector fanatics tried to capture a large multi-generator nuclear power plant in Ukraine's Zaporozya. The attack was barely beaten back by the local police. 

Of course they will be back. At a minimum they will hold all you fools hostage and you will pay dearly to avoid the nuclear fall out Hell that will be four times worse then Chernobyl's one reactor melt down.

At worst, they or their CIA handlers will launch it all into instant melt down and by by European power and welcome European slavery to the Anglo-Saxon cartel. The summer north-north western winds will bring this right to the lot of you.

Time is up and so are many of your lives and livelihood. You had your chance to stop your idiot "leaders" but you did not in your apathy, they brought their Frankenstein to life and he will now eat you and your children.

May God have mercy on our souls.


Jean said...

Our God will have mercy with our souls as He bring justice over the godless serfs (who from the beginning where destined to die) Just a small amount of the chosen people will be left and many from the streets and fields. Let WE not forsake to pray for our people and our fellow believers and the President, government and country of RUSSIA. That "WE" may live on the day of justice.

Anonymous said...

If God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep.