Thursday, May 8, 2014

Truth vs Western Lies

The West tells you that in eastern Ukraine are only small bands of Russian special forces, that the people of eastern Ukraine, that is the Donbas, must be "freed". Does this look like small bands? These are general uprisings against Western owned Nazi thugs of Kiev

Do these look like terrorists? The People of eastern Ukraine stopping Ukrainian tanks with their bodies.

The people of Slavyansk, the "terrorists", building barricades.

The people of Slavyansk upholding their defenders.

The great defenders of Slavyansk are prepared for battle. Crimeans, Don Cossacks, South Ossessians, even Chechen volunteers are heading in to back up the Slavyansk, Donetsk, Lughansk forces. There is even now a Jewish unit formed to defend the city against the US backed thugs.

In Slavyansk, even the old war memorials now roll back to war.

As the battles rage, the Ukrainian thugs are firing indiscriminately on those they have come to "free".

This is the funeral of a lovely young woman, Yulia, 21, just finished nursing school. Her and three friends were murdered by a column of Ukrainian soldiers, whose BTR opened fire on their car. The disgusting Daily Mail of the UK tried to blame it on Russians. Pathetic liars. The West knows no shame, no sorrow, no honour.

Wake up Europe and America, the God you scorn will scorn you back and you will burn for the evil your leaders do and you do nothing to stop. Triple is your damnation for your sloth and ignorance, you blind faith not in the Lord but in hollow men that lead you to evil.


Jean said...

All this injustice, murder of innocent persons, God hatred thieves, thugs, liars, perverts are finally coming to an end as Jesus Christ will let them judge by the citizens of Sodom and Gomorra. For all Christ Loving Russians, stay as far away from them as you could and take care of you own life.

Anonymous said...

"The West knows no shame, no sorrow, no honour."

The West is no longer worthy of its inheritance.

Anonymous said...

Правосла́вие, самодержа́вие, наро́дность!

Publius said...

I am heartbroken to see this news, Stanislav.
It just doesn't end, does it?
This is why I am now seriously pursuing emigration, and getting my own skills and life in order.

I realize now that only a small minority in the USA will both understand what is going on, and oppose it or try to stop it.

I cannot ethically and morally support this crap anymore. Staying here means that I passively, implicitly support it, since I probably have the skills and enough strength and energy left to emigrate.

My family, of course, will not understand.
The grandparents of my offspring will just have to get used to spending significant time away from the USA to see their grandchild.
Which, I guess, will be quite good for their souls, to see that the whole world is not batshit crazy, frothing at the mouth from propaganda, and decimated by eating GMOs, drinking poisoned water (fluoride), and getting obese from the worst diet and lifestyle on the planet.

The death of that young woman Yulia is a crime, an act of evil.
I hope that your President has a plan to stop these human-shaped demons.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, all we can do is pray for you. There is no other means that we have to help you with. Fortunately the internet is open for many. They just do not believe the US president anymore. Neither his secretary, Kerry. Both are deceivers and liars. We wish for the people in Ukraine to stand strong and repel these thugs. The US, UK and others are stirring the pot in the hope that there will be a conflict so that they can intervene and destroy that country as they had done so over the last 70 years.

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C. Edward Garrett said...

Mr. Mishin,

Why are the pictures from the original post missing?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Long, but still a good link

Stanislav said...

@Edward Garret

Those are not pictures, those are youtube videos and all are present. Maybe the browser or platform you are using.