Sunday, February 15, 2015

Count Down To WW3, The Failed Ceasefire

Count Down To WW3, The Failed Ceasefire

Today the much tauted ceasefire goes into effect and this will be the last ceasefire until the surrender of Europe in its burnt and destroyed cities, to the Russian army, three to four years from now. By that time tens of millions of Europeans and American soldiers will be dead, another generation of Europe wiped out by Europe's and America's arrogance, just like we have done every hundred years for the past 400 years: Charles the Great, Fredrick the Great, Napoleon, Hitler....every hundred or so years, almost like clock work.

The ceasefire is doomed before it even began and I will now outline why.

To begin with, Poroshenko, in negotiating this ceasefire, refused to discuss the Debaltseve Cauldron or even admit to its existence. This goes once again to prove that 1. the lives of 6-10.000 Ukrainian soldiers mean nothing to this man and his government and that 2. admitting to the cauldron's existence would force the admission that the anti-terrorist operation is really a civil war.

This in effect is the first and largest mine that will surely scuttle this peace farce. Starting today, what is the status of these men? Are the Novorossians just going to let them walk out with their equipment? Will they even try to walk out or just stay where they are? Do the Novorossians now have to let in food and supplies to their enemy? All of these questions are the very ones likely to destroy this ceasefire.

As if this was not enough, Yarish and his Right Sector goons have declared that they do no recognise any such peace process and will continue fighting. To make things more difficult, a half dozen territorial battalions have broken from the control of the Ukrainian army and directly pledged their loyalty to Yarish and his personal army. And Yarish is not the only prince with his own army, Ukraine's other major power centre, Kolomolsky has dozens of his own personal battalions, chuck full of US, EU and Jihadist mercenaries. Add to this several small princlings with only one or two battalions each and Ukraine is seen for what it is: an African failed state in the middle of a feudal power struggle, all of this supported, created and encouraged by the most corrupt regime that has walked the earth in 50 years: the one sitting in DC and its stooges in Brussels.

The Novorossians who are in no mood to allow Kiev to regroup for a 3rd time and launch a 4th offencive, have stated that while they will give this new ceasefire a try this is the last one and they will not return to the tables again until the Ukinazis are destroyed.

So of course all of this is made to make sure that the process will blow up. This way, DC's stooges: Merkel and Hollande can go back to their people and blame everything on Russia. Already, as repeating the process of September, the US and EU are working up new sanctions. As a reminder, they cynical bastards rewarded Putin's cooperation in implementing a ceasefire in September by placing additional sanctions on Russia in Oct.

The point that these sanctions coupled with the rouble devaluation have had a catastrophic effect on the average European citizen, is nothing that the strumpets of DC are worried about. They have long ago sold their citizens out to the Masionic order in DC.

As such, the US, with the failed sanctions, will be able to send heavy lethal aid, as opposed to the unarmed armoured vehicles that the UK now admits to send (see they aren't lethal, we took the machineguns off....). This will of course force Putin's hand, as he will be backed into a corner both externally and politically at home and Russia will be forced to at a minimum send heavy equipment for real into Novorossia or more than likely, subdue Kiev and Lvov before the US can finish its move.

Then WW3 is on. European, take a long hard look at your sons, many will be dead by this time next year and your and your laziness are first and foremost to blame.


Anonymous said...

People *are* trying to learn the truth. Lots of conflicting stories, lots of people making claims of knowledge they don't really have. This is hard...especially given the general craziness of the players.

Could not come at a worse time. Europe is trying difficult things. Given the mess that everyone sees with Greece - just may not be possible. And as with any strenuous effort, the told-you-sos are out in droves busily piling on and undermining any chance to figure things out.

Tragically, this Ukraine disaster may have started out with simple, innocent, intentions - rapidly metathesizing into poison as those brick throwers piled on.

Ukrainians may have simply been responding to an idea "let's try something else". Just another expression of the worldwide yearning to be free of government corruption and creeps.

(that Daily Show link is good if reachable)

And I'll bet that 99% of Ukrainians had zero interest in giving up their Russian heritage in any way - they just wanted to try something different.
Clear the decks of all these weapons - now try to just live.

That's something which always escaped Russians? First the Bolsheviks, then losing 20% of their population to war. Fast forward 70 years - still not getting better :( And this current relapse looks like it's good for another 70 years?

Maybe both the Ukrainians and the Russians have lost control of their loons? Loons with big guns, and zero restraint with using them on the population? In what parallel universe is it OK to use artillery or tanks on one's population?

Anonymous said...

Better link:

US is not let off the hook either.

Under her view, "contest in Ukraine" essentially reduces to warlords competing for shakedown rights.

Doubt that is what Ukrainian or Russian citizens ever these guys are stealing from them.

Anonymous said...

Germany. Considering history - I liked things this way.

Now gone ......

Anonymous said...

Obama is coming under increasing fire in the US for his muslim faith and packing US national security agencies with muslim espionage operatives. It is truly amazing how slow americans are to realize they are being stabbed in the back by satanic vermin. It's only been six years.

Anonymous said...

The USA just got its fingers burned in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There might have been little will to engage in another war, but that has changed due to the satanic brutalities of ISIS. Mass murder, crucifixion, and burning prisoners of war to death tends to move people to anger. The current USA President is doing his best to misdirect the public about the realities of ISIS with the recent multi-day conference about violent extremism. Obama has trouble intoning the words Islamic Terrorism for some reason.

In the meantime, many editorialists and opinion writers in the USA are aghast at President Obama's efforts to turn the nation into a tyranny. By stating that he will ignore a Federal judge, and making clear he will go around Congress, the President has changed a Republic with three co-equal branches into a pseudo Republic with one co-equal branch. In other words, a despotism. The purpose of Obama's activities is to massively increase the number of illegal aliens who are permitted to permanently reside in the USA and vote. In other words, Obama and his Democratic Party are electing a new people.

With attention on Obama's subversive collapsing Middle East policy, and his totalitarian bent in local politics, there is not too much time to fully understand how serious the situation is in Eastern Europe. The foreign policy professionals of the USA can just follow their instincts. Is that a comforting thought?


Anonymous said...

Stanislav, you think anyone on this earth isn't in constant battle with government liars? These kids didn't die for anything other than to serve the interests of government psychopaths.

Who gained? Certainly not Ukraine. Or these kids.

Remove the yabbering - and there is nothing here. Just unnecessary misery.

And let me tellya, when things are going wrong - psychopaths just start making things up. You think the lies are thick now....just wait.

Stanislav said...

And what proof is there of these thousands of dead? Russia has plenty of opposition papers and radio and television channels as well as a free internet, and yet no real proof has every been shown of the 2000, 12000 or 50000 Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine...none. Well, outside of some fuzzy photos of combines harvesting a field that the US claimed were artillery firing. Funny how US spy satellites are so much worse quality than google's. OBSE observers have yet to find one piece of heavy equipment that rolled over the border from Russia, though Ukraine is getting plenty from NATO, through Poland, Hungary and Romania for its genocide of civilians and the Poles are more than happy to admit it.

And while some Russian servicemen may be serving there, from talking to returning volunteers, all they heared was different shades of english from the enemy during attacks, so it is no big secret that NATO is neck deep in the fighting. No wander the panic over Debilstov, from the reports of how many US/EU funded mercs were in the area and how many US weapons, armored hummers and manuals were found.

Anonymous said...

"so it is no big secret that NATO is neck deep in the fighting. No wander the panic over Debilstov, from the reports of how many US/EU funded mercs were in the area and how many US weapons, armored hummers and manuals were found."

Boy I hope you're wrong about this, but citizens here have been dealing with batshit crazy militarists ever since 9/11. So I'll admit what you claim is possible. Not excusing it - it's our job to remove enough loons so that their "sponsored loons" go too. And mercs? They just don't need to exist. Waste of protein.

Execution "throw them out" has been tough, perhaps made worse by that goddam casino they run in NYC. My feeling always has been that these people are just doing everything possible to hold onto their phony baloney jobs :( That's tough problem to fight. While the same percentage of citizens truly understand our constitution as 100 yrs ago (always was a small number) - that group just hasn't been militant enough to force change.

I'm embarrassed by this, but I'm sure the vast bulk of Russians are pretty apolitical too. Easily distracted by television baubles....

In the future, I suspect Russia will be given great credit *here* for protecting Snowden. Can see how that might not be apparent at the moment tho.

Ever wonder about those hapless souls on the space station? Geesh.