Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who is Next On the West’s Hit List

Who is Next On the West’s Hit List

Nemtsov, an opportunist, a crook and a sell out traitor, a muppet on the strings of the West for most of his political career has finally taken on his last role: martyr. Shot on Red Square by a drive by, in plain sight of the Kremlin, his death has provided a new foundation for the Western press to scream on que: Putin did it. This will also be the call of the 1 March, today’s, demonstrations by the shills and strumpets of the West and their gullible livestock.

But who is standing to gain. As an opposition politico, Nemtsov was a spent force. He did his best traintoring and robbing under Yeltsin, as that clique that rose up and helped Western special interests rape and rob Russia to ruin. As Russia stood back up, Nemtsov became a regular at the US and British embassies…following orders. However, his main backers, the Liberals of the 90s are mostly gone now, either immigrated, converted, forgotten or dead.

So from a political angle he was as much a threat to Putin as Al Sharpton was to Obama. Of course that goes to describe the vast majority of Liberal strumpets of the West. As Obama’s words and actions have become overt in their intentions to subvert and destroy Russia, Putin’s approval is approaching 90%, leaving very little room for those who are obvious lackeys of the Anglo-Messiah (anti-Christ???).

So who is to prosper from the sacrificial lamb shot dead two days before the demonstration he was organizing? Definitely not President Putin, since the demonstrations were proving to be a dud just like the past 2. Only those of the Western whores still breathing could and will benefit from this.

The question now becomes: who ordered this? Was it one of their own? Maybe a Navalini stunt or rather cold blooded logic? Sacrificing the weakest link to spur on the masses? Or did the order originate from one of the Western totalitarian regimes and their army of enforcers and hired thugs? If it did, that means the West has crossed the last Rubicone in civility and has declared open season on foreign politicians and thus also their own. I would hope at least some thought went into the consequences that may follow.

Either way, be it a murderer in their midst or death by order from one of their benefactors, the Liberals must be holding their breath knowing that anyone of these sell outs could be next. Knowing that many are spent and serve better as blood stained corpses for the cause must make for some fine thoughts as they go about their days.


Mattexian said...

Certainly this distant observer can tell, no good would come from someone in the Kremlin ordering the opposition leader's death. It only could come from outside, to cast blame and resurrect demons of a retro Soviet Union. Now the protesters will have a mute martyr for their parade. I hope your police soon find the real culprits, altho I'm sure the western media will dismiss any arrestees as patsies.

Anonymous said...

Dunno Stanislav. One never gets over such things. If you're not fearful of violent corruption and the attendent loss of public confidence - you will.

Same forces are at work everywhere. Russia doesn't exist within any special universe. This is a constant, dangerous fight...but once you give in - they own you.

The human mind is predisposed to see patterns even where none exist. Sometimes that enables dangers undetected....

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I kinda doubt Putin had anything to do with this. Also find these constant conspiratorial arguments unconvincing - the players are never that good. But it's obvious that *someone* benefited from this killing. Who is to say who might be next?

Also obvious that "some" in Russia have no difficulty obtaining weapons. Bet that isn't the case for the average Joe? This is your horror - having to depend on others to protect you from bullies with guns.....

Wish you luck. Hope the truth becomes known.

Anonymous said...

You never get over it.

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...


Putin would bot be so stupid as to kill openly an opponent.

Nah! It reeks either of a western job or a local vendetta for non-political reasons.

As to what the western press says, I bet'ya that we, conservative christians, are convincing more and more that Russia is the least guilty in current affairs and that our pressitutes are as truthful as the devil is honest. Our establishment will lose the battle for the minds of the people, even if only for a significant minority.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting that there is a Ukrainian connection in the hit on Nemtsov.