Thursday, April 16, 2015

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

To say that the regime in Kiev is ignorant and nonsensical is like saying a hurricane is just a light wind off of the sea. The first and obvious move of lunacy by these American puppets was and is the destruction of the Lenin statues.

Now, as any of my steady readers knows, I am no fan of the Reds and especially that traitor and another Wall Street client, Lenin. But for the Ukinazis to pull down the statues of the very man who created that Frankenstein of Ukraine, is rather ridiculous. This of course shows the depth of stupidity and ignorance that runs the course through the veins of the majority of the Banderites, if not their leaders.

Now this week, Kiev has passed the all mother of stupidities: they have passed a law (please sit down, dear reader and remove any cups from your hands and swallow that morning accidents please) ... a law outlawing all Soviet laws.

Now stop and let that sink in......

So, where to begin: lets begin with Lenin's 1921 annexation of Novorossia from Russia and its addition to Malorossia, thus forming the proto-Ukrainian state. This was the codification of the agreement between Lenin and the Germans in 1917, to exit the Great War, an agreement Lenin had no right to make or empowerment neither from the Karensky government (itself in cahoots with Lenin) or his own Bolsheviks.

Just on this bases, the Donbass in particular and all of Novorossia in general must be returned to Russia post facto, not to mention that there can be no questions in regards to the 1954 transfer of Crimea, another Soviet Crime. True, Novorossia's Odessa Oblast must return its southern half to Romania, an area known as Bessarabia, taken by Stalin.

Then there is the 1920s Kornezatsia program from the Soviets, that promoted "ethnic" Ukrainians into power positions in Russian Kiev and Russian Novorossia. It also forced the hybrid creation of the Austrians "Ukrainian" as a language of equal terms to the Russian population of these areas. This in truth created the mess in central Ukraine, which too was ethnically Russian, that we have today.

Just like Marxism (and Serfdom before it and Democracy after it), enforced Multi-culutralism had dramatic negative effects on Russia. All such imports do not sit well on our soil and after doing their damage are repulsed. However, the Konezatsia (Multi-Culturalism) seems to have created the longest and worst of effects.

Now, if you are Polish, at this point, you may ask: well what about our four Oblasts to the West? Why yes, you too have the right to now grab that land and return it to greater Poland. But do not dare to think to oust those poor Banderites that you yourselves nurtured, on us Russians. No those famous geneciders of Poles will be your problem to deal with.

And yes, we have not forgotten Hungry either, Galatia should be yours too.

So there, its time to sue Ukraine out of the hybrid existence that monster state has enjoyed way to long. A creation of the Marxists should die equally by repulsion of all Marxist laws.

Oh and as a side note, for those of you in the informationally blocked out West: Free Ukraine: up until yesterday, in a span of 3 months, 5 oppositions politicians "committed" suicide, with such acts as being helped out of a window. But those days are gone, there is no point in hiding behind suicide. In 2 days, 1 opposition politician and 2 opposition journalists were gunned down in broad daylight on Kiev's streets. And it turns out, that Avokov, Minister of the Interior, is hosting a website with over 400 opposition candidate names and home addresses, all who "deserve" death. The three victims had their profiles updated to "liquidated". Welcome to modern American/EU values.


Anonymous said...

And it's such tremendous work even trying to determine what really happened...It's no wonder so many just give up.

But when you do that....the weasels emerge out to shake down the public:

And it a good bet the same thing is going on thousands of miles from here. Same game plan.

In the end...this is all about phony baloney jobs and shakedown rights.

Given the damage done to worldwide productive efforts - the only thing left is stealing. Now you can pretty this up with rationalizations of the most pious sort....but deep,deep, down *all* involved recognize they're participating in a con job.

Until you can get widespread revulsion of these practices - this farce will continue.

Anonymous said...

Am embarrassed by the parade of foolish westerners in Ukraine - and hope the Ukrainians extract and use those meddlers as much as they can.

But Russia does not help things, while seemingly bent on becoming another international menace:

Updated: 04/05/2015 5:59 am EDT

It's time for someone in Russia or Ukraine to get things "off this track". No one will win and your children will inherit this mess.

Would it be awkward to stop this conflict? Yes. Both countries should still try "till it hurts". *Not* for generosity - but for their future.

prayerwarrior said...

God bless you and keep you and yours safe Stanisav! You are really speaking the Truth; I am also pleased to find your articles are getting published on the Russian-Insider web news outlet... I only visit Russian news outlets because I (an Australian) know we're merely a US colony like the EU so I want to know the truth, and I go to these web sites.
God bless Russia, down with the Nazis and the neo-Nazis and the war-mongering US! Keep up the good work, I can only imagine the filth hate mail you would receive, God have mercy on them....