Monday, April 20, 2015

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

After the competition of Operation Bagraton, Army Group Center was destroyed and the Red Army reached the Vistula. Through the end of 1944 and up to May 1945, the Red Army charged across Poland, liberating what has proven an evil, poisonous people who hate their liberators more then their oppressors.

The point at this point in history was: was this all a waste of human life, rather our human life? The past two decades were pointing towards yes and 201-2015 has definitely sealed the deal.

With the Germans pushed off of our lands and Romania defeated and switching sides, we should have offered peace: massive Danegeld from Germany for a new border along the Vestula, evacuation of all German units in the Baltics and a free hand with Finland for reabsorbtion.

Germany would then have had the free hand to crush and stop the US/UK war machine and the two would have continued to bleed each other. Europe would have a three way power share after that.

As for the Poles, in all truth by now the only Poles left would be in Chicago or NYC, they would have gotten all of Hitler's tenderness for their betrayal of their alliance with Germany in 1938. But Poles are very good at betrayal, under handedness and utter hypocrisy. We in return would have spared the lives of one million Soviet soldiers.

As for the French, Belgians and other European slave races? What matters to a slave whose boot he lives under, the American, EU or Nazi German. They were and are happy slaves and Hitler would have still given them the anti-Christian liberalism. The pedophilia and such that they so cherish.

It was our mistake to think we were freeing these people, slaves born to slavery are forever slaves.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's some revisionist speculative history spreading over here too. The idea that had the United States just stayed out of WWI - the subsequent war could have been avoided. The argument goes "European powers were approaching exhaustion so the conflict would have ended in stalemate." Instead, the punitive terms imposed on the Germans became fertile ground for Hitler and his ilk.

I watch your blog and try to learn/understand....but it's mind boggling the ancient animosities within Europe (sorry lump Russia with them).

Sometimes I think about an account written by a Pakistani concerning his father's decision to return to India. When asked why he would do such a thing, the old man replied dryly "the problem with Pakistan is that there are too many Muslims". The old man missed his Hindu friends and found greater freedom to think within India. That one has always stuck in my mind. Still have it filed somewhere.

I see similar "connections" with Europeans and Russians. Get enough of them together - all lapse into virulent groupthink. Put those same people in an area where they are the minority - they always seem to do well for themselves and serve as respectable sources. I'm told many Russian engineers over here have such status.

Appears to be a Chinese characteristic too. Get enough of them together - they stifle themselves. Left alone, they can be pretty original and crazy. More crazy than even Japanese engineers.

Now I think you're often right about "Balkanization". If there are no norms - things don't work. But it's more complicated than that too.

A lot of this European disease looks like sibling squabbling. And the intensity is truly shocking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a good sign? Shrillness degenerating into farce?

Liked the final shrug:

“But if they follow Czech laws they will pass through the country like everyone else,” Chovanec said on Czech state TV.

Even with having no use for loud motorcycle clowns.

Anonymous said...

You weren't liberators , only opressors returning after 25-year interlude.1792-1918 counts for nothing?
Poles lived between Vistula and bug rivers since at least 10th century - border on Vistula cuts Poland in half , how do you 'leave country to Hitler' if you keep half of it?
Calling Poles 'slaves born to slavery' - that's rich coming from people who tolerated likes of Ivan Grozny, Catherine II and Stalin.
Imperial past, borders from Baltic to Pacific, 5000 nukes, yet it seems you still can't get over 1612.
Does knowing that some small insignificant nation almost conquered your country 400 years ago really cause so much butthurt?

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 8:45PM...why thank you, we weren't liberators, so as I said, we should have left you to the Germans.

We did split you up with the Austrians and Prussians, because no one could live with you. So nice that you remember 1792. Now, remember your history of murdering Russians throughout modern day Ukraine, Belarus and western Russia from the late 1300s to 1792. It took us 500 years to drive you bastards off of our lands.

Whom exactly did we defeat in Kitaigorod, just outside of then Moscow (now part of Moscow) in Nov 1612? Oh, that was you Poles, who were holed up in the Kremlin after burning and massacreing Moscow. It was the second time you bastards had taken Moscow. It took another 100 years to drive you out of Smolensk.

The fact that you claim Lvov (a Russian founded city) and Kiev (a Russian key city) as your cities, shows how insane you are. The Ukrainians were bastards towards you and did massacre the Poles between 1941-1944, but lets not forget the oppression and concentration camps for non-Catholics you bastards set up in western Ukraine from 1922-1939. Lets not forget the 250,000+ Russian, Ukrainian POWs whom you murdered in your POW camps between 1922-1926.

Poland invaded western Ukraine, western Belarus, took Riga from Lithuania, took the German (Prussian corridor) to Danzig and tried to take a chunk of Czeckoslavakia...though they did kick your arses, from 1920-1930. A pariah who attacked and invaded all its neighbors.

That is why no one bothers to deal with you, savages hiding behind "european" society.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that Novorussian troops never take another Ukrainian soldier captive!!! After seeing the crucifixion and burning alive of a Novorussian soldier I hope they realize the time of mercy is over! Ukraine has been taken over by the Nazi bastards and you know what needs to be done unto them!!!

American Kulak said...


I respectfully disagree with you. It would appear at least some Poles, including the former commander of their forces sent to southern Iraq during the U.S. occupation, are coming out from the ether. Their former PM Donald Tusk said the EU cannot fund weapons supplies to Ukraine after the junta passed a law glorifying and offering pensions to the Banderites, making it a crime to criticize them as fascists and mass murderers of Jews and Poles. Much of this has been documented by the excellent translation site Ft. Rus.

Anonymous said...

During WW2 the Banderites also mass murdered the many Armenians living in southern Ukraine.

The Banderites can rot in hell.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Wars were the planned outcome by the brotherhoods of darkness, Humanity bled whether it be Russians or Germans or Poles or Ellines while they laughed. Hitler was hand picked by satan himself and presented to them who accepted him in return for access to other technologies such as stargates anti-gravity systems etc.

Bait and bleed is a military strategy described by international relations theorist John J. Mearsheimer in his book on offensive realism, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics. The aim is to induce rival states to engage in a protracted war of attrition against each other "so that they bleed each other white", while the baiter who encouraged the conflict remains on the sidelines, maintaining its military strength

This strategy is exemplified in then-U. S. Senator Harry Truman's statement in 1941 regarding the Nazi invasion of Russia, "If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible.

Another example of this strategy was Russia's withdrawal from World War I while the fighting in Europe between Germany and the remaining Allies continued. In his report to the Third Congress of Soviets in 1918, Vladimir Lenin argued that by withdrawing from the conflict "we rid ourselves...of both imperialistic groups fighting each other. We can take advantage of their strife...and use that period when our hands are free to develop and strengthen the Socialist Revolution.

The Poles and others were under occupation by the Communist regime of Russian who were also deceived as they world thus as also people who have been deceived they learn to hate although they have no understanding of the process.

Anonymous said...

Poland took Vilnius from Lithuania, not Riga.
Except for that I agree with you, and I would probably have consider come and live in the Soviet Union many years ago.
But then Stalin would have wanted access to the Atlantic ocean by 1945, so I would have been included then.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mishkin - You are, (of course) entitled to your own views. But to say that Hitler would have given the West what they now have, is an insult... even to Hitler!

The propaganda against the National Socialists needs to be jettisoned, and honest apprisal of what they did FOR the German race, nation, etc. must be looked at objectively... and not from the standpoint of some Soviet 'glorious victory' now that Russia is not longer Soviet... or is it?

- Fr. John+
Orthodox Priest

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments makes my head hurt :(

It's healthy to doubt oneself, but not when they question if they've become stupid.

Simple question for you Stanislav. Do you vent here trying to make sense of it yourself, or are you attempting to pursuade? If the latter, are you paid by any government for it?

I mean no insult. And I believe you're honest enough for an honest answer.

Stirring the pot just a bit more - all of you people look alike and talk funny :) Instead of trying to smack me for saying it - try to laugh a little?

1300s-1792 (Blank stare)? Er, how long do you plan to nurse this?

Anonymous said...

Re: Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Interesting. Thank you.

Some of his nuclear weapon "conclusions" are unsavory, but now quite jarring in hindsight.

There's even a bone thrown to Stanislav's point of view:

Foreign Affairs article 'Why the Ukraine Crisis is the West's fault'

In September 2014 Mearsheimer wrote an article for Foreign Affairs that was highly critical of American policy towards Russia since the conclusion of the Cold War.[50] Mearsheimer argued that Russian intervention in the Crimea and Ukraine had been motivated by what he saw as the irresponsible strategic objectives of NATO in Eastern Europe, comparing US led NATO expansion into Eastern Europe and planned inclusion of Ukraine to the hypothetical scenario of a Chinese military alliance in North America, stating that 'Imagine the American outrage if China built an impressive military alliance and tried to include Canada and Mexico'. Mearsheimer argued that Russia's annexation of the Crimea was fuelled by concerns that it would lose access to its Black Sea Fleet naval base at Sevastopol if Ukraine continued to move towards NATO and European integration. Mearsheimer concluded that US policy should shift towards recognising Ukraine as a buffer state between NATO and Russia, rather than attempting to absorb Ukraine into NATO.

Coming from a non squishy source - certainly thought provoking.

Stanislav said...

@ American Kulak

Oh, I think the Poles set all this up to go. There are already large organizations moving lawsuits in the EU courts to force Ukraine to give them their land back. True, they aren't speaking of out and out annexation, just allowing several million Poles to own much of the western 3 oblasts, which is the step right before they ask for integration into Poland.