Sunday, May 20, 2007

Butovski Poligon

The name, Butovski Poligon is synonymous with death. Here in the 30s Stalin's henchmen murdered over 20,000 people, at what was once a barracks area. Today, a new chapter opened and this chapter represents the new Russia, or rather the Old Russia reborn.

Across the street from these killing fields, today opened a cathedral who's original corner stone was placed by both the Patriarch Alex II of the Russian patriarchy of the Eastern Orthodox Church and by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia's ruling bishop. Today, on it's opening service, the two sister churches are now one, one Holy Orthodox Church of the Russian Patriarchy. Regardless of the CIA's best efforts to sabotage this union, the union has taken place and the Russian Church is now again represented in unity and fullness around the world.

In doing so, the Russian Church and in truth all of Orthodoxy stands stronger and fuller. Together the Russian Church, which is the largest of the Orthodox Patriarchies will once again function as the defender of Orthodox Christians and of all Christians from persecution, be it by atheists, Islamics or whom ever. Furthermore, the Church by its strong power over the Russian people and thus the Russian state, will have Russia's power behind it when it moves forward to protect persecuted Christians around the world.

Rejoice, for while the West, led by America, as a civilization has singularly betrayed Christianity and often sided with Islamics in destruction of small Christian groups, Russia, as leader of the Orthodox world, will now stand in the defense of these groups, as a counter to both the Humanist evil of the West and the Islamic Satanic evil of the Meccans.

Hristos Voskress

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abigaildavid said...

Will Russia stand in defense of the Jews?
Truly risen.