Friday, May 11, 2007


What is Dryzhina? As in the ancient meaning of the term, it is a fellowship, a pan-eastern Slavic fellowship with the aim of forcing the reunification of our separated lands. Not since the Mongol invasions have the lands of the Russ suffered such weakness and humiliation as today.

The phase of Communism brought poverty to the lands of the Russ and just as before the Mongols, before the Communists, the Russ were well on their way to becoming the richest and most powerful lands and people of the world. As then, so as in 1917, our people's destiny was derailed and offset.

As with the Mongols as with the post Communist era, the lands of the Russ have been broken up, subdivided and turned against each other, all the while foreign heretic and pagan powers view for the resources and the life blood of the bickering Russ and their allied peoples. What took 400 years to rebuild was torn asunder, once again.

Yet, it is not to late. The Third Rome has not yet fallen. The anti-Christ not yet upon his throne. It is thus up to us to move forth, to force the reunion of the Holy Lands of the Russ, of the Third Rome, under one God given throne instead of the foreign owned and given politicos and their petty infighting.

Our brothers and sisters, mired in the fight for survival and bombarded by the constant Western supported and owned propaganda, are unable to see the high costs of their weakness. They are unable to fully appreciate its full and ruinous "glory".

As such, it is we the God fearing Diaspora who must push to educate our brothers and sisters to the Christian truth and dispel the Devil's shadow of propaganda. Only in unity of Russia, Ukraine, Trinester, Belarus, Abkhazia, S.Ossessia and Kazakhstan, can the Russ once more stand strong and independent, sovereign and truly God fearing. Only then, under the Throne of Christ and His given representative on the Throne of the Russ, can the Russ once more take up their God given task and responsibility to defend the True Christian Faith. Christians world wide have suffered horribly since 1917.

Join our organization and through grass roots actions to educate and protest the anti-Christian, anti-Russ actions of the West and through support for our brothers and sisters, we may, in the Name of Christ, return what is broken to a state of what is right.

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