Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity

Few organizations have brought about as much evil in such a short period of time as the American institution of Wall Street. Through truly unbridled greed and the absolute abandonment of anything that would pass for Judeo-Christian morals, Wall Street and its investment houses have brought about catastrophes and sponsored the worst despots that have ever walked the earth.

Most people are aware that Wall Street played a direct role in the Great Depression, the second great evil. Prior to this, Wall Street had sponsored several small wars and invasions of various Latin American and other nations, bleeding the American people and treasure to back up the foreign concerns of wealthy tycoons, but the Great Depression was the second truly massive and far reaching evil. The first great evil of Wall Street, something most Americans would be shocked to discover, was the Wall Street funding of the Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution of Russia and the backing of the Bolsheviks through the Russian Civil War.

The Bolshevik Revolution

Prior to WW1, Wall Street was dominated by two massive conglomerates and monopolies: Rockefeller Enterprise (Standard Oil), which also held allied steels, copper, smelter and tobacco trusts and the Morgan grouping which controlled such companies as US Steel Corporation, hundreds of small industrial trusts, United States Trust Company, Hanover National Bank and the insurance giant Equitable Life and Mutual of New York. Between the two groupings, they had their fingers in all aspects of America's economy and were very apt to reach as far out as they could.

In 1912, Wall Street fomented and supported a revolution in China by Sun Yat-sen and his syndicate. Though the revolution failed and brought dubious benefits at best, to its banker backers, it did set the stage for future Wall Street world wide interventionism. Documentation of this adventure are held in the Laurence Boothe Papers at the Hoover Institution. In 1913 they formated revolution in Panama, to support their business interests, specifically to capture the control of the Panama Canal from the Columbian government who at that point owned Panama and the Canal.

The success only whetted their appetite for much bigger schemes and none was as big as the over throw of the world's largest contingent empire and her nationalist Tsar who refused to allow the Rodina's wealth to be exploited and pillaged by foreigners. Furthermore, Russia represented the biggest competitive power to growing American influence in the world.

Morgan group, through the National City Bank and represented by the US ambassador to Russia, Rolph Marsh Francis and the Swedish Banker (later to be known as the Bolshevik Banker or Bankier der Weltrevolution) Olof Aschberg, were in on the ground floor of the Bolshevik Revolution, arriving first in Petrograd (Petersburg) in 1916 and making pretensions to aid the Tsar in his war with the German led Axis powers.

The first evidence of their hand in the Bolshevik Revolution comes from in the post Abdication Kerensky government, prior to the actual start of the Russian Civil War. It comes from Colonel B.V. Nikitine, head of counter intelligence.

In the early 1920s, with the embers of the Civil War dieing out in southern Russia and eastern Siberia, the White forces destroyed and or exiled by the Reds, the first Soviet international bank, Ruskombank, was formed with Olof as its head and with heavy US and British investment.

Even before this, back in the early 1917s, Trotsky had returned from his exile in NYC with tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed Wall Street loans to the revolutionary government, far suppressing the small sum given by the Kaiser to start a revolution (but not for the Soviets to win) and get Russia out of WW1.

But why put so much money behind the Soviets? Simple, Wall Street saw a great profit margin in 1. exploitation of one of the biggest markets in the world, 2. exploitation of one of the world's largest deposits of natural resources and 3. the removal of an up and coming economic competitor. That unlike Tsarist Russia, Wall Street was not hampered by any form of Christian morality, made this just that much easier. That this may lead to a government of truly titanic repression also mattered little. Profit was the only driving factor for the Wall Street, and to a smaller degree London, uber elites.

The burgeoning gulag system is attributed, in modern America by Neoconservative (read Trotskyte) historians to Stalinist Marxism not to Leninist-Trotskyte Marxism. This is of course a lie and even as American money flooded into the Leninist Soviet Union of the 1920s and hundreds of thousands were being massacred, men like Ivy Lee, who represented the Rockefellers, were busy selling the virtues of the Soviet state to gullible Americans.

So to sum it up: in order to exploit money and resources, Wall Street financed one of the most evil regimes in human history and is thus also responsible for the mass murder (including of many Americans) that was perpetrated by the Soviets. It is thus also directly responsible for the Cold War that followed and the trillions spent on defense rather than on other opportunities. Thus it was Wall Streets initial greed that helped create the giant socialist state that has made serfs of Americans, even though most Americans are now to dumbed down to know this.

The Great Depression

Everyone is familiar to some degree with this event, an event sponsored and thus created by Wall Street's easy money, mass credit and uncontrolled hedging (yes there was movement against naked short sellers than too). The orgy of the good times did end and when it did collapse of the false credit and out right lies did not stop at the US borders but plunged the whole world into darkness, poverty, suffering and war. How many died as a direct result of this and prior to World War 2, will never be known but it is safe to say in the tens of millions, world wide.

Wall Street's speculative bubble was exploded by cheap money from the Federal Reserve, false reports and documentation from companies (sound familiar? America never learns and the world pays) and massive credit debt, much of it to buy more stocks, so in truth a series of bubbles that all exploded at once.

One of the main reasons, of course that people were investing so heavily was to get rich, but another that is rarely talked about is the stagnated wages for the working class throughout the 1920s. This equally fueled the credit bubble created by the original easy money loans. The situation reached such a point that stocks themselves were used as collateral for even more credit to buy more stocks. Wall Street actively fueled this by spreading the view of invincibility and being to big to fail, in other words, an end to the business cycle and perpetual prosperity. This coincidently is the balm of all US business cycles, the lack of any knowledge of the past and the belief in silly faerie tales.

The consequences were at first a massive run worldwide on US gold deposits, resulting in high interest rates, deficit spending and an economic crash that spread world wide. Following this were mass bank failures. Of the 25,500 banks in operation in 1929 more than 10,000 were gone by 1933, taking the fortunes of millions of people world wide with them.

Financing of Hitler and the Nazis

For the moraless and Christless bankers of Wall Street, financing the Soviets and the financial gains, only spurred them on to bigger and better. From Stalinist Marxism they moved over in the early 1930s to Leninist-Trotskyte Marxism in Germany, financing the rise of Hitler and his Nazis.

Wall Street's love affair with corrupt business and parties in German and the exploitation of that nation goes back much earlier than the 1933 rise of Hitler to power. Indeed, with the ouster of the Kaiser post 1917 and thus the nationalistic and protective elements of German society and the than after bankruptcy of the Weiner Republic, Germany was a plum for picking by Wall Street which quickly got in bed with the German cartels.

The very same bankers and business cartels of Wall Street, who made possible the rise of the Soviets, the credit bubble turned Great Depression, helped make Stalin Lite aka FDR into the defecto king of America, were now busy reaping their next giant windfall with the Nazis. Nazi power was to prove a massive boom for Wall Street.

First they built up the Nazi powers, loaning them money, giving them avenues to spew their bile both in Germany and in the US and UK to a smaller extent. They built up the German factories and made huge fortunes off of Hitler's rearming of the German military. They of course made an even bigger fortune financing the build up of the American and British war machines and continued to reap benefits even as the young men of both sides butchered each other and distant ideologies screamed for control.

If WW1 can be called the War of the Kings, as most powers were nationalistic patriarchal/hereditary regimes, than the post 1917 era, through the present is the Time of the Bankers and WW2 was the War of the Bankers Making...giant Christmas bonuses for all involved.

Much of Wall Street's direct connections with Hitler's regime continued throughout the war, running through Swedish and Swiss intermediaries. Many people know that Henry Ford's factories continued to build panzers to blow up American Ford tanks and were not bombed until 1945 and dividends to German shareholders till 1944. In 1946 the US government paid Ford damages. Fewer know that Prescott Bush actively money laundered for Hitler through 1943 and in the 1930s was accused by the US ambassador to Germany in a coup plot against FDR.

Fewer know of the Hess bank funds and the money transferred into them by such Wall Street names as Ford, General Electric (through their German subsidiary GGE) and the Rockefeller Chase Bank. Chase's French offices did everything they could to collaborate with the Nazis and for this were rewarded with a very special position and esteem from the Nazi leadership.

Further major Wall Street players such as Standard Oil created the Nazi capability to first covert coal into oil and second gave them tetroethil and the production capabilities in order to raise the octane of their power quality gasoline for the German Luftwaffe. ITT was also in bed with the Nazis, building much of their electronic needs and even several aircraft factories to keep the Luftwaffe flying.

Even after WW2 was over, Wall Street bankers and tycoons sought to defend and cover their "former" Nazi business partners against prosecution, thus shielding a critical portion of the German society/government from effective deNazification. The Control Council was in the hands of General Draper, who also happened to be a Wall Street banker and who put representatives of US companies who were in direct connection to Hitler's rise, on the council.

Of course this was never limited to just the Germans but to all fascist governments, of which the majority in Europe were, and more specifically to America's enemies:

John P. Diggins, in Mussolini and Fascism: The View from America,

"Of all American business leaders, the one who most vigorously patronized the cause of Fascism was Thomas W. Lamont. Head of the powerful J.P. Morgan banking network, Lamont served as something of a business consultant for the government of Fascist Italy."

Lamont secured a $100 million loan for Mussolini in 1926.

The Creation of the Chinese Super State

Wall Street has almost single handedly turned around history of the past 500 years and has returned China to the status of the world's most powerful nation, all the while maintaining a Trotskyte Marxist regime (which evolved from the original Stalinist-Moast regime) in power. Never has there been such a gigantic build up of economic might in a nation that cares so little for human life. That eventually wars will follow and rivers of blood will once more be spilled is beyond any and all doubts.

Wall Street backed the Communist Chinese in formerly for a very long time, sacrificing the nationalist Chinese in the process.

The Rape of Russia

The Rape of Russia has been described as the greatest looting of all history. Wall Street took its revenge for Stalin cutting it out from the Leninist exploitation of Russia, post Lenin's death. It took Wall Street 60 years but they got their revenge...of course they helped keep the Soviets going for decades after WW2, it was good for business. For some small payments to keep the Soviets in the game, Wall Street earned hundreds of billions in supplying weapons to fight a war that would never be fought.

But once it was time to pillage, it was time to pillage and nothing would stand in the way of the big banks getting their hands on some $500 billion in Russian assets, definitely not the Russian parliament. On the orders of DC/NYC, the alcoholic embarrassments Yeltsin opened fire with tanks on the very parliament that 2 years earlier, in 1991, had helped him over throw the Soviets.

Any thing that was there was stolen, nailed down or not. Even loans financed by the US taxpayers were quickly returned to US banks for laundering, after the proper share was paid to corrupt Russian officials of the Yeltsin era.

The Present Credit Crunch or Great Depression Dva (II)

Well, almost 79 years later (not even the once in a 100 years as been postulated) we are at it again, with almost the exact same preconditions crushing the US banking industry and the world with it.

Between liar loans, derivative trading, hedge funds and various other mechanizations, often to complex even for the fast money gurus to fully understand, this little gift of Wall Streets has already brought recession to Europe and threatens the same and worse for most of the rest of the world. The only saving grace is that what comes on America may be so bad and so disastrous that it will finally break the cabal of Godless bankers, servicing Satan with their greed....or maybe not.


Mar C said...

This is one of the best descriptions of Wall Stree history I have read. I hope you don't mind, I posted it with a link to your blog on www.nwo101.com
marcs Salek, Praha

art said...

I read your piece on the passing of the american way of life.Tell me what will replace the USA.The Russian or Turkish way of life? I visited Russia 10 years ago,empty drugstores,baboushkas trying to sell a few berries at 1 AM next to Red Square,etc.In 2008,according to PRAVDA Moscow leads the country in ethnic hate crimes that have lead to 17 fatalities on individuals that look different than slavs i.e.Armenians,Uzbecks,etc.I guess they are good enough to be buffer states for the motherland and are expediently called allies but god help them as individuals if they visit Moscow and god help all of us if Turkey or Russia become the dominant powers in the world.

Unknown said...

10 years ago was an economic collapse, you should really update your views of countries a bit more than once (and probably only once) and that a decade ago. Go there now and find the "empty" drug stores, in the major cities. Sure you can find it in the villages, but than again, go to West Virginia, western Kentucky, upstate NY, Panhandle Florida, etc, etc and you'll find the same things.

As for 17 murders, sure, they're not quite up the murder capitals of the Western World, like Detroit, New Orlean, Washington DC, Cincineti, etc...17 in a city of 14 MILLION...but latch on to what you like but the reality is, the cheap gas and cheap credit is gone for the US.

CKM said...

I find your assessment of Wall Street right on target with greed and corruption rampant. Major reforms have to be made and whether or not either political party can accomplish that is very doubtful. The US governments buying of private mortgages and bank stocks looks pretty close to socialism to me. However,I think you are counting out Americans and the demise of the American way of life a bit early. I also question whether you have ever been to the USA and the places mentioned in your comments. I have lived in New Jersey, Western Pennsylvania, Miami, Denver, and now Navarre, FL the Florida panhandle you mention. I have traveled extensively to 47 of the 50 states including many remote areas of West Virgia,and Kentucky. NEVER in my lifetime of 50 years have I EVER seen a drug or grocery store with empty shelves. In fact, there are many times I question why we need 50,000 different products in a drug or grocery store. Granted, smaller towns may have a smaller selection, but to imply that these areas do not have access to basic necessities is way off. Walmart would not have become one of the largest companies in the world without catering to the areas you mention.

Stanislav said...

Yes, actually I have been to many parts of the US, and while true, most drug stores in those areas may have products, the areas themselves are in absolute poverty. Another good location to see for this is anywhere south of Ft. Bragg between Wilmington and Charlotte and their suburbs, the area in between is dead with moldy trailer parks and run down and abandoned farms.

The drive of the American elites for Free Trade, one of the original planks of Marx (look up google: marx, free trade to get his long speech on it) has done its work well.

n said...


Unknown said...

I have read most of what you have written and will continue to do so. As a Christian who thinks outside of the box, I agree with you on your interpretation of history. As a Christian who doesn't subscribe to the heretic pre-tribulation rapture nonsense, I believe that we as Christians in these last days should prepare for the tribulation and remember above all things that our citizenship is in Heaven and not on earth to some government. Let your light shine my brother.
Don Lucas

StictSum said...

I find your comment on the moldy trailers and run down farms pretty far off. While there are trailers and run down farms in the rural areas even the people living in these places have far more than most people in the world, for now. The times that I see approaching will change this but for now and for the past 30 years even the poorest of people in the US have more than most in the world and definitely have everything they need to survive. Also did you notice the drive ways of the trailers, they probably had a BMW or Lexus parked there. There are many many people in this country that live in the most run down homes but have $50,000 vehicles in the drive ways. People make choices and those choices have consequences.

Eric D Esau said...

The role of the Rockefellers and their associates has long been observed by Americans, chronicled, discussed and resisted by a valiant few including, but by no means limited to, members of the John Birch Society. Those who make the case for the "Capitalist Conspiracy" point also to the Council on Foreign Relations, the secretive "Bilderberg Group" and David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commision.

The Federal Reserve, Income Tax and Social Security have been tools to enslave the American people and deprive them of the private ownership of capital. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt all figure prominently in the construction of this political juggenaut.

The stock market collapsed beginning with the election of Barack Obama. The value lost represents the destruction of four trillion dollars of privately held capital - stocks backing private pension funds, savings accounts and the wealth of the nation. Stimulus spending and bailouts put another six trillion dollars of debt on the American people. Now we are told that the medical profession will be nationalized and taxes increased by 600 billion dollars. The effect is to collapse the dollar. The objective is obviously to remove capital from individuals and make the printing press the source of all capital. Thus what belonged to the workers now belongs to the Federal Reserve System. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his political connections. Lenin might say the time had come to use the rope that the Capitalists had sold him.

And Conspiracy? Obama's puppet strings seem to lead back to George Soros. ACORN (the Alliance of Community Organizations for Reform Now), and SIRC (the Service Employees Union) play a role in the flow of an enormous amount of money and voting "irregularities". Obama was in ACORN.

Before you judge the American people to be idiots and monsters, remember that the words of the Apostle Paul to the Church at Ephesus are still true for all of us today:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12)

Bardamu said...

My hat's off to you Mat.I like this commentary.You are obviously well traveled and and well read.Much of what you say is true however as they say comparisons are invidious.There are many problems in both countries. I will say this though: the average life-span for Russians is about 65 years and still declining. This is 10-15 years lower than most of the industrialized nations.This decline is tragic and combined with its etiology (poverty,alcoholism, inadequate health care, etc) one would think its one of your government's most pressing problems.Don't you think?
In my estimation corporate interests have hog-tied most governments around the globe. They, multinationals that is, have used the US military as an attack dog for their assets worldwide. I propose that this was made possible by the "purchase" of our government through PAC's, graft and campaign donations. Regarding the latter I'm sure you read about the Supreme Court rescinding limits on campaign donations by corporations.
Talk about tone deaf!
I see this as possible because while the US market is not the largest Americans had the most disposable income.
As you refer to: easy credit and cheap gas which effectively narcotized the population while big business infiltrated government.
Even worse ( and you also refer to this) this happened in the past during the robber baron era.

To wit, a dramatization

Husband: "Hey honey, lets go to the mall in our Hummer and but a lot stuff we don't need."

Wife: "But we don't have any money."

Husband: "That's OK we can CHARGE it!"

Sam Walton in a corporate board meeting addressing his minions:
"As my hero P.T. Barnum said,'there's a sucker born every minute.' So let's sell these suckers a bunch of crap we can make for pennies in China. We can saturate the market with cheap goods. The best part is that it breaks in less than a year. So they will come back to replace it because it's so cheap!"

Minions in unison:
"Genius. You are a genius, Sam!"

machineguns said...

CKM said: NEVER in my lifetime of 50 years have I EVER seen a drug or grocery store with empty shelves.

Things have been changing around here (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) for at least a decade. I live in what used to be a prosperous part of Baton Rouge. We had a local hardware store, a neighborhood Walmart, 2 nearby convenience stores (one operated 24/7), lots of gas stations and car repair shops.

After decimating the shopping center where it was located, Walmart closed the local store and opened a supercenter 2 miles away. The shopping center, which used to contain a decent clothing store, a bookstore, and a video rental store (closed before Netflix), is now empty and abandoned.

There are plenty of empty places like this in the surrouding towns. And now that Walmart 2 miles away has settled in, it is frequently out of stock on some items.

The biggest rise in business seems to be in building more prisons, "Cash a Check", hock or pawn shops, and "Instant Payday Loan" places.