Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time To End the US Trade Embargo and Enter Into Fair Trade

For nineteen years since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Americans have continued utilize their Jackson-Vanik Act to block the free flow of Russian goods to the Americas while screaming bloody murder when ever one or another American meat plants is blocked on account of their hormone and antibiotic packed products not meeting basic European food quality standards. Ah, but Russians are not Europeans thus should have no qualms about being poisoned or fattened. Yes, our standards are EU, since we sell to the EU and thus maintain the same at home.

The solution is rather simple: all American products not fully manufactured in Russia, to include subcomponents to any manufactured goods, will be tariffed. First, the US congress will be given a two month notice to act or be acted upon. Once the period is complete, a 1% tariff will be added per work day and until such time that the Americans see reason or totally lose market share. Furthermore, tariffs will come down only at 1% every two weeks.

Sure, the American congress and the hypocrites who inhabit it will scream bloody murder. They will scream that Russia is blackmailing them into an unfavorable decision. Well sure, yes that is so, but then again, international blackmail and strong arming are the favorite “trade” tactics of the US, so what is good for them will be good for us.

It is time to put away the attempts at reason or logic, since like the US police with their shockers, the US congress understands nothing of the sort either, only the “shock” of their own instruments used upon them.

And if they fail to see reason and take steps to enforce their pigheadedness? Well, the Europeans and Asians will more than happily take their place on better trade terms in Russia.

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jack said...

Surely the Jackson-Vanik Act is illegal and can be tested in international court?