Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Last, Some Acknowledgment of the Hundreds of Billions Stolen

The Bank of New York, named in a lawsuit by the Russian Federal government as having laundered more than $22 billion in Russian funds, is settling. Of course the settlement, a paltry $14 million, is about as good as can be expected from the West, considering that by some estimates, during the drunken Yeltsin years, the West made off with $500 billion in Russian assets, resources and treasures.

One fine example of this were the various oligarchs who would open, with help from Western financial experts, shell companies in the West, to which they would sell their own oil for $1 per barrel, reporting a loss and not paying taxes. Than they would turn around and resell that oil at slightly below market values to the benefit of the West and their own pocket books. Of course, by flooding the market with oil, they did the West a great service, while trying to suck their own motherland dry and break her.

Is it any wonder that Russia is now federalizing all the oil companies, just like almost every nation in the world, to include Norway? Sure, executives there may steal a few million, which is chump change to the billions and tens of billions previously stolen.

The money and 8 years of time, are gone, the West has made off with it at our expense. We have and must continue to pass protectionist laws and policies that will make sure this will never again be repeated. The West gained a great boon in their standards of living, all at our expense and that of our children. Instead of the money, as it is now, being invested in upgrading the medical system, old people were dieing from preventable disease. Our universities were shriveling and our people suffering.

This can not be allowed to happen again.


Brain said...

Stanislav, I really have a love/hate relationship with your blog. Your astute observations of the West from a Russian perspective are informative, thought-provoking, and appreciated. However, your insistence to continuously overlook Russia's own guilt in your accusations is frustrating.

For example, in this posting, you fail to mention that the $7.5 billion (the actual amount of the transfers) was, in fact, removed from Russia by Russians and Russian banks. Furthermore, what was stolen was not this money, but rather, the taxes owed on this money.

Edwards and Berlin got less than a $2 million cut. It was Russians removing this money, not the West. This money could just as easily have gone to Dubai...

Russians need to work to get their own house in order before accusing the West for all their maladies.

jack said...


It was the western aligned Oligarchy in Russia who received money transfers from western banks and financial Oligarchs like Lord Rothschild of London who transferred money to create Yuko oil company who laundered billions of dollars worth of money through the Menatep bank in the Isle of Man and other offshore havens under there puppet Yeltsin and there Mafia that killed anyone who investigated there activities.

When Putin came to power and put Russia's interest first these same Mafia Oligarch get sanctuary and praise from media and government in the West like Berezovsky here in Britain who brag about using there stolen money to overthrow the Russian government.

“The day after the State of the Union Address, two Interpol fugitives attended the “National Prayer Breakfast” held in Washington DC. The day before that, these fugitives from the law were the guests of honor at an hour-long meeting of the International Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, invited by ranking Democrat Tom Lantos (Calif.)

They are Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, Israeli-Russian partners in the giant Russian oil company Yukos. They, along with a number of their cronies, are wanted by Interpol for allegedly bilking Russian citizens out of billions of dollars. To elude Russian prosecution, these men have taken up residence in Israel.”

subscriptionblocker said...

They took *trillions* from us - so what are you yappin' about :)

Brain said...

I'm sorry, Jack, but I don't understand the intent of your comment; least of all, why it was directed specifically at me.