Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blair, First Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich?

In 1944 the British intelligence documented a top secret meeting between top Nazi officials, that is, those who were facing the reality of Nazi defeat and top Nazi oligarchs, in what came to be known as the Red House Report. The information was above top secret but was shared with the Americans and only recently has come to light.

At the meeting, the Nazi heavy weights determined that they would rebuild Germany under occupation and slowly rebuild the Reich, first in Germany, than in all of Europe. In this case, they would do it through economics and stealth politics, rather than the war based New European Order, that Hitler had tried and failed to create. Thus the conception of the EU had begun.

From those early ideas, both new and those tried by the Third Reich, the EU has come a long way, with little blood, to its ultimate and Corporate Fascist Totalitarian designs. With the caving of the Irish to the Lisbon Treaty, a slightly reworked version of the 300 page European Constitution, that failed, only the Czech and Polish presidents stand in the way and like good puppets, the Poles have already declared they will sign it.

The fact that the majority of the European population rejected the Constitution in open votes, where those votes were allowed, matters little in the modern Western Democracy...aka Corporate Fascism, the last of the great "isms". This time around, the Lisbon treaty was done by parliamentary votes only, with the lone exception of Ireland which voted and voted until the "correct" results were obtained by crook and hook.

This is of course hardly a "democratic" or "republican" excursion in super nation state building, at least not in the classical definition of those terms. The majority of the population in both is against the establishment of the 300+ page "unConstitution" as the law of the new state, where the common man has little to no chance of comprehending the giant document of legalies. Indeed, this is nothing more than a bureaucratic documentation and installation of pure tyranny, passed over the will of the people and one whose state shall equally be built upon the bones of those said people.

The treaty creates two new positions, both unelected and both in extremely high power. Is any really surprised? The first is the President of the European Heads of State (aka EU President) and the second is the High Representative For Common Foreign and Security Policy (aka Foreign Minister).

Though the second one has yet to be filled, the first, the position of Reich Fuhrer, oops, EU President, is already all but given to Tony "Big Brother" Blair, who, along with his lackies, turned the UK into a poor, Islamic police state, with a collapsing economy, a near worthless currency, cameras on every street, a disarmed citizenry and Islamic thugs in every neighborhood. If nothing else says candidate, than Tony love of a good fight, be it Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq or Afghanistan, there are no wars he has met and did not like. Well, at least the first Fuhrer had the backbone to fight in World War One and even get a medal for bravery, poor Tony does not even have that, not that that ever stopped him.

A French diplomat was quoated on this issue of Blair's candidacy and possible early November appointement as stating: "Who will dare to say "NO" to Tony Blair?" Considering Blair is an absolute chameleon and opportunist, whom one British tabloid once described as "Tony Blair would become a Catholic schoolgirl if he thought he needed the votes of Catholic schoolgirls to win", it may indded be difficult to say no. But, considering the train wreck that is a rotting corpse called the United Kingdom, who should say no? How about any monarchist, nationalist, libertarian, or lover of personal freedom and definitely every religious Christian, as mark my words, the EU super state is the death of Christianity in the EU territories, where Islamophobia is now considered a "hate" crime and racist. Since when is a religion a race? Only in the insane West.

Islam will be the foot soldiers and the enforcers of the new dhimmi super state and Tony Blair is all for it. Of the Koran, he had this to say and incredibly, anyone who has bothered to actually study Islam, its history and its practice, along with what Shari really is, can only find these words either absolutely insane or simply chilling:

To me, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is how progressive it is. I write this with great humility as a member of another faith. As an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, much as the reformers tried to do with the Christian Church centuries later. The Koran is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and far ahead of is time in attitude towards marriage, women and governance.
Tony Blair, Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb 2007

Even now, the EU high command is spending tens of millions on building a British style police state for all its members, investing monies in technologies that would scoure the internet, electronic traffic and CCTV images for "abnormal behavior". One of the aims of the project, labelled Project Indirect, is to create an EU wide common police culture and state, based, I am sure, on the Blair super experiment in humanity control.

Further plans in the EU parliament are also in motion, and spearheaded by another "freedom" loving Brit, British Labour MEP Richard Corbett, to push out smaller political groupings. That it just so happens that these smaller groupings are mostly made up of the Eurosceptic parties, who have worked to contain the pack of power mad men sitting in the EU parliament, is simply coincidence. Or at least that is what we are meant to believe.

This and the establishment of Big Brother Blair to be renamed Big Father Blair aka the Fuhrer, will move the EU into the absolute state of totalitarianism and setting the stage for the final of the four world wars of the "ism" epoch.

World War One ended the epoch of Monarchy and brought in the epoch of the "isms". World War Two saw the destruction of Nazism or War Fascism to the alliance of Corporate Fascism (code named Democracy) and Communism. The Cold War saw the follow on destruction of Communism to Corporate Fascism. The final war, destined for 2017 AD, will see the destruction of Corporate Fascism aka Capitalism or Democracy, and the return of traditional Monarchies, the Church and nationalistic mercantalistic economies. Mercantilism, a Truly Nationalist Economy

Russia must prepare, first by offering sanctuary to all those freedom loving and Christian refugees of Europe, and arming itself as best it can for the titanic struggle to come shortly. With God on our side, with titanic sacrifice, the last of the dispised "isms" will be crushed and traditional government and Christianity to Europe returned.


Sean O'Brian said...

"With God on our side, with titanic sacrifice, the last of the dispised "isms" will be crushed and traditional government and Christianity to Europe returned."

I hope you're right.

Sublime Oblivion said...

What about a preemptive nuclear strike on Europe? Then there won't be any need for "titanic sacrifices".

Cobra said...

I rarely agree completely with Mat Rodina, but, this time, I do.
Please go and read the article "Agenda 21’s New World Serfs" at Canada Free Press (
Watch the video!!!!
It is frightening, and the agenda is advancing with break-neck speed.
I think Obama will be the global version of Blair. Who could say no to the global Messiah, Obama, after all?
Folks, we are in serious trouble, in the Cristian World.
My dream is to see the Orthodox Church and the Cathlic Church reunited and opposing the NWO, which is nothing more than communism under a new facade...

Gregor said...

This has been troubling me as well, and it is true that Britain is in a bad way, Stas. In fact some think the Brit government collects more info on its citizens than the Stasi did. And it is ironic that the Brits are proud of producing Orwell yet we democratically sleepwalked into a CCTV superstate.

Still, can't share your optimism about Russia (though I wish I could). There are still problems with corruption, life-expectancy, apostasy, human trafficking, birth-rate. Furthermore, a lot of Russians think masonic bolsheviks still form a faction in the Kremlin.

Still, doxa to Theo, the Russians are at least still trying to go on the right track. Here in Britain things can only get worse.

As for Europe, I have faith that it will change.

Any thoughts on Papandreou's coronation? A freemason who can't even speak Greek becoming leader of the country? That's pretty serious given that the Greeks are possibly the most devout and conservative people in Europe. Don't get me wrong, Karamanlis was a drippy failure. But it was creepy how the media just decided it was time for him to go and concocted a load of bullshit to get him out.

Gregor said...

Oh, and what about Mr Change getting the Nobel Prize for... uh... not being John McCain. I'd find it funny if it weren't so sinister.

Arius said...

The trends that we have been watching since the 1973 oil embargo and Europe's capitulation and subservience (dhimmitude) to the EAD portend immense danger to both Israel and the US. Leaders and public in the US are ignorant of the danger. The US will play along with Europe until it is too late for it to extricate itself (if it ever realizes what it has walked into). What is the power behind the EU throne? It’s Germany.

In two world wars Germany allied itself with and supported the Islamic jihad and mass murder.
- In WW1 it encouraged its allies the Turks to mass murder the Armenian Christian people.
- In WW2 it mass murdered Jews, supported fascist Croatia and fascist Albania and their mass murder of Jews, Serbs, and Roma, and allied with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
- At the end of the twentieth century (with US backing) Germany actively supported and encouraged the Islamic jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo and its ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Roma, and it supported the reemergence of fascist Croatia and it’s cleansing of the Serb Krajina (the biggest ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s).

Why shouldn’t we expect more of the same from Germany in the twenty-first century and therefore from the EU with Germany at its core?

jack said...

With the way things are progressing Russia will be bogged down in proxy Islamic wars via the CIA and NATO, fragmented and won't exists with at least over a million dead with use of chemical and biological weapons, mass ethnic cleansing and famine.

It will be like 1917 all over again.

Russia as a state will no longer be a state as we know it beyond 2014.

hamilton x said...

Jack, in my opinion , the ability of NATO and USA to get anybody" bogged down" but themselves is shrinking.Trust me, the US military is badly overstretched. CIA is deeply divided and Obama has more to worry about from his own CIA than Russians.American intelligence services are not generically "pro-Islam" or "anti-Russian" but they view themselves as "pro-American". Obama has outraged the military and intelligence services with his incompetence,indecision and even(in their opinion) disloyalty. CIA vs. Obama will be the real war.

hamilton x said...

Mr. Mishin, excellent article. Your perspective is always interesting to me. There is a possibility the English people (who hate the EU) will help wreck it from inside along with other "captive" nations like the Italians,Czechs, Hungarians....even the Poles!! Regardless, I do not believe "Europe" can survive without a strong resurgent Orthodox Russia and I know a growing number of Europeans are and will come to the same conclusion.

jack said...

@hamilton x

Since 89 starting in Bosnia the EU, Saudi Arabia and other vassal states, US, UK, Turkey and African states like Morocco have been training and supporting terrorist in Bosnia and Chechnya

That is what this so called fake Al Qaeda terror network is.

Apart from Israel US intelligence is pro-Islam and anti-Russian.

Since 67 US policy has been anti Russian with Afghanistan being phase 1 of the agenda.

Read Paul Murphy's book Wolves of Islam to get at least some realisation of the scope of what Russia has to contend with in regards to terrorism.

It’s 1917 all over again just waiting for the next engineered crisis and and international financial sabotage against Russia.

"Captive nations" are essentially vassal states of the US there is no way they would do anything other than being pro-US.

Now there investigating Communist criminal investigations to stir up animosity to prepare Russia to pre-pare for hostilities and the push for war covertly or overtly war against Russia.
Hopefully although I seriously doubt it someone will note the ethnicity of those who committed the crimes.

Maybe they should reveal in the case of Hungry who were the top leaders and secret police of the time of the Uprising and who had the key role in suppressing it in the Kremlin, who the lead mass murderer of Katyn was and who organised and carried out the Holomodor in the Ukraine and who was the largest group killed during Communist rule (I presume ethnic Russians) and who created and ran the Gulags and Soviets other institutions. But I doubt any researcher Russian or otherwise will make light of the issue.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

The next "turn of the screw" is near....
As the american psychic Edgard Cayce said:" from Russia comes the hope of the world"

hamilton x said...

Got "Wolves of Islam" and read it, Jack. You are mixing up our so-called leaders in the White House and Congress and their "intelligence" with the professionals in CIA or ONI or NSA. They are not "pro-Islam" and they do not see the continuation of hostilities with Russia as beneficial. CIA has been in constant tension with the "pro-Israel" pseudo-intelligence think tanks that dominate Capitol Hill. The FBI is constantly thwarted by pols in its efforts to uncover "foreign agents" of a certain ilk. And to repeat the U.S. military(especially the Navy) is very skeptical of Israel and I know of few officers at any time past or present that I would consider "pro-Islam". The disgraceful attacks on Serbia were not urged or encouraged by the Pentagon; Clinton and Albright actually ignored the military's doubts. I know of many who laughed out loud at McCain's foolish obsession with Georgia and thought the Russians were completely justified.You and I agree on many points regarding American foreign policy but I don't believe in blaming the military or intelligence agencies who carry out bad orders and are often ignored by the criminals that temporarily run the country.

Anonymous said...

Hang on Stan, I'm a bit confused by your recent change in rhetoric. You used to refer to the anglo-shpere as "Anglo-Marxists" but now you are calling us "Corporate-Fascists".

Is there are reason for this change? Or are you, just like the rest of us, trying to find a succinct moniker for the creeping madness enveloping the English-speaking world?