Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween: Anglo Paganism On The March

The Holy Orthodox Church has for several years now come out strongly against the imported "holiday" of Halloween. What to many Russians and others around the world may seem like a fun night of kids masks and candy, is indeed an evil day of a vile paganist religion built upon the blood of sacrificial victims.

The holiday was originally named Samhein, the Keltic New Year, which started with the day of death. Yes, unlike most cultures, to the ancient and not so ancient Kelts, the year started in death. The western Orthodox Church, four hundred years before the Great Schism, attempted to paper over the meaning of this holiday, while Christianizing the Kelts of Gaul and England. In its place, it created All Saints Day or Holy Eve which became Halloween.

However, the evil of the day, it meaning and rituals were never far from the surface. With the West in a post-Christian culture, paganism, even the most vile forms of it, quickly have returned and the vilest have reclaimed their day of death. But what makes this day so evil?

Most people in Russia and in truth, most people in the Anglosphere, do not know anything about this dark day. The day was when the realm of the dead crossed the realm of the living and the dead would walk amongst humans, as well as demons and other fell beings. The ghosts must find a host to take over to have life for the next year or they will go back to the land of the dead. This in turn lead to several customs.

First, all fires were doused, so as not to draw attention. Scary faces were carved in beats and candles lit. Pumpkins were a later adaptation by irish immigrants in America. Scary masks were worn so that the living would look like the demons walking the land and thus would not get possessed. Treats were given out to appease the hungry dead.

The god of the hunt also lead a wild frenzy through the land, where people could either join as hunters or became the prey.

The worst of the holiday were the druid fires. All fire was kept in a central druidic sanctuary and brought to the local bonfire, where the local druidic high priests held vigilance. In the fire, before it was lit, were placed living human sacrifices. Most of the time, they were captured war prisoners, at other times drawn by lot. These sacrifices were burnt alive, their screams of death and pain fed the evil godlings that the Kelts worshiped. From these fires, built upon the lives and souls of sacrificed people, were lit the fires of every house of the local villages on the morning light of the new year of the Kelts.

These customs have nothing to do with our Slavic history or prehistory, either Christian or earlier pagan. In the case of us Rus, they have nothing to do with the Ugric nor Varengin Rus histories and cultures. They are an unwelcome import, a cultural imperialism from the Anglo-Sphere, hoisted upon us. It is a day on which many vile acts are carried out and on which the reborn pagan cults, which riddle the West in general and the Anglo-sphere in absolute infestation, celebrate their dark beliefs.

As Orthodox Christians and as Russians, we must refuse and reject this vile day.


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to and read your blog, at least the English-language posts, and I appreciate your point of view that I characterize as Russian Orthodox and nationalist.

You and I agree about the evil of celebrating Halloween. Indeed, it is a pagan holiday and an unwelcome import in America, as well. Spiritually aware Americans opt for ‘harvest celebration’ parties as an alternative for our children. However, I believe the greatest threat to Christianity is not Halloween, but communism, an unwelcome export of Russia.

With the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, free people around the world jubilantly and prematurely celebrated the death of communism.

Our president and his non-vetted, unelected ‘czars’ are communists who work undercover as agents of change to transform our society well beyond the “change” imagined by Obama supporters. A growing number of Americans, possibly now a majority, have come to recognize the evil Obama unleashes on our beloved country: unfettered homosexuality, special status for practitioners of all manner of sexual perversion; destruction of our economy; nationalization of major industries; forfeiture of national sovereignty to a one-world government.

I write not to accuse your nation, obviously beloved by you, but to warn you of resurging communism in Russia. I foresee a model of global communism that follows China: an eclectic mix of atheism and capitalism. People whom I know well and whose opinions I respect tell me they see first-hand communism reviving in your country.

Russia, China and the USA share a common trait: we three nations have killed more of our own people than any foreign enemy. Outside our borders, we empower puppet states as our proxies in an ongoing undeclared war between our three countries. In the case of Afghanistan, Russian and American hands have been inside the same puppet.

History, it seems, validates the prophetic rise of one-world government – one currency, one central government. The purpose of my blog is to awaken my fellow Americans. I hope yours will awaken your fellow Russians.

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.
Ezekiel 33:6

vonbach said...

Its halloween its an excuse to give out candy and party. I hate to break it to but 90% of christian holidays are just renamed pagan ones. Its how christianity spread across europe. If they hadn't europe would still probably be pagan. Don't take the holiday seriously its a long way from its roots.

Stanislav said...


Communism is hardly a Russian export. It came from Prussia, was rooted out of there after the revolutions of 1848 and fled to America, where it created your Republican party and Licoln. Look up key word Lincoln on my blog to read my article on this and who exactly founded the Republicans and what kind of tyrant Lincoln was.

Wallstreet later exported the virus into Russia, in a much more sophisticated version and than, getting what it could out of Russia in exploitation of the 1920s and early 1930s, it exported a newer deadlier version of marxism, called fascism, into Germany where it to made incredible money and perfected the infection that it than brings home to America.

Look up key word WallStreet on my blog for the Six Evils of Wall Street and The Suffering of Humanity.

The rot and infection goes a long way back and is much deeper.

Stanislav said...


Communism in Russia is all but dead. The one government owned channel, there are about 5 to 7 national and doezens local channels, plays many documentaries showing all the evil of the marxists.

Russia is moving out of recession, why? Because we cut taxes, cut regulation and helped small and medium business while forcing the mega businesses (oligarchs) to pay their employees properly, even directly out of pocket, when some tried to hold back paychecks.

Gregor said...

Firstly it's not 'Anglo' (Germanic) but Celtic paganism.

Secondly, we don't know what paganism was. As Vonbach says, look at Christmas and Pascha (Named after a pagan deity in the west).

Oddly enough, coming from a Celtic country, it is actually the 'trick or treat' that I find most offensive.

I'm not anti-American but I find it a bit comical that they present themselves as the living embodiment of family values when they encourage such nasty spoilt brat behaviour. But then if you see the children's films Hollywood produces, being a spoilt, selfish, rude, foul mouthed brat is held up as a virtue in America.

Still, it won't last: before long the brokebank crowd will probably be making films for paedos where kids are abused for fun.

Gavrick said...

Good article, Slava. We were trying to decide whether or not to take the kids to friends at an American base here in Germany for trick or treating. As Orthodox Christians, you answered my question.

Stanislav said...


Pascha is not the name of some foreign diety, it is the Jewish word for Pass Over, the Christian Pascha (Easter is a Western Latin word invention) is always the week after the Jewish, as that Christ was murdered at the end of the Jewish Pascha. That the Latin Easter falls all over the calendar is because they left the Julian Calender for the Gregorian, which breaks the unity and thus the calculations.

Gregor said...

'Pascha is not the name of some foreign diety, it is the Jewish word for Pass Over, the Christian Pascha (Easter is a Western Latin word invention)'

Yes, that's what I saw saying. In the West it is named after a fertility goddess because that marks the Vernal Equinox. For whatever reason, this has a strong impact on people's subconscious and so does late October for reasons we cannot know.

Shadow said...


taken said...

Lighten up.

I'm an orthodox christian, and I see Halloween as harmless fun.

Daniel said...

More power to you, Mr. Mishin. It occurred to me that somehow you should visit America to talke sense into the power quarters. But no, they would treat you as they did the magnificent Solzenitsyn: with smirks, contempt and put-downs. How dare he? Then I thought it a better thing, from my perch as an anonymity, to send letters to my Congressman, a big friend of Obama's and to my two senators, both big friends of Obama. Little enough, but the sentiments will often mirror yours.

All the best, Mr. Mishin.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus, that He may keep Russia safe from the West.

Daniel F. Bonner

mackname said...

Halloween could indeed be related to an old Persian (Iranian) custom, celebrating coming new year which is called ‘chahar shanbeh suri’.

Sherri said...

I have heard the arguments for and against Christians celebrating Halloween. It is quite simple even without the history lesson: You have a "holiday(holy day)" called All Holy Evening and you want to send your children out dressed as witches, axe murderers, horror show villains, vampires, etc. It seems a bit blasphemous to call something protraying evil as holy, doesn't it?