Sunday, March 20, 2011

US/UK/France, One More Blow Against the Nation State

US/UK/France, One More Blow Against the Nation State

In today's illegal attack upon a sovereign nation that has done no aggression to the greatest aggressor nation of the last 240 years, the US, the Americans, with their UK and French stooges, have struck another blow against the modern nation state.

One of the key rights of a nation state is to defend its established order against uprising and rebels. What ever you wish to say about the character of Quedaffi, which is still infinitely better then the Islamist opposition, his government has the right to defend itself. Further, since he is winning, and the people in the majority of the government controlled areas, at least the majority of the people are not shooting at him but are actually joining up, it is hard to say that he is facing a wide spread revolt.

Regardless of this, the tyrannical and would be world government UN, whose professional bureaucrats are ever busy living like kings with bloated salaries, off of the backs of the world's peasants, have decided, with the proper prodding from the American Mullahs, to "allow" the murder of this fundamental right.

The Anglos, ever happy to destroy the nation state and bring about their Orwellian ideology, are already at it, firing off over 124 cruise missiles into Libya. Of course this is to create a "no fly zone", which means, the rebels, who conducted air strikes last week, will be able to continue conducting those strikes, armed with US/UK/French ordnance.

The French, still pissed off at loosing the arms contract to Quadaffi, to us Russians, are now conducting air raids on the Libyan army, not even bothering with the pretense of the no-fly zone, enforcement. This is of course claimed as a way to force a cease fire and negotiations, of course, never mind that the Libyans proclaimed a cease fire 2 days ago, but what are details to the leper West's blood lust?

Never mind that the "mad man" Quadaffi modernized a primitive 3rd world nation into more or less a modern state, where women can go about without male escorts, can go uncovered and get educations and work. Where the medical system has led to a massive drop in childhood deaths and extended the life spans of the people and where the economy is the best of the North Africans. No, instead the US as usual, is backing an Islamic jihad that will soon put a vale on those women even as they are raped and stoned to death for being victims. This is the real form of human rights the Anglos enjoy: Shari. The only thing that will ruin their day is that there are not enough Orthodox Christians and Jews to be murdered, unlike Tunisia, Egypt, and Iraq.

Even now, Obama is screeching that they are doing this for "democracy" even as he spits on his own constitution, which still stinks from his feces, the last time he wiped his arse with it. After all, only the US Congress has the right to declare war and thus authorize military action. Not that it has ever stopped the "constitutional scholar" as claimed by the US unfreepress, from massacring civilians in Pakistan with drone strikes and now doing the same in Libya, even as he threatens war on the Iranians and Syrians. There's a noble peace prize joke for you, not that the spineless Cretans that gave it to him could ever appreciate what kind of strumpets they really are.

Obama, of course, made his speech from his vacation in Brazil, where he is visiting the local communist run government, that just put down mass demonstrations, against Obama, with rubber bullets, gas and water canon, in other words, mass violence against their own people. Not that we can expect the greatest genius of our time to appreciate the irony of it all.


Cheryl Pass said...

We are living through the most insane, global, political chaos I think has ever existed on the face of the earth...with the most insane leadership possible. I agree with your thoughts on Libya here. The U.N. and the global one worlders are having a party at everyone's expense. Why they are setting up a Muslim Caliphate is beyond my wildest speculations...
The only answer is insanity.

entryfish said...

the NWO will be defeated soon.. Russia will attack Turkey & their allies and reunite all orthodox nations..