Monday, March 7, 2011

Anglo Containment of the FRIG (France, Russia, Italy, Germany)

Anglo Containment of the FRIG (France, Russia, Italy, Germany)

No matter what you hear about the Arab Street and Jihad, what you hear about China rising or any other such and such, the Anglo-Sphere's main policy for world domination, designed by the English and driven by the Americans, has always been and always will be, short of some massive catastrophe: FRIG.

Only in France, Russia, Italy and Germany does the Anglo contagion face a real threat to world financial and thus resource and military domination. These countries in and of themselves and worse, in any kind of alliance with each other, have and still do pose the real answer of the multi-polar world view, that can and will threaten the merciless exploitation of the world for the benefit of primarily 2 Anglo nations: US/UK.

While we hear much about the Islamics and on a local scale it may be true, no Muslim nation in the world has the military or economic capacity to even challenge England, which all said and done is a second rate European power. So how, then can even an alliance of these destitute, culturally backward, death cultists, threaten or even topple the Anglo sphere? Simply put, they can not, but with terrorism and piracy, they can be blown up into a fear mongering for the little people at home and as a smoke screen to cover the machinations of these elites. The same can be said for China.

The Arabs make great headlines and reasons to pull NATO and thus three of the four real threats, into bankrupting and soul draining wars. The simplest way to handle any terrorist act is to identify the country sponsoring it or giving aid and bomb the Hell out of them: one full village or town flattened for every terror act committed. Similarly with piracy: wipe out the villages along the coast from which the pirates range forward and burn the ports and you have sold that issue. But why waste the smoke screen.

Similarly, the issue of China. Yes China is a threat, a regional threat, with little to no chance of threatening the world, but a US/UK built up headache for Russia and for that matter every other nation surrounding it.

Following the end of the WW2, the Anglo-Sphere had partially achieved its aim, with a divide Germany in the camp of the Soviets and Anglos and France, especially after the ousting of De Gaulle, as well as Italy, in the Anglo camp, a strong hegemony was established upon the European continent.

Europe has been the seed bed of most of the modern technology that the world enjoys, of the past 250 years. It was the seedbed of the industrial revolution, of the majority of philosophy, literature and culture, as well as the majority of the empires of the past 400 years. To that end, the only exceptions to this rule have been the American and Japanese empires, and the Japanese one was relatively short lived, at less then 100 years.

With the end of the Cold War, a united Germany was firmly cemented into the alliance. It was given some free reign in the creation of what is now Croatia, its own colony of sorts, not realizing that a full blown civil war was the perfect context under which to pull the Germans into their first quagmire.

At the same time, the Anglos were heavily backing the Eurozone for the simple reason that a combined currency, split amongst the main threatening players, 3 out of the 4 FRIG members (France, Italy and Germany) and forced to support weak nations, would confuse and defuse any real national ambitions of those three. Like wise, the Anglos were busy gorging on the ruins of the Soviet Union, helping turn neighbor on neighbor and stealing anything not nailed down, even as they pulled in puppet states such as Poland, the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and so on to make sure that any vote in NATO and the EU was diluted and directed in the Anglo preferred direction.

However, in their endless greed and hubris, the Americans and English, hoping to create more bases for further reduction of Russia and to involve the French, Italians and Germans in another series of soul crushing quagmires, got involved Iraq and Afghanistan, with a smaller degree in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In both direct instances, these turned into absolute disasters, similar to the British wars against the Boers of the 1880s-90s.

During this period, Russia got up off of her knees and began to actively present an alternative power point to the Anglos. The nationalist elements of France, Italy and Germany were also able to gain power, though, these were of the milder element, non-the-less and began steering their nations more in line with Russia, to oppose Anglo domination.

This is why the US placed so much pressure to stop the Minstrel sale from France to Russia. Thankfully it failed. The French had given the Anglos the proverbial finger and went after what is best for France. Germany is already doing the same and Italy is like wise running for the exit of the Anglo supremacy.

In short, the multi-polar world is forming faster then the Anglo efforts to stop it.

Containment of the FRIG was successful to one degree or another, until the endless and ever bubbling Anglo hubris once again sank them. Now containment is collapsing and the world may once again see an answer to the Third Way Socialism, aka Marxism that the Anglos are fostering upon the world. The world may also once again see a strong block of nations who supports and defends Christianity.

The transformation of the French, Italians and Germans back into nationalist, Christian states is only just beginning and still has a long way to catch up to Russia, but it is happening and nothing the atheist and dhimmi Anglos do will stop it.


Pervych said...

Самое жизненное продолжающееся внутреннее преобразование, и жизненное преобразование других назад к и в пределах их собственных стран ... или ада!!!

Anonymous said...

i would not trust germany and france so easily.i dont think protect and defence christianity plus justice on the world is a priority for them.

sobaka said...

I agree with Sparta, in all of these countries the church has little importance (even in Russia, most Orthodox Christians don't take their faith seriously). They have all been seriously tainted by the atheist/liberal ideology of the modern era, particularly in western europe. It would take a miracle for europeans to start defending Christianity once more, as they did for centuries. Но все равно, Надежда умирает последней