Friday, August 26, 2011

Is God Punishing America, Urgent Update 1

Is God Punishing America, Urgent Update 1

Early last May, I wrote an article Is God Punishing America?. Since then the evidence has only piled up and up, that the end of that nation, by the Hand of God.

The earlier disasters and warning were ignored by a evil, power mad and diabolical elite and a cowardly and foolish people, high on their own egoism, who willingly play the tune of their masters and their owner, the Enemy, Satan.

Since I published this, the evil of wrote by that nation have continue to grow, every week bringing new and more demented renderings.

First came the backing of Islamics in Libya, to over throw that nation's government and replace it with the murderous and barbaric Jihadists of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just as they had done in Egypt and Tunisia. Thousands of Libyans have been murdered under US bombs and what took generations to build, the highest standard of living in the North African region, has been demolished, with an Iraq style "peace" of blood and vengeance as the only future. Meanwhile, the US stole the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Libya, and is now, with their other allied members of the den of thieves: Britain and France, busily cutting up the resources and assets of Libya amongst themselves.

Then there has been the on going war against the Shiete in Yemen, run by the oppressive Saudi backed Sunni tyranny. The US is actively engaged, bombing and murdering civilians there, to keep the oppression in place.

Next came the backing of Islamic radicals in Syria, against that government. The fall of Basir will promise one thing for certain, a mass purging of Christians from yet another part of the Middle East. We have already seen this US/UK backed mass murderer and ethnic cleansing of Christians from Iraq, Egypt and Tunisia, joining the earlier cleansings from W.Macedonia and Kosovo, all US backed, as well as the earlier earlier cleansing of Christians from N.Cyprus.

The US has also strongly come to the side of the Islamics surrounding the Israelis. While some readers here may rejoice, they are fools if they are Christians. The Islamics in the Palestinian lands, which is the majority of the population, have show a great regard for wiping out their own Palestinian Christians and desecrating our Christian Holy places.

Then there was the rebellion in Georgia, against the US backed dictator. A half dozen dead demonstrators and hundreds beaten, tortured, sent to the hospitals. While the US sang the praises of Misha the Bane of Silk Ties.

Meanwhile psychotic leaders of America, like John McCain, call for more and more such revolutions, to include our nation of Russia.

What has God's response been? Even as the US suffered from a once in 300 year splurge of tornadoes, a once in 500 year fire in the west of Texas and bordering areas, a once in 500 year flood of the Ohio and Mississippi, God has sent down yet more grief on those who export evil.

The US has suffered a once in 500 year drought in the south, the old Confederacy, which this year marks the 150 year anniversary of its bid for freedom. East Texas and the Gulf areas have been in 40C+ weather, with little to no rain, for almost half a year now, with no relief in site. What is left of the crop that was not destroyed by tornadoes, fires and flood, has been finished off by drought. Hunger and massive food price increases are a stocking horse, just beyond the horizon.

But still no one listened.

Then God sent a once in 100 year earth quake to the US east coast. Three of the four spires on the Washington DC cathedral have been broken and their tops have fallen, yet no one still listens.

God's latest hit is Hurricane Irene, at Cat 4 and growing storm, heading straight into the heart of evil, Washington DC. Will anyone listen? No, of course not.

What will it take to stop the evil and get the people's attention? Massive earth quakes? Mt. Reiner exploding? No, at this point, the masochist culture of the US Anglos will only take the damage, bury their dead and shrug it off. It would seem that the average man is beyond God's lessons, having followed his elites to far down the path of the Enemy.


Pervych said...

Так называемый 'бог' не должен слушать никого!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

John Friend said...

Hi Mat, very interesting perspective that you've laid out here. As an American, I can tell you first hand that basically everything you've written here is correct. Our culture and society is completely lost, completely brainwashed, completely mind controlled by the powers that be. It's not a good situation, it's difficult to even have an intelligent conversation about current affairs with anyone these days. I know grown adults that have difficulty reading, and these are people that have jobs and families. You know, "normal people." It's terrible...

I'll continue to follow your work. It's refreshing hearing a true nationalist from a different country than my own. God bless Russia and the Russian people.

Daniel said...

My friend,

If you seriously believe what you wrote, that the US is supporting the Muslims "surrounding" the Israelis, then you are being led down the garden path by liars. The exact OPPOSITE is the truth. The Americans have taken a one-sided, pro-Israeli policy since Palesting was occupied in 1948. This is not something I am making up; this is the obvious fact.

Perhaps you have great sympathy fofr the Israelis. Fine. There is nothing wrong with that. But what the Israeli government has been doing is an outrage, a scandal and simply, pure evil. Their policies cannot be defended by any rational person.

I am an American, and I can tell you plainly that what I am saying is the truth. Our country has so enraged the Arab world (Muslim AND Christian) that it has finally brought down retaliation upon our heads. Our one-sided, unjust policies have created terrorism.

My friend, you must look deeper into this issue. I admire much of what you write but on this issue you really do need to begin to educate yourself better. You must believe what I say: the Israelis are NOT the "good guys" in this conflict. You might begin by looking up the website "If Americans Knew" on google. Reading it is an education in itslef.

We must not accept propaganda unquestioningly; we must always seek out the truth. And may God's graces be upon you always.


jack said...

What about the rise of this new Turkish Neo-Ottoman Empire that is rising Stanislav.

It is well known Turkish support for Chechen terrorists and to a lesser extent Bosnia but there is also jihadists against Syria which would be a disaster for Russia and now Libya with there connections to jihadists in Algeria could have a knock on effect and Iranian and Turkish cooperation in bombing Kurds in Iraq and energy pipeline deals.

Western backed jihadists exactly match the Turkish anti-Christ army as this author shows.

Pervych said...

Тайное влияние British...влияние в течение пятисот лет...+backed+Turkish...и другие
,еще более длинная продолжительность...+Empire+is+the+army+of+the+anti-Christ