Friday, August 19, 2011

Mass Pillaging, American Style

Mass Pillaging, American Style

A theft and corruption of unmitigated proportions is about to take place, under the very noses of the property owners, who will soon become the property's renters, at best.

The American Congress (Parliament) a den of thieves, megalomaniacs and jackarses as the world has rarely seen, except maybe in the final days of the Roman Senate, are about to help their owners, the super bankers, to become the biggest owners of improved property, in the world.

How is this?

Very easy. The American government organizations of HUD, Fanni Mae and Freddie Mac have become the primary owners of the vast majority of American "distress" property. That is, as they have been buying up foreclosures in unprecedented volumes, some saying of up to or over a trillion dollars or more in foreclosed houses, offices, warehouses and factories.

In short, these properties are the property of the American people, who are on the line for their payoff, a public debt that will not go away.

The HUD and the US Treasury Department, on orders from the cabal of crooks, that is Congress, have put out a Request for Information (RFI) on the disposition of the inventory. This is the first step in the process of selling these properties for pennies on the dollar. What will follow will be a Request for Proposals (RFP), which is, in effect, a bid. Now, the fact that the RFIs were written by the very parties that will then send in their RFPs, that is, parties who can bring no less than $1 billion to the table. Of course, this is primary the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Bank of London, Saudi and Chinese sovereign funds, will hopefully not be noticed by the serfs.

To make things even better, many of those organizing this sale/theft, that will deliver these properties at literally, at pennies on the dollar, will be former US bureaucrats and politicians who now live at the purchasing organizations. Many of those making the sales will also soon live there, it is how business is done in the dual capitals of world corruption: Washington DC and New York.

Luckily, for the serfs, they do not need to get upset. The oligarch owned "free" press of the regime is already busily promoting the theft as a great and heroic effort by the thieves to revitalize the rental market....since the new owners will want to rent out their newly acquired properties to earn yet more money.

That is how business is done in a third world kleptocracy, the USA.


Pervych said...

Плюс субсидированное размещение для их анти-апостольского, подрывного маленького черномазого, Шпиц, и т.д. грязь...!!! Никогда в недоумении размножать их проклятую Ересь и Геноцид!!!

Anonymous said...

Deja vu Moskva 1994