Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The British Pig in Lipstick

The British Pig in Lipstick

Put lipstick on a pig, its a pig and merry old England is one shite covered, old obese pig.

To watch the spark of violence in England, one can not stop to compare it with Greece. In both, the demonstrations that helped bring the Greeks down to third world status, over two years time, started with the questionable police shooting death of a local man. In the case of England, it was 29-year-old Mark Duggan father-of-four who was shot in a taxi. Both he and his Greek counter part had criminal histories, though both were not a threat to police at the time of the shooting.

Following both deaths, vigils and small demonstrations started outside of the city, both grew in size and soon both engaged the police. Now, while the Greeks did throw petro coctails and did fight the police, in comparison to the UK, it was a mild mannered gathering. The Greeks set very few things on fire, with the exception of the Christmas tree in central Athens, which they seemed to hate with a passion, as they kept resetting it on fire and its replacements. When Greek violence burned down a small bank and caused the deaths of two people, everything froze and the tone of follow on demonstrations quickly scaled down. Down so much that even with massive default of the government and tyrannical asturity measures forced upon them, they are still relatively peaceful demonstrations. Even the storming of parliament, beaten back by police with rubber bullets and tear gas, resulted in no fatalities.

Of course the Greeks have deep roots in civilization, which is more than just veneer for them. Equally, though weaker then it was, the Greek Orthodox Church is still a major religious force and the people, with the exception of the Islamic Arabic and Pakistani "refugees" forced upon them by EU open borders, are a homogeneous people. The Islamics, who make up about 2-3% of the population, tried to get their way, during the middle of things. However, they quickly found out that neither the police nor the rioters had any patients for these Islamic barbarians and their "rights" agitation. In other words, these fools had their lunch handed to them, or rather smothered on their heads.

Now, enter stage right, merry ole England, set ablaze and I mean ablaze. Violence in the UK escalated instantly. The level of violence that took two weeks in Greece to achieve was present on the first day in the UK and has only escalated each night. Tottenham, a suburb of London, where the violence started, suffered burned out and looted shops, burning police cars and other autos. Roving gangs of yutes and yobs all over the place. Voilence then quickly spread to Peckham, Lewisham, Walthamstow, Brixton, Clapham Junction and Croydon, all suburbs surrounding London. Basically, London proper, where there is still peace and quite of sorts, is surrounded by violence and roving bands, while citizens are forced to flee for their lives. Violence and looting erupted in Hackney, east London, not far from the site of next year’s Olympic games. Maybe the British should be relieved of the burden of those games, if the safety of the park itself may be in jeopardy?

AFP described the violence and arson as thus:

In Croydon, an entire block of buildings -- including a 100-year-old family furniture business -- was ablaze, sending raging flames leaping into the night sky.

The Telegraph added this:
Reeves, a family run business established in 1867, was engulfed in flames sending smoke billowing across the London skyline. As the blaze raged out of control, the store’s owner Trevor Reeves said: “It’s just completely destroyed. Words fail me. It's just gone, it's five generations. My father is distraught. It's just mindless thuggery."
His brother Graham added: "Our lives are destroyed, it will probably be someone else next week. It's horrendous.”

Citizens were even forced to jump from their windows to save their lives, as businesses below them were set ablaze by rioters.

Violence has also spread past London, exploding in Birmingham and Liverpool and threatening every other city in the UK. In central Birmingham, gangs were roaming unopposed, looting and burning at will.

For all of this, police have only made around 250-300 arrests! If this was Russia, riot police would have been there on the first day. If it escalated to this point, the military would have long ago been called out and the body count would have risen quickly and properly, as it should be. It is one thing to stand in a street screaming. It is one thing to slug it out with the police. It is one thing to even set a few cars on fire, though by this point, that one thing is getting mighty thin. But, BUT, it is quite a different creature when mass arson and looting is taking place. At this point, it is nothing but a purely criminal and treasonous affair led by maddened animals, destroying everything in their path. When an animal is maddened, there is only one thing that can be done: it MUST be put down. There is no difference here. To boot, most of this is being done by immigrant minorities from third world hellholes, whom the Man-Gods imported in mass quantities to destroy that old English culture.

The fact that entire neighborhoods in eastern London, coincidently where this is happening, have been brought under Shari law by these third world dark age barbarians...well, dear reader, you get the point. The English Church is not even a shadow of itself, it is a joke to the world, an insult unto God, made up of spineless moderns who believe not in Christ but in being hip.

So of course, this had to happen. You import skilless, lay abouts, from third world hellholes, who contribute nothing to society, except for the taking up of space and the theft of oxygen and then, when faced with the cut in resources to these cancerous organisms, due to their crippling obligation on a weak economy, they riot. Either you give them what they want in a paper cheque or they will take it with fire and knife. Well, when a wilding happens, there is only one way to get through to those who are not totally insane yet and only one way to protect yourself: you shoot, you shoot and you shoot until either there are none left walking or the zombies have come out of their trance, figured out what is going on and run for their bloody lives and their rotting hides. Then, you round up the families of those involved and you deport the bloody lot of them.

It is either that or become a second Somalia or Haiti.

Of course, the British would then have to eat a lot of crow, after their endless condemnation of the actions of every other nation who has been faced with the exact same thing and have taken the hard course. So I guess it is better that the UK burns, to save face.

The fact that David Cameron is just now deciding to return from his vacation and that Theresa May, home secretary, and Boris Johnson, London mayor returned to the UK after violence was already out of control, says a lot about the streaming mascara and smugged lipstick on this particular pig.

A lack of leadership, a lack of economy, a lack of will and an army of angry lay abouts.

England has finally started its full fast slide into the Third World.


Pervych said...

Это ecть просто логическая метаморфоза Ереси и Геноцида, который грязные закоренелые отступники размножили во всем мире в течение пятисот лет!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Anonymous said...

We knew this day would come. 'Modern' man is still learning hard lessons our ancestors figured out 5000 yrs ago. Sad.

Anonymous said...

at the card game illuminati there is a card with big ben in fire the clock is stopped at 11:11.some people say that this show a date 11/11/11.

Occidental said...

Pakistanis and Indians Jailed for Starting Birmingham Riots


John Derbyshire estimates that blacks comprise about 2% of the British population but 60 - 70% of the rioters.



puckindog said...

Is it concievable the Brits will eventually learn the way to deal with these situations is to shoot them down like the mad dogs they are before they burn the whole country to the ground. Los Angeles was faced with a similar situation back around the 93(??) riots in south central LA. So while the city was aflame, the PD was running around seizing weapons from law abiding citizens, shop owners, etc who only wanted to protect their lives and property. So things kept getting worse. Well I don't know how it came to pass, but someone in City Government requested "backup" from 1st Marine Div at Camp Pendleton south of LA. A couple squads of Marine infantry were dispatched and deployed as backup to law enforcement units in some trouble areas. What apparently happened next, the Marines at one location were directed by law enforcement to provide "cover" for officers that were changing position. To the marines, "provide cover" means eliminate any potential threats of which there were many in the building directly across the street. So the boys from Pendleton opened fire reducing the number of hostiles in the other bldg by 10-15, some falling out of windows and most of the rest so scared to hell, they damn near turned white. Needless to say the rioting ended within about 24 hrs demonstrating the effectiveness I think of "hard nosed" diplomacy as opposed to the "nose up the ass" approach of modern day politicians.

hackaday said...

About Greece: Well in 2008 (December) the kid who was killed by a cop was 15 and in the bank there were 3 adults dead. One of them was a pregnent lady so with the unborn child the victims were four.