Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Suicidal Inclination of the Jews

As a race, the race of Hebrews, also known as Jews, while gifting the world some of the brightest minds in science, medicine and literature, have as a whole been some of the singularly stupidest people, with a true streak of self destruction, in the game of politics, that have ever walked the Earth. That they still exist after four thousand years of such foolishness is only by the patience of God Himself.

Outside of walking themselves into slavery in Egypt, that is, not knowing when to leave, a key component of survival, or revolting against the then most powerful empire on earth, the Assyrians, only to watch 10 of their 12 tribes scattered to the winds, the Jews have continued on a path of stupidity in politics, unmatched by any people and one that continues to this day.

Equally, it goes without saying that once conquered by another most powerful empire in the history of man, the Romans, it is not a bright idea to rebel, while said conquerer is at his zenith. The ability to feel out politics, to feel out the weakness of one's foes and friends, is an art form, one lost on such a people. Their rebellion against Rome, led to destruction of Jerusalem and their scattering for two thousand years.

During that scattering, Jews recreated the steps of their folly from one nation to another. In an attempt to maintain their identity as a separate people, in more than just religion from predominantly Christian Europe, Jews also made sure to keep their culture as separate as possible from that of the locals. Instead of blending in, at least pseudo assimilating and thus becoming more palatable to the cultures in which they aboded, they have made sure to be as culturally different and thus alien as possible. After persecution after persecution, after expulsion after expulsion, this concept would not and could not dawn on the Jewish people. In many places, local rulers made attempts at assimilating Jews culturally, not religiously and this met with limited results.

Thus, while they Jews may have lived in relative peace during good times, the moment trouble hit a society, it was always quite easy to blame those others, who acted, dressed and lived separately from you, in your own society.

Fast forward to today's world.

Jews living outside of Israel, forever feeling themselves a minority, by their own actions, have as a block voted and acted to "liberalize" every society they have been in. What this has in turn meant, has been the destruction of the Christian cultures by undermining the Christian moors and by opening the doors to massive immigration from the third, primarily Muslim, world.

What of course this has meant is a duel development of socialist-atheism that despises those same Jews as much or more so than any outright worst bigot that can still be found in Christianity. It must be noted that in modern Christianity, regardless of the flavour, such bigots are few, fewer than ever and by a wide margin. Add to this the Islamic presence, which despises Jews more than any other group, and you instantly have raging anti-semitism. The Jews, as a whole, unable to understand or see past their own political stupidity and self destructive tendencies are then the first to scream, as they should be, since they are the first victims of their own gollum.

In Israel, they have, for the most part, acted just as stupidly. Though, at first, the Israeli leaders, having learned something from their foolishness in Europe in the 1900s-1940s, first supporting the Bolshevik Revolution, and running in, and then supporting the rise of Hitler, where much of the monies came from Jewish interests, they acted in rational and logical manners for their own self preservation.

However, that moment and that lone generation or two of sane individuals have passed. Israel is on a course of absolute self destruction, one that has raged and rages for quite some time now.

First is the issue of the Ultra Orthodox Jews. Image a society where a portion of it lives totally off of the monies of the rest, never working, never even getting a proper education, but breeding like crazy and despising the rest. Oh, wait, that is most of the modern West with their welfare state. But at least while the free monies are coming, those wastes of humanity sit quietly, not so with the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, no, they do not sit quietly, they actively attack the elements of society that pay for their breeding and living and for their defense.

Equally they attack the only friends and semi-friends Israel has: the Christians. That those Christians are backed by large Christian nations, without whose help Israel and those same insane and fascist Ultra-Orthodox Jews would be exterminated, never enters the minds of these fanatical morons. Nor are they capable of understanding the very basics of economics, since all they learn in their Yeshiva schools is the Torah and no other more practical knowledge, that a society where the majority, and they are almost a majority, of feeders can not survive off of a minority of providers.

But than, these same feeders are voting and in force and the government of Israel, to inept to understand real politics, is allowing them a free reign, especially in their daily assault upon the Christians of Israel, loosing any and all good will with the Christian nations, without which, they will soon face the Islamic Sunnie world that surrounds them.

Than there is the stupidity of the Israeli Jews in external politics. Never has a society so singularly worked so hard to rip from the jaws of success, the mantel of continuous failure. What do I mean? Lets us review the past twenty years of Jewish "exploits" in and around Israel.

Starting with their backing of Hamas as an alternative to a more secular PLO, which in turn has brought radicals to power inside their own borders to the singular abandonment of their closest regional allies, in the early 1990s, the Lebonese Christian Army, after Israel withdrew and left them to the clutches of the Islamics, to their backing of the Islamic Bosnians and Albanians and the NATO pro-Islamic regimes, against the Christian Serbs, to present day. Than there was the case of Israel arming and aiding the psychotic terror regime of Saakashvilli in Georgia, against their number two trading partner, number one tourist, Russia. A stupider geopolitical move is hard to imagine, but here it is, dear readers, for all to see and wander at.

Israel did not back Mubarak and may have actually assisted in his removal. Same can be said for Quadafi. In both cases violently anti-Israeli regimes have come to power. Further, instead of finding mutual ground with Basir and for that matter the Iranians, they have singularly antagonized both, constantly threatening war, when what they are themselves surrounded by are not Shiates, Allawites and Christians, but Sunnie fanaticism.

Now, beyond all norms of self destructive stupidity, Israel has proven itself capable of even greater idiocy by backing Saudi and Qatari Wahhabists, and their American shills, in working for the destruction of the Basir government in Syria. In doing so, they are actively backing the Sunnie Islamic front, which is actively murdering its way through the Allawite, Christian and Shiete minorities and promises to exterminate the Jews next.

Can a people really be this stupid and survive for long? Well, unless someone with brains and wisdom comes to power in Israel, and reverses course, a prospect about as likely, as myself becoming a Vegas millionaire without even visiting Vegas, it is not bloody likely.

As such, the question now is, just how many years before boat loads of Israel Jews and Christians will be fleeing genocide that the Jews have brought down upon themselves with their singular stupidity in politics? In this humble writers opinion, not many.


Anonymous said...

Great piece, you will get some heat I'm sure but nothing untrue was included in your article.

I think a biological view might be in order .Most Jews nowadays are Ashkenazis who are decsended from Khazars pagans who merely converted. They have no more connection to Jerusalem than the Irish have to Rome. After centuries of inbreeding strange things happen to a people. Thats actually being used in the defense of an accused child murderer and cannibal who is Hassid here in NYC. His lawyer is also being called a 'self hating Jew' by the 'community'.

Its also curious that all these 'blunders' of Israel fit the Anglo program without fail. This supports the notion some of us have that Israel was always the tethered goat to advance the agenda of western rome and her anglo whores. This includes hurting or smashing Orthodoxy and non Wahhabi Islam.It was Theodor Herzl who said 'Zionism is but a peg upon which to hang a weapon'.

This was predicted by Albert Pike over a century ago along with others that came true . He wasnt a prophet - he was a controller. He was leader of Scottish Rite Freemasonary in US and probably the world. Check him out.

Another thing is this Netanyahu might actually be an asset of DC. He 'knows' Romney well since the 70s , hell he has an Anerican accent.
He along with other non Russian Jews have a Learjet waiting in the background.

Stanislav said...


Sorry have to absolutely disagree with the Khazar thing. Absolutely untrue. There are still plenty of Khazars around and they look a lot like south american indians, nothing like Europeanized jews or arabic Jews. Besides which, less than half the population of the Khazars was ever Jewish, the other half were either Orthodox Christians or Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Khazars look like descendents of the Incas? What are you smoking?Itil their old capital was close to modern Ashtrakan.Check out Arthur Koestler's 'The Thirteenth Tribe'.Not a really critical book, he was Jewish himself, and quite a character. He even did a stint in the French Foreign Legion.

This is an acedemic side issue anyway. The important thing is to alert the dopes of the world to the danger we all face, Jews included. Check out the doings of the crazed Susan Rice at the UN.

Stanislav said...

Khazars are an oriental asian peoples. I know its the great fad of certain groups in the West to label them as modern Jews, which is hardly the truth or the facts. I live in real facts, not made up fairy tales of Westerners. In the Russian empire and in the Soviet Union, when nationality was on all the passports, there were Jews and there were Khazars, two ethnically separate and distinct nationalities, even if they have the same religion. No more related to each other than Greeks, Russians and Etheopians, even though we are all Orthodox Christians.

This lie was started by the lieing Islamics and picked up by various Nazi groups. Either way, its still and will always be a lie. Just as much a lie as the Turks now claiming to be anything but the western Chinese that they are or the Germans claiming to be some kind of Aryans when Aryans as a tribe moved into the Hindu Valley and became modern day Indians.

Here are Khazars in their native dress:

Anonymous said...

Ok if you want to compare a people as depicted on Soviet passports to what happened 1000 years ago, good for you.I suppose DNA tests done by Israel showing connections between Sephardic Jews, Kurds and even Chechens and Jews living in LA are Nazi propaaganda too

I merely wanted to say from the outset that inbreeding in small groups is not good. Just look at the 'Brit' royals.

Anyway we got bigger problems than the Jews' family tree.We have to to realise that maybe the poor Jews are just bait in a grander plan. Just look at the Ron/Rand Paul double cross of patriots in this country.Problem is Israel has nukes and they know what Masada means.

Stanislav said...

Care to show proof of these tests, as Kurds are a non-semetic, non-turkic peoples, and the same for the Chechens. There are tests that have shown the Jews related to the Palistians, just as it is written in the Bible.

Khazars are most closely related to Turks and thus western Chinese.

Stanislav said...

Inbreeding, heck, just look at Iceland, Norway, Ireland for examples.

Anonymous said...

Ok you win. So where did all the pale face Ashkenazis of Poland , Russia , Ukraine and th Baltics come from? The only semitic Jews are the Sephadic. BBC? Tht BBC of Houla massacre lies fame?Im Irish and maybe inbred but the Irish arent holding the world at nuclear ransom.

Unknown said...

"Jews living outside of Israel, forever feeling themselves a minority, by their own actions, have as a block voted and acted to "liberalize" every society they have been in. What this has in turn meant, has been the destruction of the Christian cultures by undermining the Christian moors and by opening the doors to massive immigration from the third, primarily Muslim, world."

Right! This observation is not anti-Semitic and should be admitted by supporters of Jews and Israel. Typical problem, most of us are at odds with ourselves which is acted out in life as FATE.