Friday, June 8, 2012

Serbia To Once Again Be the Bulward of Freedom?

Serbia To Once Again Be the Bulwark of Freedom

Congratulations my Serbian brothers and sisters, once I again, I have hope for you and in you and in our righteous Orthodox cause.

The Serbs have proven themselves the wiser of the various peoples of Europe, who faced with the cabal of world financiers and their vassals and puppets, have decided to oust the smiling dolt that called himself president, Tadic. Under Tadic, Serbia's economy lay in ruins and its honour was sullied. The Judus did anything and everything his Brussels owners demanded and like a good kept rat, surrendered Serbia's heroes as well as her future, on a promise of being allowed into the EU club.

Finally, the people of Serbia woke up to the reality that either they were to sell themselves as cheap trollops or stand up and take their future, their honour and their souls back. Indeed, they have done the first steps to that, by electing Tomislav Nikolic, head of the nationalist Radical Party.

While Tomislav made some conciliatory noises towards the EU, to ward off some of their angst, his actions speak louder. His first action, was to fly to Russia, to meet and sit with Vladimir Putin. He heralded this as the beginning of the new epoch of Russian-Serbian relations. Already talks are underway about the laying of Gazprom gas lines, through Serbia, as part of the South Flow system.

In an interview  with Izvestia, Tomislav stated that Serbia not only is looking forward to a close partnership with Russia but wants to be Russia's bulwark in Europe. The Serbian nation is looking for close trade relations and partnership with Russia and as such are open to large Russian investments in their economy and resources.

The question now becomes, will Tomislav be able to keep his seat, keep from becoming another Serbian puppet of Brussels, and develop Serbia? The vampires in Brussels will surely not allow anyone pro-Moscow to have a free ride and will do everything possible to sabotage the Serbs, especially as they are afraid of the domino effect in the Balkans.

We can only pray.


Karl Haudbourg said...

Thanks for loving Serbia and Serbian people!

opie32958 said...

What is the Judus?

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Serbia and the Serbian people have suffered dispro-portionally.The issues are not over. Kosovo is still a heated contested area even though a population migration happened moving people around. If it was not for Russia, things would have been completely different. I remember seeing a nice young Russian soldier on top of the eight wheel vehicle being interviewed by Ted Koppel. The NATO forces were told to stand down, and loads of buses were moving the Serbian people out from their homes to Serbia or to another part of Kosovo. However, the apetite of Albanians creating a 'greater Albania' has not stopped. I read this claim comes not only for Kosovo but also part of main Serbia next to Kosovo. With WWIII comming, the black sphere spaceships approaching earth, not only Serbia but this earth, this house deck of cards will blow if not for direct intervention from Christ Himself.
To be sure many will suffer.
I pray that Christians, all people are saved in His name.


puckindog said...

Stan, evidently the Serbs awakened to such a degree they prevented the NWO/US/NATO from rigging the election.