Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greece Chooses Slavery

Greece Chooses Slavery

I will prewarn, some of my readers may find this offensive, not the first time I have posted something of the sort, but I have, dear reader, always said it the way I see it.

The elections of this week have demonstrated how far modern Greeks have changed from their ancestors of but a hundred years a ago. A modern Greek would have welcomed Hitler's stability, and never have risked fighting like their grandfathers, who took on German paratroopers with pitchforks.

A modern Greek is a small pathetic man in comparison to his illustrious forefathers who in the 1820s led the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire before securing the aid of the great powers. They risked more then their lives or the lives of their families but the genocide of their entire people. The Ottomans had called in their Egyptian vassals and promised them all of of Greece for Arab colonization in exchange for crushing and wiping out the Greeks.

But than again this is going to happen anyways, just a bit slower and 200 years later as the EU floods Greece with Islamics of every stripe, even as Greeks starve in the streets. But a people willing to surrender everything for the illusion of stability, even the lives of their children are a small and pathetic people, in truth a small animal. They are not men but animals for the simple reason that they have chosen to be as such. They have surrendered their faith in Christ, turned their backs on God, for the addiction of easy living, and even as the high ends and the reality of their addiction becomes apparent, like pathetic beings they crawl back to their masters, even at the merest hint of another fix.

The fix offered by the EU is to allow the Greeks to export their way out of their death spiral. As if the underdeveloped, uncompetitive and euro denominated Greek industrial base has any chance of doing that. If that was ever an option, that would have already been put on the table and implemented. And, the question begs to be answered, just to whom will they export, when most of the slave states of the EU are equally broke and breaking as we speak, and most of them have much more developed industrial bases.

All this in exchange for the state firing another 150,000 workers, closing more schools and hospitals and raising the 26% VAT on food even higher, starving their pathetic docile charges even further, while these animals bask in the hope of what if.

Instead of trusting in God, Church, Monarchy, mercantilism and their traditional Russian allies, who have already offered them several billions in deals, only to be turned down, the Greek untermensch have decided to be animal slaves of the German and Belgian Übermensch.

Constantinople will be freed but it will be freed by Russians, as there are no real Greeks left, not in the Church, the military or society. Now, for those who will object, go do something to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Wish you were wrong but sadly no. One wonders what is the plan of the eurocrats?Famine maybe.Dont be too hard on the Greeks though. The other nations are equally slavish. Whenever I visited Europe in the boom years they mocked us when we warned of what was coming.

Against stupidity the Gods themselves contend.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

The choices the Ellines were GIVEN, yes given, were not very good. These choices were prepared painstakinly over a long period of time as if strangulating the Ellines one at a time. The methodology applied to bring Ellas to its knees from the inside economically was set up and executed by individuals of the 'Greek' elite. Thus, Greeks may have chosen 'slavery' but Ellines have not. There is a difference, and it will become evident soon enough. These methods are now set up and practiced in other countries. In any event Samaras is an understudy of the previous New Democracy Prime Minister Karamanlis who tried to get closer to Russia (ref pipeline deal etc) only to find out 'reportedly' that there were several assasination attempts against his life that were stopped only by the intervention of Russian intelligence services (there is now an ongoing investigation). The choice is much better than 'Syriza'. Let us not forget that Samaras already spoke to Putin in person even prior to the elections. As far as Konstantinoupolis is concerned there are several Orthodoxy that as it may it is estimated that up to a third of the population in Turkey may be 'Krypto-Christians' waiting for the day of liberation..time will tell.

ilias milnis said...

Dear Stanislav,
A former President of the Hellenic Democracy stated once that "Είμεθα έθνος ανάδελφον".We are a brotherless nation, a daring statement yet a bold truth.The Christian orthodox flock in Greece as the Orthodox Church too will always have feelings of sympathy , love and gratitude to the sister Orthodox Church of Russia as to all the other sister Orthodox churches globally.
The saint of humbleness Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis once wrote that the Hellenic people are the eye - οφθαλμός of humanity.This eye isn't now merely sick but almost blinded.The Great Lord Jesus Christ decided that now is the time of cleansing and repentance.You know how mysterious His ways and His choices.The following time will be a difficult and yet dearing one.The poverty the difficulties the coming famine, the change in our life will be His loving coming for repentance,blessed His name be.As the psalm marks the gold needs to pass through fire to be cleansed.It wasn't a wrong vote but His hand driving us to the Golgotha, the Ressurection is ahead.This nation has rotted,yet a yeast still remains intact and pure as the Elder Paisios had noted, for them and for the martyrs and saints of ours the Lord will make patience and spare us in awaiting of the repentance.An old Russian verse as I remember said that the Greek is God's right hand.This hand now shall be cleansed in tears and blood to rise again for the Last Shining of Orthodoxy in history.We live in glorious times brother may we and your people stand worthy in them.



Read MORE carefull what the Ellines choosed...propaganda is everywhere and it works perfectly.

Remember the elections of 2010 ????...remember what Yunker said about this and then see what really we voted and what they SAY that we voted...

See you at Agia Sofia, Kwnstantinoupolis, 5 May 2013



vngelis said...

Dont count your chickens before they hatch. The electoral outcome was run by a company known as Singular Logic whose main owners are Vgenopoulos Marfin Egnatia Bank and Eurobank (Spiros Latsis)

3 million Greeks hit the streets last year and wave after wave of strike were sold out by the official leaders of the fake Left.
When official bankruptcy occurs and the Drachma returns millions of illegals will be forced to leave. People act in mysterious ways and open rebellion isn't far away. For those who dont want to commit suicide soon resistance will become armed.

FOTINI said...

everything is unstable.the slim majority this coalition government got,is not too strong to last.they will soon disagree on serious matters and they will fall apart.and then...the late monk'starets'Paisios will be proven true...