Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When Stupidity Knows No Bounds

When Stupidity Knows No Bounds
We are all used to the stereotypes of Americans as an ignorant bunch, and no group does their utmost to uphold that view than Hollywood and its straphangers. Yes, American politicians are in second place, after the even more self important and obsessed American entertainment industry mental midgets.
Case in point: one Steven Moll and his Dangerous Water Productions wanna be reality show crew. Like a bunch of nitwits right out of a Monty Python skit, these smaller than life, mentally challenged wanna-be heroes of the American reality show unreality, (there are 10 of them) decided to take their jet skies and travel 10,000 kilometers from Nome, Alaska, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They got as far as Russia, Chukotka, a military district to boot, where lacking any entry visas or documents, or special permissions to be in a closed, military zone, they were promptly arrested. 
But of all the arrests, its been a rather gentle one, not that Messer Moll is bright enough to figure that one out. He is on facebook and youtube whining about wanting to leave and not being allowed. In this idiots own words:
"We want to leave. They won't let us leave". Well no duhh, you twit, you broke Russian federal law, by illegally entering the nation. And since you did not have Russian entry visas, we assume you also did not have permission from Japan, N.Korea, S.Korea, China and probably Vietnam itself, all nations you would be passing by. Just what do you think those nations would do to you for the same thing?
But to stupid to understand his predicament and how well he has been treated, he continues to whine.
"They are trying to take us around town and show us museums and other little things, but all we really want to do is get some fuel and head back to the United States. This is ridiculous. This is Third World Shit."
Yes, it is ridiculous Messer Moll. The authorities in Chukotka should stop pussy footing around with the like of ungrateful idiots like you and do exactly what your United States would have done with Russians caught doing something that stupid, not that that has ever happened, namely, put you and the rest of your mental dwarves into nice confined holding facilities and let you rot there until the diplomats work something out.
Instead, these ingrates are being kept in a spacious gym, with their cellphones in their hands. A guard is over their equipment and they are allowed to walk out and check on it and fix it up.
Now it turns out that they had already pulled this stunt once before and had just not gotten caught. So, they must have figured, surely there were no laws against that kind of thing, you know crossing from one nation to another, illegally. Of course, since Mexicans do it to the United States on a daily basis, they may have been inspired by that.
In the end, Moll and the rest of the would be Hollywood elite were allowed to leave, but back east, to Alaska.
Sorry, DENIED!


Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Funny and yet so true...

If it is any consolation I have known several citizens of the United States of America who visit other countries for example France and they expect the 'French' to know and use English...and we know that ain't gonna happen!

opie32958 said...

Americans are used to a border policy where it's considered callous and racist to demand that foreigners have proper documents before they are allowed in. Maybe this crew assumed all countries are like that.