Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magnitsky List's Hypocrisy

Magnitsky List's Hypocrisy
In an effort to at once reduce tensions and to at once expand to cover the whole of the world, the US Senate has modified the Russia specific Magnitsky bill to cover all officials of any country that commit or are connected to human rights abuses, adding them to black lists....well all countries but one, the US itself, of course. American double standards at its best.
As a reminder to my dear readers, the Magnistky affair involved the incarceration of a lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, on corruption charges. The man suffered from heart disease and through bungling of the affair, the prison administration provided in adequate medical attention that led to his untimely death. He was not beaten, starved or terrorized. He was, however, delayed, criminally, in receiving emergency medical aid, which in turn, cost him his life. Several corrections facility administrators have been fired and criminal charges are pending.
The US, ever looking for a reason to politicize something, especially if it is in any way connected with one of the "liberals" that it favours, has turned this into a circus, creating a black list that defines the "guilty" party of government bureaucrats and others, whom it has already determined to be guilty of human rights abuse, minus trial of course. To give credit where credit is due, various hypocritical European nations have done the same, so the US does not stand alone, but shoulder to shoulder, as usual, with much of the hypocritical and rotten West.
But what of the new law on human rights abuses, by the US Senate, the Sergey Magnistky Rule of Law Accountability Act? Besides the fact that the new law applies to everyone around the world and does not even stipulate notification of affected black listed individuals, and the US so loves its numerous secret black lists that totally disregard the concept of innocent till proven guilty? Well it obviously ignores the massive police brutality epidemic that is and has been, ever worseningly, sweeping America for the better part of the last 3 decades.
That thousands of people die of police brutality on a yearly basis, that tens of thousands are beaten, brutalized, pepper sprayed, shocked, shot by police, even in their own homes and guilty of nothing, many if not most innocent people, is totally irrelevant to the hypocrites in the US Congress. They as usual assume that no one notices as they foster their double standards and reek of their own hypocrisy. 
I would give the old proverb about judgment and planks in eyes, but that is a subject lost on a bunch of bought and paid for power mad shills.

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Was he not tortured in prison?