Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a Casual Observation

Something caught my eye, the other day, and brought back up some disturbing memories.

I was walking through my facebook account....yes, I do have one and no its only for close friends and not the world, I am not one to advertise my daily thoughts, the underwear I put on or other such goobly gook. Anyways, back to the point:

As I was making my way through, and I've got a couple of hundred friends, from around the world, I noticed the seeming obsession that my American friends have with food. They talk about it, they worship it, in most of their posts they have pictures of it or something related to it. They make smily faces out of it, they make American football stadiums out of it (for the big games) and so on. They mark it on their calendars as to where they are (never figured out why I'd report my every step, but hay, I am just paranoid), and so on.

Inadvertently, one also notices that most are in some degree of over weightness, from plump to right out obese. Even those who are not obese, I honestly can not see how they can avoid it. It is rather disturbing and brings back to mind some of the images I have seen before on my trips to the US.

The beat the buffet races, where I watched people consume at one sitting more food than an average European takes in in a series of days. The people so fat that they can not sit down at a table like regular people, because their giant bellies keep their arms from reaching their plates and instead must sit on the corners of table to wrap their fat around the table's edge to reach the food.

I went to a country fair once, and yes, it was rather disgusting: deep fried candy bars, deep fried vegetables, deep friend icecream and hotdogs and this and that. The worst, the absolute heart attack on the spot: deep friend butter. Yup, advertised as crispy on the outside, yummy gooy goodness on the inside. Seriously? The time when people normally eat a stick of butter is when they are starving and need the calories and no, none of those who were eating it needed those calories. Most could have shared their stored calories with a couple of African villages.

When you see people who resemble beach balls, with a small round head and vestigial arms hanging off the side, so that a dark side of you just wants to tip them over and roll them to see how far they'll roll, its a disturbing culture.

The obsession, worship and consumption of food, the sin of gluttony on display in every corner and every window and in so, so many daily posts, is disturbing to say the least. If they spent just a third of that time and calories for Christ, they might live in a much better and saner nation.

In truth it is an outward sign of a nation in rapid decline, of a people who have given themselves to satanic sin of self pleasure, in this case with gluttony. It is a people who do not work to work or take equal interests in art, real art, not that talentless hack art that is so popular with the very people so obsessed with filling themselves. All of these are signs of the same sick, mindless decline. When your main pass time and obsession is food, much intellect is not needed.

The graphs below are mindboggling, not only in what they relate to now but in how quickly this decline has occurred.

And here's another "fringe" benefit to consider about being fat:

The Greater Your Weight, the Lower Your IQ, Scientists Say

Obesity Lowers IQ

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Rob said...

I was going to say, there's a definite correlation between being fat and social class and also IQ. I live in a city of engineers, professors, lawyers, etc., and this fatness epidemic isn't in evidence here. No one in America, BTW, eats more than the African-Americans, and it certainly shows in the women. The mestizos coming in from Mexico are also quite fat from eating so much corn and beans.