Saturday, February 2, 2013

And Now a Comedy Break (Walmartians)

This was sent to me by a friend, and while I have visited Walmarts before, when I was in America (I prefer the American Targets, at least I can understand the people there, as I do not speak spanish), I have never seen so many freaks.

This is both funny and rather sad.

Enough from me, enjoy???


Anonymous said...

curious question;

what about your walmarts in your land?

have a nice day...


Moscow Exile said...

There are no Walmarts in Russia.

Anonymous said...

All the wallyworld shoppers were comrade sobama voters who didn't want to see their welfare checks go away. How else would they buy worthless crap from China that no other country wants. Job? Ahahaha! They wouldn't take a job if one was offered and everything is free in the fundamentally transformed glorious hopetopia anyway.

Anonymous said...

Russia has Magnit and Viemarts, not sure if they attract the freaks as well but I'm sure they are out there.
Keep up the good work Stanislav I enjoy reading here and always leave wanting more.

Drew Prentice said...

Walmartians is a good way to describe them. For some reason, people make it a family outing visiting these stores. They move around in packs of six or seven people, clogging aisles, walking side by side and forcing everyone else to go around. Plus they have 30 registers, but only 5 are ever staffed. It's insane!