Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Long For This Change

How Long For This Change
Ever our leaders, like beaten girlfriends, have looked upon the West, and in the West I refer to specifically the UK, France, Belgians, Netherlanders, Rome and the US as some sort of enlightened guides and examples to us. But is this so?
Let us review when we have historically been most popular to these forces that be.  They loved us when we were the bulk of the Polish forces that came to rescue Viena from the Turks. They loved us at any time when we fought the Turks, while the Turks were strong and thus their attention was deflected from Europe itself. They loved us when Napoleans armies marched over them and someone was needed to push them back and defeat him. They loved us when the Kaiser's armies were on the march. The begged us to attack before we were ready, to a point that through the disaster of the destruction of Samsonov's 2nd Army, Paris was saved. The French loved us so much that they imported two divisions of Russian infantry to fight on the Western Front.
They loved us even more in 1917, when the Revolution hit. They absolutely adored us then, as the Civil War broke out.
They loved us when Hitler's armies were on the march. They begged us to launch one counter attack after another, while sitting mostly on their own hands and "Lend/Leasing" us equipment, equipment paid for with Russian gold, two tankers worth.
They loved us even more in 1991 as we fell apart and through out the 1990s as that imbecilic puppet Yeltsin danced to their tunes.
But they hated us quite a bit more. They hated us as we asked them for help against the Mongols. They even launched three crusades against us. They hated us as soon as Napolean was gone, as we were no longer any use to them and they just looked at us as Chinese in white masks.
They hated us when we marched to free the Balkans from the Islamic Turk, going so far as even being allied with the Turks in a war against us. They pushed us and the Japanese into a self destructive war. They hated our Tsar, creating various socialist and marxist clubs: "friends of Russia" and such, to destroy our nation, our государем and our culture.
They hated us after WW2, ever working to under mine us and they hate us still, ever working to under mine us, make us and keep us as a 2nd rate vassal.
And they have ever hated our Orthodox Faith, ever trying first to destroy it with Catholicism, than with Islam and Protestantism and now with the Luciferian hog excrement that passes for modern Western "culture".
We must reach out to the common people of the West, share with them our Faith and Culture and NEVER trust their masters, who ever have only one use for us: cannon fodder.


whiteson said...

Thanks mr Mishin, the truth. They only use people aswell as governments to suit them. They never admit their own failures, never. As it is now the case in Syria. Helping the enemy to suit them. As a South African I am ashamed of the West, very ashamed. They say they want peace, but they don't. They stirr things until it cannot be stirred anymore. Many has lost faith in the West. Handy tools. that's what the rest of the world are for them. And please, many like your blog. Keep on giving us your views, it's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

A great many mundanes and serfs in the west are rootin' for Putin and Russia. We don't have anything in common with the fundamentally transformed marxist hell hole.

mac said...

Jup same here in South Africa

Anonymous said...

Masterful like a chess master:

Anonymous said...

Peter said...

Too much innuendo. The Soviet Union was not Russia, it was the death of Russia. You know the Soviet was not Russia, and the price Russia paid in blood under it.

What crusades against "us" are we talking about - the Teutonic Knights? Same as all the infighting in the West.

WWI? Absolutely France suckered Russia into a war for which she was not ready and should not have fought.

WWII? See my other comment elsewhere.

Orthodoxy is not the true Faith, it is the Eastern rejection of Christ's Church in favor of national churches.

Even the Russian Orthodox Church tried to end the Eastern schism by reuniting with Rome, but was forbidden by the Tsar, lest he lose his power over the Russian Orthodox Church and peasantry.

Further, the head of the Orthodox Church, the Evangelical Patriarch of Constantinople, was present at the election of the current Pope.

It is time to lose these often false historical causes and move on to a reunion with Rome, and united front of Christendom against her enemies.

Peter said...

As regards the union of the Russian and Byzantine Orthodox Church with Rome see

It was the Tsar who prevented the reunion of Christendom. Thus, it will probably be a Tsar (or Russian ruler - Putin?) who accomplishes it.

Without a unified Christendom willing to fight for the Faith, nothing Russia can do will stop the islamic jihad deluge - there are simply not enough Russians.

And the revived Faith in Russia is still weak. Most Russians I know are cultural Christians (and new ones at that), rather than real ones. The same is true in the West, unfortunately.

When I first went to Russia, everyone said they were atheist. In the early 2000s this began to change as more people each year described themselves as Christians. Now most do. But the Church has a job to convert them from cultural Christians to real ones.

We Cossacks will help turn the tide again, I'm sure. But West and East must unify and gain a common religious, and then political, front against muslims and other enemies of God.

Stanislav said...

As the pope will never accept a curve in is power to become a patriarch again, there will never be reunification with the Catholics. As for the Protestants, most view us a evil pagans.

Stanislav said...

As the pope will never accept a curve in is power to become a patriarch again, there will never be reunification with the Catholics. As for the Protestants, most view us a evil pagans.

Anonymous said...

Odd person named Peter:

There are many other locations on the Internet where you can type out your Roman Catholic propaganda, so why pollute Stanislav's with your nonsense? (such as pretending that every single Russian you met claimed to be an atheist, when my experience is the precise opposite, being founded on reality)