Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Three "NO"s to the LGBT West

The Three "NO"s to the LGBT West

As the moral degradation of the West took two huge steps forward this week, first with the revelation that the American uber spies at the NSA are actively creating black lists of homophobes (conscientious objectors to the American Elite sponsored perversion of the LGBT mafia) from various internet forums and discussion lists and this week's decision by the American Supreme Cabal, er Court, to legalize, and place on par with God's approved marriage of man and woman, the Satanic perversion of man-man or woman-woman "marriage", Russia has said three NOs to the West.

BRETHREN, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse; for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking
and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man or birds or animals or reptiles. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever! Amen. For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave
up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. ROMANS

Despite unprecedented pressure from the hamster cage of the European (dis)Union and its autocratic perverted Hamster lords, and the American regime of queers and perverts, to legalize their own sickness into the Russian body politic, we have, resisted. Nay, not just resisted (unlike Ukraine and Georgia, whose governments have pulled down their shorts, bent over and joined Satan's party), we have pushed, shoved and kicked back.

Moscow has, in the defense of Christ and Christian values, given the Satanists three NOs. Moscow has once again proven why it was, is and will be, the Third Rome. 

Rome the first, Rome, has long ago fallen to vice, evil and corruption. While the new Pope preaches and pushes for righteousness, the pink Cabal in his house continue to scurry and screw each other in the corners of that once great house of the Lord, now a den of Satanic evil.

The second Rome, Konstantinople, continues to be held by the Turk, while the Greeks who once owned it, continue to be just as morally depraved and slovenly in their faith as the rest of the EU that owns them...lock stock and soul.

The Third Rome, the one light of Christ left on the Hill, will not fall to these maggots of Hell Spawn who through their destruction of marriage are first and foremost fighting the destruction of the Christian Church and the Word of God. They are willingly or unwittingly the spawn of Satan, spreading disease and corruption everywhere they go. Is it any wander that the average lifespan of a homosexual in America is only 44 years, against a general life span of 82? Disease and drug abuse, a life of vice and sin, ages and destroys that temple of the soul that God created and gave.

Thus we have given the great Three NOs, the Three NOs that will go down in history as the first true and great answer of the Third Rome to the Devil's minions, in this new century, in our possibly final struggle with the Darkness.

1. NO to propagandizing our children and our society to your perversion. It is and will always be viewed as perversion.

2. NO to legalizing your adoption of our children, and thus the destruction of their eternal souls through a life time of sedition and spiritual abuse.

3. NO to the Pride Parades of Sodomites, actively spurring the word of God and spitting into the eye of God.

Are you Judged America? Are you Judged Great Britain? Are you Judged France, Germany, Italy and the rest? Is the rain wet? Yes you are and you have been found wanting, much much wanting. Will you be punished? You already are being punished. Your societies are dieing, rotting husks. Other peoples are out breeding you and you will be but a chapter in their history books. You are dead and damned, because through your lack of Love for God and His Commandments, have allowed the Enemies of God to run the day, to set the agenda, to be masters where once only God was master.

Through your cowardness, through your sloth, you are damned and will be destroyed and forgotten. You deserve no less for what you have become. Surely your ancestors are spitting and spinning in their graves to know that such weak worms were spawned from their loins.

God will not be Mocked, you have failed in your Three NOs.


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Anonymous said...

Very well written Stanislav. I heard the Montana precious metals dealer and patriot Steve Quayle mention he had a friend at Pravda on the air this week, I wonder if that was you.

In any case we are seeing the ever greater linkage of the Cold War legacy with godlessness, so that you aren't considered patriotic if you as an American Christian find P-ssy Riot or FEMEN disgusting and don't get on their bandwagon. You apparently love Putin if you are thankful that he has stood up to the insanity of Anglo-American leaders in arming heart and lung eating jihadist hellspawn in Syria. And you must be a traitor if you have a problem with your government taking a hot steaming dump on the 4th Amendment to the Constitution while it destroys the 1st -- Freedom of Religion and the Press by intimidating or killing journalists (exactly what they've accused Putin of all these years, see the Michael Hastings Mercedes that just 'blew up' in Los Angeles) and forcing Christian business owners to violate their consciences to fund the contraceptives of female employees or shut down (Hobby Lobby lawsuit). Soon they will demand that Churches marry homosexuals and let them adopt and if they will not then all Christian charities will be forced to shut down or operate in secret.

I confronted a woman who proclaims the name of Jesus about this on her Twitter feed (@tsparrow5000). A typical brainwashed Protestant who believes that America and the secular government of Israel are God's Kingdom on this Earth and all who oppose it are blasphemers.

I warned her that just as God is omniscient and omnipresent, so Satan desires to counterfeit these qualities by having his accursed minions create a great electronic panopticon, so that those who commit sins online can be forgiven by God perhaps but never by the American Police State which will retain the 'kompromat' forever. Or at least until the day their data centers are finally destroyed by patriots in the second American Civil War or by the Almighty Himself when His Only Son returns to Earth.

Until then Stanislav we American patriots, we few left of the remnant, appreciate all the prayers and well wishes we can receive from abroad. Eventually we may have to come out of Babylon. Until then we are inside the belly of the emerging Beast.

Anonymous said...

Under Satan's Authority wants to play Sodom and Gomorrah let them reap the rewards. Look at history societies and nations that embrace depravity are turned to ash.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mat for being there. Thanks Russia for being strong in the Lord. Stay vigilant. Stand firm. May the Saints preserve you.

Anonymous said...

The new film 'Copperhead' [in modern parlance, 'Cooperheads' would be called 'Ronulans', 'Paulbots' 'wingnuts'] is coming out in America. I saw an ad for it on (the only 'conservative' website that dared report Putin's red carpet treatment in Israel last year and that is run coincidentally by two Jewish guys).
It is very important to demythologize the First Civil War so as not to allow it to be exploited for a 2nd -- the propaganda preparations for which have been underway for quite some time. It almost watches like a direct rebuttal to the Lincoln hagiography of Spielberg's film which when it came out had people saying Obama was the new Lincoln who would crush the states.

Meanwhile, retired Army Lt. Col. Roy Potter tells the truth about the new DoD directive that was issued -- what a coincidence -- around the same time the Kansas Legislature voted to nullify any future federal gun legislation, that specifies federal forces may intervene if the states are UNWILLING to 'enforce' federal edicts:
DoD instruction 3025

And those who insist Putin is eternally plotting some sort of Communist takeover of the US that only the brave NSA can defend us from (the same super competent NSA that couldn't stop Snowden from walking out with 4 laptops worth of data, apparently) now find themselves scorned by agents of the German Stasi, who went further than the KGB ever could in their obsessive spying on all DDR citizens:

Apparently siding with the heart and lung eating jihadist demoniacs in Syria simply because Russia was on the other side was not enough. Now they have to defend surveillance so pervasive even ex-Stasi men and their victims in Germany can only shake their heads. May God rebuke them and drive them to repentance before their wickedness paves the way for Antichrist to persecute the remnant in America!

In some sense Stanislav these people are so wicked they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. They falsely accuse the patriots in America of colluding with foreign powers against their own government, while buying up so much ammunition for the DHS that Americans can only find Wolf brand Tula manufactured .223 if they can afford it at all. Is this not a false flag, an attempt to link the patriots with Moscow, on the face of it? I think it is. Be warned. But nonetheless should things get even more desperate than now in America and a resistance of the Texans, Southerners and Mountainmen of the West emerge I should HOPE that Russia would send aid to the patriots who are not and have never been their real enemy. That would be the same Satanic globalists that hoped Hitler would destroy and conquer Russia in 1941 and supported him in that effort.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for understanding the 'signs of the times.' This article is excellent, in that it shows the clear link between the pan-heresy of Ecumenism, which includes in itself the outworkings of the heresy of miscegenationism:

i.e., that the same rationales that were advanced to allow -White/Negro pairings' in the Loving v. Virginia decision of 1967, are the same heretical thoughts that have lead to the Supreme's tacit endorsement of 'fag marriage' in the corpse once known as the USA, in 2013!

The Theanthropic Body of Christ, which the Orthodox alone now uphold, is also a Physical BODY- the Body of Europe, the "Ecumene" the peoples and races of that continent, alone.

Compare [White] Russia's stance against sodomy- and her ethnonationalist Orthodoxy, with 'invade the world, invite the world' perversion of the Gospel, that is Rome- with her cabal of aberrosexualists, and the whoring daughters of the Reformation, now arguing for 'sodomite inclusion' at every level!

Truly, like the Hypostatic Union, only Whites and Christendom can be joined, or it is an 'abomination unto the Lord.' Russia's actions, and the West's actions clearly demonstrate this incarnational reality.

Many Years!
- Fr. John+

Stanislav said...

You are actually quite mistaken on this. The Orthodox Church is not a nationalistic or racist church but open to all races as the Savior Christ commanded. Anything else IS HERESY. We Russians are also intermixed with other peoples without loosing our identity. That has ever been our strength.

Ethiopia is a prime example, as an orthodox nation, to which the Tsar even sent Cossacks to help defend from the Italian catholic invasion.

Anonymous said...

Syrian "rebels" behead catholic priest:

Peter said...

I hope Russia serves as a light to the West to go back to its Christian roots. Certainly the action against homosexual activism is a strong step in the right direction.

"Ethiopia is a prime example, as an orthodox nation, to which the Tsar even sent Cossacks to help defend from the Italian catholic invasion.

You had me on that one. Sounded like an alternative history book.But, lo and behold!, this was the First Italo-Ethiopian War, not Mussolini's.

If the Tsar sent Cossacks that could explain how Ethiopians managed to beat the Italians. Heck, almost everybody beat the Italians.

Russian military experts advising Menelik II suggested a full contact battle with Italians, to neutralize the Italian fire superiority, instead of engaging in a campaign of harassment designed to nullify problems with arms, training, and organization.[10][13]

Some Russian councilors of Menelik II and a team of fifty Russian volunteers participated in the battle. Among them were N. Leontjev, an officer of the Kuban Cossack army.[14] Also, the Russian support for Ethiopia led to the advent of a Russian Red Cross mission. It arrived in Addis Ababa some three months after Menelik's Adwa victory.[15]

The Italians suffered about 7,000 killed and 1,500 wounded in the battle and subsequent retreat back into Eritrea, with 3,000 taken prisoner; Ethiopian losses have been estimated around 4,000–5,000 killed and 8,000 wounded.

...The casualty rate suffered by Italian forces at the Battle of Adwa was greater than any other major European battle of the 19th century, beyond even the Napoleonic Era's infamous Waterloo and Eylau.

Anonymous said...

Currently in the US Christianity is severely under attack. Unfortunately, my fellow American Christians have followed the tripe spewed by our elected officials and their indoctrinated church leaders. This is to be expected and we will choose our battleground soon enough. We, the Christian Americans will set things right in due time once the Elitist set upon themselves. Unfortunately, this time had to come as it has time and time again, because weak men are born out of prosperity.

Anonymous said...


Every patriotic, Christian forum will be attacked with 'trolls' spouting racist Nazi or anti-Semitic nonsense. RT's comment threads are full of these trolls. It is a favorite propaganda trick of the globalists/fascists, they are the same people who funded the 'Turner Diaries' author on the FBI payroll until it was revealed after his death.

Russians are a mixture of Slavic/Viking and some Mongol/Tartar/Armenian/Georgian blood at the margins. Master Race theory should hold no water in the land that suffered so much at the hands of Hitler. The Jewish question is, by and large, a distraction and an attempt to get people fixated on ethnicity rather than the actual key players who renounced any real Jewishness in favor of what the Book of Revelations cals the Synagogue of Satan a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Stan, I pray Vladimer Putin is NOT getting cold feet on the Ed Snowden asylum issue. Putin in the past day or two has been uttering "conditions" on Snowdens asylum status which sound as though he's "in bed" with obama. Surely he cannot be decieving himself with any of the "suger coated" bullshit coming out of DC or the threats of "fried brain" McCain?? McCain hasn't had a firm grasp of reality the past four decades and he's been on the muslim payroll most of that time working AGAINST US National Security. The DC crowd will knife Russia in the back at their earliest opportunity. What the H--does Putin think the Georgian war and/or the underhanded Syrian war of destabilization are all about. Do not place any trust in cowardly, traitorous western regimes regimes.

Anonymous said...

Edward Snowden has provided visibility into the underhanded, deceitful, treacherous snooping practices of the US government AGAINST not only the American people but the peoples of the entire world. The major thrust of the snooping appears to be the create an "enemies super list" of the current islamo-marxist LGBT US government eventually to encompass the entire world. Snowden is a modern day "Patrick Henry" for bringing this to light. Hopefully he will not be "torpedoed" by the Russian government in exchange for false promises friendship from the US government.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has been totally marginalized in Protestant America's successful push for homo "marriage".

In America, Catholics are not considered "real" Americans (unless they are Mexican illegals), and the Irish, Italian and Polish ethics who make up the bulk of Northern Catholics are especially despised and discriminated against. This includes blatant discrimination in Ivy League University admissions and employment, both public and private, via "Affirmative Action" and other programs put in place by the elite. Thus, the descendants of mostly poor European immigrants must "pay" for Negro slavery, which benefited only wealthy Protestant plantation owners and Jewish slave dealers, even if their ancestors weren't IN America prior to 1865.

Ironically, it is considered acceptable in the state controlled, pro-Homosexual US media to ridicule and demean Catholics (and their priests) as HOMOSEXUALS, which indicates that the satanic rulers of America consider White Catholic ethnics a real threat to the fulfillment of their agenda.

Traditionalist Catholics of the Mel Gibson variety (who are non-Anglo-Saxons) share many interests and beliefs in common with Orthodox Russia. They derive zero benefit from the continuation of the globalist-American establishment or its now threadbare cover-story, the "United States of America".

Anonymous said...

I am American and I too was thinking that America is being judged by God.

thebeejm said...

Right on, Stanislav. We in America are grieving at what has become of this once great, but now deeply immoral, nation.

Now are servicemen are even being reprimanded and threatened with expulsion from the military, if they won't embrace these perversions.

I love reading your posts. I'd like to post your comments on facebook but I don't know how. Your articles are very thought-provoking and well worth reading.

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

As an American Orthodox, I can say that what you write is a very good take on the reality of the American decline. It is disgusting to us as well.

This nation is reaching the point where there is no saving us. It is inevitable that we will either be invaded and destroyed or fade into obscurity.

Some of us have even begun emigrating to escape from the coming storm. It is our hope that, just as in the time of communism when those who opposed it's satanic ways, some of will be able to find asylum in Russia away from this sodomite dis-utopia.