Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Demoness Democracy

Democracy is a Farce

Some have named her the goddess that failed, but a better name for her is the demoness that succeeded.

Through her granting the Word to the masses, masses that as a whole are woefully unprepared and unworthe and incapable of ruling themselves yet alone others, she has assured that the most base, evil, animalistic of human nature preservers, while all that is noble is stained and rendered inept. 

She has gone against the word of God, the King of Heaven and his preferred structure of government. She has brought about conflict and corruption on a scale that has never before been witnessed.

She has insured that men have nothing noble to bow their heads to and will worship whores, thieves and perverts. They will sing songs of sex and money and view those as the highest goals of their lives. T
Gone are the songs of God, Duty, Self Sacrifice and Love. Satisfying the animal instincts is all there is and can be.

Democracy, through her persuasiveness has set us to worshiping man above all and has thus devolved us into feral beasts. The beasts then turn on those few noble still within their ranks, rendering them limb from limb, least they be reminded of how far they have fallen. They are the swine and pearls they have no need of.

Hail the demoness Democracy, for she has truly won, and the West: blighted, demented, sadistic and self loving, is her domain. It's stench grows ever fouler each and every year. 

Hail Democracy.


Anonymous said...

Stan…Thanks for your perceptive summary of the current condition of wretched western civilization as only you can present it. I have nothing to add except to let all Christians world wide pray for the Lord to give us the strength to face the coming trials and soon deliver our lands out of the hands of the unrighteous.

Anonymous said...


I left these comments over at the Human BioDiversity blog but they are equally applicable to your website and the support it has received from Christians, patriots, libertarians and gun owners in the USA aka all the groups Homeland Security hopes to round up and use their 2 billion bullets against soon.

"Being that most of them [illegal Mexican immigrants] are Catholics, its possible the USA could become a satellite colony for the Roman Papacy!"

Considering the trends in Latin America towards snake handling Pentecostalism in Central America and Santa Muerte neo-blood and soil paganism in Mexico, I think worrying about dirty Papists taking over America should be the least of your worries. Unfortunately Eastern Orthodoxy has not made any serious inroads in the Latino community like it has among Evangelical intellectuals who finally realized there was an alternative to Luther and Rome's interconnected errors.

I think much of it too has to do with concepts of God even within traditions. In Russia the idea of the Tsar as god's holy regent on Earth, and perhaps the excessive national parochialism within Orthodoxy, have always been exploited by enemies of the Church to sow discord and destroy the faith. It would seem under Putin for example there is a swing towards the Tsarist idea, but at the same time the militant secularist attack by P---y Riot, FEMEN and other Western cultural Marxist fronts funded by the usual CIA cutouts such as George Soros is real. So what to do? Shall we return to the worst excesses of the Tsarist regime and ignore the positive reforms of the Church that coincided with its greatest flowering in terms of art and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Or shall we follow the West into the cultural Marxist abyss? It seems many Russians -- even those who attend liturgy only on Christmas or Pascha like their respectable 19th century forebears -- would take the former over the latter, even if they are hypocritical in their personal lives (and it was this hypocrisy that the monks said as the Revolution approached that would allow Russia to fall into the Bolsheviks grip).

Anonymous said...

On the one hand I welcome the return of Orthodoxy to a prominent place in Russian life -- despite all the hypocrisies such as Putin's divorce or rumored relations with younger women. Hypocrisy remember is still the tribute vice pays to virtue.

Now in America with the HHS mandate and other cultural Marxist lawfare being waged against all Christians we have the virtuous or those pursuing virtue being forced to literally pay tribute to vice -- to pay for the birth control or even abortions of Lena Dunham et al.

In fact I fully expect the line between Russophiles and rabid Russophobes over the next few years to fall along cultural lines. Look it's already started with the spiritual fatherland of the Manosphere led by Roissy, Vox and CH being Russia/Poland/Ukraine. Meanwhile those who hate Russia will become ever more depraved in their attacks on the Church and rationalize that since it has blessed some of the State's efforts that violating the rights of believers is a-ok. The Pussy Riot episode was a perfect example of this -- no one condemned the German government for doling out a nearly as harsh sentence to a man who committed blasphemies during a service at the Catholic Cologne cathedral. And while I do think blasphemy laws could backfire by making martyrs out of neo-Bolsheviks, I also cannot accept the state doing nothing to protect believers' rights either.

In my ideal scenario Pussy Riot would've been given a Western style sentence -- picking up trash along the highways, or something like that -- the same type of sentence someone who invaded a Baptist worship service in Arkansas would've received. It would've shamed the Western Russophobes but they probably would've just found another pretext to attack Russia's sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

And why will Orthodoxy survive? Because as the global economy continues to break down, the West exposes its hypocrisy on human rights by creating a police state etc we will see the rise of 'Orthodox siloviks' within Russia. That is to say, a great number of both the military and security services will become more pious and look to the Holy Rus warrior traditions of Dmitry Donskoi and Alexandr Nevsky as the West led by the Anglo-Americans get more aggressive in their Great Depression 2.0 convulsions. The looming proxy war in Syria which could see American and British soldiers/Marines in Jordan killed by Russian Iskander missiles and NATO special forces inside Syria directly clashing with spetsnaz advisors to the other side is a very frightening portent of the era we're entering.

Instead of confronting an atheist Soviet Russia, which led to even Muslims allying with the West against the USSR, we will instead see proud reactionaries and cultural dissidents (including Manosphere thought leaders) within the West accused of being Russian agents and provocateurs by the 'superhawk' eternal Cold Warrior Right simply because their views get a sympathetic airing on Russia Today.

These are trends we're already seeing! It's already underway! Instead of leftists/pinkos/Reds 'go to Russia!' it will be 'insurrectionists, right wingers, bitter clingers, leakers' 'go to Russia!' Irony of ironies!

DonnaJoD said...

God, the ruler of all, has in His infinite wisdom given free will to every man.

You can't get more democratic than that.

Sodom and Gomorrah were in "The East" and were so bad they got blasted. "The West" has God-loving people in it. Totally by God's Grace we are thriving, but thriving, we are. God did not institute punishment for those who don't do His will. In fact He said to forgive, and His son, Jesus Christ forgave his own murderers.

If you don't like democracy, talk to Him, don't blame it on "The West"

Stanislav said...


God gave you free will, BUT he did not give you freedom to do as you wish, if you wish not to be damned. The Devil says be free and do as you wish, for you are an animal and should have the freedom of an animal. And if your bigger animal neighbor decides to exercise his free will on you, than so be it. NOOOO, God says, you are not an animal, you have the free will to choose God's very strict laws and codes or the Devil's freedoms and than you will be judged and rewarded or damned by those choices of either living under God's strict laws or the Devil's freedom.

Saddam and Gomorrah were not in the "east" since there was no west. No civilizations to speak of, unless its Atlantis you believe in. Saddam and Gomorrah were destroyed because they took the Devil's freedom and democracy and did as they wished and did not follow God's rules.

You are blinded if you think God is about "freedom". He is a very stern and strick master, who raises us above animals and animal freedom. He is the King of the Heavenly Kingdom and the Host of Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Look it's already started with the spiritual fatherland of the Manosphere led by Roissy, Vox and CH being Russia/Poland/Ukraine.

Roissy wishes to debauch Russian/Polish/Ukrainian girls and, through his blogging, is encouraging other Western men to take the same path.