Tuesday, May 27, 2014

America's Partisan War Fantasies

America's Partisan War Fantasies

If nothing else can be said about the Yanks it is that they are persistent, if not totally obsessed, while being without a shred of reality.

America, its economy in the final stages leading to total collapse, is thrashing about for a way to save itself. But to save this monster will require rivers of human blood and so far it has yet to get it. It had originally focused on the WW2 approach, that is, using a large scale European war to mass produce and sell on credit to the Europeans and thus lift itself out of the hole.

Baiting Russia into an aggressive move, by overthrowing Ukraine and then egging the Europeans towards confrontation at first seemed to work. However, until the tyrannical authoritarian state of the Americas, European tyranny is still in its early stages and faces a huge and real challenge, as the recent elections have proven. Business and social forces would not allow the European vassals to blind lead their people to slaughter. Likewise, Russia has mostly avoided the strong confrontation the Yanks were bagging on.

Since the threat of a general European war seems to be passing, the Yanks have gone to plan B. Plan B is to bleed Russia through a new series of partisan quagmires.

The first candidate was and still to some degree is Crimea. The Tartars there make up around 200,000 people, and are disaffected. One of the major reasons for this is that Kiev for 20 years gave them a free hand to steal Russian land as much as they wanted. They would simply come on a farmer's land and push him off with threats of death. Kiev not only looked the other way but encouraged this behavior.

The Tartars know that while far from perfect, rule of law in Russia is much much stronger and that the Slavic population, 90% majority. They are rightfully afraid that their ill begotten lands will be returned to their rightful owners.

Of course Tartar elders also know that if they allow their fool youngsters to be pushed into launching a jihad against Russians in Crimea, at the very best they will be oppressed and deported and at the very worst, wiped out. A 10% minority, that is ethnically and religiously separate from the majority, on a peninsula, in enclaves, can not hope to either hold out or to win. Even other Russian muslims: the Volga Bulgars (Tartars) and Chechins have told them that they will face extermination if they start anything. So strike one.

America's second chance for a drag out partisan war is seen in eastern Ukraine. Here, at least until the last few months, only about half the population wanted to join Russia and about a fifth are out and out supporters of the Kieven Nazis. So the key was to drag Russia in to occupy these lands and then feed a civil war. It is a much more likely scenario where the enemy looks just like everyone else and is difficult to weed out.

But Russia has been slow to anger and slower to pull in. Two months of low intensity terror has proven a failure and so, with yet one more Washington puppet Parishenko occupying the power seat of the Oligarchy of Ukraine, the anti had to go up. Thus the all out offensive on Slavyansk and Donetsk.

Indiscriminate fire, dead civilians, burnt homes, a massacred Red Cross truck carrying wounded. Helicopter gun ships spraying and stormoviki bringing hell from above. The body count is soring all in a mission to get Russian to engage. More than likely this will be successful and Russia will enter the eastern territories.

However, the US government, filled with lunatics and ideologues, as if there was a difference, is about to feel real blow back.

Up to this point, the rebel forces have been relatively small, manned up by volunteers from Russia, Serbia and other lands. The majority, 90%+ of Ukrainian or now Novorussian men were cowering in their homes, to spineless to fight, figuring that it would all just blow over, one way or the other. Then they would just get on with their lives.

That choice has been taken away from them. The sloth has cost many of these fools their families and their homes. Now they are the cornered rat, one that has finally figured out it is a rat and it is in a corner and it has no choice.

In the past week, with National Guard mortar rounds and sniper fire claiming dozens of civilians, the Slavyansk defender's ranks are swelling with volunteers. There is no blowing it over, its fight and maybe die, or cower and die for sure. Donetsk is facing a similar movement in opinion.

These people, with the Biden Jr appointment, are now realizing that the gossip they have been hearing that they are to be cleared out for poisonous fracking by American business is true.

So when Russia moves in, who exactly is going to fight a partisan war against Russia? The very people who have watched their homes burn and the loved ones bleed out under a hail of US purchased Kieven bullets and mortars? Not bloody likely.

Lastly, partisan warfare only works when the target of it is an occupier on a foreign land and has a better alternative, that is to leave. Novorussia is Russian land, so we are not leaving. It is in these cases that a partisan war quickly escalates in to a war of extermination.

The late comers often get turned into the most radical true believers so we are now facing the hardest core Russian patriots forming.Once more Yanks are proving to be inept and imbecilic. Lets just keep hoping that hubris continues to do all their thinking for them.


Anonymous said...

Stan thanks for your detailed observations of the situation in Ukraine/Crimea and the greed motivated special interests behind US agression in the area. Your commentarys are priceless. The obama trolls must stay awake 24 hours a day creating their menu of diabolical schemes to trigger WWIII. Sadly this information does not reach the average American thru mainstream news channels. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

all plots to create rift amonst people and create war is made by english pirate race whcih also controls usa though it is in minority there.
All plots r done by the evil english race-read dumas interview-they pass the blame2 jews if turned unpopular.
England is head of the family. USA is just the loud mouthed son with a fancy car.
Even after french ex minster Dumas saying that english planned syrian terrorism years ago-rus talks?
england is running a WW3 agasint all non anglo nations ofociurse it needs american arms for that.

Gulf war plotted by witch thatcher, first iraq war by criminal tony blair-this syrian by english rat
only when wars become unpopular the english stoptaking credit for that nd let blame b placed on Jews
and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who loot.
england lives off protection money from the international criminals who get asylum in england 4 money.
biggest money laundering is done by the english race in london calling it service industry.

There is nothing these anglosaxon creatures enjoy more than hating others, either the poor and downtrodden, those of other races or religions.
anglophile kissinger promised british controlled gulf monarchies protection run by the british -usa.

World war one and two plotted and started by england.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, I see it the way you do. And most of all I can say is that your President is for sure one wise man. The wisdom he had to read the motives of the USA and not to engage in conflict, is that of good statesmanship. For sure he will be the victor of this forced conflict. The USA has lost all morals and they don't give a damn about the cost in human lives and property to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Mr. Whiteson!!! I just watched Mr. Putin being interviewed by two French journalists (on RT) and, I have to say it, he was magnificent! His demeanor, his defusing all the nervous interrogation of those chattering squirrels was perfect. He certainly holds the moral high ground and puts them to shame!