Friday, October 31, 2014

The Race to Kiev

An interesting bit of news came to light recently: Poland is planning to re-position its military from a Western orientation to an eastern orientation. At first this seems quite same considering Poland's anti-Russian vitriol.

However when one looks a bit draper into what was written, the new disposition will not be around Kalinengrad or on the Belarus borders, instead they will deployed on the border with Ukraine.

In parallel, the Polish media has started playing up the Banderite aspect of the Ukrainians and reminding the Polish population of the 100-200.000 Poles who were exterminated by Bandera and his jackals.

Of the several incidents of last week one occurred where Ukrop university students in Poland, took photos of themselves with the Bandera black and red flag. Then these brainiacs posted this on the university website. In turn this has caused a wave of public anger and the students will be deported.

A second occurrence was in Kharkov, during a football match, where Polish ultras unfurled a banner
that stated: Lvov is Polish. Add to this skirmishes between Ukrainian and Polish nationalists in settlements along the border and one starts to understand what is coming down the rail line.

Now as per my hypothesis of what is coming down the pipeline these developments are just further confirmations:

Any day now but before the end of November, the UkraNazis will give it one last try, round three, a do or die rush for the goal of exterminating Novorossia.

The likely pretext will be Russia's recognition of the elections in Lughansk and Donetsk, scheduled for this weekend. The US and EU are already threatening Russia with additional sanctions.

Of course the problem with these sanctions is that Putin and Russians have long realized that they are mostly bark and a mild bite. More so the bite has proven staggering not for Russia but for the EU.

Further, outside of sanctions, the West has nothing, as they are not man enough to die for Ukraine, nor crazy enough, but Russians are ready to kill and die for Novorossia.
As for the Americans, for all their bravado, outside of revolutions, assassinations, terror air bombings, they are incapable to stand up to the Russian army and receive an Afghanistan's worth of casualties not over ten years but every day.

A full blown conventional war with Russia, regardless of the way it goes would kill off 2-3 million American soldiers at a minimum and another 6-12 million would be left as invalids, in other words, 5 times more than presently serving and would necessitate a full draft. This is something the soccer moms would never swallow and that many Mexican illegals are not willing to die for the gringos exploiting them.

As for barren Christ disposing Gayropa, such losses in irreplaceable youth would be the end of the EU civilization. (when your women have bigger balls than your men and refuse to lower themselves to the "slums" of child baring, what can one expect?) Indeed, the losses of 12-15 million European males, would allow the final take over of several Western countries by Islamics. Maybe that is for the best since most Gayropeans dispose themselves and their culture and worship the devil in their self loathing humanism.

As such, the UkraNazis have pulled up the last of their reserves plus all the new NATO toys they have received and are preparing a final push, the offensive will last 3-4 weeks. Manpower issues have not only not been solved but have turned much worse. Ukraine's best units are gone and its mercenaries and Islamic jihadists will only fight so far before cutting their reins and running.

At this point the counter offensive will carry through to Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov. The US and EU will scream and put incredible pressure on Putin to stop the offensive, threatening even war.

If they do not go to war, than the race to Kiev will begin.

In short, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhia and Kharkov will be in open rebellion, while revolution and counter revolution rips Kiev into shreds. Galicia will be grabbed by Hungary and partially by Slovakia. Romania may try for a chunk of southern Odessa, which was once theirs.

Poland will deploy that army of its sitting on the Ukrainian border into Lvov, where it will set up a brutal protectorate. The aim of the Poles will be mass murder to drive the hated Ukropi east into Russia's sphere and make it Russia's headache, while the bloodthirsty Poles ethnically clease, with America's blessings and cover.

The real question becomes: who will reach and who will grab Kiev first: Russia or Poland. For the Nazis either way mass extermination.

For the Americans and British a collapse of control and policies in the east. For China a huge victory for the Eurasian movement. For Merkel, with a total collapse of her prestige, and the German economy, with over half a million new unemployed? It is a hard call, Germans do so love to be dominated by short ugly megalomaniacs. But ole Hollande is gone, gone no matter what to be replaced by Mary Le Pen and France's new pro Russian turn.

The next 4 months will be earth shattering, as the Poles have set up and are now going to take down the Ukrop fools masterfully.


Francisco Miguel Colaço said...


What about the upstanding christian conservatives that live in Europe. There are millions of those here who do not review themselves in the corrupted rulers of their countries and that ae far from being part of the freak show Europe became.

About Poland. Should they not just be at the moment protecting a probable dissemination of the conflict that is happening now in Ukraine? If they were resentful for the russians, they would deploy their troops facing Kalinegrad, would they not?

Not all europeans are against Russia or against the russians. Many of us understand that Russia is being harassed and would like our leaders to end it once and for all.

Stanislav said...


They may consider themselves upstanding, but if they are sitting passively by, shaking their heads and doing nothing to protest and fight this degridation into Gomora, then they are just self deluded and self righteous.

A proper Christian would not sit by while evil is done. The Church was and is built on the bones of hundreds of thousands of martyrs who stood up to Ceasars and their minions and called evil evil to its face.

Poland is an active participent in this conflict both from a logistical, and PR standpoint as well as supplying military equipment and mercenaries. Poland equally built and housed camps for these degenerates for 15 years, just as they did with the black ops prisons for torturing CIA prisoners.

I understand that many maybe even most Europeans don't want this, but since they sit on their behinds and do nothing, they become a party to the war crimes.

Put it another way: Hitler's Nazis were only 10% of the population, but society never did anything and off they went to war and down came the bombs on their houses. Silence in front of pure evil is giving it consent.

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...


We are not sitting on our behinds. We are actually fighting against the media, against the Zeitgeist. We are blogging for Russia, not because we feel that Russia is flawless (who is?), but because we know Russia is being injustly harassed. We also have been harassed and even threatned for our opinion and values. People have said that teaching christian religion and values to our own children is a violence over them and justifies an intervention of social workers.

We are not shut. We are, and you should understand this, kept at the fringe, and under the mantle of radicals, ignorant or deluded. No christian has ever made a bombing in Europe, atheists and muslims do, and yet in EU they make a mockery of the same values that made once Europe great.

I am sure that Russia embodies today the christian values that the European Union is rejecting. I am happy for it. I envision a Russia that finally gains hold of freedom and prosperity, and that, my friend, will always be accomplished by a moral nation.

I became convinced that Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore when I started to read the local russian press in russian. These last few months have changed the way I and some others feel about Russia and Vladimir Putin. I know I am a small minority in my country and in Europe, but I became part of a proselyting minority. Yet, Stanislav, there are good people everywhere, and I urge you to remember in your articles heresoforth that there are europeans that do not see themselves in the diktat that the European Union has become, as there were russians (true russians!) that did not like their soviet policies.

Please, heed what I am sugesting you, Stanislav: if you urge good european people to take action against the bureaucrats of Brussels instead of amalgamating them, you will find an audience that has ears to hear. A carrot is always better than a whip, and russians, among all people, should be well aware of that.

Stanislav said...


I hear you. While Christians may not be blowing things up, there is nothing that says that Christians can not and should not over throw Satanic tyrannies. You have the right to oust the devil and his minions...nay the duty to do so.

The shock of my words, hopefully, will wake up those who are sleeping or sitting on the edge. I want them to get indigent and say "I'm not like that." because just maybe it will spur more to action.

Street protests are the best action because it shows others that they are not alone. It is easy to hold the view that you are the only one thinking like you are thinking when the media blares otherwise.

Also, the best form of government is a Christian Monarchy, with an elected parliament in the legislative branch...but the monarch is the executive for life. Most stable form and the best defense against politicians trying to steal your freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Your article gives us hope for Ukraine. It is like a breath of fresh air - as opposed to the US MSM. Like Francisco I am studying Russian so I too can read the Russian press.
Re: Christian Monarchy - perhaps by God's grace Mr. Putin will be elected President for life. He is truly a God-send for Russia.

Anonymous said...

Polish rifles for sale, only dropped once and never fired.
The only reason any western nation has interest in Poland is to use it as a front door to invade Russia.

Anonymous said...

Ah c'mon Stanislav. Overly dramatic. All these people are doing is trying to rationally justify deep seated prejudices.

And no one knows what opens when you start fanning these things.

When you read the history books it's always amazing to see the same people scheming, calculating - then becoming astonished when things take on a life of their own.

Stripped to it's essence....this is always about people desiring to make rules for *others*. It's the human curse.

Stasi butt sniffers and Stalin wannabees are everywhere. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

The best defense is making them appear as the pathetic losers they are. Ridicule works.

Nazi eh? Show me your tits!