Monday, October 6, 2014

Genocide in Europe, Another Unutterable Truth

Genocide in Europe, Another Unutterable Truth

Its rather impressive to watch the self righteous preening Euroelites, like a flock of peacocks with their tail feathers out, walking across the lawn of Human Rights and Human Dignity, creating such a colourful picture. What one does not notice is all the crap they lay in their tracks upon those Human Rights and that Human Dignity.

Having created a virulent Nazi state, having created yet another genocide in Europe (was Bosnia and Kosovo not enough in just 20 years?), the European Peacocks are doing their best not to notice that their proxies are savage apes and murderous thugs and that Europe is a whore willing to sell her morals for a few pence that the Yanks throw her way.

The Ceasefire between the sleaze of Europe: Poroshenko...aka Porridge...and the Novorossians defending home and hearse is nothing more than a tap down in the level of violence. Instead of a continuous route of Europe's chosen thugs all the way to Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev, we have a return to a slow grind.

With all of Europe's and the DC's pressure, the lines have frozen just as the full route of the Nazis was under way. This of course has been taken as an opportunity to pour in cash and retrain the beaten army into new fighting units, in preparation for round three. The only reason this "ceasefire" is holding is because we have entered the rainy season and the mud is thick and the equipment is not going anywhere any time soon.

The peace may hold in November when the freezes come only because the freezing to death population of Kiev just may have enough of watching their children starve and their homes freeze. But short of that, the war will resume.

Meanwhile, the ceasefire has brought on continued shelling of the civilian points by the UkiNazi regime. With artillery rounds and new (old) equipment flooding in from the sell out whores in Poland (I mean, really, Poland who had 200,000 of her people murdered by these very UkiNazis 70 years ago is now their biggest sponsor...what can you actually say about a people like this?), Novorossian civilians continue to die.

The non-reporting was shattered at least for one day, when UkiNazi shelling, using multiple rocket systems, took the life of Laurent DuPasquier, a 38-year-old Swiss national, who was vice-director of the Red Cross operations in Donetsk. I solute this man for his service and sacrifice, but the fact is, 6 other people also dies and over a dozen where injured, many loosing limbs, from the same incident.

The Ukinazis have declared that this is the work of a "third"party in the conflict that sits on its clouds and lobs artillery shells every which way. I am betting their commander is Elvis.

When the Novorossians cleared Donetsk aeroport from the remaining Ukranazis, the very Nazis who 1. were supposed to retreat back 15km by the Ceasefire agreement and 2. who have been shelling Donetsk day and night, the Strumpet of Berlin, the Handmaiden of Obama, Merkel threatened Russia with more sanctions. Those who sell their souls to the Devil are often driven mad, Konig Merkel is no exception.

The hypocritical West was in shock that one of its chosen people perished, that dozens of Russians in Novorossia die every day or that hundreds die on the battle field is of no concern to the West, not when its political goals of genocide are met.

"We understand that there were other civilian casualties in Donetsk today. Indiscriminate shelling of residential areas is unacceptable and violates international humanitarian law," ICRC Director of Operations Dominik Stillhart said in a statement.

The next day, 9 more people died and 30 were injured, 3 of those killed were in a school, teachers and children, a school targeted by the sons of Gayropa and their European Values rockets.

But hiding that genocide has become much harder and the Western public is finally, at least in Germany, starting to wake up. That Americans will never wake up is a given, as they really could not be bothered with whom their money murders. Not when there is American Idol, american football and an ebola case.

But the slaves of Europe are waking up and the OSCE like it or not is playing a big role. How? By being witnesses.

What they are being witnesses to is the mass graves being discovered over all those territories that have been won back from the UkiNazis. From a half dozen to a hundred and almost all civilians, hands tied behind their backs, bullet in the head. Men, women, even pregnant women, children. Almost a thousand bodies and the digs are just starting. Of course the Western Media, the whores of Babel say not a word on this. Why would they? They are the "free" press that read Obama's talking points as if it were the words of God...oh wait, for the godless and soulless he is.

The Ukinazis have already granted amnesty to all their soldiers participating. Since the war is still grinding this is a green light for more murder and rape. Ahh Gayropa's Western morals for every one to see: genocide, rape, murder and the Big Lie to cover it all up.

When are the rest of you finally going to get sick and tired of this? When are you going to ask yourselves: Is God (and yes He is) going to punish me for being a spineless coward who never said a word against the Evil done in my name? Best start thinking on that since any day any one of us could find ourselves standing before Him and you know the answer to that question.

And here are the happy volunteers for the perpetrators of Genocide:

PS: Here is an image of the latest additions to the Novorossian army, Brazilian volunteers have joined volunteers from Russia, Belaruss, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Israel, Abhazia, Italy and others.


Jake said...

Well, I'm an American, and I have written to my stupid Senators and congress critter.
Guess what effect such calls and letters have?
Nada, nada y pues nada.
The whole rotten USA will crumble. That will be good - we should split up into smaller, "good" nations.
My son is now in a Christian school, much to the shock of our "liberal" friends. They were shocked that they talk about God in the school. Our son loves school 10x more. He no longer fears school. He's learning much more, and loving it. They get to go to chapel on Thursdays!
Perhaps all is not lost. But we still think emigration is a good idea...

Anonymous said...

Did the whores of the west really believe Russia would sit idly by as they are surrounded by NATO bases?
Those evil Russians want world war three just look at how close they placed their country to NATO bases.
Do they really think Putin has even a thimble full of respect for a hal breed Kenyan trojan horse infiltrator rat?
Yes they really are that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe your own news? Can any of these outfits be trusted to tell the truth?

You either have some "government man" manufactruing propaganda, or have terminal shit stirrers chasing ratings.

So it's really disappointing when you find anyone listening to such crap.

It's hard to get the truth out of that region right now but we need to try. And anyone caught committing butchery must be punished. We can't allow any perps to escape.

That's the only real fix. Do something terrible - some day that knock on the comes for you. And there will be no escape from consequences.