Monday, January 19, 2015

Revisionism of the Nazis

The Revisionism of the Nazis

The long trend of re-writing history has reached a new high, or is it low? The drive of the West, of the Americans, who helped building up Nazi Germany and other nations of Europe who were active subplicants or vassals of that empire of pure evil, has been to erase the historical record that it was the Soviet Union, that is the Russian soldier, who buried that demonic beast. At first it was to shower glory on the western allies, who while playing a role, played second fiddle. Let us not forget that 8 out 10 German soldiers killed died on the Eastern Front and 100% of the Spanish (Blue Division), Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish soldiers as well as half the Italian army.

Now the  focus has shifted to something much worse. The new drive is not to throw glory on those who did less and away from those who did more, but to rewrite history totally, to make the defeaters of Nazis look as bad as the Nazis. While the Soviet leadership were no boyscouts, in truth they were often evil, they were nothing compared to the Nazis and the people who defeated Nazism, the Russian people should never be written out of history.

We saw these attempts, led first and foremost by the psychopathic regime in DC, when the ambassador of the US to Serbia declared that Russians did not liberate Yugoslavia but that it was the Ukrainians because it was the Ukrainian ignorance that the fronts were named after geographical areas they operated in, in the Soviet Union or that Ukrainians are Russians and were part of the Soviet Union. Of course he was trying to brush up the image of the Ukrainian Nazis that Washington loves and cuddles.

Now it is the turn of the Poles...yes those nice guys who turned Fascist in 1926 (second only to Italy in 1923), who murdered through starvation and abuse 200.000 Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian POWs from the 1920-1923 wars, the guys who annexed Riga, attacked Czechoslavakia in 1926 and who annexed the Danzig Corridor (that is Prussian lands) which were under the mandate of the League of Nations.

The anniversary of the liberation of the worst death camp ever built: Auschwitz, has come and gone and the representatives of the nation that liberated that death camp were not invited. That is correct, dear reader, the West has decided to slightly change history. Was it the occupied and surpressed Poles who liberated Auschwitz? Hardly, while fighting their former allies, the Germans, the Polish freedom fighters were busy exterminating Jews and Ukrainians from their lands, even as Ukrainians under the Nazis were given a free hand to exterminate the Poles.

Former allies you say? Why yes, the Poles were Hitler's first allies and when the Sudatenland was stripped from Czechslavakia in 1938, the Poles got a chunk of land that they failed to conquer in 1926. Nice, huh? It was after they got their chunk of meat that the Poles suddenly turned neutral, now that Hitler was planning a war in the east against the SU and they did not feel like returning the favour to the Germans. It was also the Poles who were responsible for almost half the 2 million German civilian casualties that occurred from the end of WW2 to the end of 1946.

So there you have it, a pathetic development from a delusional and degenerate West. But what was one to expect? 


Anonymous said...

Agreed with most of this...except the west baiting. I'm embarrassed by the continued sniping originating from both sides.

Found this while trying to understand the way Russians think:

It's interesting, but we have blind prejudices over here too. One of them is that the Soviets/Russians made a deal with these they deserved their dose of that devil.

Recognize that's not entirely fair, because Russians were victims of Stalin too - but this event still poisons attitudes. Predominant attitude still is that Russians are bullies. Know that's hard to swallow after our own transgressions....but it exists :(

Can assure you there is now much local introspection after Iraq, along with the realization that our own grand poobahs have manipulated citizens and ultimately sinned vs our Constitution. There may not be much internal forgiveness for them or for ourselves :( This is a nightmare which never ends.

Doesn't mean Russian arguments win...just that we're more inclined to listen and more inclined to question events in Ukraine. Hopefully help find a way to patch things up - though that becomes very difficult when people die.

Can understand the fear Nazis induce and find it bizarre Ukraine would have anything to do with them. Also recognize that Ukraine now represents "pandora's box" requarding non proliferation. Historians will point to this war as the time when countries ceased giving up nuclear weapons. All of us are now less safe.

Anonymous said...

While it's not wise to make generalizations from news media stories, a Canadian friend passed this to me yesterday.

We both were left worried at the prospects of Cubans getting exploited, but it's clear from this - "conflict weariness" has set in.

Sixty years ago, this conflict nearly triggered WWIII. It was followed by one of the nastiest "Shunnings" the world has ever seen. Yet now, most of the partisans have died off and no one remembers why any of this was done?

This Ukraine crisis smacks of the same. It's not hard at all to imagine Ukraine returning to the fold decades from now. Common language and customs are powerful forces.

But killings change such equations. They leave vendettas in their wake. Hard to go back. Hope both countries find a way out. Hope they don't waste sixty years.....Ethnic cleansing is the worst of all solutions, and I fear that's what this conflict is really about.

May not be perfect, and certainly doesn't work instantly...but many here have pursued our government for decades and successfully forced them to live up to a Bill of Rights standard. Big fights, but the document works. Government fears it. It's slowly eating away at our CIA and NSA commissars right now - and it really looks like they will lose.

A Bill of Rights might work for Russians now living in Ukraine. Might also illicit grudging respect from Ukrainians when they finally realize "protects them too"....then recognize it never would have happened without their Russian citizens.

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...

The solution to the conflict is not difficult nor intricate: Ukraine could start by making Russian another oficial language, and allow schooling in russian, like Canada does with the french language, and see where it goes from there.

I bet in one single Ukraine would be peaceful. Let the russians be russians where russian is spoken.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, the cable channels here are stuffed with programs detailing the liberation of Auschwitz - including interviews of Soviet cameramen. Who just like their British and American counterparts are struggling to avoid lapses into weeping.

People do go about their normal lives, and many remain ignorant - but those who matter don't forget.

It's not a fair accusation that Russia is being denied its role in stopping the atrocities. The programs running here clearly state that none of these records would have been possible to preserve without Soviet efforts.

So one is left wondering why Putin states the obvious? Or are hidden agendas active here?

Ultimately, one must decide if the descendants of these monsters should be held to account for the actions of their parents? And how many generations must pass until they are "normal" again?

Free speech is abused in this country. Always has been. And Fox news (Murdock) is one of the worst offenders. But - gotta tell you....much of the Russia news media seems like it is owned by your own version of this man.

Not arguing for *any* suppression of speech - just a critical gaze at what any clown is pushing.